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page1 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 EUROTEEN MAG Dear readers, We proudly present the first edition of our teenage magazine EUROTEEN MAG 98 eleven-13-year-old students from France, Germany, Italy and Poland and their English teachers eagerly worked and cooperated over the past months of November and December 2013 to create this awesome magazine. Our magazine EUROTEEN MAG is part of our eTwinning project “Teenage Life Across Europe“. Etwinning is an official EU programme meant to encourage young Europeans and their teachers to cooperate on online projects and thus to get to know each other and gain insight into the lives and customs of their countries. Our eTwinning project follows this grand idea as our students are supposed to learn a lot about the lives of their teenage partners in the participating countries and will be able to compare them to their own lives. In order to reach this goal, the students and their teachers decided on a number of teenage-related topics which were then distributed among the partners so that two countries always worked on the same topics. To cut a long story short, after two months of work we are very proud to publish the first edition of our magazine EUROTEEN MAG!


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PAGE 2 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 TV SHOWS ITALIA’S GOT TALENT ing ,acting or imitating. The participants are interviewed before and after the performance. The judges can vote positively if the competitors, in those 2 minutes, convince them about their talent. The judges can push the "Buzz": the button which break off the performance. The winner wins 100.000 Euros. The programme is watched everywhere in Italy, and for every edition there is one winner, chosen by popular judges among the few finalists. The winners of these first five editions were: Carmen Masola, Fabrizio Vendramin, Stefano Scarpa, Danizi Adomako Rays and Samuel Barletti. Italia's Got Talent is a TV programme, on Channel 5 (Mediaset). It started in the summer 2009, using the same format of “Britain's Got Talent, USA's Got Talent and Australia's got talent”. When Gerry Scotty, a famous presenter gave up “The Corrida”, an old talent show, he started this new TV programme with Italian competitors. It’s a game in which each competitor has to show how good he is at dancing, sing- THE VOICE OF GERMANY “Per attirare l'attenzione del lettore, inserire qui una citazione o una frase tratta da l testo.” The show is part of the The Voice franchise and is based on a similar competition format created in the Netherlands and called The Voice of Holland. The first German season was shown in 2012 and was hosted by Stefan Gödde and Doris Golpashin. Special about the show is that the jury does not see the candidates’ performances, so that they can judge only from the candidates’ voices and not from their looks.This is the jury: Nena, Xavier Naidoo, Rea Garvey and The BossHoss (seasons 1 and 2); Nena, The BossHoss, Samu Haber and Max Herre (season 3). The winners were Ivy Quainoo (season 1) with her song Do You Like What You See, and Nick Howard (season 2) with his song Unbreakable. Season 3 started on 17th October 2013. KIM POSSIBLE Kim Possible is an animated series made by Disney from 2002 to 2007. There are 87 episodes. Kim Possible was shown for the first time on 7th June 2002 in the USA and on 15th May 2004 in Germany. Kim(berly Ann) Possible is a girl who saves the world from bad guys. Her friends are Ron Stoppable and Wade Load. Ron is usually accompanied by a naked mole rat called Rufus. It is a show for children, but adults like it too because of its wordplay and its parodying of action and spy movies. Didascalia dell'immagine o della fotografia


