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#BlueFlame Bryanston High School | Newsletter #1 of 2014 - February OPEN DAY 26 Feb TOP SCHOOL IN THE NORTHERN SUBURBS (again) (L-R) Deputy Principal Mr. Andy Crighton accepted Bryanston High’s award for Top School in the Northern Suburbs while Timothy Denton swept the floor collecting numerous academic awards and Mr. Malcolm Gillespie was acknowledged for being the teacher with the top EGD results in our district. C ongratulations to our Matrics of 2013… and our amazing teachers who scooped up the big prize of Top School in the Northern Suburbs for the 2013 Matric results! Special mentions go to Tim Denton who was the No.1 student overall in the Northern Suburbs schools; the Top Student in Science and placed third for Maths, and to to Chavanee Meghraj who was 2nd overall. Our Engineering Graphics & Design teacher, Mr. Malcolm Gillespie, received the award for best EGD results in our District. BryanstonHighSchool @Bryanston_High #BlueFlame


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D ear Bryanstonians... A special welcome back to staff, learners and parents and we look forward to an exciting 2014. I would like to extend a special welcome to all new Grade 8 parents and other new parents. I hope you will all become part of the Bryanston family and I wish you lots of success in the years to come at the school. We congratulate our Class of 2013 on outstanding Matric results; to have so many distinctions (207 in total) and to have some of the top candidates of Gauteng in our school, has certainly proven that academics at Bryanston High is of the highest calibre. We wish the Matric Class of 2013 success in their future studies and challenge the Class of 2014 to match these results. 2014 will be an exciting year with a lot of new activities and events at the school. Amongst these are: The House system Drama as an additional subject The Drama Club as an extra-mural activity The Grahamstown Festival The 2014 KZN/Gauteng Rugby Festival (which will be hosted by Bryanston High) Ms Jenna Wild (Science, Maths and Art & Culture); Ms Jasmyn Pretorius (Afrikaans and Art & Culture;) Ms Justine Ives (Business Studies & Life Sciences), Ms Isabel Smith (Geography) Ms Sylvia Horstmann (Accounting and EMS) and Ms Samantha Weyers (not in pic). We wish them a long and happy stay at Bryanston High. In the modern era it is very seldom that you find staff staying at a school for an extended period of time but we are fortunate to have a loyal and committed staff and at our annual long service awards the following staff were awarded for their commitment and service to Bryanston High: 5 years Tamsyn Hein Karli Steenkamp JD Toerien 10 years Hans Boloka (Grounds) Jerome Lawrence 15 years Thomas Maponya (Grounds) Charles Sebabe (Tuckshop) 20 years Jacob Boloka (Grounds) 25 years Marlene Schumann 35 years Bev Weir We have already had our junior and senior academic assemblies and I would like to congratulate all the award winners for their excellent results and achievements in 2013 and Well done to you all and thank you for your challenge all learners to improve on their results and commitment to the School. achievements in 2014. I would like to remind parents that our school shop Welcome to the new staff and teachers who have was taken over by Mc Cullough & Bothwell joined Bryanston High this year: (L-R) Ms Mandy Walsh (Accounts); Mr David Hallendorff, Miss towards the end of last year. Please check the times that they are at our school as we share them with a Julia Ackermann, Mr Jacques Botha (Afrikaans); primary school and they are here mornings and


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Our Teachers affect eternity... afternoons alternately with the primary school. The location of the school shop might change this year but we will keep you informed of its new venue should this change. Bi-Elections on 17th Feb for School Governing Body 6 pm. I would like the focus of the parent body of the school this year to be involvement and urge all parents to get involved in their children’s activities, either as a supporter or to assist with transport, at fundraising events, sports teas and sponsorships. Come and celebrate their successes on the sportsfield but please also support them through the failures too. May 2014 be an even better year! Yours sincerely John Skelton In the fast-paced world that is Johannesburg, we realise how hard it is for parents to juggle work, schedules, daily meetings and routines whilst also ensuring that their children receive the best possible care and attention. Jozi Cares aims to take the stress out of finding a suitable, reliable and compatible au pair to assist in all your children’s daily routines and needs. We offer meticulously scree ned a nd p ra ct i cal l y assessed au pairs who are matched to families according to the family’s needs and personalities with the use of psychometric testing. Jozi Cares prides itself in providing an excellent service as well as the most thoroughly screened au pairs in Johannesburg. Our screening process augments our dedication to assist families find an au pair who will be reliable, helpful and professional. In matching families with the right au pair, with the use of psychometric testing, our key objective is to ensure longevity of this working relationship which will ensue in the family unit. To find your perfect au pair or for more information, contact us. Tell 011 275 0513 Cell 071 613 8960


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C ongratulations to the following Team Captains... Tennis Captain Towela Chinganya Vice Captain Jessica Tavener Match Secretary Blaire Jorgensen “A” Swimming Captains Girls Vice Toni Strijdom Captain Shannon Bell Boys Vice Brandon Schlebusch Captain Dylan Wingrove “B” Swimming Captains Girls Vice Megan Howard Captain Samantha Ritchie Vice Captain Boys Chris Dobie Gabriel Harmer


