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booyakah what s happening this term our theme for term one revolves around getting to know our own and others personal strengths as individuals and around working as a team/class we will be looking at a bugs life to see how different bugs work as a team to achieve their goals e-mail/website if you have e-mail at home it would be great to have your address for fast easy communication purposes you can also email me at any time for information regarding school or your child s learning clairec@summerland.school.nz please see the school website for information about what is happening at school or in class this will be updated regularly there is also a downloads page which will have copies of all the homethink sheets and letters www.summerland.school.nz we will also have a class blog going you can follow this at http ithinksummerland.blogspot.com you can also see some of the blog posts from last year this gives you a good idea of how we use the blog our blog will be the main source of finding out what is happening in the class and what is interesting our students they will be encouraged to post on the blog at least twice a week throughout the year stationery please can all books be covered as this protects them from damage all stationery needs to be labelled including pencils and rulers etc english some aspect of the english curriculum underpins all theme-based activities for term one we will primarily be focussing on developing the oral language skills of listening and speaking and will be focussing 1


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on poetic writing forms including formal letter writing and narrative stories reading is a daily requirement for homethink your child may read any material they choose it is a good idea to discuss what they have read and question them on it to help comprehension on tuesday afternoons we go to the school library where your child can take up to 3 books out at a time homethink homethink will be handed out every monday and collected on the friday occasionally homethink tasks involve chart making or are project based these will usually be given over a longer period of time there will be rare occasions when homethink is not set due to other activities you can always download the current hoethink sheet off our school website under our class name numeracy ­ statistics numeracy will be on going throughout the year focussing on building number knowledge and developing a variety of strategies for working with number problems in order to find out more about one another as class members we will be undertaking statistical investigations and will be graphing this information to display in the class the arts our focus this term for the arts will be on visual art we will be looking at blending techniques and using spatial awareness thinking we place a strong emphasis on thinking in room 16 and will be using a variety of thinking tools to enhance the learning taking place within the various classroom programmes you will see edward de bono s thinking hats up in the room and will be able to ask your children about them once the term has started 2


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mediation this year summerland will continue to be a part of the cool schools mediation programme as part of this i will be teaching room 16 the basic skills of mediation and how to use it to solve problems this is a superb programme which teaches life-long skills it includes philosophy and values role of mediators mediation process classroom skills handling difficult situations implementation if you wish to know more about the programme you may like to see the cool schools website http www.peace.net.nz/program_services.cfm school assemblies school assemblies will be on alternate tuesday afternoons [even weeks from 2.15 ­ 2.45pm in bob [the gym all parents are welcome to come [please note that at some point this year the gym will be out of action for building food/drinks breakfast and lunch are important meals the children need sustenance to start the day and optimise learning please make sure your child has a healthy balanced meal for lunch and breakfast during terms one and four the children may have water bottles in the classroom parents evening/meet the teacher meet the teacher will be this thurs notice to follow parents evening to be advised soon yippee-ki-yay it s camp time this term the year 5 s and 6 s will be going to camp at kawau island ­ camp bentzon in week 2 3


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please make sure your child is packed and ready to go on monday 8th february and they are in the hall by 7.45am with their medical and baking stuff ready to hand in to a teacher if you have any queries regarding camp or worries please do not hesitate to come and have a chat it is an amazing experience that your child will remember for years to come if you have any further questions please don t hesitate to phone or email me claire cheeseman 4



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