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Published every even week during school terms. Posted to school families, the wider community, on the web and emailed by request. Copy and casual advertising for #02 published Wed 26 February closes Thu 20 Feb. WEDNESDAY 12 FEBRUARY 2014 ~ TERM 1 WEEK 02 ~ VOLUME 154 NUMBER 01 QUOTE If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. Albert Einstein CALENDAR Mon 3 Feb Thu 6 Feb Fri 7 Feb Mon 10 Feb Wed 19 Feb Thu Fri Wed Fri Tue Sat Tue Mon 20 Feb 21 Feb 26 Feb 28 Feb 11 Mar 15 Mar 18 Mar 24 Mar Click on item for status and/or further info. Students get the new academic year underway Waitangi Day Constable Sue Bush meets bus monitors First BoT meeting for the year Kiwi Can starts in all classes Community Library AGM 15:15* First Parent/Teacher meeting* Pelorus Cluster Junior (Y1-3) Swimming - Linkwater* Kiwi Can media launch* Pelorus Cluster Senior (Y4-8) Swimming - Stadium 2000 * Kids Can Cook - Chris Fortune Havelock Mussel Festival* Initial triangular learning conferences - over three afternoons Year 7/8 students at Tech Centre (1/6) - note change of day * Denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter or web calendar. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 1


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HAEREMAI NAUMAI The new year saw a number of new faces out and about at the school. In particular, joining Kaituna was Ollie Foote (Y1), Mia Higgins (Y1) and Jack McKay (Y1). Joining Wakamarina was Marcus Rimene-Solomon (Y3). Lucrezia Bradley (Y8) and Maryanne Rimene-Solomon (Y5) joined Pelorus. A warm welcome is extended to whanau and family as these youngsters join our community of learners. May your time at Te Whare Kura o Te Hoiere be fruitful and fun. Our Mission… Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life Anyone keeping an eye on the school’s web site over the summer break will already be aware that two teaching appointments were made after the school year closed. At our initial assembly last week we introduced and welcomed Tracey Wearing and Piers Throssell. By following the links on the home page you can read more about these teachers and what they bring to Havelock School. Suffice it to say we are looking forward to their contributions within and across the school community. Tracey has Kaituna in good order shaping routines and programmes that fit her Year 1 students. Visit Kaituna here. Pelorus is well underway too with Piers working alongside senior students. A number of plans are already underway for activities beyond the classroom. Initial info has been placed here. A warm welcome back also to those with more familiar faces. For a full list and more information on staffing visit this page on our website. TERM 1 THEME Providing the theme during the initial eleven weeks of the year is that of Positive Relationships. This coincides and runs parallel to the work Kiwi Can leaders will be doing with all classes on Wednesday mornings. Although the theme speaks for itself it would be great if families as well could make some time to explore what this means, how it looks and sounds at your place. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 2


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KANDOO KIWI COMING TO HAVELOCK! Havelock Primary School will be one of the first to welcome the Kiwi Can programme - along with its popular mascot, Kandoo Kiwi - to the Top of the South. From the third week of Term 1 over three hundred students from Havelock, Linkwater, Kaikoura and Picton Primary schools will be introduced to the highly successful values and life-skills programme. They join the fifteen thousand kids in some sixty schools nationally that are already familiar with Kandoo Kiwi! Kiwi Can is a Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) programme for 5 - 12 year olds in primary schools throughout New Zealand. Trained Kiwi Can leaders deliver high-energy and interactive lessons that align with schools’ goals and curriculum including a range of physical, mental and creative challenges. Havelock students will attend a Kiwi Can lesson every Wednesday of the school year. Ernie Buutveld says, “All of Havelock’s Y1 - 8 students will stand to benefit from the weekly lessons. Kiwi Can leaders and teachers will work together to provide this exciting development within the health and well-being curriculum. It doesn’t matter where in the world our students go they will be better off having had the opportunity to learn and make these core competencies their own - these are as much gifts as needs. Thanks to those who have made it possible.” A key to the success of the programme nationwide is in the ability of inspirational Kiwi Can leaders to transfer the programme themes - of positive relationships, integrity, resilience and respect - into meaningful experiences the children can replicate. Fortunately, inspiring young people comes naturally to the two people tasked with this role in Marlborough. Born and bred in Picton, Diane Huntley has studied and worked in a variety of roles with young children, including running after-school and holiday programmes. This is combined with the ten years of primary teaching experience that Renee Gill brings to the role, making for an awesome Kiwi Can delivery duo. Just what does it mean to be a Kiwi Can leader? Diane responds, "It is a privilege! I feel privileged to influence children's lives in a positive way.” Renee adds, "It is an opportunity to use my teaching experiences to support children's understanding of values which they can apply to their lives everyday.” Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 3


