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SPRINGSTON SCHOOL A: 16-20 Leeston Road, Springston 7616 P: 03-329-5724 F: 03-329-5731 14 November 2013 From the Principal Kia ora koutou E: W: B: We were very lucky to be treated to a visit by members of the New Zealand String Quartet who entertained us with a performance of Goldilocks and the Pachelbear Canon last Thursday. A huge thank you to Mark and the team at Meadow Mushrooms for arranging this visit - a wonderful opportunity for our school. Tree Felling A huge thank you to Craig and his small team of lumberjacks for the amazing work they have done clearing the logs from the back of the field. You can still purchase firewood from the school - just contact the office. We now need assistance with removing the stumps and cleaning up the bike track so that we can have it back in use this year. We are going to need assistance in the form of some rather large machinery to lift and transport the stumps. Please let us know if you have any good contacts in this department. We are happy to pay for the services we require. Summer Market Celebration I hope you are all planning to attend the PTA’s Celebrate Summer Evening Market on November 29th. Each classroom is currently a hive of activity as children prepare for their class stalls - you should be able to complete all your Christmas shopping on the night. Please note that in light of recent publicity regarding the sale of alcohol at school events the planned beer and wine tent will not be operating. There will be plenty of soft drink options and plenty of food. Hangi Experience One of the food options on the 29th will be a traditional hangi meal - meat, potato, kumara, pumpkin, corn etc. Children will be involved in the preparation of this meal throughout the day and we know this will be a new experience for many. Hangi meals must be pre-ordered and you will find an order form at the back of this newsletter, or you can collect one from the school office. Orders must be placed and paid for by midday on Wednesday 27th. Cyclone Hayain Our thoughts this week are with the members of our Filipino community following the devastation Typhoon Hayain has wreaked on their homeland. You may be interested to know that Filipino is the third largest ethnic group represented in our school. We all know first hand the impact natural disasters can have, and send a message of support to families in our own community who have loved ones involved in this tragedy. One of our Year 8 students, Annabelle, will be collecting donations on Monday to support recovery efforts in the Philippines. Please encourage your children to bring a coin from their pocket money and place it on the flag of the Philippines Annabelle will be drawing on the netball court. Sunhats I am very pleased to report that much progress has been made with the wearing of sun hats over the past few weeks and we will work hard to reinforce this habit here at school. Children are very aware of the new routine - if you do not have your sun hat then you are supervised inside at break times. We often hear that a sun hat has been ‘stolen’ only to have the classroom teacher arrive in the room with said hat that has been found in the students very own tote tray! Another long weekend - make the most of it! Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa Liz Weir, Principal


