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We have a thing for fresh air Quality of life has a profile SALAMANDER AIR-CONTROLLER


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Salamander Air-Controller A healthy indoor climate day and night Reliable basic ventilation with windows and doors closed. No water infiltration, not even in driving rain. No unpleasant draughts, not even at high wind velocities. Good sound insulation ensures high comfort of living. Easy to retrofit and can be used universally in the Salamander 2D/3D/3D bevelled and Streamline SL profile systems. Replaceable cartridge with filters for particulate matter and pollen ensures healthy air indoors – day and night. An optimum indoor climate requires an adequate supply of oxygen and systematic regulation of indoor humidity. But especially in heavily populated areas and in the vicinity of main traffic routes, increased emissions and particulate matter pose a serious danger to our health. Normal ventilation of rooms is not possible. The innovative AirController provides the solution. It is an ingenious, lowcost ventilation system that ensures an all around healthy indoor climate, even when the windows are closed. Special replaceable cartridges featuring an ultra-fine nylon mesh, filter particles out of the air before they can enter the room – ideal for pollen allergy suffers. The Air-Controller ventilation system matches the Salamander 2D/3D/3D bevelled and Streamline SL lines and can easily be retrofitted. Quality of life has a profile Salamander systems for windows and doors A brand of Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH Jakob-Sigle-Straße 58 Am Deverhafen 4 D-86842 Türkheim D-26871 Papenburg Tel: +49 82 45 - 52-0 Tel: +49 4961 - 914 - 550 Fax: +49 82 45 - 52-359 Fax:+49 4961 - 1011 E-Mail: S010.AIR.000000.008.0606.GB.05.PG.©pro publica



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