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Sanford, Wineworks, NZ King Salmon, Interislander and Churchill Private Hospital have joined Harcourts, Classic Hits and McDonalds in helping bring Kiwi Can to the region. For Sanford, Marlborough is the latest of several regions to introduce the programme with their backing. Sanford manager, Ted Culley, has seen the programme in action and is a passionate proponent of the difference it can bring about in pupils, “It makes an incredible change in terms of the students’ outlook on life. It helps them be the best they can be.” FYD Marlborough is a child and youth charity and is almost exclusively reliant on the contributions and support of local businesses and community organisations. For more information about the Kiwi Can programme or for details on how to support FYD, please visit or email STAY CONNECTED Over time you will have noted the growing number of hyperlinks occurring in this newsletter. This trend is likely to continue and mirrors of course what we do when we surf the internet. Granted this publication, in hardcopy format at least, renders the links mute signposts to more information. But for those who access the digital copy, having perhaps read first the paper format, will quickly be taken to these extras. Since April 2012 these newsletters have been archived on the school’s website and remain accessible should you want to go back and check some information, name, date or published photo. The most recent newsletter is available usually for a fortnight by clicking at the top menu of the home page. The newsletter is converted into pdf format (links remain functional) and presents as a magazine. It can be downloaded in more traditional pdf format and printed should you wish. I’m on the web too and in colour. The school calendar (Google) is also available by clicking at the top menu and provides not only dates and times but also other salient event information - even its status should weather suggest a postponement or cancellation. The home page at top left has more immediate news and information and further links to events etc. Any event can be added to your own calendar should you have one. In this way the community can remain very connected with school events. The school also uses Facebook to share immediate info on an ad hoc basis to draw attention to specific information or events. Become a friend and get updates posted directly to your mobile device and computer. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 4


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Thanks to Havelock Garden Motels, Canondale Contracting, Pelorus Business Solutions and Johnson’s Barge Services there is a new way to keep connected with events at the school - PTC - Parent Teacher CALENDAR. The Parent Teacher Calendar app has been developed as a vital school tool that provides parents and teachers with events, including school term dates, trips, parent teacher interviews, sports days and the like, all pertaining to their own children’s school. When your child enrols in school you are assured that you are provided with all current and up to date school information and you are secure in the knowledge that you have the current school information on all upcoming events and not to forget giving you the opportunity to accurately plan your week. KEY FEATURES of the Parent Teacher Calendar app include:  providing up to date school information regarding school events, engagements and vital dates throughout the year  syncing of personal dates from the native calendar so you can easily view and avoid potential clashes  functionality enabling the user to locate websites, contact phone numbers and email addresses of crucial contacts within the school The following links will take you to the Havelock School Parent & Teacher Calendar App for 2014… iTunes Android or simply scan the appropriate QR code below (you’ll need an app like Neo Reader first) with your phone and you will be taken directly to the 2014 Havelock School Parent & Teacher Calendar App download screen. It works a treat. iTunes Android Confused by some or all of the above… this is the world of internet literacy, an aspect of the world we have helped create for our youngsters. You can see why tablets, laptops, wi-fi, bluetooth and fibre are becoming so important. The school is soon to update a number of its devices in order that our students remain connected and learn these very necessary 21st Century skills. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 5


