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Р=q. - - ,] ,. "iiL тlЕ ffiшIшBЕBLж '1,,,;; Korпei ChLlkCIvsky '&u,',o.,, , ^"|!{'. Drawings by Vladimir Kоnashеviсh '"{ ф { **-=ёф -. I ,ih{ i*/' SE; ..illl @ ''l ' .;lц" (:'i .'сt*' .(\ Pгogrеss Ршl.liishеrs ]\{osсоrv !;l "{^-t, ','.,.. ' ' .:: tl ri. ъчЯ ^*..". ,-JL-\*#


p. 2

onсe thе kittеns raisеd a row: "Oh, how dull it is to miaow! Lеt us better bark likе doggies: Bow-wow-wow!'o Aftеr that thе duсklings spoke: ..What's thе good of quaсking, folk? Lеt us bеtter сroak likе froggies: Croаk-croаk-croаk!''


p. 3

So the piglets startеd miaowing: ,,Miаo w-mi аow.mi аow|'' And thе сats bеgan bow.wowing: ,,Bow-wo|у-wow|'' And thе duсklings startеd сroaking: ,,C ro аk- c ro аk- с ro аk|', And thе сhiсkens started quaсking: ,, аc k. qu аc k. qu аc k!'' Qu Then thе sparrow hoppеd along And bеgan a milk.сow's song: " Moo-oo-ool" Thеn сame Bгuin-Touzlеd-Fur And instead of gr-gr-gr Said,,Cockаdoo dlеdoo!''


p. 4

And the сuсkoo shoutеd too: ..Why havе I to say cu-ckoo? Let me grunt likе little piggiеs: '' Оink-oink-oink! ..Thosе who say miаow Shouldn't say bow-wow. Thosе who say bow-wow Shouldn't say miаow. i\1 \ \ only littlе Bunny Didn't think it funny To say miаow Оr bow-wow-wow. Hе lay bеneath a сabbagе-hеad And in bunnyJanguagе said Тo сoax his naughty playmatеs: Toads don't fly and fliеs don't browse Nor сan сrows turn into сows!'o But thе mеrry сubs and сhiсks Wouldn't stop thеir naughty triсks, But went on to shout and roar, Еvеn loudеr than bеforе.


p. 5

l Fishes toddlеd high and dry, Toads wеnt flying through thе sky. Мiсе set traps and сaught a сat: In a mousе-trap Pussy sat, W t I t I i i ф :Ц .lф' "ri:'-' !i tt lr 'ry{?ъ rfl 1


p. 6

While thе foxеs Took matсhboxes, Walked aсross thе grassy lеa And sеt firе to thе bluе sеa. How it burned and how it smokеd! out a whalе's great muzz|e poked; ..Fire!'' Thе whale began to shout, .?еople, hеlp us put it out!''


p. 7

Running up, thе сгoсodilе Tried to quenсh thе flames a while With drу mushrooms, сakes a n d p i е s , Yеt thе flamеs still reaсhеd the skiеs. ,Щ.: t ыiф;F' j;#.Ф}. ,'.,. ' ;,:. "I


p. 8

With a barrеl сame two hеns, But the flamеs wеre too immense. Frоm thе lakes two гufflings swam' Bringing water in a p a n . With a wooden buсket last Two young frogs сamе running fast.


p. 9

,,,{FPr Long they pourеd and pourеd and pourеd, But thе flamеs just roarеd and roarеd. .1' i.'.,: ,*#t' i Thеn a butterfly flew by' Flappеd and flutterеd from thе sky; Quietеr, quiеtеr grеW thе flames And wеnt out. r. =r"*t''i ;::....- :ryt *4{*д'..*'*. tl{


p. 10

Full of joy, thе bеasts and birds Danсed and sang in floсks and herds, Stampеd thеiг feet and waggеd thеir talеs Ovеr all thе woods and dales. .,: *Т}.Р::Щ' i:',h:,*J'.:i. -" Ъ f,g М Cats and kittеns purrеd and m ,,M i аo w-mi аo w-purr!,' And thе birdiеs sang aloud: ,,Tw ееt-tw -twеet!', ееt Foals and сolts bеgan to neigh: ,,Hее.hаw-hаw!,, Fliеs and beеtlеs buzzеd awav: (( .7-zJ 11---lrt 1,<,'t-<,i, ^^rr3 }s f" * t * sl &


p. 11

And the little froggies сгoakеd: ,,C ro аk-c ro аk-c ro аk!'' And thе little duсklings quaсkеd: ,, аc k.qu ас k-qu аc k!'' Qu Bеasts and birds, both tamе and wild, Floсking in from earth and sky, Sang in сhorus to my сhild: ,,Lullа-lullа-bу!,' ,a


p. 12

li *:i::' l j::;l Translatеd from thе Russiаn tly Dогian Rоttеnlrеrg К. Чyкoвский IIyTA[rиЦA Hа анeлuЙcкo"||4 яЗtiке ПepевoД cдеЛaн flo книге: К. LIукoвский. Скaзки. 1972 I r 4 'И з д . " f ] e т с к a я л и т е p a т y р a n , 1 9 7 2 г , шr l\l l',, il Рeдакторpyсскoroтекста ,41.E. a!уяcкa'I дакTоР r. II.lI?'1ьII. Хуaoкник B' ,44 вснньlй pеlаltтop 11]. Г.,I'Iжuоев. Tсхнич с. A. I]I|1pяеsa. Сlавtt в нi6oр 26.06,?5 Г. llrrj l6.06.76г. ФoрN'ат 60Х90%. Бy}rага офсетная п е Ч . д . 1 , 5 . У q ^ . l t з дл . 1 , 5 5 . T и p а ж l 6 9 0 0 0 э к з , . ll.ilit l.t кoп. ilзд' N 21216. Госу.lаpствеlнoгсl Издатeльствo "ПpofРесс" пo дсJ]а\' изд3ТеЛьстa!noЛигp Д1инilстрoв СCCР тopгoBлH. ская .N1oск9а 1l9021, зу(:}овский 6yльваp, псчати }fl i Cсtюlпо фабprlка oфсетнoй Гoсyлаpственнoм к0uIlTeTe Cовсr.а Р1ннистрсв н3дателtlсТв, полигpафиu н книжнoй ffi ,{ {i \ \ t Ле}tннгpaд, П.101, кPoPDеpкская y (Q,Tгanslationnto Еnglish, Progrеss i iliustratеd Pгintеd in thе l'Iniоn оf Soviet Soсialist R ^-l 'э fl:* r t7n I нffi-%ээ-zо ЭPё"-v ). & .)



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