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C ongratulations to the LIA Exec... Chairlady Buntu Petse Chairman Kganya Rapoo Vice Chairpersons Anne Marie Els Marina Savio, Daniella Gasser Luke Schlebush Michael Ferreira Teneale Kader Christopher De Wit Jordan Nobrega Daniel Kvalsvig Tamara Mushani Gaelle Longi Sechaba Kotane Cameron Matthews Jesh Aiyer Daniel Salgado Kathryn Pike El-lisa Maposse Zandi Mguni Executive Allyssa Paul Palesa Mphaki Inga Mpengu Courtney Potgieter Jordynne Peach Blaire Jorgenson Tsz-Yin Chen Liso Yanta PIANO & SAXOPHONE LESSONS FOR ALL AGES R160 per lesson Beginners Welcome! Ruth Reinecke (079) 675 4889 SMART KIDZ Expert tutoring for Physical Science and Chemistry, LSs and English offered during weekend by WITS University students in the comfort of your home. We offer personalised tuition and prepare students for major tests and exams. Julian Moodliar (078) 153 7867 (073) 784 0841 Bryanston valedictorian 2011 Standard Rate R150/hour FOCUSED LANGUAGE LEARNING Results speak louder than words. One-on-one Afr teaching. Gr 7-12 Jan Reinecke BA(Wits) BAHons (Unisa) TTHD (JCE) Professional Teacher (PR. 1132648) (079) 513 3951 (011) 781 6141


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ACADEMIC AWARDS GRADE 8 (2013) TOP 20 PARTICIPANTS 20th (41) Tarsha Isaac, Alex Berry 19th (43) Fadzai Manyeza 13th (48) Jordan Potgieter, Ian Edwards, Michelle Ikeh, Mduduzi Dube, Akum Mtsi, Blessing Lebese 10th (51) Akhil Bhoopal, Jenna Prinsloo, Martim Castro Amaro 9th (53) Reabetswe Monyamane 6th (56) Dylan Visser, Roland Desplace, Candace Eslick 5th (68) Tamara Chinganya 4th (70) Tayla Johnson 3rd (74) Caitlin Bell 2nd (96) Martin Dijkhuis 1st (100) Gareth Edwards 8 Darren Rondganger, Tamara Chinganya, Kayla Heckrath 9 Dylan Visser, Jenna Prinsloo 10 Gareth Edwards, Caitlin Bell 11 Yumna Karodia, Ian Edwards, Alina Holubeva, Musa Ndaba Best Class Captain: Musa Ndaba colours. This young lady shows great promise in future political forums. Well done to Musa Ndaba. Boy’s Culture award of the year: Gareth Edwards & Ian Edwards The Cultural Award for the boy of 2013, is shared between two fine young men who have shown their talent on the stage and intellectually on the chess board. This award goes, as no big surprise, to Gareth and Ian Edwards. Grade Controllers Award Girl: Maria Melis This recipient is an incredibly hard worker and has not let her past define her future as she grabbed all the opportunities that Bryanston through at her with both hands and made a success of them. She possesses the qualities of loyalty and perserverance which makes her a true Bryanstonian. It gives me a great pleasure to present the Grade Controllers award to Maria Melis. Boy: Krishna Amtha This young gentleman is a worthy recipient of this prestigious award. During the course of 2013, he showed himself to be a young man of integrity, strong values and exemplary manners. He fully embodies the ethos of Bryanston High. It is with great pleasure that I present the Grade Controller’s Award to Krishna Amtha. TOP 20 Half Academic Colours 20th (78%) Candace Eslick 19th (79%) Devlan McKenzie, Shannon Penny Full Academic Colours 17th (80%) Nazeerah Karodia, Shrestha Arijune 16th (81%) Michelle Seo 14th (82%) Mufaro Chiyangwa, Tarsha Isaac 10th (83%) Kayla Heckrath, Darren Rondganger, Akhil Bhoopal, Tamara Tesoriero 9th (84%) Tamara Chinganya 6th (85%) Caitlin Bell, Gareth Edwards, Sportswoman of the year: Candace Eslick & Jenna Prinsloo It was extremely difficult to decide who would receive this award. Considering the amounts of talent among the girls in our grade we have made the difficult decision after consulting the criteria set down for the sportwoman. Two young MERITS ladies are sharing this award. The one 7th 105 Hannah Zulu, Nicholas has done cheerleading for the 1st team Johnson, Noxolo Mtolo, David Mahouti, and netball and swimming for the AMotlatsi team. The other one has participated in Mahlakaro, Ian Edwards swimming, netball and squash for the A 5th 119 Rutendo Nyikadzino, Brilliant team and has played tennis. This Ndhlovu award goes to Candace Eslick and 2nd 120 Ali Nesser, Nikhil Mahadeo, Jenna Prinsloo. Kayla Heckrath 1st 127 Michelle Seo Sportsman of the year: Martin Dijkhuis While it was difficult to decide on the TOP IN EACH SUBJECT recipient of this award, as there is great ENG (87%) Michelle Seo competition and talent amongst the AFR (89%) Musa Ndaba, Kayla Grade 8 boys of 2013, the recipient of Heckrath this award is most deserving. He MATHS (96%) Jenna Prinsloo, Dylan embraced the ethos of Bryanston High Visser, Tarsha Isaac School y being an integral part of the B SCIENCE (91%) Ian Edwards swimming team, he was part of the BIO (89%) Ian Edwards, Alina open water swimming team, he ran Holubeva cross country and middle distance, HISTORY (92%) Ian Edwards played cricket and hockey for the A GEOG (96%) Ian Edwards teams and is an outstanding tennis EMS (97%) Kayla Heckrath player. This young man was sponsored TECH (88%) Ian Edwards by Wilson and represented Gauteng in ART (97%) Ian Edwards, Alina 2013. Congratulations go to Martin Holubeva Dijkhuis. LO (87%) Caitlin Bell Girl’s culture award of the year: Musa Ndaba DISTINCTIONS The Girls Cultural Award for 2013 goes 6 Tarsha Isaac, Michelle Seo, Candace to a young lady who was part of the Eslick junior debating team which went 7 Devlan Mckenzie, Nazeerah Karodia, through to Provincials. She was named Mufaro Chiyangwa, Tamara Tesoriero, best speaker for a number of the Akhil Bhoopal debates and received full junior