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Fibre in the form of UFB is about to be launched in association with PC Media and Springlands Health. This partnership between the school and the community will clearly have benefits for both students and the medical services available to Pelorus people using the Havelock Medical Centre. Price, speed and volumes of internet traffic should not pose a problem with connectivity, access and cloud services etc. What can you do with UFB? - Potential for VOIP - further cost savings - Growing use volume… - Havelock not on the loop (loop runs up the Wairau) - Multiple devices… BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices) - Instant access to content (a whole digital literacy/skill set comes to mind including knowing how to search, filtering material, clarifying purpose/question - Video conferencing - ie Skype not killing the connection for everyone else - Collaborative inquiry across and with a whole community of users/learners - Cloud services (storage, software, apps) More here… or here Convinced yet? Welcome aboard. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 6


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SENIOR NET SOUNDS AGM The Annual General Meeting of Senior Net Marlborough Sounds will be held in the “Learning Centre” (by the Anglican Church) at Linkwater on Tuesday 18th February 2014, starting at 7pm. This is your opportunity to let the Committee know how Senior Net can benefit you, what sort of courses and workshops would be useful to you. We are also looking for interested people to help run the organisation, committee members, tutors and assistant tutors. SeniorNet is for people aged 50 and over who would like to learn more about technology and what it can do for them. Topics covered over the past year include beginners’ courses, more advanced courses in Word processing and Excel as well as on Photo-shop. Senior Net Sounds also caters for those who want to improve their photography skills and for those interested in family history The meeting concludes with supper and the opportunity to talk the committee and tutors. SCHOOL STATIONERY Thanks to all those parents who accessed the Stationery List/s from the web over the holidays and got this sorted quickly last week. Prices available through the school are difficult to better elsewhere. Payments via internet banking are also making it easy to do the business. The school’s bank account number appears at the bottom of the list. Info re t-shirts, hats, donations and technology etc are included on the form. HAVELOCK MUSSEL FESTIVAL 2014 The school has for a number of years operated a very successful food stall at the Havelock Mussel Festival. Clearly success has ensued because of the efforts of a team of volunteers getting busy before and on the day. Car parking on the top field is already sorted by senior students. In anticipation of this 15 March event the school is seeking willing helpers to be part of this team. If you are putting your hand up then please contact Tracey Clark on 574 1036. Funds raised are ear-marked for the adventure playground - a major project this year. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 7


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HAVELOCK COMMUNITY LIBRARY AGM Wednesday 19th February at 15:15 pm at the Havelock School Library. Remember the Library is open 14:00 - 15:30 Tuesday and Thursdays. ZUMBA SURVEY I am a qualified Zumba instructor new to the area and would like to bring Zumba classes to Havelock commencing on 17 March, 2014 at the Town Hall and also in the school hall and so would appreciate some feedback into suitable times and days for those interested. Possible Timetable: Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10:00 - 11:00am 10:00 - 11:00am 10:00 - 11:00am 6:00 - 7:00pm 6:00 - 7:00pm 6:00 - 7:00pm Town Hall morning classes and Wednesday evening class. School Hall Monday and Thursday evening classes. First class introductory gold coin thereafter adults $5.00 per class, 10-18yrs $2.00 per class. Children welcome. For more information please contact Pam Elvy 574 1046 or txt 021 263 2431. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 8


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THANK YOU We would like to thank Metrotest for the electrical safety testing they completed at the end of last term. This is a very important process as it ensures that all our electrical equipment is up to standard. PELORUS AREA HEALTH TRUST PAHT has sponsored and added a Community Bulletin Board to their website. This Online Bulletin Board is for and by people of the Pelorus Area. Its purpose is to announce meetings, provide information, discussions, keep Pelorus Area communities up to date of events, initiatives, exchanging messages with other users, offer your surplus fruit and veges, swap ideas, etc etc It is a Work in Progress and at the moment there are six topics but that will progress when people use the Bulletin Board. "Local solutions for local problems" Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 9


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Johnston Associates South Chartered Accountants Masterminding brighter tomorrows Annual Financial Accounting Accounting Services Evaluation and Implementation (Xero a nd the Cloud Training) Dean Steele CA, B.Mgmt (Hons) Business Advisory (Development and Structure) 021 249 1191 Corporate Advisory (Cash Flows, Budgets, Projections) Ben Douglas CA, B.Com, Dip Grad Debt Structure and Management Due Diligence Management Reporting/Interim Reporting New Company Setup Strategic and business planning Succession Planning Taxation Tax Compliance and Advice Trans-Tasman Accounting 021 249 1195 Brad McNeill CA, BCA, BSc 021 0206 7526 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 10


