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Water Fun – hands, minds and hearts on Water for Life! Picture book… … workshop insights Leipzig, 24.01.2013


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W a t e r F u n – hands, minds and hearts on Water for Life! provides early education for sustainable water management and is education for life for these children: Secondary girls school in Mafraq, Jordan, October 2012 Secondary boys school in Jarash, Jordan, October 2012 Students in Ramallah PNA, 2008 Students in Amman Jordan, 2011


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… and for these teachers: Participants of the 1st Workshop for Central Jordan, Amman, April 2011 (22 schools) Participants of the 2nd Workshop for North Jordan, Amman, October 2012 (16 schools) Participants of the 3rd Workshop for South Jordan, Amman, October 2012 (16 schools)


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Workshop insights: OPENING SESSION


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Workshop insights: Household water consumption calculations Workshop insights: Artificial wastewater production


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Workshop insights: Artificial wastewater analysis Workshop insights: Bottle filter construction


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Workshop insights: Eco-technologies – constructing a wetland


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Workshop insights: Treated wastewater reuse possibilities – discussion & action


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Workshop insights: Field trip to Fuheis – Training and Demonstration site for decentralized wastewater treatment


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Workshop insights:


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Contact: Training and Demonstration Centre for Decentralised Sewage Treatment – BDZ e.V. Ruth Goedert Capacity Development Tel: Fax: Email: +49 (0)341 2 35 1024 +49 (0)341 2 35 1830 Web:



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