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Jenna Prinsloo 5th (86%) Dylan Visser 3rd (87%) Alina Holubeva, Yumna Karodia 2nd (88%) Musa Ndaba 1st (89%) Ian Edwards Yumna Karodia - English / Afr / Math Lit / History /Geog / Science / Bio / A&C/ Tech /EMS / LO Seung Kyu Kim - Math Lit Nikhil Mahadeo - History Fadzai Manyeza - History / A&C Devlan McKenzie - Math Lit / History / EXCELLENCE (80%+) Geog/ Science / A&C Krishna Amtha -English / History / /Tech / EMS Geog / A&C Lethabo Mothwa - History / A&C Shrestha Arijune -Math Lit/ Geog / Daniel Moyane - History A&C /Tech Thato Mpolobosho - Math Lit/ Geog/ Leos Bedessie -Math Lit/ A&C A&C / EMS Caitlin Bell -English/ Math Lit / History / Jess Muller - Math Lit Geog / Science /Bio /A&C / Crystall Murray - English / Afr Tech / EMS Divashan Naidoo - Math Lit / History / Akhil Bhoopal - Math Lit/ Geog / A&C Science / A&C / Tech /EMS / LO Zeret Naidoo - Math Lit / History / Miguel Carneiro - A&C Geog / A&C Shelby Challenger -EMS Musa Ndaba - English / Math Lit / Tamara Chinganya - Math Lit /History / History / Geog / Science / Bio/ Geog /Science /Bio /Arts and A&C / Tech / EMS / LO Culture/EMS/ LO Rutendo Nyikadzino - History Mufaro Chiyangwa - Math Lit /Geog / Jarod Paul - Math Lit / Geog / A&C / Science /Bio /A&C Tech /Tech/EMS Shannon Penny - Afr / Geog / Timiyah De Goede - English/ Afr Science / A&C / EMS Diego De Saldanha -Math Lit Alicia Perumal - History Philani Dlamini -Geog/ Bio/ A&C Monique Pienaar - Afr Thuli Dlamini - Math Lit/ A&C Jordan Potgieter - Math Lit Dold Ethan - Math Lit / A&C Jenna Prinsloo - Afr / History / Geog / Jessica Du Preez - A&C Bio / Arts and Dube Mduduzi -A&C Culture /Tech/ EMS/ LO Gareth Edwards - English/ Afr / Math Kgola Rahube - Math Lit / Geog / Bio / Lit /History /Geog /Science / A&C Bio /A&C / Tech / EMS Darren Rondganger - Afr /Math Lit / Ian Edwards - English / Afr /Math Lit / History / Geog / Science/ Bio/ Science/Bio / EMS/ LO A&C / EMS Aviva Erasmus - A&C Humairah Seedat - Math Lit / Bio Candace Eslick - Math Lit /History / Michelle Seo - Math Lit / History / Geog /Bio /A&C /EMS Geog / A&C / EMS Farah Gool - Math Lit / A&C Jane Sichilya - Geog / Bio / A&C / LO Presholin Govender - Math Lit Tamara Tesoriero - English / Math Lit / Zoe Grassato - History / A&C History / Geog / Science / Bio / Kayla Heckrath - Math Lit /History / A&C Geog /Bio /A&C /LO Rose Tshabalala - Math Lit / Geog / Alina Holubeva - English/ Afr/ Math A&C Lit/ History / Geog/ Science / Rudolph Venter – Afr / Geog / A&C Tech/ EMS/ LO Dylan Visser - Afr / History / Geog / Michelle Ikeh - Math Lit / A&C / EMS Science/ Bio / Tarsha Isaac - Afr / Geog / A&C / A&C/ Tech / EMS Tech / EMS Hannah Zulu - EMS Tayla Johnson - English /Geog / A&C Nazeerah Karodia – English / Afr / Math Lit / History / Geog / Arts and Culture /Tech


