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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 223 | November 15 2013 is taking over the Inner West! Distributed in Leichhardt, Annandale, Petersham, Stanmore, Newtown, Rozelle, Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill Movie Tix: Twenty Feet From Stardom Filth WIN! Glebe St Fair’s 30th It’s sure to be a pearler! PLUS! British Film Festival Best of the Italian Film Festival Planet-friendly parenting Why fantasy isn’t just for moody loners Brit hits St UK festival launches Palace Norton JJ Feild, Bret McKenzie and Keri Russell In Austenland. Photo by Giles Keyte, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Literary waste, fugitives and generally dodgy behaviour l Don’t judge a book by its cover. Councils with highly regarded sustainability and green credentials are some of the worst library book recyclers. Local libraries that do not donate or recycle their books when they have reached the end of the lives are being harshly criticised. Recycling or re-using books would seem like a good waste management solution, but it has been alleged that hundreds of library books have ended up in landfill. What a shame. l The cancer on Norton St, the Italian Forum, might soon be treated. Since administrators have been appointed to manage the Italian Forum Cultural Centre, three good management proposals have been put forward that protect community and cultural interests while still maintaining commercial longevity. Co.As.It are one of the contenders and many of the residents would like to see it go to a local organisation that has high cultural principles and the resources to run it. The administrators are likely to blend a mix of commercial and cultural tenders to create a sustainable business model. The current situation has been described as the Italian Forum looking like a Ferrari but without the petrol to run it. The eight million dollar Italian Forum Cultural Centre has yet to turn a profit. l Is the Inner West’s own Pleasantville as pleasant as it seems? We’ve heard whispers lately of an escaped mafioso hiding out in plain sight in Haberfield, apparently he has been for years. Who knew? Apparently everyone but us... l B&T Collision Repairs on Parramatta Road in Burwood has now gone up for lease, after some locals recently claimed have to spotted police seizing property including three very expensive cars. l Also in Burwood, can you guess which prominent local masks dodgy behaviour with a cheesy smile? I’m right, you’re wrong Righteous Rightie rejoices in the glorious triumph of free speech over the stifling forces of political correctness. Dear RR – How much of a relief is it to know you can express yourself without fear of being shipped off to some Human Rights Commission-administered gulag? Now that champion of liberty George Brandis is striking down the ‘Bolt Laws’ designed to cow the conservatariat into submission, can there finally be a frank discussion of the serious racial issues confronting this nation? Otto, Stanmore RR replies: As I was saying to Piers and Janet at the PM’s Kirribilli knees-up the other night, it’s such a relief to be able to reprimand the inattentive curry muncher behind the counter at the 7-11 and mock his devotion to an elephant-headed deity without fear of the dusky-hued pagan immediately scurrying off to some no win-no fee solicitor to demand millions of dollars in compensation for offence taken. It was truly a dark day for Australian justice when an out of touch judiciary reprimanded this nation’s finest journalist simply because he’d accused people of pretending to be Aboriginal on the basis of evidence that turned out to be somewhat fact-challenged. After all, do we want to live in a country where it’s considered both morally and legally wrong to gratuitously (and erroneously) insult someone on the basis of their race, religion, gender, age or disability? I can’t imagine anyone – other than the usual crowd of professional ethnics, gravy-train-riding Indigenes, grievance-seeking cripples, gang-raping towelheads and disease-spreading asylum seekers – would want that. Of course, I acknowledge that freedom of speech has its limits, which is precisely why I accept any criticism of Israel amounts to genocidal anti-Semitism and that any muddleheaded Marrickville councillor or misguided Sydney Uni academic who indulges in it should have their career trashed and, ideally, be sent to prison for life. n Email your dilemma to WE ARE C!AO ADVERTISING Sonya Madden STAFF