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PAGE 3 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 MUSIC Lena Meyer Landrut Her real name is Lena Johanna Therese Meyer Landrut. She was born on 23rd May 1991 in Hanover. She is a German singer and songwriter. She is an only child. Her school was IGS Roderbruch; she also graduated from there. On 29th May 2010 she won the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Satellite”. She has sung about 50 songs so far; among them are “Satellite”, “Neon”, “Crazy”, “A Million and One”, “Maybe”, “Stardust” and “Taken by a Stranger”. Cro is a German rapper, singer, producer and designer. Cro is his pseudonym, his actual name is Carlo Waibel. He was born on 31st January 1990 in Aalen, Germany. A special feature is his panda mask. “Raop“, “Whatever“, “Nie mehr“, “Easy“, “Einmal um die Welt“, “Du“, “Wir waren hier“ and “Jeder Tag“ are his most famous songs. He became interested in music at the age of 10 and published his first album in 2009, at the age of 19. CRO Italian Teenagers love music Music is an important item in Italian culture and history. Italian people love music and teenagers love music too, of course. They do karaoke, listen to music on their ipods and i-phones, and play instruments with friends, at school , at home or in bands. But they don’t like classical music or tuneful songs , they prefer rap, pop and hip hop because through this kind music they can show their feelings, opinions and hardships. A lot of teenagers copy their favorite singers’ way to dress, in fact in1990s many hip hop and rap artists started to wear baggy Didascalia dell'immagine o pants, over della fotografia sized tshirts, trainers and baseball hats on back to front. Few years later some of them created their own fashion labels and clothing lines. A lot of Italian teenagers started to wear this kind of clothes in the streets and at school too. Recently they changed their fashion style introducing skinny low jeans and quickly it became the most diffused Italian young style. RAP Rapping refers to "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics" used to express one’s own feelings and opinions about injustice and social problems.In Italy the most famous rapper are Fabri Fibra, Emis Killa, Salmo and Fedez but all over the world the most famous rap stars are : Nicki Minaj , Lil Jon, , Snoop Dogg, ,Akon. HIPHOP is a cultural movement formed during the 70s in New York city, when block parties became popular, particularly among African American boys living in the Bronx; block parties were street parties in which people sounded danced and sang ;during parties black DJs began to talk over the records that they played


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MOVIES PAGE 4 NU T I T A N I C M BER 1 Questo brano può contenere 150-200 parole. L'utilizzo di un notiziario come strumento promozionale consente di riutilizzare il contenuto di altro materiale, ad esempio comunicati stampa, studi specifici e rapporti. Nonostante lo scopo principale di un notiziario sia quello di vendere un prodotto o un servizio, un notiziario di successo deve innanzitutto interessare i lettori. È consigliabile scrivere articoli brevi oppure includere un programma degli eventi o un'offerta speciale per un nuovo prodotto. È inoltre possibile ricercare articoli specifici oppure trovare articoli di “supporto” nel World Wide Web. In Microsoft Publisher è infatti possibile convertire un notiziario in una pubblicazione per il Web. In questo modo, al termine della creazione del notiziario, sarà sufficiente convertirlo in un sito Web e pubblicarlo. ONCE UPON A TIME strange and a dangerous character. He informs them that the child they expect will be safe on its 28th birthday. Little Emma is born and the day of the curse is near. Prince charming manages to send his daughter to a safe place. However, the Wicked Queen arrives and sends all the people in a world without magic where they do not remember their true identity. Meanwhile, Emma swan lives a solitary existence in Boston. On the day of her 28th birthday, Henry, the boy she abandoned 10 years ago, visits her. She does not want to reconnect with her son, but agrees to take him home. Along the way, Henry shows her a book of fairy tales and tells Emma that all the stories are real and the characters actually live in the storybook, in Maine, the town where Henry lives. He also adds that she is the only one who can defeat the curse that reigns over the city, because she is the daughter of Snow-white and Prince Charming. Emma then discovers that Henry was adopted by Regina mills, the mayor of the city, who, according to Henry, is the Wicked Queen. Emma is sceptical, but finally decides to spend some time to make sure her son is OK. Then the town clock stars again, and the time starts its course again. “Per attirare l'attenzione del lettore, inserire qui una citazione o una frase tratta da l testo.” On the wedding day of Snow-white and Prince Charming, the Wicked Queen casts a spell on the people. Everyone is worried, and honeymooners fear for their unborn child. They decide to see Rumpeltiskin, a MAIN CHARACTERS Jennifer Morrison aka Emma Jared S.Gilmore aka Henry Fantasy world  Real world Snow white Pinnochio Cinderella Rumpeltiskin Scarlette Jiminy cricket Beautiful Prince Charming Gepetto Mary Margarette Gepetto August Wayne Booth Ashley Boyd Mr gold Ruby Doctor hopper Beautiful David Nolan Marco Graham Fantasy world The Reindeer Heart Marco Frankenstein Hunter EmmaThe sheriff The Mad Hatter The wicked queen Henry Princess Abigail The Genie Hunter  Real world Cora Doctor whane Emma Jefferson Regina Mills Henry Mills Kathrine Nolan Sidney Glass The sheriff Graham


