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Carmel College Health and Safety

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HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR HIRERS SECURITY   Access to the building must be via the main entrance. The Hirer must know how many people are using the facility they have hired and if necessary take a register for evacuation purposes. FIRE PROCEDURE: If you discover a fire:  Operate the fire alarm.  Leave the building and go to the Fire assembly point on the tennis courts.  Dial 999 and report the fire. On hearing the fire bell (continuous ring):  Leave the building at once by the nearest available exit.  Close all doors and windows as you leave.  Assemble in the fire assembly point on the tennis courts.  Hirer to check the attendance register for their group.  Do not disperse.  Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by a member of staff or the fire service. FIRST AID:   First aid kit is located in the main reception and the John Caden Hall First aid for all but minor injuries should always be followed by qualified medical treatment EMERGENCY ACTION IN CASE OF ACCIDENT OR ILLNESS:         Telephone is located in the Main reception and the John Caden Hall Make arrangements for an ambulance to be sent immediately so that the patient can be taken to hospital by dialling 999 Give precise location of the occurrence and directions for the nearest point of access for the ambulance. Arrange for the ambulance to be met at the school MAIN GATE See that the patient is accompanied whenever possible by a responsible person Ensure that arrangements are made for the relatives or friends to be advised fully of the situation Ensure that an accident report form is completed giving the full details of the occurrence together with any action taken. This must be handed to the Main Reception. Accident report forms are available from the main reception. PARKING:   All cars are to be parked in the designated car park. Cars parked at the owner’s risk. SMOKING:  Carmel College is a no-smoking area. There should be no smoking anywhere on the site Please read, then sign and return the slip below. I have read and understand the information from Carmel College for Hiring agencies and agree to abide by it. Signed:____________________________________Date:____________________________ On behalf of: (Hirer or Company name) _________________________________________________



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