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Published every even week during school terms. Posted to school families, the wider community, on the web and emailed by request. Copy and casual advertising for #01 published Wed 12 Februaryer, closes Thu 06 Feb, 2014. WEDNESDAY 18 DECEMBER 2013 ~ TERM 4 WEEK 10 ~ VOLUME 153 NUMBER 19 QUOTE No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. Nelson Mandela CALENDAR http://www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/calendar Click on item for status and/or further info. Tue 10 Dec Board of Trustees Meeting Wed 11 Dec Seniors’ Graduation Dinner * Thu 12 Dec Y6 Technology Orientation Tue 17 Dec Student reports issued Wed 18 Dec EoY Assembly Wearable Arts * Thu 19 Dec Big Day Out School picnic Whites Bay * Fri 20 Dec School closes for year at noon - bus at noon Mon 3 Feb First day of 2014 school year - all start at 09:00 Seasons Greetings * Denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter or web calendar. LAST FOR 2013 It doesn’t matter how carefully you think you have December covered, Christmas just sits there on the calendar and “Boom” the days have gone. 2013 has proved no different, the numbers have run out and the solstice is nigh. Being the last edition of the year it must be time to wish one and all a safe summer enjoying all that is great about living in the best place on the planet. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 1


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It is timely of course for the school, trustees, students, parents and staff to express their thanks for the myriad kindnesses and actions done throughout the year by the community making our school the great place it continues to be. Your support is acknowledged and appreciated, indeed it could not be done without you. Be advised the website will remain, like always, the easiest way to stay informed as regards school information and news. It will be updated as required over the holiday period. Stationery requirements for 2014 year groups will be posted before 20 December under Learning Areas. HAERE RA KIA KAHA AROHANUI This week heralds the last few days our Year 8 students are with us. Kayla AstonButterfield, Elisha Godsiff, Kupe Bradley, Damon Sykes-McCauley, Fabian Wilson, Riki and Finn Drabsch are heading out to pastures new. For most it has been the full eight years at Havelock School. Your parents and teachers have watched as ages and stages came and went, as challenges were accepted, knees skinned and milestones surpassed. It has been neat to walk alongside and share these early years with you. May you look back in time and have happy memories of 1500 plus days you came to school here. You are following in some big footsteps - don’t be shy Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 2


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to make your own. You are courageous because; • you can say no • you can stick to your beliefs • you know what’s right and wrong • you know what’s worth fighting for • you can stand up to negative peer pressure • you can stand alone even when it is difficult Remember happiness is a journey, not a destination and trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. Kia kaha, Arohanui. We’ll miss you. To our teachers this year and support staff – Vicki, Chris, Kirsten, Tracey, Ernie, Rita, Mandy, Gwen, Aleeze & Lorraine. Thank you for your professionalism and the constant diligence. To Lynda (cleaning), Graeme and Jonah (grounds/pool) – our thanks for your hard work in keeping us clean and tidy. To all those volunteers too numerous to mention, thank you sincerely for your contribution. To the various local organisations who donated funds to us this year - DoC through the Cans scheme, Pub Charity, Mussel Festival Committee, Havelock Community Assoc, Havelock Lions many local businesses, Checkley Trust, Pelorus Trust and the Canterbury Community Trust for their sizable contributions to our funds – thank you! To the people who advertise in our school newsletter – once again thank you. To those who donated goods – thanks! To those who donated their time and/or vehicles – a huge thank you. To the mums and dads who came on various school outings – thank you. To our trustees this year - Louella, Gary, Vaughan, Jason, Lyndon, James, Vicki and Ernie – a very special thank-you for your time and deliberation. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 3