WRITER Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin C!ao history Glebe Point Road is the main boulevard of the suburb of Glebe and dates back to the mid 19th century. This photo, taken circa 1908, depicts Glebe Point Road at the corner of St Johns Road looking west towards Parramatta Road. At this time, there was a tramline down through Glebe, which was replaced with buses in 1958. Nowadays, Glebe Point Road links the suburb with the city and Inner West, and operates as a northsouth thoroughfare. While it sees plenty of traffic, there are still many cafes and stores along the way that are worth checking out on foot at this year’s Glebe Street Fair on November 17th. n Words: Max Kobras ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo #YouthFit Youth Gym & Fitness Classes start Monday 4 November 2013 Love is all you need PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors Salena Knight, Nigel Bowen Ciao Youth Gym Ages 16-18 ever y day 12 noon-4.30pm cludes pool entr y) $9.20* per visit (in 4pm, Tuesdays and Thurs days Classes include Cardio / Bo xing / Abs, butts and thighs / Cy cle / Yoga $9.20* per class (includes pool entry) Conditions Proof of age to be shown on entry. Healthy Lifestyle Initiative on trial until end of February 2014. We’d love to see more young people enjoying the LPAC facilities and services and getting fit and healthy at the same time. Youth Fitness Classes Ages 14-18 Buy 1 visits in 0 a pack and sa ve – just $ 81 Things we love: Love! We love love. Love is the answer. Love makes the world go round. You only have to look up at this old building in Newtown to work that out. Graffiti that reminds us what’s important in life is our favourite kind of graffiti. We also love the bike lane in this picture. Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. C!ao’s voice • Being rich after a random Melbourne Cup punt • Watermelon gelato • Going all out and growing a whole beard for Movember • The DVD exchange shelf at Carousel Cafe, Leichhardt (they do a good breakfast sandwich too) • The re-opening of Palace Cinemas, Norton Street – local movie nights are back! • Having a wine at Timbah in Glebe • The Cottage, Balmain (the Inner West’s best new spot for date night) Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 032 032 – Leane 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. In LPAC aqua3442 For further information please contact LPAC’s Assistant Manager Lance Goldsmith on 9555 8344 or 4 LEICHHARDT PARK AQ U AT I C CENTRE • Being broke after losing all your money on a bad Melbourne Cup tip • Reheating yesterday’s burritos, a recipe for disaster • The amount of men walking around with creepy, thin 1920’s mo’s during Movember • Abandoned Parramatta Road properties still getting junk mail • Sticky tape that doesn’t stick • Norton St post office closing at 4.57pm • Getting a crappy car wash in Alexandria • Strong winds blowing stuff on roads (and ruining our hair) Out Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Kerri Russell, Bret McKenzie and JJ Feild star in Austenland, just one of many great films at this year’s British Film Festival, screening at the new Palace Norton St. Cover: Look out for Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band performing at Glebe Street Festival on Sunday 17th November, along with heaps of other fantastic entertainers. Photo by Ben Cregan. C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West!


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Community life Glebe’s greatest hits Glebe is full of eclectic businesses, some that have been around for decades and others that are new to the strip. In the lead up to the 30th Annual Glebe Street Fair, we take a look at some of the best, oldest and most interesting businesses on Glebe Point Road. Gleebooks A true Inner West success story, Gleebooks A Glebe classic remains one of Sydney’s most popular independent bookshop after over 30 years. They have The Works expanded to open five bookstores and have This is one of Glebe’s most innovative businesses also been named Australian Bookseller of the Year four times. This place deserves some serious – a multipurpose organisation with a double level retail space, shared industrial offices and respect in an increasingly digital age. an upcycling workshop. While The Works is a Alfie & Hetty newcomer to the strip, the building it’s housed in This is one of Glebe’s more mysterious businesses, has a rich history. Built in 1870, it has functioned with plenty of history and even whispers