Facilities Services FY12 Annual Report


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Year End Report for FY12

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FY12 - Year End Report Saint Louis University Facilities Services Service Operations July 2012


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FACILITIES SERVICES YEAR END REPORT - FISCAL YEAR 2012 NEW INITIATIVES FAMIS Fiscal Year 12 was the first year of implementation of FAMIS (an enterprise facilities management software system) which allows for the management and integration of facility services and data including the following modules: work orders, space management, utilities management, facility assessment, maintenance management, key control, capital projects, real estate administration, inventory control, and tool control. In July 2011, the Work Order module of FAMIS went live. The new system is more user- friendly, can be accessed from any web browser, and allows users to track their work order on-line, from initiation through completion. This module has been an overwhelming success among students, faculty and staff. Training began in the fall 2011 for over 60 space administrators around the University on the Space module of FAMIS. The survey tool in this module allows departments to update space data in real time and will ensure a higher degree of accuracy in support of making sound decisions on space allocation and construction and renovation needs. All 7.3 million gross square feet of space was audited by June 30, 2012 for use by Sponsored Programs in SLU’s Facility and Administrative Cost Rate Proposal associated with research grant funding. Training on the Space module included training on the Visual Map tool within the Space module which allows users to view floor plans in real time and select themes to view. Themes include: departments, general space use, specific space use, functional use and open work orders. This tool gives users a visual reference as they update space information.


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The Preventive Maintenance and Equipment tracking tools within the Work Order module of FAMIS are scheduled to go live in August 2012. With the assistance of ITS, Facilities Data Management staff were able to utilize the University’s report writing system, Cognos to create reports reflecting the data in FAMIS. Space and work order reports were created during this fiscal year as those modules were live within FAMIS. A number of staff in the division devoted a great deal of time and effort into collecting and formatting data for each of these modules to ensure accurate information is entered and available in FAMIS. RECOGNITION The division Recognition Team developed the Vision Awards as a way to recognize employees of the Facilities Services division who are nominated by their co-workers and/or supervisors for demonstrating P.R.I.D.E. in our work. PRIDE is an acronym that represents the division’s core values: Passion Resourceful Innovative Dependable Expertise The following employees were recipients of the Vision Award in Fiscal Year 12: JULY 2011 (BBQ) VISION AWARD RECEPIENTS • • • • • Emma Williams (Custodial Services) Orilla Darden (Custodial Services) Darrelyn Thompson (Facilities Management) Ismael Lopez Barrera (Facilities Management) Lolita Jones (Custodial Services)


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DECEMBER 2011 (CHRISTMAS) VISION AWARD RECEPIENTS      Alvin Stayton (Custodial Services Kevin Brunts (Facilities Management) Mike Buechler (Facilities Management) Marsha Orstmann (Parking and Card Services) Rubija Smajic (Custodial Services) There were also two Facilities Services employee retirements during the year: • • John Bickl – Retired / Maintenance A Worker – 25+ Years of Service Jerome Woodson – Retired / Maintenance A Worker – 39 Years of Service COMMUNICATION FACILITIES SERVICES WEBSITE With the introduction of the new Content Management System (CMS) web system to Saint Louis University, the Facilities Services website was migrated and upgraded in the fall of 2011. The new userfriendly platform enabled Facilities Services to update and improve upon the site, allowing for the inclusion of more information and an organization that is easier to navigate for the SLU community. Visit us @ fs.slu.edu COMPLIANCE ADA New federal regulations were issued governing ADA un-aided access in and out of swimming pools. As a result of the new regulation Facilities Management installed 6 new ADA lifts at all of the university swimming pools.


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DEPARTMENT HIGHLIGHTS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES In addition to normal delivery of supplies to Chaifetz Arena for the December and May Commencement exercises, staff had a new addition of a large crucifix this year. Staff picked up the crucifix from a local parish and assisted in transferring the crucifix into the Arena for the Baccalaureate Mass. Numerous times throughout the year, Distribution Services staff was called upon to pick up and deliver numerous sculptures from Brother Mel Meyer at the Marianist Galleries. Special tow trucks were rented and staff removed, rearranged, and added new sculptures all around campus. Distribution Services staff assisted with the installation of sculptures in the new Grand Median, near the Doisy Research Center.