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ACTORS EUROTEEN MAG Roberto Benigni was born in Manciano La Misericordia in Italy in 1952. He is an actor, a comedian, a singer, a film director, a writer and a screenwriter. He got a lot of awards for his work, and Oscar as best actor for his performance in the film “LA VITA E' BELLA”. He is the only male Italian actor to receive this prize. He married Nicoletta Braschi. She is an italian actress and producer. She was born in Cesena, she studied in Rome’s academy of dramatic arts. They act together in a lot of movies. His most important films are: Tu mi turbi (1983), L’addio a Enrico Berlinguer (1984), Non ci resta che piangere (1984),Il piccolo diavolo(1988),Johnny Stecchino (1991), Il mostro(1994), Pinocchio(2002), La tigre e la neve(2005) and La vita è bella(1997). NU M BER 1 PAGE 5 ROBERTO BENIGNI “La vita è bella” is an Italian comedy-drama film directed by Roberto Benigni. The film tells about Guido Orefice and his family. They are Jewish so the German soldiers catch and send them to a Nazi concentration camp. In the end Guido dies to save his wife and his son. TO ROME WITH LOVE – HIS LAST FILM AS AN ACTOR TO ROME WITH LOVE is a romantic comedy film playes by Benigni and directed by Woody Allen. The story is divided in sketches: a clerk who becomes famous without any reason, an architect who has love problems with his girlfriend , a young couple in their honeymoon and an Italian man who helps a singer to become a famous opera singer. “Per attirare l'attenzione del lettore, inserire qui una citazione o una frase tratta da l testo.” Jean Dujardin Jean Dujardin of his complete name Jean Edmond Dujardin is a humorist, an actor, a scriptwriter, a director and a French producer. He became famous as an actor in 1999 in the series " Un gars,une fille " which finished in 2003. It is moreover in this period that he met his wife Alexandra Lamy whom he married in 2003 but they divorced in 2013. the Oscar of the Best Actor for his role in The Artist. He was born on June 19th, 1972 in RueilMalmaison in Hautsde-Seine in France and he is 41 years old. He has got two sons:Simon In 2012, he is the first is 13 years old and French actor who won Jules is 12 years old. Didascalia dell'immagine o della fotografia


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PAGE 6 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 FASHION blazer French Fashion for girls The Face : In France at the moment the trend is to wear your air on one side. Keeping a fairly discreet makeup, especially no lipstick but eye shadow to enhance your eyes The fashion: Trend for this autumn Australian winter boots “UGG”are a great success. We see a lot of skinny jeans and blazers with a flashy t-shirt, a cap with a pompon. scarf Skinny jeans Australian UGG Fashion fashion fashion


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EUROTEEN MAG HOBBIES MY HOBBY NU M BER 1 PAGE 7 Each of us has got a hobby, an usual one or a pretty weird. To my mind, people develop hobbies in order to get a relief and learn about many interesting things in the world. In my class, many students are computer geeks and can keep their computer on throughout the day. (But I am careful enough not to let my computer take over my life). The others enjoy all kinds of sport. They would like to do something different every day. Some boys play chess. They say chess is good for concentration. Some girls like crocheting. HORSE RIDING As for me, I took up horse riding. Three months ago I joined a riding school. I was a little scared when the instructor brought a black horse with the white blaze on his head to me. The instructor checked up whether the horse was saddled correctly, adjusted the girth, the bridle, the stirrups, the reins and the lesson began. I was very happy and excited after my first lesson. Henceforth, I attend lessons once a week. I am riding trot and learning riding gallop. I choose the same horse every time. His name is Bezan and he never let me fall. I recommend you to try horse riding to overcome all your fears. French teenagers and their hobbies Indoors hobbies: In France, one of the favourite hobbies is video games. We can play online with friends, in the afternoon, usually around 17h and during the week-end. For example, we play Call Of Duty, Battlefield or again GTA 5. Outdoors hobbies : We like going out with friends, playing sports, riding bikes. Didascalia dell'immagine o della fotografia