of a as everything from a bakery to stables to a couple of resident ghosts. The story goes that service station. It’s current embodiment is the the a pair of unlikely friends named Alfie and Hetty brainchild of hotel industry legend David Milton. (although those probably weren’t their real names) Inner City Cycles lived in these terraces in the 1920s. Hetty was This business has been at home in Glebe for over an upstanding member of the community and 25 years now and their dedication to bringing the was especially famous for her Sunday roasts. latest in bike technology to the Inner West has Alfie, on the other hand, was a gangster who never waned. Owners Ainsley and Robyn are avid ran a speakeasy out of his house. Today the owners honour these characters by running Hetty’s riders, Robyn even competed in the 2013 World Age Group Sprint Distance Triathlon held in courtyard restaurant downstairs – where they still London (she was the fifth Aussie over the line). do a Sunday roast – and Alfie’s bar upstairs. R OAD TEST Rant Revenge of the nerds Fantasy isn’t for just for geeks, it’s the stuff dreams are made of... Ciao recently published a rant in which the writer assaulted the fantasy genre and its many fans, making the assumption works such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are “loved worldwide by those of a socially awkward nature.” Leaving aside the fact that this is a clear example of the kind of lazy stereotyping any fair-minded individual should detest, it is also complete rubbish. Let’s look at the belief that fantasy is only for fat, nerdy losers for a moment. If you do a simple Wikipedia search on Lord of the Rings, you will quickly discover it is the second best-selling novel ever written. Likewise, the adapted film trilogy has not only grossed nearly $3 billion worldwide but also has a combined 17 Academy Award wins – with the last in the series currently tied first for most Oscars won by a single film. Clearly many people, not just the anti-social minority, love them. And what about the argument that fantasy as a genre is innately inferior to science fiction due to a lack of reality? While I prefer science fiction to fantasy it is, for the large part, in no way more realistic. The great sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke once said that, “Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic,” a concept that sci-fi authors and film-makers have long embraced. Galluzzo and Sons Fruit Shop This is the oldest retail shop in Glebe and stocks a huge range of fresh produce (some you may not even recognise). Originally opened as Galluzzo’s Fruit Market in 1934 by Salvatore Galluzzo, today the shop is run by Sal’s grandsons Damian and Joe, who took over the store from their late father Frank. The third-generation owners won the 2011 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Shopping Guide’s award for best greengrocer in Sydney. Glass Artist Gallery This gallery came to Glebe in 1987. Owner, Maureen Cahill, loves the eclectic environment saying, “The area has kept its ‘village’ feel... I love walking my beautiful pharaoh hound Zena (who is very well known in the district) in these surroundings.” Look out for Glass Flameworking Demonstrations by Mark Eliott outside the Gallery during the street fair. “There is nothing that unlocks one’s imagination as incredibly as a great fantasy can, nothing that can make you desire the awe-inspiring” From the classic The Time Machine to modern giants like Star Wars and Avatar, the science involved is never explained, it is merely assumed that the audience will just accept it and move on. While some hard sci-fi writers, such as Clarke himself, are sticklers for technical accuracy, at some point all fiction requires the reader to wilfully suspend their disbelief for the sake of the narrative. Think about the dozens of romance stories where deadly illnesses or social prejudices just disappear in a puff of smoke due to the power of love. Is that really more believable? The fantasy genre often requires its audience to just accept the unbelievable but that’s what makes it so magical (pun very much intended). There is nothing that unlocks one’s imagination as incredibly as a great fantasy can, nothing that can make you dream about and desire the amazing and awe-inspiring. And perhaps most importantly, it is a vital part of our collective human history. Modern fantasy draws heavily from ancient mythology, from creatures like dragons, djinns, sorcerers and vampires. From the moment we became