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ACADEMIC AWARDS GRADE 9 (2013) TOP 25 PARTICIPANTS These recipients are rewarded for their commitment to the school in extra mural activities. 21st (48) Tawanda Sarupinda, Mikayla Boehm, Matthew Hillebrand, Sasha Karlin, Jaryd Ransley-Melvin, James Lenny, Alex Warren 20th (49) Sydney White 18th (50) Basetsana Mampane, Modise Mokoele 13th (53) Tyler van der Berg, Tumelo Litlhakanyane, Dominique Rooi-Smuts, Taone Munyaradzi, Priyantha Naicker 10th (56) Lebogang Knocker, Alice Antill, Makabongwe Kaseke 9th (57) Jonathan van Duyn 8th (59) Keagan Hayman 7th (61) Natasha Howes 6th (63) Dean Packham 5th (65) Andreena Smith 4th (68) Qhayiya Madlanga 3rd (75) Moyet Beukes 2nd (78) Nyaradzo Mwerenga 1st (132) Megan Denton Boy: This young man is always respectful towards his peers and the staff. He upholds the Bryanston name and everything it stands for. He has embraced and adapted to all the challenges 2013 presented him with. Cultural Boy Award: He is involved in many aspects in the This recipients’ quiet reserved nature school and will volunteer wherever conceals his exuberant versatility as an needed. The ‘Boy Grade-Controller ‘ actor. This is clearly evident the minute Award goes to James Lenny. the spotlight shines on him. We are delighted to present the ‘Boys Cultural Award’ to EXCELLENCE (80%+) Taone Manyeradzi Excellence certificates are awarded to students who have attained more than 80% for their academic subjects or Sportswoman of the year more than 90% for LO. This lady participates in Tennis, Alves Michael : English, Afr, Maths, Squash, Swimming, Cross-Country and History, A&C, EMS, LO Hockey. She is an overall incredible Denton Megan : History, Geog, Bio, athlete but her true talent shines A&C, Technology, EMS, LO through on the hockey field. Her Ryan Kim : English, Afr, Geog, Bio, sportsmanship goes beyond the A&C, Technology, EMS, LO common courtesies and she is an asset Bambo Khanya : English, Afr, Maths, to any team. Her dedication and skill History, Geog, EMS, LO training has earned her a spot in the Beja Mbali : Maths, History, Geog, 1st team, where she continues to excel. Science, Bio, Technology, EMS MERITS The ‘Sportswoman of the year’ award Ramsay Madison : English, Afr, History, These recipients are rewarded for goes to Nyaradzo Mwerenga Geog, Bio, LO excellent work, good behaviour and Smith Andreena : History, Geog, Bio, manners. They are given merits by Technology, EMS, LO teachers as well as coaches. Sportsman of the year Thomson Amy : English, History, Bio, 1 165 Nqabayami Sibiya This young man has been involved in Technology, EMS, LO 2 157 Karabo Banda several sports here at Bryanston – van Duyn Jonathan Charles : English, 3 154 Nhlanhla Hadebe Cricket, hockey and Tennis, and has Maths, History, Geog, Bio, Technology, 4 121 Nikita McMurdo excelled in two specifically. He plays EMS 5 118 Sara Lagardien 1st team Cricket AND Hockey for Warren Alex : Maths, History, Geog, 6 114 Mary-Ann Nobele Bryanston. And also went through to Science, Bio, Technology, LO 7 112 Jerridi Slimmerts District Trials for Hockey. We are proud Donzella Erica: English, Geog, Bio, 8 110 Sisipho Zondani to give our ‘sportsman of the year’ Technology, EMS, LO 9 109 Sharlene Mgwena, award to Zigi Zulu. Mamba Nonkululeko : English, History, Khwezilomso Poni Geog, Bio, Technology, LO Naicker Priyantha: English, History, Grade Controllers Award Geog, Bio, Technology, LO Best Class Captain Girl: This recipient is the epitome of a Whelan Chelsey : English, Afr, History, As voted by the teachers : Michael lady. She is soft spoken, dedicated and Geog, Bio, LO Alves hard working. She has a good Devalogan Scherodene : History, relationship with her peers and is Geog, Bio & LO admired for the quiet manner in which Devan Keroshan : English, History, Cultural Awards: she accomplishes everything she sets Geog, Bio, Technology Cultural Girl Award: out to do. The ‘Girl Grade – Controller ‘ Howes Natasha : English, History, This young lady had the difficult task of Award goes to Priyantha Naicker. Geog, Bio joining a group of which her older sister Kaseke Makabongwe : English, was already a star. She proved that History, Geog, Bio, LO she didn’t have to follow in her sister’s footsteps as she made her own. It is with great pleasure that the cultural Girl Award goes to Makabongwe Kaseke.