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GRADUATION DINNER Last Wednesday evening Year 7 students, staff and volunteers put on a formal dinner for those graduating. Catering was all done onsite in the hall kitchen and the hall suitably dressed as were hosts and guests. Official guests included Mayor Alistair Sowman, Councillor Graeme Barsanti, Local Lion Ian Cameron, Board Chair James Donald with apologies received from MPs Steffan Browning and Colin King. Presentations designed and made by the graduands, speeches from dignatories and awards were spread between courses. Ceremonies concluded with gifts, a reply by Elisha and Riki and a toast. A great night all round shared with some neat people. Congratulations to all who had a hand in this special occasion especially Vicki, Mandy, Louella and Kirsten. Numeracy Awards ~ Finn Drabsch & Kupe Bradley Kia Kaha Award ~ Fabian Wilson Tauira - Role Models Cup ~ Elisha Godsiff Problem-solver Award ~ Damon Sykes-McCauley Diligence Cup ~ Kayla Aston-Butterfield Holland Award [Holland Family] ~ Riki Drabsch Hazel Booth, Ian Cameron, Mere Matangi, Belinda Jones, Fabian Wilson, Meleana Matangi and Rima Millen enjoying the Graduation Dinner last Wednesday evening in the school auditorium. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 4


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POOL Whether you are a key-holder or a casual user of the Havelock School Pool, please be advised that at the following times the pool will be closed in order to allow these sessions to have exclusive use. Please respect this initiative for the benefit of local youngsters and remain outside the pool enclosure during the times indicated: CLOSED FOR JANUARY SWIM SCHOOL MON 20 JAN - FRI 24 JAN incl 1:30PM - 3:30PM A reminder also to all keyholders about only swimming gear being worn in the pool - no street clothes, underwear or nappies. Pretty obvious really… enough said. Keyholders are further reminded to use the camera on their smart phones to capture and send an image of pool users not honouring the conditions to school authorities [see reverse of their signed agreement]. The pool shade cloth was torn by very strong winds in early November and could not be repaired so following fifteen seasons of providing much needed shade it is being replaced. Please bring an umbrella and plenty of slip, slop, slap and wrap in the meantime. Despite plans to have the replacement in place sooner than later, realistically it always takes longer than hoped. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 5


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SCHOOL’S BIG DAY OUT ~ THURSDAY 19 DECEMBER WHITES BAY In the past classes have disbursed to various areas for an end of year picnic or outing but by way of breaking with tradition this year the whole school is spending the day at Whites Bay on Thursday 19 December. A notice has gone out seeking help with both transport and supervision. We intend leaving the school at 09:00 and being back by 14:55. We look forward to a similar day that the school enjoyed late last summer. Of course everyone is very welcome to come and enjoy this BIG DAY OUT at what must be the prime summer spot in Marlborough and share this pre-cursor to the long hot summer and a great holiday. Given the likely need for sleep and recovery we are only expecting those students who wish to help with cleaning up on Friday morning. END OF YEAR ASSEMBLY ~ 18:30 WED 18 DECEMBER SCHOOL HALL This year the World of Wearable Art has come to town and will form the theme around which most of the programme will be based. Please be seated by 18:30. Students should start arriving for costumes and make-up from about 17:45 but should be in classrooms by 18:00. LIBRARY HOURS CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR The library will closed on December 24, 26 and 31 and also January 2 so stock up on your holiday reading supplies before then. There is a new selection of over 250 books from the Blenheim Library that has just been added to our local collection. The committee wishes all our readers a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 6


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THE RAI VALLEY A&P ASSOCIATION NEWS – PROUD TO BRING YOU THE 80TH RAI VALLEY SHOW - 1ST MARCH 2014 President: Tim Harvey - 03 571 6086 Vice President: Sandra Currie - 03 571 6161 Secretary/Treasurer: Andrea Harvey - 571 6173 Conveners of each section are: Cattle: Andrea Harvey, Tim Harvey, Aimee-Beth Prattley Sheep: Hartley Neal – 03 571 6192 Dogs: Rosemary Schuebpach – 03 571 6021 Equestrian: Sandra Currie - 03 571 6161 Rai Challenge: Steven Bryant, Kim Swan – 03 571 6170 Indoor Section: Marion Payton, Hilda Nicholls – 03 571 6187 Trade Sites: Karl Young -545 0447 Animal Nursery: Diane Payton- 571 6365, Hartley Neal – 571 6192 Vintage Machinery Display: Ken Barr - 03 579 4357 Web Site: www.raivalleyshow.co.nz We have a great hard working committee who enjoys putting together this show day for our community but of course we would love to have anyone out there who would like to help, there is a lot to do! Please contact any of the above people if you have any ideas or offers of help.  We are excited that this will be our 80th Rai Valley Show to be held on Saturday 1st March 2014. To help commemorate this the committee is putting together a pictorial edition of old photographs, stories and memorabilia of past Rai Valley A&P Shows and would love to be able to take copies of any treasures you may have. Please contact Diane Payton soon. To All Good Looking Dogs! – As always we run a dog section at the show which is only $2.00 to enter and we would love to see many dogs competing for rosettes, prize money or product prizes. There is also a beautiful shield presented for the overall “Best dog or Bitch in show”. In all the classes of the dog section, whether it be ‘Best Working dog’ or ‘Best Sporting Gun Dog’ or ‘Best Pup’ or ‘Best Pet Dog’ there is no work out to have to go through as it is all judged on ‘looks’! So as long as your dog is clean, well socialised around people and other dogs and is good looking your entry is welcomed either on the day or by posting an entry to Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 7


