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KNOWlEdgE THROugH THE lIgHT OF FaITH St Robert of Newminster Sixth Form College is a Catholic Community dedicated to achieving excellence for all. We have a shared sense of purpose and our values are reflected in our day to day life. We seek to provide you with an all-round post-16 education within a stimulating environment. We want you to be challenged, motivated and rewarded during your time here so that you become creative, independent and confident citizens. Our students stand out in the crowd because of the unique opportunities we offer them to take responsibility, develop themselves and lead others.


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a WElCOMINg COllEgE Our Sixth Form College is a highly effective, vibrant, active and supportive community, which attracts applicants from other schools and academies, and also students from other post-16 institutions who are looking for a fresh start. Each year we welcome international students, who are with us for one year, mostly from other European countries. We believe that the diverse range of students from different backgrounds and cultures enriches our high quality teaching and learning. Our students have high aspirations, with many aiming for the top performing universities and all of our students are eager to learn. We welcome applications from anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. We have a strong ethos which has as its motto “Sic Luceat Lux Vestra” – “Let Your Light Shine” and this is our purpose: to bring out the best in everyone and to contribute to the Common Good. There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which new students quickly feel at home, make new friends, where the teachers know the students very well and where there is a genuine feeling of community and belonging. One of the most frequent comments from our students is ......“That teachers at St Robert’s go over and beyond the call of duty to support us.” This is supported by Ofsted - “There are very positive relationships between teachers and students which support good learning”.


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FOSTERINg aN ETHIC OF EXCEllENCE We believe that fostering an ethic of excellence and the pursuit of wisdom is at the heart of the learning experience at St Robert’s. The 2012 Section 48 Report remarked: “St Robert’s is an outstanding Catholic School”. Our Sixth Form students benefit from expert teaching which enables them to attain very high standards in their AS and A levels and equivalent qualifications. The overwhelming majority of our students go on to Higher Education. Further information on our excellent results is available from the college.


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puRSuINg a lOvE FOR WISdOM Our students follow a general RE programme centred on Philosophy, Theology and Ethics. This opens up opportunities to reflect on the deeper questions of life. The emphasis in the lessons is on active participation and learning from each other, and on occasion listening to and engaging with invited experts. Its importance lies in two main areas: the first is that it augments and supports the distinctive ethos of the college – that we are a community that puts the human being at the centre of all we do, helping to develop values, attitudes and character apart from the main examination subjects: the second is that the general programme is the only lesson where students can meet people outside their chosen disciplines, thus allowing you to develop wider relationships and encouraging inclusivity and understanding among our diverse student population. SuppORTINg EXCEllENCE We expect our students to achieve excellence in an atmosphere of care and support. Our team of dedicated Personal Tutors led expertly by their Heads of Year will ensure that St Robert’s is not a place where students become lost in the crowd. St Robert’s is a place where you will be looked after. We have a strong tradition of pastoral care and a reputation for a strong tutorial system.


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SHapE yOuR lEaRNINg EXpERIENCE The Sixth Form College experience is built around our students. We listen to your views on all aspects of life in the Sixth Form and develop partnerships with you and your parents. CREaTIvITy, aCTION, SERvICE Developing creativity is a major focus for teaching and learning right across the curriculum and our specialist staff seek to inspire and engage students in activities in order to draw out their creative talents. Our students involve themselves in orchestra, choirs, drama productions or bands and in learning new instruments or new skills in art, cooking, textiles, photography, and music. Our students contribute to the Common Good by the vast amount of charitable work they do. Although separate from the main school our students are seen as excellent role models and contribute to the care of younger students in the main school as lead learners or mentors.


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CHallENgE aNd OppORTuNITy Academic success is a vital component of a good education but we also understand the importance of broadening students’ interests and experiences. We also believe it is important to encourage spiritual and moral growth and to develop important core skills and knowledge which add to the breadth of your education. During your time at St. Robert’s Sixth form, you will be challenged and encouraged to take up the many and diverse opportunities to ‘Let Your Light Shine’.


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OuR SCHOOl MOTTO IS “SIC luCEaT luX vESTRa” WHICH MEaNS “lET yOuR lIgHT SHINE” We firmly believe in the potential of our students and always aim to nurture and guide them in their personal and academic developments.


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ST RO B E R T OF NE W M I N S T E R SIXTH F O R M St Robert of Newminster Catholic School and Sixth Form College Biddick Lane Washington Tyne & Wear NE38 8AF T: 0191 561 3810 www.strobertofnewminster.co.uk



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