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SPRINGSTON SCHOOL A: 16-20 Leeston Road, Springston 7616 P: 03-329-5724 F: 03-329-5731 4 December 2013 From the Principal Kia ora koutou E: office@springston.school.nz W: www.springston.school.nz B: springstonschoolnews.blogspot.com Technically this is not a newsletter day. However, there is plenty of news hence this extra edition. Thank you to everyone who supported the PTA Celebrating Summer Evening Market last Friday night. It was a wonderful event, and such a thrill to see so many families enjoying the food, music and shopping. I’ll be able to given you the total raised in the newsletter next week - but I can tell you now that the stalls operated by the children themselves took in over $1200! Obviously activities like this don’t just organise themselves and the PTA is to be congratulated on their event management. This dedicated group work tirelessly throughout the year to find new ways to bring funds into the school. This year they have catered numerous dinners, arranged the hugely successful comedy night in March, coordinated the Field Days Security, initiated ‘Mens Night’ at the Springston Hotel and Meet the mums’ at the Tea House, and finished off the year with last weeks Summer Evening Market. Not bad for one year!! Of course the PTA rely on support from the wider school community, and would like to say particular thanks to the following for their support of last Friday’s event: • • • • • • • • • • • • Clare Crossen, Trish Fraser and Steve Wakelin for their BBQ skills; Liz McCormick, Robin Gwatkin and Gail Krsinic - our dessert specialists; Sally Woods and Alice Brent for the cold drinks stall; Stu Adams, Craig Philipson and their team of student helpers for putting the hangi down, and Stu, Al Morris and Jono Brent for serving up the end result; Trish Johnson from Selwyn Toddlers for running activities to keep the children entertained; The Busy Bumbles team for the bouncy castle; Korina Kerr and Vanessa Todd for running the raffles table; Conner Hamlin for selling the Xmas raffle tickets; Sarah Read, Julie Cooper, Helen Duckeworth and Katy Lawrence for running the Chocolate Wheel; Mike Glover and the band for the great music; Gillian Simkiss, our lovely cleaner, for making and icing the Xmas cake for the raffle; and Helen Mather for officially opening the pool for us. Thanks also to all of you who donated supplies (eggs, tomatoes etc), to the staff for getting the class stalls ready, and to all of you parents, grandparents and friends of the school who came along and shopped on the night. Kia ora. Swimming Pool Support We are looking for regular users of the school pool who would be interested in being part of the team who test the water each day and maintain the pool area over the holiday period. All training provided. Please make yourself know to the office next week. Final Assembly This important event will take place in the Lincoln Primary School Hall at 7pm next Thursday. All children are expected to be at this assembly. Children are to meet their class teacher on the school field, adjacent to the adventure playground, no later than 6.50pm, to ensure a prompt start to the evening. PTA Christmas Raffle If you missed out on buying raffle tickets last Friday night they will be available next week from the office each morning before school. The raffle will be drawn at our final assembly on the 12th. 1st prize = iced Xmas cake and a bottle of Moet; second prize = a socket set and a screw driver set; and third prize is breakfast for 2 adults and up to 4 children at the Copthorne Hotel. Tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5. You have to be in it to win it! Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa Liz Weir, Principal


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COMING UP A recount of our Celebrate Summer Evening by Sevao, R5 At a country school called Springston School there was a market day. It was on a sunny Friday the 29th of November. All of the huge Springston community came to enjoy the evening. It was a fun market day for the adults and for the kids to raise money for the new playground. In the Hangi there was pork, chicken, kumara, pumpkin, corn and potato. The Hangi was cooked underground in a medium size hole. Me, Grayson, Eli, Max, Ben, Ethan, Isaac and Stu prepared the Hangi and Stu showed us how to make one. We all stuffed the pieces of paper under the pallets and lit it on fire so it would heat up the bits of metal and they could cook the Hangi. While we waited for the metal to warm up we put up the army tent. I wasn't in a group so I helped Eli's group. Most of the time I was running around trying to sell snow white pine cones. There was only three people in their group. We sold Snow White pine cones to raise money for the new playground. I was looking around the market but I knew I wanted to buy a ring. I bought a little billy goat ring. It was golden and had very little black eyes. It was a good symbol that shows other people that I like to go eeling or hunting. At the market I looked at the quiet stalls blowing in the loud wind as the owners were trying to sell things. My class were selling pine cones, drift wood trees and baking in a jar. I thought market day was a great idea because it was a great day for the families. New Seat Belt Regulations On the 1st November the law requirements for restraining children while travelling in a private vehicle changed. It’s now the law for children to use an approved child restraint while travelling in a vehicle until their 7th birthday. From their 7th birthday until their 8th birthday you must correctly secure you child in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle (and if not, any child restraint or 3 point safety belt that is available.) It is also recommended that if your child is under 148cm in height they should use a child restraint. This is not a law, but a recommendation as height is the true guide for safety of children in seat belts. Therefore when we transport children in cars the following will happen: • If they are aged below 7 years they must be in an approved child restraint provided by their parent or one that is already in the transporting car. • If children are aged 7-8 years they will be asked to sit in an approved child restraint if there is one in the car or if their parents have provided one. • If children are aged above 7 years and are below 148cm and parents provide an approved child restraint we will ensure that they sit in it. • All other children will wear an approved seat belt as per normal. School Blogs News Blog Library Website Links to useful websites Library Blog Books, reading, news, fun! Springston on YouTube Pathfinders Blog Rm 8 Explorers Blog Rm 1 & 2 Navigators Blog Rm 3 Rockets Blog Rm 4 Team Endeavour Rm 6 E-Team Pioneers Rm 5 Team Extreme Rm 9 Team Inaka Blog Rm 7 December 9 Year 8 Dinner 12 Final Assembly 7pm 13 Sushi Reports Home 16 Certificates and Music Assembly 1.30pm 17 Picnic Day 18 School finishes 12pm 2014 February 3 Goal Setting Day 6 Waitangi Day 7 School Closed Final Dog Food Order Check your dog food supply as we will be making one final orde r for the year. Ch ec k ou t th e fli er attached to thi s newsletter and phone or em ail th e of fic e wi th your order before 9 a.m . on Friday 13th. The school receives $1 0 for ever y bag of do g food sold. Final Lunch with Liz These children had their names drawn out of the Gotcha Box at assembly tod and will join me for lunch ay one day next week: Our thanks to our friend s at Subway Rolleston for continuing to sponsor the se lunches.


