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-What´s your name? -My name is Rudolph. -How old are you? -I have 531 years old. -Where are you live? -I live in the Ponia. -What's your favorite programme? -My favorite programme is Wildlife programme wich reindeer. -What’s your favorite colour? -My favorite colour is green.


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10:00- Wildlife programme wich reindeer. 11:00- A cartoons wich Santa. 13:00- The news wich elves. 13:30- Chritmas carols. 14:30- A magazine wich Santa's wife. 16:30- Snwouman and the golden bell.


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17:30- A soap opera with gingbread man 18:00- A comedy witch chritsmas tree. 19:00- Programme of food wich turkey. 20:30- A quiz show wich nougat. 21:00- The news wich angel. 22:00- Goes to sleep with present.


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Christmas pudding Marzipan


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Jinge Bell, Silent Night, Fish in the River… etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T4WB2zfmps


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