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PAGE 8 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 GAMES Fifa 13 Fifa 13 is a football game. You can play online or offline. You can create your own team and play seasons as a manager or as a player. It is possible to have competitions with your friends, too. This is a really cool and fun game. We recommend this game. Call of duty Call of duty Black Ops II is a war game in the future with various weapons and a lot of maps. The weapons are shotguns, snipers ,riffles and wrist weapons. Graphisme: good Problem: the Heatmarker* with a sniper in the head is not very precise (*Heatmarker: a missed shot) CROSSWORDS ON VIDEO GAMES Definitions: 1 à Initials of the game 2 à It’s a long shot weapon 3 à 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 are … 4 à The time period of the game 5 à A missed shot 6 à A shot in the head


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EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 PAGE 9 crosswords 2 4 6 5 3 1 solution 6 H E A D S H O T 1 B 5 E A 4 F U T U R E M A 2 S N I P E R K E 3 W A R S


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Pagina 10 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 SPORT The German National Team is the second best team in the world according to the Fifa world ranking (October 2013). They qualified for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and will play against Portugal, the USA and Ghana in the first round. In order to qualify they had to play against Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Kazakhstan and Austria. Philipp Lahm is the captain of the current national team and Joachim Löw has been its coach since 2006. players of all times is Franz Beckenbauer. He won the European Championship in 1972 and the World Cup in 1974 both as a player and the World Cup in 1990 as Germany’s team coach. Germany has won both the World Cup (in 1954, 1974 and 1990) and the European Championship (in 1972, 1980 and 1996) three times so far. Germany’s recordplayer is Lothar Matthäus, he played 150 times for the national team. The best goal One of the most famous and best German scorers are Gerd Müller (he was the top scorer in the World Cup 1974) and Miroslav Klose (still active today) with 68 goals each. Soccer in Italy Soccer is the most important sport in Italy. A lot of guys usually practice it. In Italy there are four categories: the A, B, C and D divisions. The season of the most important divisions, A and B, lasts nine months: from September to June and it stops with the “scudetto”. The winner gets a trophy called in italian “scudetto tricolore”. The most important Italian soccer teams are Inter, Juventus, Roma, Naples and Milan. Every Sunday many people go to the stadium to see the soccer matches. This year the leader of the championship is Roma, followed by Juventus and Naples.


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EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 PAGE 11 THE ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM The Italian national team won four world cups . It is an important award. each Italian player would like to play in the national team . This year the Italian national team early qualified for the world cup of 2014 in Brasil. Italy won his last world cup in Germany, in 2006. the victory was decided in the penalty. It was a great satisfaction for all the Italian football fans. GUYS AND SOCCER LUKE IS A TEENAGER WHO PLAYS SOCCER IN A BIG TEAM, WE HAVE INTERVIEWED HIM: Hi Luke, When did you start playing soccer? LUKE: I started playing soccer seven years ago when I was five years old and now I play in Soccer Academy Como In which position do you play in your team? LUKE:I am a goalkeeper. How often do you practice football ? LUKE: We practice it twice a week and at the weekend we have the match How many hours do you train ? LUKE:We train for two hours In which team would you like play? LUKE:I would like to play in Inter and maybe in the Italian national.


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Pagina 12 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 Marion Dönhoff-Gymnasium SCHOOL Marion-DönhoffGymnasium and it’s nicely located near a pond. There are more than 1,000 students at our school! Mr. Hellmich, our headmaster, is very nice. Our school building has many floors, for example the basement, the ground floor, the first floor, the second floor, the third floor and the fourth floor. There are a lot of nice pictures on the walls. Our school is called During the breaks, the janitor sells sweets in the assembly hall. During the breaks, we spend our time in the assembly hall or in the schoolyard. We have a cafeteria as well. We can buy rolls and sandwiches there and they sometimes offer sausages, waffles, pancakes and baguettes. Every class has its own classroom. Ours is very big and we enjoy the lessons. Our school is really WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERMAN TIMETABLE This is our timetable. School starts at 7.45 am and usually ends at 1.05 pm. Every second week we have two more lessons on Thursday; then we have to stay till 3 pm. There’s a five-minute-break after each lesson and there are two “big” breaks, one of 20 and one of 15 minutes. Our school offers school lunch, but as we usually go home at 1.05 pm, we eat lunch at home. We learn English and Spanish. Spanish is our second foreign language. In grade 6 you have to take a second foreign language; at our school you can choose between French, Spanish and Latin. Spanish is a difficult subject, but it´s a lot of fun. Our favourite subject is PE. Didascalia dell'immagine o della fotografia