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Madlanga Qhayiya : English, Geog, Bio, Technology, EMS Muchemwa Sharon: English, History, Geog, Bio, LO Bedessie Kirthin : History, Geog, Bio, Technology Bhengu Sitty : History, Geog, Bio, Technology Borges Gabriella : English, History, Geog, LO Chiyangwa Munashe: History, Geog, Bio, Technology Eloff Zahle : Afr, History, Geog, LO Hariram Shenade : English & Geog Karlin Sasha : English, Maths, History, LO Marinkovic Kristina : English, History, Geog, Bio Mashabathakga Tumelo : Afr, History, Bio, Technology Munyaradzi Taona : Afr, History, Geog, Bio Pillay Lyle : English, History, Geog, LO Poobalan Mihir : History, Science, Bio, Technology Van der Berg Tyler : Afr, History, Geog, Technology Vehlow Warren : History, Geog, Bio, Technology Beukes Moyet : Afr, History, LO Bronner Tamaryn : English, Bio, LO Cameron Grace : English, Maths, History0 Dudhia Naadhirah : History, Geog, LO Govender Charissa : Geog, EMS, LO Masarakufa Kudzaishe : Geog, Bio, LO Mulder Em-Mari : Afr, History, LO Brown Luke : Bio, Technology Lagardien Sara : English, History Litlhakanyane Tumelo : Maths, Geog Mosaka Shamiso : English, History Mwerenga Nyaradzo : Geog, LO Ndlovu Thandeka : History, LO Sujee Jameel : Technology, LO Antill Alice : Bio Banda Karabo : Bio Barents William : History Berry Erin : History Dobie Sean : Maths Field Roxanne : Afr Fitzpatrick Kerry : English Glanvill Alec : Geog Magola Jessica : LO Naude Luca : Afr Nuckcheddy Rifah : Bio Padala Akhil : Bio Pillay Tanya : History Sauerbier Jadie : English Sibiya Nqabayami : English White Sydney : History DISTINCTIONS 6 Chelsey Whelan, Priyantha Naicker, Nonkululeko Mamba, Erica Donzella 7 Alex Warren, Jonathan van Duyn, Amy Thomson, Andreena Smith, Madison Ramsay, Mbali Beja, Khanya Bambo 9 Kim Ryan 10 Megan Denton 11 Michael Alves TOP IN EACH SUBJECT ENGLISH (96%) Megan Denton AFR (93%) Megan Denton MATHS (88%) Megan Denton SCIENCE (88%) Michael Alves BIO (92%) Michael Alves HISTORY (96%) Kim Ryan and Shenade Hariram GEOG (90%) Amy Thomson and Michael Alves EMS (87%) Sherodene Devalogan TECHNOLOGY (89%) Michael Alves ART (81%) Andreena Smith, Natasha Howes and Madison Ramsay LO (91%) Shenade Hariram TOP 20 The following recipients are the top achievers Half Academic Colours 17th (78%) Chelsey Whelan, Sharon Muchemwa, Makabongwe Kaseke, Scherodene Devalogan, Priyantha Naicker 12th (79%) Jonathan van Duyn, Madison Ramsay, Tyler van der Berg, Kristina Marinkovic, Keroshan Devan Full Academic Colours 6th (80%) Alex Warren, Andreena Smith, Lyle Pillay, Natasha Howes, Mbali Beja, Khanya Bambo 5th (81%) Erica Donzella 3rd (82%) Kim Ryan, Amy Thomson 2nd (86%) Michael Alves 1st (87%) Megan Denton