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the secretary. Check out the schedule when it comes out in December to see which classes to enter or look at our website www.raivalleyshow.co.nz and then start practising walking nicely on the lead! There is also a Terrier Race to enter on the day. Cattle Section – Our show is privileged to be holding the South Island Championship for Holstein, Friesian and Jersey Cattle this year. That last time this was held here was in 2002. Surely worth a look on show day! Ever wanted to be a steward! – This is a fun and rewarding hour, half a day or all day voluntary thing to do which is a great way to give something back to your community. It can also give you a good insight as to what judges are looking for if you are thinking of entering a class at the show but not sure if you on the right track. The show always needs stewards to help on the day in the Indoor section, Horse and Pony sections, well pretty much all the ections. All you need to contribute is your time. Please contact any of the above committee members, we would love to hear from you. CLUSTER ATHLETICS A tricky call as regards the weather… but once the call was made it was all on and schools started arriving on cue at 09:20. Following the welcome things got underway pretty smartly with a stretch and warm-up before the first running event. Rotations followed around two sets of jumping and throwing stations. Standards cards were completed at each station and students worked hard to have a 6, 4 or 2 added. Another running event was followed by the relays. Overall results follow. As you can see the margins are very slim with Waitaria Bay coming out as the overall winner with Havelock taking out the relay. A special vote of thanks needs to be recorded for the training done around the cluster schools prior to the event by Ian Carter and also helping run the day. As it turned out the odd drizzle through the day saved everyone from being burnt to a crisp as it was very hot and clear in Blenheim during the whole day. A good call and a great day. Thanks everyone. Athletes earning 30 or more points are also listed hereunder. Well done it was not easy to do. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 8


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Congrats to Waitaria by .667 First 24.000 Waitaria Bay (10) Second 23.333 Canvastown (30) Third 22.897 Rai Valley (29) Fourth 21.370 Havelock (54) Linkwater (0) Prior engagement Number of participants on the day from each school in brackets. TOP ATHLETES [Students scoring 30 plus scores…] Waitaria ~ Zac J; Aron R Canvastown ~ Griffin C; Jude R; Kohri B; Grace R (36); Jacob Z; Rosie B; Lafai K; Ana C Rai ~ Quinn B; Lila A; Tayne B; Brooke S; Ash M; Ryan A; Katie P Havelock ~ Finn D; Ella D; Andre S; Jacob M; Elisha G; Kane E; Boyd E; Jacob L; Riki D; Damon S BOARD NEWS The board is working to have at the mid-February Parent & Teacher evening, concept drawings for the refurbished/new adventure playground. Funds from a number of donors have been pledged and so now a clear run through from ideas to concept/s and construction can move into gear. It is hoped construction can get underway before next winter. As you will be aware the process to appoint the outstanding positions bringing the school’s staffing up to full entitlement for 2014 is underway. Despite the best of intentions it seems likely that this will be finalised after the school year closes. Wakamarina certainly will be operating throughout 2014. The website will continue to keep you informed as this process reaches its conclusion. As the year draws to a close we thank very sincerely both Kirsten Cowie and Tracey Wearing for their work in Pelorus and Wakamarina. Both these teachers stepped in as relieving staff and have worked solidly with students through to the end of the year. We wish them well over the summer and also congratulate Tracey as she formally receives her degree from the University of Canterbury this week. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 9


