Esayan High School Christmas Newsletter Issue 9


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December 2013, Newsletter, Issue 9

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  LEAR NING LANG UAGES AT ESAY AN HIGH SCHOOL   Issue 9 December 2013 It’s that time of the year again. Don’t we all love Christmas! Christmas is a time of family gatherings and delicious meals. Christmas is a time for giving - not just gifts... love, care and affection! It is also time for sending greetings via snail mail. It’s the most colourful celebration. In short Christmas is a time enjoying with our loved ones. So here are some fun Holiday things in this issue. We've got stories, poems, and the texts our students shared with us. We hope you will enjoy reading our Christmas Issue.   In this issue, you’ll read Our e-twinning projects Our students’ works Our students participated a dubbing competition William Saroyan’s biography Garod and Saroyan Land Saroyan Land Esayan MUN Club You can follow us from the following links: Yummy Project of Grade 10     1  


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    This year we have more e-twinning projects. We think these projects give our students a reason to study English and a chance to practise what they are learning.     FRIENDSHIP ZONE –GRADE 6 The basic idea of this project is to create a real connection and friendship between the pupils. They will communicate with each other in order to develop their language, ICT skills and get to know each other.       INTERNATIONA L CHRISTMAS -10M Students are asked to create a glog to show how Christmas is celebrated in their country/town/home     WE ARE THE WORLD’ Lyrics and Ideology -10-11-12FLD Students collect song lyrics of renowned bands-of various styles and movements i.e. rock, punk, reggae...and study the political and social messages they convey as well as the impact these messages have on teenagers nowadays.   2  


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    Christmas Cards – Grade 7 - 8 The aim of the Project is exchanging Christmas cards through post and email. Our pupils prepared hand-made Christmas cards. Then they wrote their wishes in English and we sent them to our Project partners. So far we’ve received many Christmas cards from other schools.     3  


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      Learning English with our young learners is really fun. We do a lot of interesting activities and while doing them. We both learn and have fun. Would you like to know our snowmen or the snow ladies? Can you match the picture with the description?                                         4    


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      4TH A NNUAL NATIONAL DUBBING CONTEST FOR 6TH GRADERS AT ÇEVRE COLLEGE On December 14th, 2013 Çevre College held its 4th National Dubbing Contest. This year 10 schools participated this dubbing contest and our school was the first and only Armenian Secondary School to take part in it. Our four 6th grade students, Sesil Seheryılıdızı, Arda Azinyan, Aris Nişan and Aris Tiryakiyan dubbed the opening scene of ‘Harry PotterThe Chamber of Secrets’ for the first round of the competition. There was no elimination in the first round. In the second round, they had one hour to work for dubbing the film extract given by Çevre Koleji. Our students were really creative and successful in dubbing the given scene. After taking their certificates of attendance, our students and their parents left with good memories and the happiness of having a full day of excitement.         5                  


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    Hi, I’m William Saroyan. I think you want to know about me. I was born on August 31, 1908. I was born in California. I’m an Armenian author and dramatist. My mom is Takuhi Saroyan and my father is Armenak Saroyan. They were Armenian immigrants from Bitlis. My father came to New York in 1905 and started preaching in the churches. My father died when I was 3. I lived with my brothers and sisters in an orphanage until my mother takes us back. My mother showed me some of my father’s writings. My first story was published in 1930. I have books, short stories, poems, songs and plays. I have two children, Aram and Lucy. Arno Sagir / 9B   Wil liam Sa ro ya n An d Onn ik D inkj ian This month we watched 2 films about William Saroyan and Onnik Dinkjian. In my view both of them were dramatic stories, they influenced me deeply. The first film was “Garod”. Onnik Dinkcian was born in Diyarbakır, he went to America he had never seen his mum and dad. He has a beautiful voice. He believes that his voice is a gift from God. When he was a child he learnt playing the lute. It seems to me that he has an attractive, outgoing, talented and friendly character. He got married and he has a son. His name is Ara. Both Onnik and Ara are interested in music; Ara is working with his dad. He composed songs for Sezen Aksu, Ahmet Kaya and many other famous musicians. They came to Turkey and they visited their homeland, Diyarbakir. I think they were affected very much. It is very dramatic that they were coming to their homeland with a visa. Saroyan Land was a docu-drama. It was about William Saroyan’s life. William Saroyan was born in 1908 in California. He was an Armenian writer, poet, and playwright. Although he was Armenian, he couldn’t write and read Armenian but he was able to understand Armenian. When he was 3 years old his dad died. His family were immigrants from Bitlis. He was very fond of his dad. When his mother showed his dad’s writings to William, he decided to be a writer. His writings were published in magazines and as books. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and won the Academy Award for Best Story for the film adaptation of his novel The Human Comedy. On the whole both Saroyan and Dinkjian had dramatic life stories. They grew up without families but they had great talent and they became successful. Neither Saroyan nor Dinkcjian has escaped from life’s challenges. It is bad to be away from your motherland and not to be able to write and read in your mother tongue. I hope their works will be remembered forever. Narod Cicekli 12 FLD     6  


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              WE WATCHED ... SAROYAN LAND       I think this story is very good and very interesting. In the film Saroyan accompanies us with his voice and his shadow. I think Lusin Dink is a very good director because directing a film like this is very hard work. Arman Tasci / 9B For me the film was good but while watching it, I got bored a bit. The film is interesting because it explains Saroyan’s longing to Bitlis and Anatolia. I felt sad because he knew to speak Armenian but he couldn’t write. I also liked his emotional trip to Bitlis. Karin Manto/ 9B                   The film was very nice but it was a bit boring because it was too long. The film tells Saroyan’s travel to Bitlis and his life. He was born in 1908. When he was a child he even worked as a newspaper boy then he became a famous writer. Ilya Yavas /9B   In my opinion the film was good and successful. I’m happy that I saw the place where Saroyan’s family lived. I believe everybody should watch the film and know about Saroyan because thanks to the film I learnt a lot about him. Liana Demirci / 9B   I loved this film because it was Saroyan’s real life. When Saroyan’s father died, he wanted to be a writer. I think this is because he loved his father very much. Some parts were boring but I want everybody to watch this film because Saroyan is an example for everybody. Sarin Ozoglu / 9B   7  


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In May 2014, 6 students from the high school will take part in a Model United Nations Conference. As this will be our first experience, we are very excited. We set up ESAYAN MUN CLUB and we have been working very hard for this challenging conference.     Grade 10 Foreign Languages Department researched how Christmas is celebrated all around the world. They talked about Christmas in Italy, France, America, Portugal and Armenians in Turkey. They brought 5 Christmas recipes and we baked cookies and cooked Noah’s Pudding (Anoush Abour) together. It was such fun. We’d like to thank the ladies in the kitchen for bearing with us that day.         8  



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