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ACADEMIC AWARDS GRADE 10 (2013) ACADEMIC COLOURS Half Colours: 68% Emma Berry Simone De Vos Blaire Jorgensen Schae Loppnow Bhakti Nathoo Kayla Smith 69% Teneale Kader Gaelle Lonji Lesedi Mabuza Buntu Petse Liso Yanta Full Colours: 70% Luke Hynes Connor McKinnon 71% Zandi Mnguni 72% Shayur Arijune Khumo Dingalo Khanyi Nkuhlu FULL ACADEMIC COLOURS 22nd Jordynne Peach 71% Khanyile Sibanda 20th Skye O’Neill 73% Robin Gast Daniela Gasser 17th Kathryn Pike 74% 16th Xiao Fei Wang 75% Marina Savio Kevin Pang 13th Kerri Anne Pillay 76% Daniel Kvalsvig Kerri-Lee Carstens 10th Christopher De Wit 78% 9th Tsz-Yin Chen 79% 8th Daniel Salgado 80% 7th Alyssa Paul 81% Annemarie Els 5th Tamara Mushani 83% 4th Kganya Rapoo 84% Nikheel Meghraj 2nd Immanuela Mohibidu 85% 1st Cameron Matthews 87% TOP IN EACH SUBJECT Cameron Matthews: Mathematics Physical Science Geog LO Gaelle Lonji: English Annemarie Els: Afr Amber Henkart: French Faith Makanuko: Zulu Brennan Pack: Math Lit Kganya Rapoo: Business Studies Immanuela Mohibidu: LS Nikheel Meghraj: Accounting Tamara Mushani: History Tsz-Yin Chen: Consumers Studies Daniel Kvalsvig: EGD Xiao Fei Wang: IT Gerald Isaacs: Computer Applications Technology Alyssa Paul: Visual Art EXCELLENCE 1. Matthews Cameron Scott : Afr, Business Studies, LSs. 2. Mohibidu Immanuela: English, Afr, Math, Physical Science, Geog, LO. 3. Meghraj Nikheel: Afr, Math, Physical Science, LS, LO. 4. Rapoo Kganya: Math, Physical Science, Accounting, LO. 5. Mushani Tamara: English, Afr, Math, Business Studies, LS, LO. 6. Els Annemarie: Math, Visual Art. 7. Paul Alyssa: English, Math, LS, LO 8. Salgado Daniel: Math, Accounting, Geog, LO. 9. Chen Tsz-Yin: Math, LO. 10. De Wit Christopher: Afr, Math, Physical Science, LO. 11. Wang Xiao Fei: Math, Accounting. 12. Carstens Keri-Lee: EGD. 13. Kvalsvig Daniel: LO 14. Pillay Kerri-Anne: Math, Geog. 15. Pang Kevin: Math, Business Studies, Accounting, EGD. 16. Savio Marina: LO. 17. Pike Kathryn: Math, Geog. 18. Gasser Daniela: Afr, Geog. 19. Gast Robin: Geog, EGD. 20. O’Neil Skye: Business studies. 21. Arijune Shayur: Math. 22. Dingalo Khumo: Math, Accounting. 23. Nkuhlu Khanyi: Business studies, Geog, LO. 24. Mnguni Zandi: Geog. 25. Sibanda Khanyile: Geog. 26. Themane Neo: Math, EGD. 27. Hynes Luke: Math, Geog. 28. Mckinnon Connor: Afr. 29. Kader Teneale: Geog. 30. Mabuza Lesedi: LO. 31. Berry Emma: Geog. 32. Jorgensen Blaire: Visual art. 33. Loppnow Schae: Geog. 34. Nathoo Bhakti: EGD. 35. Kubayi Tinyiko: LO. 36. De Kruijf Lize: Visual Art. 37. Goudemond Alexander: Math. 38. Henkart Amber: LO. 39. Mtwa Khanya: Math. 40. Tsotetsi Karabo: Geog. 41. Cannon Shaun: EGD. 42. Govender Renesha: Visual Art. 43. Mulenga Mutale: Accounting. 44. Smith Abigail: Afr. 45. Price Christopher: EGD. 46. Makanuko Faith: Zulu. 47. Rumbu Reggie: French. 48. Nkulu Dalin: French. TOP 20 PARTICIPATION POINTS 1st Daniela Gasser – 133 2nd Blaire Jorgensen – 116 3rd Cameron Matthews, Luke Schlebusch– 66 5th Khanyi Nkuhlu – 62 6th Liso Yanta – 60 7th Keri-Lee Carstens, Skye O’Neill – 57 9th Alex Goudemond – 54 10th Michael Ferreira, Jenna Wrathall – 53 12th Jordynne Peach, Daniel Laing, Annemarie Els - 48 15th Tinyiko Kubayi – 46 16th Luke Hynes, Twiza Sichilya, Sechaba Kotane, Kayla Palframan – 45 20th Lerato Moroke, Inga Mpengu, Khumo Dingalo - 44 LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATES BEST RCL – Annemarie Els BEST CLASS CAPTAIN: Sechaba Kotane TROPHY AWARDS CULTURAL AWARD: The cultural award for 2013 will be shared between four young ladies who are very deserving candidates. During 2013 another aspect of what constitutes the Cultural award became very apparent through the endeavours of the three recipients of this award. All three were active members of the rhetoric society and became fully committed to the Model United Nations


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Conferences. At both conferences the delegates received awards and special mention. All three received full colours at the end of 2013. Congratulations to Anne -Marie Els, Tamara Mushani and Kayla Palframan The fourth recipient of this award goes to a young lady who has tremendous charisma, leadership and commitment in the major production, congratulations Buntu Petse. teachers. It gives me great pleasure in awarding Keri-Lee Carstens the Grade Controllers award. BOY: The recipient of this award goes to a gentleman with impeccable manners and always tackles tasks with maturity and determination. He certainly ‘stands out’ from the crowd and his character is well received by his grade and his teachers. He also goes about his tasks SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR: with a friendly smile. It gives me great The recipient of this award goes to a pleasure in awarding Kganya Rapoo young lady who has certainly involved the Grade controller’s award. herself in many different extra-murals at school. She is part of the swimming DISTINCTIONS: t e a m , c r o s s c o u n t r y t e a m , Three distinctions: Khanyi Nkuhlu cheerleading, indoor and outdoor Annemarie Els hockey and a first team cricket scorer. Tsz-Yin Chen She is a dedicated athlete and always Four distinctions: Daniel Salgado h a s a s m i l e o n h e r f a c e . Kevin Pang Congratulations, Daniela Gasser. Christopher De Wit Five distinctions: Kganya Rapoo SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR: Alyssa Paul The recipient of this award goes to a Six distinctions: Nikheel Meghraj young gentleman who has certainly Seven distinctions: Tamara Mushani demonstrated commitment to fitness. Immanuela Mohibidu He was awarded full colours in three Cameron Matthews sports and has participated in swimming, cross country, open water swimming, athletics and tennis. He has National representation in duathlons and is ranked the top ten in the world for World champs in duathlons. Congratulations, Luke Schlebusch ESPRIT D’ CORPS: This is awarded to a young lady and gentleman who hold the blue flame of Bryanston High close to their hearts. This award is voted by the peers in their grade. Congratulations: Boy: Kganya Rapoo Girl: Blaire Jorgensen MEDALS GRADE CONTROLLERS AWARD: GIRL: The recipient of this award goes to a dynamic young lady, who is wellmannered, respectful and exceptionally hard working. She embodies the ethos of Bryanston High and participates in extra-murals with enthusiasm. She is also well-liked by her peers and