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PELORUS JUDO ~ VENUE HAVELOCK SCHOOL HALL Tuesday Classes restarted on 4 February 3:30pm - 4:00pm Tumble and Play for pre-schoolers and up to 7 year olds ($30 per family per term) 4:00pm - 5.00pm Juniors Primary school age children ($60 per person per term) 5:00pm - 6:00pm Seniors 13 years – adults ($60 per person per term) A Sport Start subsidy of $30 per child can be applied for from Sport Tasman twice a year. Contact Sarah phone 574 2555 END OF 2013 ASSEMBLY & WEARABLE ARTS What an incredible show. To a packed hall students strutted their costumes. This of course was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effort and time that was put in by pupils, teachers and parents, starting weeks ahead. All this from an idea originating from Aleeze Toombs earlier in the year… a combined show with the Pelorus Community Preschool. Unfortunately the logistics proved too much at the end of a year for the pre-schoolers but school students and their supporters worked very hard behind the scenes to make this one tremendous show. Themes, clever art, artifacts, recycling, creativity, patience and effort all came together to provide proud parents and families an amazing array of colour. At right - Taylor Clark features a student’s favourite time. Lights, music and action proved on a warm night a week before Christmas to be a winner. The host Cathryn Cocker did a great job fronting as MC. Thanks to all for their commitment to the event especially class teachers Mrs Eden, Ms Cowie and Mrs Wearing - these folk and Matua B also prepped and promenaded on the cat-walk. The evening also farewelled leavers and honoured special achievements. The list follows hereunder. Congratulations to all. Kia kaha. AWARDS/CUPS/CERTIFICATES NZ Curriculum Diligence Award Tauira Cup - Leadership Tauira Certificate - Leadership Tauira Certificate - Leadership Cameron Citizenship Cup Science & Technology Fair Cup Sport & PE Award Literacy Award Kia Kaha Award Problem-solver Award Numeracy Award RECIPIENTS Riki Drabsch Kayla Aston-Butterfield Elisha Godsiff Aroha Ward Hannah Roborgh Renae Godsiff Damon Sykes-McCauley Ella Donald Huna Hough Fabian Wilson Damon Sykes-McCauley Kupe Bradley & Finn Drabsch Holland Trophy Okaramio Cup Brown Cup (Pelorus) Wakamarina Kaituna Cameron Cup Leslie Cup Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 11


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Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 12


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WEETBIX TRYATHLON This annual event comes again to the Top of the South on Sunday 16 March at Tahunanui Beach Reserve, Nelson. If anyone would like to be part of a school team please contact Matua B. The Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon in Nelson is located at the beautiful Tahunanui Sands Reserve. Following the race briefing near the Weet-Bix container, the event starts on the beach, with a short swim in the ocean. This swim runs parallel to the beach. Tryathletes are generally able to stand-up during the short ocean swim; however, we do encourage everyone to give swimming a go! The Transition Area is located up the beach, on the fields nearby, and the bike and run legs of the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon around the field and surrounding streets. MEET-THE-TEACHER EVENING THURSDAY 20 FEBRUARY This event has been placed on the calendar in Week 3 so that communication can take place early in the school year with teachers about classes, programmes and expectations etc. The format will follow that of previous years and be relatively informal but generally adhering to the following times: 17:00 Swim 17:30 BYO Picnic/BBQ 18:30 Collective discussion in the hall 19:00 Meet teachers in classes #GIGATOWNBLN Many of you may have heard of “gigatown.” Many may not have. It is a nationwide competition being run by the government’s contractor Chorus who is laying the ultra fast broadband (UFB) fibre throughout the country at a cost of $1.35 billion. You will have seen them all over Marlborough digging cables into the ground. Ultra-fast broadband will bring fibre optic technology to homes, schools, hospitals, marae and businesses. By 2020, 75 percent of New Zealanders will be connected to ultra-fast broadband. Schools, hospitals and 90 percent of businesses will be connected by 2015. Homes and the remaining 10 percent of businesses will be connected by 2019. So without getting into the “bits and bytes” of technology simply put, it is like taking the Model T Ford and upgrading to a Formula 1, like Morse Code to a cordless telephone and a wash board to a fully automatic washing machine. Whether or not you use the internet a little, a lot, live on it privately, depend on it professionally or have never used it all, it will impact you in one way or another. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 13