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During Fiscal Year 12, Distribution Services staff worked very closely with staff of Design and Construction to provide support on many of the construction projects. Staff worked numerous days at Pius Library to remove outdated furniture and find donation recipients; and to assist in storing and then moving the reuseable furniture to new locations as different phases of construction were completed. Staff also provided this assistance on renovations at Bauman Eberhart/West Pine Gym, the new Law School building downtown and other projects. An outdated study carrel and chair Utilizing Distribution Services staff on a greater number of construction projects this year provided significant cost savings to the University in from Pius Library that we were able lieu of paying outside companies. todonate to a local charity. An outdated study carrel and chair from Pius Library that was donated to a local charity. FACILITIES DATA MANAGEMENT Staff in Facilities Data Management continued efforts to document and maintain accurate floor plans on our 142 buildings. This year, staff completed field verification of 9 additional buildings with 427,596 sq. ft. Special funding provided by the President for temporary staff to assist with this effort was depleted in December 2012. Staff is also documenting and submitting work orders for maintenance and code related items as they field verify buildings. Facilities Data Management staff collaborated with staff from DPS and Emergency Preparedness and the Machine Shop in the creation and posting of evacuation routes in all university owned buildings. Staff in Facilities Data Management also worked collaboratively with the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in an effort to improve the appearance, accuracy and the amount of information provided on the University campus maps. Students in the GIS undergraduate class took on an effort as a Spring 2012 class project to gain hands on experience that relates to their surrounding


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environment. The students as well as a couple Facilities Management employees were trained on use of a GPS locator, which allowed them to program the campus items they collected and make it easy to transfer to a GIS campus map. GROUNDS SERVICES A-10 Championships: Saint Louis University hosted the 2011 A-10 men’s Soccer Championship tournament in November of 2011 and the 2012 A-10 Softball Championship tournament in May 2012. The soccer tournament featured the top six teams from the regular season competing in a 4-day single elimination format. The softball tournament featured the top six teams competing in a 4-day double elimination format. Preparations for both tournaments included painting two-color A-10 logos in two areas on the fields. Both Grounds and Custodial Services departments provided daily pre and post-game support services throughout both tournaments.


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Baseball field renovation: In preparation for the 2012 spring season, Grounds provided management/oversight for the renovation of the entire infield surface along with design and installation of new irrigation system. The existing system was more than 15 years old and did not provide adequate coverage in many areas of the field. The upgraded infield surface improved safety and playability in both normal and wet conditions. MAIL SERVICES In an effort to increase business processes, Mail Services partnered with Business Services to eliminate charge backs on FedEx related packages. Each department now will have access to their own FedEx account enabling them to use their department P-Card to charge packages and reconcile their charges. This increases the efficiency and accountability of all FedEx related charges to the university, while correctly allocating each charge to a department fund. TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Ridership of the shuttles operating between campuses almost doubled this year. Since being placed into service in October 2010, the additional express shuttle has allowed us to accommodate the increase. Factors contributing to the increased numbers included the Grand Bridge closure. Van rental rates were re-evaluated this past year. A business plan was presented to the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee in order to raise rates, adjust half day rates, and


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include gas in all trips made within the St. Louis area. This has helped to keep van rental rates consistent and clear for all customers. Gas is now filled by department staff in an on campus gas storage tank, enabling Transportation Services to utilize bulk purchase pricing, saving the university money. RENOVATION AND CONSTRUCTION The Construction Services department/Billiken Construction Crew (BCC) concluded their second year of service and continues to reduce costs for the university by performing construction services with in-house staff. During the fiscal year the BCC completed 10 projects and provided assistance to the Facilities Management department, saving the university in excess of $330,000 in labor cost alone. The BCC just recently wrapped up the largest and most visible project, the Pius Library renovations. ADORJAN HALL Facilities Management oversaw contractor removal and disposal of the concrete honeycomb panels from the north and south elevations of Adorjan Hall. BANNISTER HOUSE Facilities Management oversaw the removal and replacement of the exterior concrete steps at the southwest elevation of Bannister House.