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ACADEMIC AWARDS GRADE 11 (2013) PARTICIPATION POINTS These certificates are awarded to the following Top 25 learners who have collected points throughout the year for participating in sport, cultural activities and for supporting school functions. Well done to: EXCELLENCE AWARDS An excellence award is awarded to a learner that has achieved 80% or more for a subject. The following learners receive an excellence award: Kiara O’Connell : English; Afr, LO Caryn Rondganger : Afr; Maths;Accounting, LO 25th Philasande Qaga - 65 points Kieran Prinsloo : Afr, Maths Rebeca Madubanya Talitha Eloff : Afr 21th Jade Bartley - 68 points Athi Kwinana : Visual Art Jessica Rapelego Mohamed Irfan Seedat : IT; Maths; Gaby Isabelle Accounting;Geog, LO Grant Miu Estleen Pretorius : Cat, LO 20th Ige Ejekwu - 70 points Momentious Mthethwa : Cat, Geog 17th Mzamo Mnguni - 71 points Gr, Miu : EGD; Accounting; Maths; Gabriel Harmer Physical Science; LS, LO Robynne Reid Adam Berry : EGD 16th Madison Kriek - 77 points Joshua Baker : EGD 13th Zinhle Sibiya - 79 points Piroshin Chetty : EGD Candice Lortan Br,on Schlebusch : EGD Alicia Lazarus Mothusi Mosiieman: History 12th Amina Williams - 81 points Thina Dyantyi : History; Afr, LO 11th Dylan Wingrove - 82 points Tanyaradzwa Sigauke : Accounting; 10th Megan Howard - 83 points Maths; LS, LO 8th Jessica Tavener - 84 points Brendon Ndlovu : Accounting; Towela Chinganya Business Studies; Maths, Geog 5th Kiara O’Connell - 91 points Brendan Rampath : Business Studies, Christopher Dobie LO Jack Mamabolo Robynne Reid : Physical Science; 4th Takudzwa Mwerenga - 95 points Maths; LS; Geograpgy, LO 2nd Shannon Bell - 100 points Stefan Minkov : Physical Science; 1st Brandon Schlebusch - 101 points Maths; LS, Geog Raheema Ravat : Physical Science; LEADERSHIP SCROLLS (LIA) LS; Maths; Geog, Shannon Bell, Nithal Bhagwandini, LO Towela Chinganya, Chris Dobie, Thina ,isa Shayi : Afr Dyantyi, Jessica Rapelego: Afr, LO Ryan Govender, Talitha Eloff, Megan Caitlin MacIntyre : LS; Geog, LO Howard, Gaby Isabelle, Alicia Lazarus, Melissa Littlefield : LS; Maths; Geog, Melissa Littlefield, Candice Lortan, LO Stefan Minkov, Grant Miu, Kudzai Justine Pomroy : LS; Maths, LO Manyeza, Momentious Mthethwa, Kiara Chelsea Alex,er : LS;Maths; Geog, LO O’Connell, Shannon Parker, Kieran Emmanuel Ntungila : French Prinsloo, Estleen Pretorius, Philasande Ins Savova : French Quaga, Robynne Reid, Samantha David Mpungila : French Ritchie, Stephanie Smith, Rapelego Am,a Rodrigues: French Jessica Tavener, Shene Wiid, Dylan Kyle Lang:d : Maths Wingrove, Simphiwe Zondi Megan Howard : Maths; Geog, LO Sachin Govender : Maths, LO LEADERSHIP TROPHY: Tanaka Mutangadura : Geog, LO Towela Chinganya Jessica Tavener : Geog, LO Towela Chinganya : Geog, LO Gaby Isabelle : Geog Shannon Bell : Geog, LO Tsitsi Marondedze : Geog, LO Tshegofatso Mokgabodi : Geog Dylan Wingrove : Geog, LO C,ice Lortan : Geog Samantha Ritchie : Geog, LO Takudzwa Mwerenga : Geog, LO Tayla Lance : LO Simone Cornish : LO Revana Sewjala : LO Allen Misiani : LO Bryce Lithgow : LO Christopher Dobie : LO Alicia Lazarus : LO Megan Shunmugam : LO Nicole Kennet : LO TOP IN EACH SUBJECT English : Stefan Minkov 85% Afr : Estleen Pretorius 90% French : Sacha Rumbu 96% Zulu : Providence Ndebele 80% Maths Lit. : Mothusi Mosiieman 82% Maths : Kiara O’Connell 97% Business Studies : Shannon Bell 87% Physical Sience : Kiara O’Connell 92% LS : Kiara O’Connell 88% Accounting : Kiara O’Connell 97% Geog : Tanyaradzwa Sigauke 94% History : Candice Lortan 85% Consumer Studies : Estleen Pretorius 76% LO : Stefan Minkov 95% IT : Allen Misiani 83% CAT : Carle Santa 87% EGD : Kyle Langford 87% Visual Art : Sacha Rumbu 83% DISTINCTIONS Three distinctions: Megan Howard Shannon Bell Caitlin MacIntyre Justine Pomroy Estleen Pretorius Four distinctions: Chelsea Alexander Melissa Littlefield Caryn Rondganger Five distinctions: Robynne Reid Raheema Ravat Mohamed Irfan Seedat Tanyaradzwa Sigauke