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Johnston Associates South Chartered Accountants Masterminding brighter tomorrows Annual Financial Accounting Accounting Services Evaluation and Implementation Business Advisory Corporate Advisory Dean Steele (Xero a nd the Cloud Training) (Development and Structure) 021 249 1191 dsteele@jacal.co.nz CA, B.Mgmt (Hons) Debt Structure and Management Due Diligence Management Reporting/Interim Reporting New Company Setup Strategic and business planning Succession Planning Taxation Tax Compliance and Advice Trans-Tasman Accounting (Cash Flows, Budgets, Projections) 021 249 1195 bdouglas@jacal.co.nz CA, B.Com, Dip Grad Ben Douglas Brad McNeill 021 0206 7526 bmcneill@jacal.co.nz CA, BCA, BSc Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 10


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Canvastown 150th Celebrations Saturday 19 April 2014 (Easter) A Programme for the day has been decided with a start time of 10:00a.m. Morning events: Gold panning for the big nugget, vintage machinery displays and activities, children’s horse activities, stalls with an old time theme, historical talks and displays. Afternoon events: Gold panning for the big nugget, horse events for adults, historical talks and displays, stalls, vintage machinery displays. Close 5:00 p.m. Period Costume Dance: 7:00-12:00p.m. Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month at Canvastown School 7 p.m. Horse/Pony Events: Racecourse Creek is named after the horse races which used to be held at Canvastown. We are resurrecting them for the day. The children’s events will be held in the morning and will be fun activities for you and your horse/pony. Anyone from the Pelorus District or with strong ties to it is eligible to enter. Prizes will be given for different events. Adult Events will be in the afternoon and will be along similar lines with a few extras!! Please contact Nanette 5741228-mussel1@xtra.co.nz for an entrance form, gold coin entry. We are also looking for entertainers through out the day-Can you …..read a poem, sing, dance, play an instrument…. Prizes for various events are needed: Can you donate something the committee can use as a prize. Please contact Nanette 5741228. If you would like to help with the day please contact: Karen-Dance; Nanette-Horse activities; LesGold Panning; Pauline-Stalls; Rosemary/Linden-displays; Tony-Vintage machinery If you would like a stall contact Pauline 5742056 a.s.a.p. Community stalls with an old time theme for food or an activity are most welcome. Stall applications will close end of December . RemembeR to woRk on ideas foR the cReation of a peRmanent canvastown sign. Memoirs! WEBSITE: Rita Jacobson has developed a community website which has some Canvastown settlers material on it. View on http;//www.peloruspeople.org.nz/canvastownset Committee: Pauline & Les Douglas 5742056 Nanette Buchanan-Brown 5741228 Dianne Dixon TonyCarter5741470 Rosemary McCallum5742496 Susan Foster 5741443 Karen Kellaway 5742103 If you have been contacted for memories please try and scribble something down or talk with Rosemary McCallum 574 2496 or Linden Armstrong574 2150. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 11


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HAVELOCK MUSEUM FLEA MARKET Open every fine Saturday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm at the museum. Every conceivable item known to mankind is available at some stage. Just some of the selections available… Clothes Fabric Towels Tools Jewellery Toys Cups Glassware Bakeware Mixers Outdoor furniture Books Crockery Radios Toasters Hats Garden bks Plasticware Cutlery Clocks Soft toys Pictures Indoor furniture Curtains Kitchen goods Knitting wool Shoes Light shades Bags Clothes Recipe books Ornaments Electric lamps Craft and quilting magazines Real Bargain Prices Donations of saleable goods, books etc. welcome. PELORUS AREA HEALTH TRUST The Pelorus Area Health Trust has set up an emergency Meals on Wheels service for the Havelock area. We will be providing subsidised meals to residents with a health related emergency needing meals during a recovery period or similar situation. For more information or to receive help with meals please phone Hazel on 574 2772. Don't forget Christmas doesn't have to be expensive. The Treasure Chest has affordable new gifts for Xmas. Medical aids and baby care equipment at the Treasure Chest shop are available for use by the Pelorus residents, if you are in need of them call into the shop or contact Sharyn at 574 2117 or Dave at 574 2667. Education Grant Application Form can be downloaded from the Pelorus Area Health Trust Website and is under the "Newsletter" Tab or phone Irma: 03-5734662. The closing date for applications is 31 December 2013. Merry Christmas - Happy New Year and have a great holiday! SUMMER HOLIDAY CAMPS KIWI RANCH – CURIOUS COVE Great idea for Christmas presents. Contact Jane @ office@curiouscove.org if you would like a gift voucher. Visit our website www.curiouscove.org to enrol. Book now to get the early bird discount! Senior Camp (11 - 14 yrs) Mon 13 - Fri 17 Jan Junior Camp (8 - 10 yrs) Mon 20 - Fri 24 Jan Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 12