an intelligent species, man has endlessly created new fantasies and I think it is in the nature of everyone – not just fat losers – to do so. Palace gala Excitement is growing as the rebuilt Palace Norton Street gets ready to be unveiled. Don’t miss the celebrations (and chance to score a free ticket!) After months of hard work the stunning new Palace Norton Street Cinema, designed by architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, is ready to be uncovered, featuring eight luxurious cinemas plus an expansive bar and entertaining area, including a magnificent atrium-style foyer. To celebrate Palace is holding a special Gala Re-Opening on Friday 22nd November, with drinks on arrival and a preview screening of the The Book Thief, followed by the Gala Relaunch Party. The event is so highly anticipated that it has completely sold out – but one lucky reader still has the chance to score themselves a golden ticket (see details below). Continuing celebrations throughout Opening Week, the cinema will also be screening the best films of the 2013 Lavazza Italian Film Festival in a limited season from November 21st to 26th. So if you missed the festival the first time round or loved it so much you want to enjoy it all over again, this is your chance! For a full program visit n To WIN a double pass to the Best of the 2013 Italian Film Festival or the exclusive Gala Re-Opening Night, email WIN TIX What’s on Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email Saturday 16th November info@ciaomagazi Attn: Nancy FREE Community events listings are n Words: Max Kobras n Want to rant? Email Sunday 1st December Concert Fundraiser Internationally renowned Sydney soprano Catherine Bouchier and young virtuoso cellist Annabelle Oomens will come together with Camdenville Community Choir at 1pm for a delightful afternoon of song at the ‘A Voice from the Heart’ concert. Leichhardt pianist Bradley Gilchrist has organised the program featuring works by Puccini, Verdi, Brahms, Massenet and Rachmaninov. Entry is $15 and all funds raised will go to the Heart and Lung Transplant Unit of St Vincent’s Hospital. If you’re in the area pop in to support a good cause while taking in a great show. n Where: Leichhardt Town Hall. Until Sat 23rd November The soprano Outside the Circle Outside the Circle is an exhibition from artists Siân McIntyre and Harriet Body, which investigates the intricacies of place and explores identity and existence. Both of these artists spent much of 2013 overseas; Harriet had a residency at La Fragua Artist’s Residency in southern Spain while Siân travelled across Mexico, North America and Europe. This exhibition is based largely on their experiences of living in foreign nations (being outside the circle, as it were). On Saturday 23rd November there will be a lunch and an open discussion led by university lecturer Dr Anik Waldow on the exhibition. n Where: Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown. Wed 20th - Sun 30th November Do Harleys give you the horn too? their new Vintage Bar & Shield helmet. The diverse range of artists, handpicked by Harley-Davidson, include Ben Brown, Blair Sayer, Eddy-Lou, Lachlan Bruce, Mike Watt, Nanami Cowdroy, Kim Rattenbury, Sindy Sinn and Sofia Fitzpatrick – and each will be creating a unique customised helmet for the exhibition, which will be on display at Mary’s Newtown from November 20-30. Following the show, Harley-Davidson will donate the proceeds of two major works to a charity. n Where: 6 Mary St, Newtown. Newtown Exhibition Harley-Davidson has teamed up with Australia’s edgiest street artists to showcase a unique art exhibition titled ‘For the Love of Lids’ in celebration of the launch of Balmain Fun Run Challenge yourself with a run through the beautiful grounds of Callan Park during the Balmain Fun Run to raise money for Balmain Public School P&C. Kicking off with registrations at 7am, the event offers a 2km (for primary school children), a 5km and a 10km course, which start and finish at King George Park, Rozelle. This year organisers are introducing a novelty race too – the Porte a Partner 100m dash, where you’ll need to carry a partner over the finish line. There are also plenty of other fun activities and giveaways happening on the day so don’t forget to come along and cheer on participants! Adults entry costs $35, and children are $15 (although there are special early bird rates for those who enter before November 22nd). n More info at See page 8 for more of What’s On... 6