p. 13

Six distinctions: Stefan Minkov Grant Miu Seven distintions: Kiara O’ Connell TROPHY AWARDS CULTURAL AWARD: BOY: This boy is a born actor (as everyone who has ever taught him knows!). He makes every character he plays his own. He was totally convincing as Willard - specially when he jumped into Ren’s arms! Ladies and Gentleman: Karabo Mahole 71% Brendon Ndlovu Talitha Eloff 72% Tsitsi Marondedze Sachin Govender 73% Dylan Wingrove Thina Dyantyi Takudzwa Mwerenga Tanaka Mutangadura Momentious Mthethwa Allen Misiani Samantha Ritchie Tayla Lance The following learners receive full GIRL: This award goes to a very colours and are in the top 20: bubbly, enthusiastic and talented girl. 17th 75% Jessica Tavener She did not make herself Rusty, she Kieran Prinsloo was Rusty! Congratulations – Candice Lortan Candice Lortan. Towela Chinganya 15th 76% Estleen Pretorius SPORTMAN OF THE YEAR: Kyle Langford Brandon Schlebusch 14th 76% Justine Pomroy 11th 79% Tanyaradzwa Sigauke SPORTWOMAN OF THE YEAR: Caitlin MacIntyre Samantha Ritchie Shannon Bell 8th 80% Caryn Rondganger ESPRIT DE CORPS Melissa Littlefield This award is given to a girl and a boy Chelsea Alexander who epitomize what Bryanston High is 5th 81% Mohamed Irfan Seedat all about. They are strong leaders and Raheema Ravat participate in many aspects of the Megan Howard school and are role models to all. 4th 82% Grant Miu Congratulations to… 2nd 84% Robynne Reid Stefan Minkov Shannon Bell and Dylan Wingrove and our top achiever and in the number 1 position is Kiara O’Connell with a fantastic 93% GRADECONTROLLERS AWARD: BOY: Ige Ejekwu GIRL: Haniyeh Rahimi TOP TWENTY: The following learners receive half academic colours: 68% Jessica Rapelego Bryce Lithgow Alicia Lazarus 69% Mothusi Mosiieman Sacha Rumbu Brendan Rampath Christopher Dobie The following learners receive full academic colours: 70% Gaby Isabelle Stephanie Garbers


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D ressing gowns donation... ENGLISH TUTORING Grade 6 to Matric a qualified teacher with ± 20yrs experience. R150/hr for extra lessons, preferably from my home in Jhb northern suburbs. Contact Robyn to discuss your requirements (082) 446 9540 THE BALLOON STOP No party is complete without Balloons! The Balloon Stop has the widest variety of Helium / Foil / Printed Balloons Anything to do with a Balloon— in any way. Visit our showroom at 117 11th Street Parkmore or logon to Open Mon-Sat from 8am - 5pm. Sunday orders too. We DELIVER (011) 087 5212 (011) 784-9167 (082) 677 1324 NOW IN PARKMORE SANDTON TUTORS FOR SUCCESS English lessons Covering revision on the entire syllabus Grades 0-12 Secure classroom in Randburg OR Fourways (whichever is more convenient for you) HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT TO YOUR CHILD`S EDUCATION Sincere thanks to the wonderful staff and parents of Bryanston High for their old and new dressing gowns donated to Nazareth House. Nazareth House look after the destitute elderly in Gauteng and were very grateful to receive the donation before winter. They currently have 71 female residents and 34 male residents. Thank you for passing on much needed comfort to those in need. This project really fed my soul and I thank each and every one of you for paying it forward. Shan Muller | School Fees Administrator L-R | Shan Muller handing over the pyjama and dressing gown collection to Lena Giorza (Nazareth House Committee Chairlady) and Nancy Makgai (Nazareth House Social Worker)



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