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FINAL ‘LEARN TO SAIL’ COURSES FOR THE SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS • Does your child (age 8-15) want to learn to sail? • Queen Charlotte Yacht Club is running two Learn to Sail courses during the Dec/Jan school holidays • Each course runs for 3 days, coached by our friendly qualified instructor Scott Fyffe. • There is an opportunity for your child to continue to sail in a club boat with Saturday coaching for the rest of the season (till May 2014) • All students must register in advance, places are limited COURSE DETAILS: Date: Course 3. December 15th – 17th 2013 Course 4. January 12th – 14th 2014 Venue: Queen Charlotte Yacht Club, Shelly Beach, Picton Cost: $150 for 3 day course CONTACT: Felicity Loncar: Phone (03) 578 2547 E mail felicityloncar@gmail.com Or visit our website: www.qcyc.org.nz and follow the link to register. Be in quickly. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 13


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HOLIDAY For: Where: Time: Bring: Cost: PROGRAM 13 - 15 JANUARY 2014 All children keen to learn how to play hockey, aged under 13 years At the Turf, Stephenson Street, Blenheim Turf opens at 8.30am, games start at 9am Finish at 3.45pm, children must be collected by 4.15pm Waterbottle, lunch, shinpads, swimming gear, change of clothes mouthguard, hockey stick. (Some club sticks are available) Mention Marlborough Hockey at Mitchell Sports and discounted hockey gear is available $45 for three days We will provide excellent coaches and supervision, the chance to have a swim, great fun and meet new friends, and best of all play hockey! Morning and afternoon tea provided. Pre-registration is essential as there is limited numbers. To register your interest email us at marlboroughhockey@hotmail.com or phone our office 578 5550. Payment before the program starts is mandatory. HIPSTERS HAVE A WIN The Hipsters team from Havelock had a recent win coming first equal in a new Three-On-Three Basketball competition. Well done guys! At right: Riki Drabsch, Jack Warburton, Rosie Buchanan-Brown, Ella Donald and Elisha Godsiff. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 14


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ASB Holiday Fun Football – January School Holidays Get active during the school holidays New Zealand Football has put together an action packed holiday programme for kids. It’s a great way for young players to have fun and develop their local football skills. • Available over three days – any combination of sessions – register for individual sessions or the full programme • Suitable for children aged 7 to 11, boys and girls. • Each session includes skill-based training, so kids can learn the tricks and techniques to become better players. JANUARY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Date: Tuesday 28 – Thursday 30 January 2014 Venue: A&P Park, Blenheim Whole Day Session - 9am - 3pm (lunchtime supervision and activities provided) - $30 per child per day Morning Session ONLY - 9am - 12noon - $25 per child per day Afternoon Session ONLY - 1pm - 3pm - $15 per child per day Goto www.marlboroughfootball.co.nz for a registration form and further information. Shortcut on the home page or access via the ‘Skills Programme’ heading, ASB Holiday Programmes option. If you have any questions please contact: Neil Connell, Mainland Football Development Officer (Marlb.) – neil.connell@mainlandfootball.co.nz OR Alan Kelly, General Manager, Marlborough Football – marlborough@mainlandfootball.co.nz CHRISTMAS DAY 2013 BBQ/POT-LUCK LUNCH You are invited to this lunch on Wednesday 25 December (Christmas Day) 2013 from 12 noon onwards at the Renwick Presbyterian Church Grounds 8 Nicholson Street, Corner of Havelock and Nicholson Streets, Renwick. Phone 572 9809 for more information. Please bring to share a plate of food and something to drink. NB: No regular Christmas Day Church Service at 9:30am but there may be a service for the Nivan Guys of Renwick. Everyone very welcome See you there Merry Christmas Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 15



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