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It may well be the very foundation stone we need to grow economic value in Marlborough, create new businesses, jobs, wealth and opportunity to retain our youth in the region. People and businesses that once had to reside where head offices were and commute in heavy traffic may well be able to work seamlessly away from the office, as many now do, and be fully productive while living, working and playing in one of NZ’s most desirable regions. It’s possible, it’s almost here and it will change things. Marlborough needs to grow economically and to find ways to retain our youth in Marlborough and whether we like it or not the internet and how we access it for work or play is impacting the way we all do things. With UFB there is no reason our youth need leave Marlborough to find jobs or advance their higher education. They can do it all from here. If we don’t grow, an aging population will be burdened with a higher share of the costs. It’s simple. Register at and post comments using #gigatownbln on face book, Twitter and Instagram. Every #gigatownbln post counts for points. It’s our region’s future and an educational platform and tool like we have never seen before. Debbie Carter 03 577 9575 INFO AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - FREE If you’re connected and needing some information about enrolment, absences, lunches, hours, expectations, term dates, school transport, preparing your child for school etc etc… go to and use the index links to access the information. If there is something missing, let us know. TEACHER: STUDENT: Why are you late? Class started before I got here. On a more serious level though when students arrive just in time they are already late and after only one week there are pupils who are beginning to make this a habit. Of course children are powerless to rectify this and so the easy solution is to set the clock 15 minutes earlier. The message passed across is very clear. Further to the above, schools are required by law to record twice a day the attendance or not of every student on every day the school is open for instruction. With these records now being entirely digital they have built in cross-checks and long memories when it comes the reason given (or not) for a child not being present. There is a strong correlation between progress and attendance. In New Zealand, parents must legally ensure that their children attend school Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 14


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each day. Under the Education Act 1989, parents and carers of children between six and sixteen years old can be prosecuted if their child is away from school without a justified reason. Once enrolled, even from the earliest at age five, it is important that good attendance patterns are established by new entrants and reinforced by parents and whanau. A strong and clear message about the importance placed on learning is established and sets life-long patterns. In the interests of the pupil's progress regular attendance is required under law and nothing but sickness or other unavoidable cause should be allowed to interfere with a student's presence in school. Attendance for Parents/Whanau The school community has adopted a policy which places an expectation on parents and caregivers to phone the school by 09:15 on any/every school day their child will not be attending. By 09:30 staff will have correlated this information with the morning’s roll call. Any unexplained absences will, in the first instance, be checked with a call to parents. If further immediate information about the child’s whereabouts remains unknown, the school will contact local Police. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE ABOUT AN ABSENCE BEFORE 09:15. LEAVE A MESSAGE IF SO PROMPTED. A FRIENDLY REMINDER… These guys and gals are around and although one visit is enough, having them make return visits is not something to look forward to. Visit here if you want some more info. PELORUS CLUSTER JUNIOR (Y1-3) SWIMMING Date: Friday 21 February (Event cancelled if wet/cold - Facebook/website) Time: Races 11:00 to 14:00 Venue: Linkwater School Pool Supervision  Should parents be elsewhere during the event, they need to be back at the pool by 13:45 to collect their children  No pre-schoolers to be swimming please  Students need to remain with their school group when not in the pool Students need to bring  Hat; refillable water bottles, plenty of healthy food/snacks for between races  Students can wear their togs to the pool - remember to bring underwear, warm sweatshirt, two towels, sun block and a plastic bag/swimming bag for wet clothing  Named goggles if they wish The school will require help with transport for this and will distribute a transport slip/form in due course. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 15



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