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n Local Gigs Love Parade n Local movies Thursday 21st November Everything I can find about these guys on the Internet is really hateful, like ridiculously so. I like them; their music is fun with classic surfer rock licks and kind of similar to Pond at times. Sure, they aren’t amazing or breaking new ground but it’s a free show so don’t hate too much. n The Green room Lounge, Free Darren Middleton FREE C d u le TIWinKoEbTS movies passes Law and order in Scotland Friday 22nd November Darren Middleton is most famous as the lead guitarist for Powderfinger but since they broke up, he’s been doing his own thing. Turns out he’s a decent singer, although I’m not surprised Bernard Fanning took the lead during the Powderfinger days. Alternate pop-rock in the end, pretty basic stuff but sounds nice. n The Vanguard, $28.80 Filth Pitch perfect doco is “90 minutes of pure satisfaction” 20 Feet From Stardom “And the coloured girls go, Doo doo doo doo doo doo…” You know the rest, but Lou Reed’s 70s hit was probably the last time you (or any of us) ever even thought about the back up artists on stage – the gifted singers who stand behind some of this century’s greatest musical legends. In director Morgan Neville’s loving tribute, they finally get to step into the spotlight. We learn of their triumphs and tragedies, their own ambitions and frustrations, but best of all, we get backstage and listen to the making of some of rock’s most memorable songs, including Merry Clayton’s hair-raising vocals on “Gimme Shelter” and Lisa Fischer’s amazing work with Chaka Khan and Tina Turner. It’s rare for superstars like Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen to step into the background. But they do, willingly and with respect here, giving credit where credit is due. It’s also rare (astonishingly so) for a movie to get a 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So when that happens, it means something really special. Go along, check it out. CTC from Nov 21. (Unpreviewed) n Thanks to Transmission Films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Flyying Colours Flyying Colours After May Olivier Assayas’ bittersweet account of the years after the May ‘68 upheavals in France has been called “indulgent.” Yet surely that’s his point, capitalism wasn’t overthrown, the revolution just fizzled – into druggie hedonism and lots of partner swapping. Super cool Lola Créton and Clément Métayer play the Marx-spouting arty hotheads. They’d be in their 60s themselves today – thoroughly respectable and counting their generous capitalist-supplied super. “Demand the Impossible!” was one of the era’s slogans. They got it. MA15+ from Nov 21. ArTHOUSE PICK Asked why he joined the police force, Detective Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy, clearly having the time of life) answers, “Police oppression.” “To stamp it out from the inside?” “No, to be part of it,” he clarifies. And this cop takes his job seriously; basically it involves snorting, scheming, rooting, swearing and running amok in the streets of Edinburgh like a crack-addicted lunatic. Of course in Irvine Welsh books we’ve seen characters like this before (well, all of them, actually) but not since Danny Boyle’s groundbreaking Trainspotting has an adaption of one of his occasionally “difficult” novels worked so well. It doesn’t quite catch the spirit of the times in quite the same way, but it’s still a rip-snorting, raucous, profane very good movie. Affecting even, for yes, this man has to suffer for his sins. And as unlikely as it may seem, we do care for him – McAvoy gives us a performance that sticks around, and messes with your mind. Jon S Baird directs, Jamie Bell plays Bruce’s coked up chum. Also starring the always gorgeous Imogen Poots, and did I mention the fabulous soundtrack? This is a good one! r18+ from Nov 21 n Thanks to Icon Films we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Saturday 23rd November Don’t miss this. Seriously wellmade shoegaze with a slight hint of grunge, these Melbourne guys really know what they are doing. It’s just got that classic shoegaze drone and I’m loving it. I know where I’m going to be that Saturday. n The Factory Theatre, $10 n Words: Max Kobras BEST OF THE rEST Closed Circuit Jim Broadbent pops up as Attorney The radical ‘60s remembered, wistfully The first ever British Film Festival Here’s yet another reason to check out the brand new Palace Norton Street – some new unseen films from Britain, plus some old favourites. Surprisingly, quite