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EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 PAGE 13 OUR SCHOOL have lessons in big class- and music. We like our rooms. The classrooms are school! well-equipped. Some of them are fitted with interactive whiteboards. There are some IT-rooms, a computerised library with an Internet reading room, a gym, a common room and a canteen Didascalia dell'immagine o della fotografia Our school is called Gimnazjum No.1 in Raszyn. In the Polish educational system the gimnazjum (the junior high school) is a middle school for pupils aged 13 to 16. The patron of our school is the PriAll pupils study English. mate of the Millennium They choose German, RusCardinal Stefan Wyszyński. sian or French as their secThere are about 500 stu- ond foreign language. We dents and 53 teachers at also have a radio broadour school. The building is casting system and an elecmodern and the students tronic school register. The school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including sport, art, drama Welcome to college life Welcome to college life, let’s present you today the timetable of our school in Mennecy France. As you can see, in the morning, we start between 8:30 and 9:30 am and in the afternoon we finish between 15 pm, 16pm, and 17pm. At noon we eat between 11:30 and 12:30 am. We have 2 timetables according to a system of weeks. The lessons change according to week A or B. There are clubs: Ping-pong, Football, Choire, library, board games, handcrafts… The clubs are at noon between 12 am and 13:30pm. Titolo brano interno


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PAGE 14 EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 My timetable Titolo brano interno Questo brano può contenere 100-150 parole. “Per attirare l'attenzione del lettore, inserire qui una citazione o una frase tratta da l testo.” Gli articoli di un notiziario possono essere di qualsiasi tipo, ad esempio articoli sulle nuove tecnologie. È inoltre possibile descrivere tendenze economicofinanziarie o previsioni che possono risultare utili ai lettori. Se il notiziario viene distribuito internamente, è possibile inserire commenti sull'introduzione di nuove procedure o informazioni sul fatturato. In alcuni notiziari è presente una colonna che viene aggiornata in ogni numero, ad esempio per consigli, recensioni di libri, lettere dei lettori o un editoriale, oppure per la presentazione di nuovi dipenden- ti o nuovi clienti.


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EUROTEEN MAG NU M BER 1 PAGE 15 OUR TIMETABLE 8-9 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sturday ITALIAN MUSIC ENGLISH ITALIAN HISTORY P.E. 9-10 ENGLISH MATHS ENGLISH ITALIAN ENGLISH HISTORY 10-10,50 ITALIAN BIOLOGY RELIGION MUSIC ITALIAN GEOGRAPHY 11.05-12 MATHS ART GEOGRAPHY ENGLISH TECHNIC MATHS 12-13 P.E. ART MATHS BIOLOGY TECHNIC ITALIAN ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO COMO LORA We live in Italy and we go to a small school in Lora in the suburbs of Como. We go to school from Monday to Saturday, our lessons start at eight o’clock in the morning and finish at one o’clock in the afternoon. We have a break at about eleven and when the weather is good we spend some time in the garden The school year begins on 11th September and finishes on 8th of June. Then the students of the year three start exams, which last until the end of June. We have two weeks holidays at Christmas and one week at Easter, in Italy we must have two hundred and ten school days a year. Every week we have ten periods of Italian, six of Maths, five of English, two of Art, two of Physical Education, two of Technology and one of Religion (thirty hours a week). During the school year we usually get two reports, one in February and one in June. In our school we haven’t got a canteen because we finish school before lunch. Our school has got two floors ,there is a gym where we have physical education classes. There’s a covered swimming pool but we don’t use it because it is old. There are also a technological laboratory, a big Art room and a Music room “Per attirare l'attenzione del lettore, inserire qui una citazione o una frase tratta da l testo.” Didascalia dell'immagine o della fotografia



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