What is Creativity?


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High School art students explore creativity.

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p. 1

Creativity happens with tools at hand. Page 1


p. 2

Creativity is an easel of exploration. Page 2


p. 3

Creativity brings fantasy to life. Page 3


p. 4

Creativity is a colourful picnic. Page 4


p. 5

Creativity is stunning fashion. Page 5


p. 6

Creativity is when imaginations soar. Page 6


p. 7

Creativity is in every season. Page 7


p. 8

Creativity is Harry Potter. Page 8


p. 9

Creativity is my favourite panda. Page 9


p. 10

Creativity is humming with life. Page 10


p. 11

Creativity pops open our minds. Page 11


p. 12

Creativity is all around you! Page 12


p. 13

This book was created by art students who were asked to create a "creativity square" and explain what creativity meant to them. What does creativity mean for you? Create your own creativity square. Remember, we are all creative thinkers! Page 13



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