a few deserving films from Britain never make it to our shores, especially ones from Northern Ireland and the hard-hitting “difficult” ones that distributors get jittery about. This year’s inaugural British Film Festival aims to redress that. It’s being presented exclusively by Palace Cinemas (at Verona as well as Norton St) and happily, Ciao has been able to preview some of the offerings. Highly recommended: How I Live Now (set after a nuclear attack on London); opening film One Chance (an inspirational rags to riches tale); Good Vibrations (edgy but lovable rock flick set in Belfast), Le Weekend (just hilarious) and Dom Hemingway (potty-mouthed nasty crims like Sexy Beast, just as funny!). Then there’s the BFI top 5, all time faves like the noir classic The Third Man and ripping adventure yarn The 39 Steps. Eric Bana is the Festival guest. Eric Bana and rebecca Hall are up against Btitish government arrogance in Closed Circuit Sunday 1st December WIN TIX General(!) in John Crowley’s provocative political thriller, where Eric Bana and rebecca Hall play lawyers (and ex-lovers) kneedeep in a murky terrorist case involving dirty deals and undercover surveillance. Once again we learn,“the eyes of the state are watching you” (who would’ve thought?). Screening as part of the The British Film Festival (see below), this taut film has all the chilling, matter of fact cynicism we have come to expect from this genre. Note the special Q&A screening with Eric Bana at Verona on Sat Nov 23, 6.30pm n Reviews – rE Saoirse ronan in How I Live Now 2013 British Film Festival n Full program details at or Palace’s own website. At Palace Norton St and Verona from Nov 21 to Dec 1. contact organisers Lesley Mason on 0407 233 098 or Courtney Mason on 9604 5264 to get involved! The raffle prizes will be listed on tables, as well as the details of whom donated the prizes. n Where: 146 Marsden rd, Dundas Valley. Sat 7th - Sun 8th Dec What a super-dooper movie giveaway issue! We have 10 double in-season passes to the 2013 British Film Festival to hand out. Don’t forget our other two films (above), PLUS 10 more for The Best of the Italian Film Festival (see p.6)! See below for details on how to enter. A Christmas Conundrum Celebrating their 15th fabulous year as a choir, the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus will be performing ‘A Christmas Conundrum’, a concert arranged by artistic director Michelle Leonard. Beginning at 3pm at The Italian Forum, Leichhardt and accompanied with cupcakes and Champagne, this concert promises to be a great way to launch into the festive season with highlights from Vivaldi’s stunning composition ‘Gloria’ and music especially written for the Espresso Chorus. Contributing Australian composers include: Sally Whitwell, Alice Chance, Dan Walker and Anastasia Pahos, with performances by the full adult choir, the chamber orchestra and the newly formed Espresso Kids Choir. Ticket prices start at $15 for children and $25 for adults. n To WIN one of two double passes to A Christmas Conundrum, email Saturday 7th Dec Jingle bells, jingle bells x 8 Masquerade Ball The FMK Hair Charity Masquerade Ball will be held at Lauriston House this year, with all funds raised going to the Westmead Childrens Hospital. The evening starts with pre-dinner drinks at 6.30pm and tickets are $90 per person or $900 for a table of 10 (call the Fairfield Heights store with your credit card details on 9604 5264 to purchase tickets). If you’d like to sponsor the event, FMK is looking for three prizes to auction off on the night as well as raffle items so please The Magic Lamp Show (Not Aladdin!) The Magic Lamp (NOT Aladdin!), presented by the Newtown Middle Eastern Dance Centre, is a wacky bellydance pantomime for the whole family telling the story of Dina and her friend Monkey as they are embroiled in all sorts of crazy adventures after finding a mysterious lamp. They will get arrested, unleash a genie and make new well as enemies. Don’t miss all the fun at 4.30pm, December 7th, or at 12.30pm and 4.30pm on December 8th. n For more information and tickets ($15+bf), visit Belly dance your way to the Forum x WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to 20 Feet From Stardom, Filth, the 2013 British Film Festival or The BEST of the Italian Film Festival just email telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. ONLY AT THE MOVIES NOVEMBEr 21 Include your name and address in your email. You can enter for all, but give us an order of preference. Good luck!


