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The Global Network Marketing Support Marketing Support & Production Center Make the Right ChoiCe In a world of different languages and different mentalities, it is important to have a fully equipped, knowledgeable local supplier to meet your needs. ISCAR knows this. We have subsidiary offices and agents located in 52 major industrial countries. In some of the larger countries, regional offices have been opened to A Global Metalworking Company bring ISCAR personnel and facilities as close as possible to customer production sites. Many of our subsidiaries have fully equipped training centers. These centers are dedicated to providing a local location where metalworking personnel can be trained in the latest techniques and products for metal removal.


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ISCAR has global manufacturing facilities in each of the following countries: In Europe France Germany Italy Spain Switzerland Turkey Hungary Slovenia In the Americas Argentina Brazil United States In Asia South Korea China Israel


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Medical Implants Dental Components Arm Joint Spinal Fixation Screws Hip Joint Knee Parts Periarticular Plates Nails Screws


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Precision Tools for Precise, High Quality Parts ISCAR, a leading cutting tool manufacturer, is an appropriate partner to achieve the stringent and precise part manufacture required by the medical implants industry. ISCAR’s innovative cutting tools (ISO 9000 quality standard certified) provide turning, grooving, parting, threading, milling and drilling tools that guarantee production of better and more reliable implants. Plates and Screws Spinal Screws Troya Total Hips System Partial Hip System Hip, Leg and Bone Screw Intramedullary Nails Dental Components


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Range of Tools Finish turning holders for high accuracy and surface quality. Compact tool design for Swiss type automatics and CNC lathes. Family of tools with shanks and unique interchangable heads for a variety of milling applications. Micrograin solid carbide and ball nose endmills are available in the range of 0.4 to 20 mm. Extended tool life due to an improved cutting edge design and the most advanced PVD TiCN and TiAlN coatings. Stainless Steel


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Double-sided DO-GRIP insert with internal coolant holes for parting exotic metals. Solid carbide bars for minimum bore diameters of 4 mm. Drill with solid carbide insert enables machining holes and chamfers, for increased productivity. Solid carbide drill for stable and accurate drilling. Titanium Silicon


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Part Production Turnkey Machining Solutions ISCAR tools provide high performance, optimal machining solutions for your part production. Time Study Estimated cutting time: 3 min. 48 sec. 4 min. 56 sec. Stainless steel T8 Total cutting time: Material: T3 SVACR 1616M-11 VCET 1103005R-WF T1 T3 T4 T1 SLANR 1616H-11 TANG LNMX 110408R T2 T5


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T11 MM S-A-L075-C10-T06 MM EC100A07R0.5-6T06 T11 T7 T9 MM S-A-L075-C10-T06 MM ERS 100B07-4T06 T6 EB-A2 030-045/08C6M50 T6 T10 T9


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Bone Screw Machining Layou T3 ECO30B10-4C03 T3 T3 ECO30B10-4C03 T5 T6 T7 T6\7 SCDT 025-009-060-M3 TP6 M3x0.5-6H-CCH-HEV


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ut T4 PCHR 16-24 PENTA 24N 15J010 T5 SCHR 16-6B SCIR 6B150NP005 T4 T2 T1 T4 SCHR 16-6B SCIR 6B-MT... T2 SCHR 16-6B SCIR 6BAR010 T1 PDACR 1616M-11S DCET 11T3005R-WF


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Medical Parts Knee Parts 250% More proDUCTIVITy Machining Intelligently ISO Turn Test report Test No.: SZ-02-14 Test Date: 29/10/2008 Test Result: Positive Country: Switzerland ty ili b ita port f ro P st Re Te Other DENITOOL VCGT 130304 12.7 199 5000 0.05 4.8 1 100 90 1 - Flank Wear 7 - Chipping 3 - Insert Breakage Gut 3 - Tangled Test Data ISCAr Tool Type Insert Type Grade Edge Preparation Diameter (mm) Cutting Speed (m/min) Spindle Speed (rpm) Feed (mm/rev) Depth of Cut (mm) Number of Passes Length of Cut (mm) Pieces Per Cutting Edge Wear Wear 2 Reason for Stopping Test Surface Quality Chip Type SVACR 1212M-13 VCGT 130304-MD IC807 MD 12.7 199 5000 0.05 4.8 1 100 250 1 - Flank Wear 1 - Flank Wear 2 - Wear Excellent 3 - Tangled


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Workpiece Material Carbide Grades ISCAR has grades specifically designed for machining applications on stainless steel and super alloys. Grades IC907, IC908 IC328 and IC928 are ideal for milling and turning titanium and nickel based alloys. An example is nitinol, commonly found in medical components. These grades are available for ISCAR standard tools with specially designed positive and sharp-edged chipformers. Titanium p m k n s h (M20-M30) UNCOATED (M20-M30) High temperature resistant alloys. Low-to-medium cutting speed. Stainless Steel p m k n s h (M05-M20) (K05-K20) IC907 PVD COATED (M05-M20) (K05-K20) Stainless steel, high temperature alloys and hardened steel. Low-to-medium cutting speed. Very high toughness for interrupted cut. Excellent notch wear and built-up-edge resistance. Silicon p m k n s h (P15-P30) (M20-M30) (K20-K30) IC908 PVD COATED (P15-P30) (M20-M30) (K20-K30) Heat resistant alloys, hard alloys and carbon steels. Low-to-medium cutting speed. Very high toughness for interrupted cut.



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