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Dogs At School A reminder that dogs are not allowed in the school grounds at any time. Please do not walk or exercise your dogs on our school field. This is a health and safety issue, as I am sure you will understand. School Resources It is time to go hunting for any school resources, library books etc you may have at home. Please return to school as soon as possible. Dental Care over the Xmas/ New Year School Holidays The Community Dental Service will operate an emergency service over the school holidays. This service is to provide relief of pain only and will not undertake ‘routine’ treatment. The service will be available each working day from 8:30am until 12:30pm for the following times: Friday, 20th December 2013 (excluding weekends) and Monday, 6th January 2013 to Friday, 31st This service will operate by appointment only and if we are unable to see your child, alternative options will be given. If your child has dental pain as a result of an accident please contact your dentist in the first instance. Yo u c a n p h o n e a n d m a k e a n appointment for the emergency clinic by ringing 0800 84 69 83. School  Gardens Congratulations  to  all  the  students   who  had  their  gardens  judged  this   last  week.    The  judges  were  very   impressed  with  the  effort  that  has   been  put  in  and  the  knowledge   shown  by  all  the  ‘budding’   gardeners.    We  know  your  families   will  enjoy  eating  all  your  produce   over  Christmas. Allana Calendars Last day for orders for calendars is next Monday 9 December. Fundraising Made Easy Log on to www.ourschoolproject.org and register to support Springston School. From there is it as simple as logging in each day and having a go at the daily general knowledge quiz. Each correct answer earns money for the school - and costs you nothing.


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! 144 West Coast Road, Yaldhurst Phone: (03) 342-9245 ! Support the Springston School ! ! Buy 20kg of Coprice Dog Food (family or working dog) for the normal price of $60.00 and the Springston School will receive $10 from each bag sold. www.coprice.com.au ! These offers are only available at CRT FeedBarn: 144 West Coast Road, Yaldhurst. Phone (03) 342 9245. While Stock Lasts !


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Wanted – House to Rent A mother with 3 boys at Springston School is looking for a rental property, ideally with two or more bedrooms and within driving distance from school, but understand they are hard to find so anything will be considered. Please contact Erin as soon as possible on 0273836257 Surfkids Summer Holiday surfing programme. Learn the skills of Surfing in a fun, safe environment. All equipment provided and professional instruction from Aaron Lock and team. For kids 8 -14 years. Sundays at 10 am – 12pm School Holidays 10am -12pm Dec /Jan 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 Dec 27 -31 Dec 13 -17 Jan 20 – 24 Jan Cost $30 per day or $125 for five. Bookings essential. Venue :Sumner and New Brighton Call Aaron on 0800 80 SURF (7873) or register online at www.surfcoach.co.nz Saving Lives, it’s in our Blood…… NZ Blood Service will be at the Lincoln Event Centre, Thursday 9 January, 2pm to 6pm. We welcome donors from all the surrounding communities. Appointments are ESSENTIAL. Phone 0800 GIVE BLOOD or www.nzblood.co.nz (FREE App for Smartphones) to make your appointment. Piano Lessons: I am based in Leeston and a qualified piano teacher currently working with families in surrounding districts, with teacher training & OSCAR management experience. MUSICAL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME for children, 20-24 January, 9am to 12pm $50.00 including tuition, workshops; crafts; games, visiting musicians to interact with. Contact Wendy Christie 021-144 6623, or childrenintune@gmail.com. Will be held in Leeston. BUSY BUMBLES winner of Best New OSCAR Programme in NZ 2011 and Most Outstanding OSCAR Programme 2012 is offering a top quality Holiday Programme these upcoming Holiday's. 5 venues to choose from... Rolleston, Templeton, Lincoln, Darfield and Leeston. See our website for more information. www.busybumbles.co.nz For further information or to make a booking please contact admin@busybumbles.co.nz


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