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CASA de SALUD In response to the demand for increased health and wellness services at Casa de Salud, which serves the Hispanic and immigrant populations in the St. Louis community, the clinic needed to nearly double the amount of space they have. Design and Construction managed renovations of an additional approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of vacant space in the building the clinic occupies on the SLU Medical Center campus. The expansion included new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression systems, additional exam rooms and offices, three mental health consult rooms, and a multipurpose room for community events. The Billiken Construction Crew performed layout and construction of the exam and office spaces and performed all paint, ceiling, and flooring work. DEPARTMENT of PUBLIC SAFETY and EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS (DPSEP) – Wool Center The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness was relocated from DuBourg Hall to a newly renovated space in the Wool Center in January 2012. Approximately 5,800 sq. ft. on the first floor of the Wool Center was remodeled to include new offices and furniture, a larger roll call room to accommodate staff meetings, a holding cell, evidence locker room, men’s and women’s full-size lockers


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with built-in electric for charging portable radios, bike storage room, an upgraded communications center with video wall for campus wide video monitoring, upgrades to the radio communications, and a back-up generator for both the Department of Public Safety and ITS in case of emergency. DeMATTIAS HALL On November 11, 2011 a fire sprinkler head was damaged by a student in the 4th floor corridor of DeMattias Hall. Water damage was sustained to approximately 68 areas from the 4th floor down to the ground level. Damages mainly consisted of wall repairs, ceiling tile replacement, removal/replacement of pipe wrapping and floor covering replacement.


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DOISY RESEARCH CENTER Under warranty by Clayco, the original Motivair chiller installed in 2007 was replaced in November of 2011. The original chiller did not meet its designed purpose and was not functioning efficiently during weather extremes. The new Trane chiller has served well without any problems to date. GRAND FOREST Following a severe hail storm May 25, 2011, and after long deliberations with the insurance adjuster, work proceeded in June 2012 replacing nearly 44,000 sq. ft. of roofs on the Grand Forest Apartments. The new roof material is an architectural CertainTeed Landmark shingle which provides a 30 Year warranty.


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The other Grand Forest complex buildings have had shingle replacement within the last 5 years, and all membrane roof decks between building sections were in excellent condition. As a result of this year’s insurance work, 100% of the Grand Forest complex has roofing at or less than 5 years old. LED LIGHTING in GRAND CENTER Facilities Management staff managed and help perform the installation of 3,500 linear feet of blue LED lighting on 13 buildings in Grand Center. Work was completed using outside contractors and our in house maintenance staff. LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER (LRC) The roofs of the LRC were replaced in the fall of 2011.


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McGANNON Hall Facilities Management oversaw the fabrication and installation of a new exterior stairway with landing and railing at the rear southeast elevation of McGannon Hall. PEVELY DAIRY COMPLEX In March 2012, the City of St. Louis issued demolition permits for the former Pevely Dairy garage, milk plant and smoke stack. Grading and seeding of the site will continue into Fiscal Year 13.


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PIUS LIBRARY Renovation of the Pius library started in January 2012 and will continue into Fiscal Year 13. The renovation project, planned in collaboration with the Student Government Association and Library staff, refurbished and refreshed the mid-20th century building to create an up to date, student friendly space. Renovations included:          Upgrading and adding new study rooms Fresh paint in colors conducive to the open, user friendly atmosphere of the remodeled library New overhead and task lighting Installation of 70,300 sq. ft. of carpet squares or vinyl flooring Removal of the 93,200 sq. ft. splined ceiling system and installation of a new drop ceiling Additional electrical and IT outlets Expanded wireless capability New furniture including study carrels, soft seating, tables and chairs A new entry off the mall A majority of the finish work was performed by the Construction Services Department (Billiken Construction Crew). Recycling efforts were very successful as we recycled 48,600 pounds of scrap metal, 2,271 florescent lamp fixtures, and 32,300 lbs. of furniture which was repurposed and kept out of landfills. The project is scheduled to be completed in July 2012.



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