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n Your say n Sustainability Think green: What do you think about reusable nappies? Would you use them for your child? “Foul.” James, Leichhardt. “Well I guess good old fashioned cloth nappies are reusable, huh? Better for the environment too...” Linda, Rozelle. “As long as they are washed between wearings, yes, certainly.” Robert, Lilyfield. “Yes I had twins and that’s all I used. I was busy but I’m comfortable being busy.” Shelly, Leichhardt. “They are better for the environment but generally take up more time with the washing and so on, so I don’t know how often I’d really use them if I bought them. Mums are already busy enough.” Emma, Summer Hill. “It’s what my mother used to use – it’s what everyone used once upon a time and they all seemed to manage. I don’t know why more people don’t go reusable.” Kristina, Newtown. “As long as I’m not the one who is washing them!” Michael, Balmain. “My only issue is that you can’t really use them when you are not at home, which is kind of inconvenient. But otherwise I’m all for reusable nappies.” Marienne, Five Dock. Tips for eco-parenting Sustainable parenting: put simply, it’s about making mindful choices that suit your situation, reduce your impact on the environment and help your family lead a much healthier lifestyle. Think that sounds difficult and expensive? It’s not! Here are my top three tips to help your family take their first steps to a more sustainable life... 1. Go reusable In Australia, we throw out over TWO BILLION disposable nappies every year. Nappies are an essential. Your brand new little baby is going to go through around 500 nappies in just their first six weeks! By the time they reach their third birthday, nearly 7000 nappies will have been on their bottom, emptying your wallet of around $2500. Add that to the cost of disposable baby wipes and you’ll have spent over $3000 and contributed around two tonnes of waste to landfill. But you do have a choice. The alternative is a set of 20 reusable nappies and a dozen reusable wipes. Depending on the brand you choose, the average cost for a set would be around $630. What about the washing, you ask? Isn’t that going to ruin any eco-cred you might have accumulated by choosing reusable? Not at all. Studies show that disposable nappies create over twice the amount of water waste, so each time you pop a load of washing on, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’re saving money and reducing your impact on the environment. 2. Reduce chemical usage Your baby’s skin is so sensitive so you don’t really want to be loading them up with unnecessary chemicals. Everyday items such as baby bath washes, laundry liquid, disposable baby wipes, sunscreens and moisturisers can all contain parabens, phthalates and What’s best for your bub? petrochemicals, so read the labels, and choose plantbased alternatives. In some cases, you may pay a small amount more but your baby and your family’s health is worth it. 3. Choose natural fibres Bamboo and organic cotton are better choices to make when deciding on what to put against your baby’s skin. Bamboo is a natural insulator and will keep your baby around two degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It’s also great for children suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and takes around a third less water to produce than cotton. Like organic cotton, nasty chemicals are not used in the growing process of bamboo, resulting in a more natural product. It is much easier to find natural fibres in stores these days, and the cost difference is not significant. So have I convinced you to rethink some of your choices yet? Hopefully next time you’re choosing something for your baby, you’ll remember to look at the label and think about the ingredients and how an item was made before making your final decision. n Words: Salena Knight from Flower Child – 321 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. Local news xxxx So they think they can dance Dancing to win The talented local dancers from Q2 Dance in Camperdown danced all the way to the top of the Showcase National Dance Championships last month, winning first place awards across solo, duo and group divisions. The dance studio as a whole also did exceptionally well, having won in numerous categories from jazz to contemporary and hip hop. “We are proud of all the awards!” said the school’s director, Shannon Hsu of Balmain, “Each one represents something we aim for at Q2 Dance; great choreography, great style and teaching a high level of talent, so to be awarded and recognised for all of those things was fantastic. We are extremely proud and excited for the kids. Their hard work, dedication and passion definitely paid off.” Councillors Darcy Byrne and Lucille McKenna xxxx congratulate Greenway Prize winners Sandra and Finley GreenWay Art Prize The fourth annual GreenWay Art Prize opened at Art Est. Art School on October 31st with the winner announced at an awards presentation on the same night. First prize this year was awarded to Sandra Winkworth for her work ‘Sampling Along the Greenway,’ which was a multimedia project involving printmaking and found objects. Runner up was Paul McCarthy for his painting ‘Where Wild Meets Urban’ and the Youth Prize went to Finley Chapman for his photograph ‘Wilderness.’ The judges for this year’s competition were Victoria Johnstone from Marrickville Council, Lara Scolari, an artist in residence for Ashfield Council and Bronwyn Touhy, a visual artist who serves as the Public Art Officer for Leichhardt Council. Santina’s returns to Norton Street Husband and wife duo Santina Scullino-Clayton and Kevin Clayton have been in the home retail business since 1995, and are looking forward to bringing the best in giftware and home décor back to Leichhardt. After selling their Freedom Furniture franchise store in 2005, the couple decided to live out the dream of owning their own store and Santina’s Gifts & Home Decor was born one year later. Following the success of their first store in Penshurst, Kevin and Santina thought it was time to expand and decided Leichhardt was place to be. Although they initially had trouble finding the perfect site (their first choice being sold three months after they signed the lease), Santina’s has now happily returned to the Inner West and the pair are looking forward to helping people find the perfect piece for their homes as well as providing inspiration for Christmas gifts as the silly season rolls around. Santina’s is a unique designer gift and home décor store, stocked with pieces from all around the world. They aim to create a shopping experience designed to eliminate confusion without limiting their selection by maintaining a vast range inclduing Ortiga fragrances, Seletti home design, Nomonation Jewellery, Neste Danti Soaps all from Italy and Tealights from Germany. Kevin and Santina say this approach to merchandising is perfectly suited to the Inner West vibe with its love of style and choice. They also love the communal feel of the Inner West and are extremely excited to start sourcing some local products to add to their collections. n Santina’s: 78 Norton St, Leichardt. Community unites against development There was standing room only at a public meeting held on November 6th by locals concerned about the over-development of the Kolotex/Labelcraft site in George Street, Leichhardt. The meeting was attended by Mayor Darcy Byrne as well as Jamie Parker MP and was organised to ensure the community understood what the development – which will see the site rezoned to allow 32m building heights, equivalent to eight stories high – will mean for the local area. The development will have huge consequences including increased congestion, reduced parking spaces as well as loss of privacy for nearby residents from overshadowing. For more information join the ‘Save Our Suburb – Leichhardt’ group on Facebook or to sign the online petition go to Stunning gift ideas caption xxxxx Break a sweat in Leichhardt Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre was first built in 1960 to provide a local place for the community to swim and relax. It is located in the same place as the former sea baths, on Bay Walk by Leichhardt Oval, which were used from 1907 till 1960. Since its original construction, the aquatic centre has had many major improvements, the latest being the $7 million upgrade in 2009 that saw the addition of a state-of-the-art gymnasium. With over 100 classes conducted a week, ranging from swim training to yoga to boxing, the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre is the perfect place for all your health and fitness needs, or if you just want to take a dip in the pool! While it’s the goal of the centre to provide a venue that caters to all members of the community, regardless of whether they wish to exercise, play or relax, health and fitness has become a focus of late. Lance said that making a positive change in people’s lives is his favourite part of the job and that it is so rewarding when “you get to see changes right in front of your eyes.” But the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre isn’t content to rest on their laurels; there are many great changes and improvements still being added. For instance, they just this month launched their Teen Gym program. This new addition has been specifically designed to encourage younger members of the community to use the facilities with customised programs suited to their development. Another new improvement came earlier this year when the Cogeneration Project was completed. This project now provides the Centre with improved energy efficiency Get fit atxxxxx caption LPAC! that reduces their greenhouse gas emissions. As Lance says, the Aquatic Centre is always trying to improve their facilities and offer programs that the community desires, much of what they offer being dictated by requests from members and guests. n Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre is located at Mary Street, Lilyfield. For more information, call the centre on 9555 8344 or visit the website at n Words: Max Kobras We at Ciao recently talked with Lance Goldsmith, the Assistant Manager of the centre in charge of the Health and Fitness department. It’s Lance’s job to oversee all the land and aquatic exercise classes, the personal trainers, physiologists and nutritionists. 12


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