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COMING UP November Show Day Year 8 - Wellington Starting School Party Subway Playground presentation Teaching appointments for 2014 have been finalised and I am pleased to announce Sushi that Rachel Hellyer has won a permanent position on our teaching staff. Our Learning Celebration growing roll means a growing staff and we have appointed Alice Keeling to the Middle Learning Team, and Louise Wynn and Rochelle Freeman to the Junior December Learning Team. I’m sure there will be an opportunity to meet our new staff members before the end of the year. We will start the year with 11 classes in 4 BOT 5 Parent Helpers Drinks operation. 6 Subway Waitangi Day Long Weekend 9 Year 8 Dinner Waitangi Day falls on a Thursday next year. Whenever there is a public holiday on 12 Final Assembly a Thursday we experience a much higher than usual absentee level on the Friday 13 Sushi with many families choosing to take a 4 day weekend. With this in mind the Board Reports Home of Trustees has decided to officially close the school on Friday 16 Certificates and Music February 7th. There is no change to the previously advertised start date of Assembly 1.30pm Monday February 3rd. This means that the last day of school for the 2014 year 17 Picnic Day will be Thursday December 18th. We trust that this early notice will allow you to 18 School finishes 12pm make suitable arrangements for that day, or to plan a weekend break. 2014 February 3 Goal Setting Day 6 Waitangi Day 7 School Closed Swimming Pool Keys These will be available for purchase from the school office from Monday November 18th. The pool is available for use by key holders between the hours of 12:00 pm and 8:00pm during weekends and school holidays, and after 3:00pm on school days. School Blogs 15 19-22 22 28 29 2014 Comings and Goings Corrina Brown-Thomas has been granted a years leave and heads to the USA in December to marry Matthew. They will both be back in the country later on in 2014 and look forward to having ‘Mrs Hodge’ back with us in 2015. Carolyn Sutherland will also be leaving us at the end of the 2013 school year after her year in Room 3. The fee for the key is $100 for families with children currently enrolled at Springston School, $20 of which will be refunded News Blog Assembly A+ Certificates on return of the key at the end of the season. Room1: Charlette B Library Website Links to useful websites Room 2: Lilly-Marie The fee for the key is $120 for families with children NOT Room 3: Baxter currently enrolled at Springston School, $20 of which will be Library Blog Books, Room 4: Tegan, Kim reading, news, fun! refunded on return of the key at the end of the season. Room 5: Caelan, Georgia P Springston on YouTube Room 6: Chloe MK Term 4 Policy Review Room 9: Chloe, Henry There are two policies under review this term: Education Pathfinders Blog Rm 8 Outside the Classroom, and Sun Protection. If you don't have internet access, school office staff can easily provide you with Explorers Blog Rm 1 & 2 printed copies of the policy and the review form Lunch with Liz These children had their names drawn out of the Gotcha Box at assembly tod and will join me for lunch ay on our next Subway day: Henry (R9), Regan (R9) and Zac (R1). Our thanks to our friend s at Subway Rolleston for continuing to sponsor the se lunches. Navigators Blog Rm 3 Rockets Blog Rm 4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Visit the website 1893.htm Enter the user name (springston) and password (pathways). Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed. Read the policy. Click the Policy Review button at the right hand top corner of the page. Select the reviewer type "Parent". Enter your name (optional). Submit your ratings and comments. Team Endeavour Rm 6 E-Team Pioneers Rm 5 Team Extreme Rm 9 Team Inaka Blog Rm 7


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Fundraising Made Easy Library Books We have lots of overdue library books, please send back to school as soon as possible. Top Team On Tuesday we travelled to Burnham to Log on to and register to support Springston School. From there is it as simple as logging in each day and having a go at the daily general knowledge quiz. Each correct answer earns money for the school - and costs you nothing. compete in a series of events. When we arrived we were sorted out into our groups and went to different activities, where we competed against another team. Each activity gave you the option to earn points. My favourite activity was the one where we had to block holes and fill a tube up with water. When the water got to the top a ping pong ball appeared. After we had gone through all the activities the points were added up and team 13 were declared the winners of top team. We finished the day off with a nice swim in Burnham pool. Hamish T - Room 7 Wacky Day Well done everyone we have raised $313.00 today. New Adventure Playground A reminder that our senior student Playground Inquiry Team will present their findings of their investigation into what a new playground for our children should look like and include. There will be time for questions and answers, followed by morning tea, on Thursday 28 November, from 9:00 am until 10:40 am, Please RSVP to the school office by 9.00 am on Friday 22 November. Find Your Groove - with Anna Lee School of Dance A fun and supportive environment. Dance classes are tailored for preschoolers through to advanced students. Students have the opportunity to learn dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. Classes available at Halswell, Ladbrooks, Tai Tapu, Springston and Lincoln. Phone 354 6228.


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Lincoln Zone Athletics Last Friday a group of students went to Ellesmere College to compete in the Lincoln Zone Athletics. The day was warm and sunny and the students competed with A+ attitudes. Congratulations to all competitors you did a great job! These children will be heading off to the Canterbury Athletics on the 4 December, so keep up the practice. Results: 9 year old: ! John McCormick 3rd high jump ! ! Ineka Taylor Claude 1st high jump and 3rd 1000m 10 year old: ! Max Gorun 1st high jump ! ! Zarah Aquino 3rd 80m sprint 11year old:! Jackson Phillipson 2nd high jump ! ! Lucy Cochrane 3rd 1200m and 3rd 80m sprint 12 year old: ! Hamish Turnbull 1st long jump ! ! Haidee Middlewood Krsinic 1st shot put and 2nd discus 13 Year old: ! Jayden Marshall 3rd shot put ! ! Kailey Hopper 2nd long Jump A big thank you to the parents who supported us on the day and Gail, Paul and Conner for helping with the measuring in the long jump pit.


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Celebrate Summer Evening Market Hangi Order Form The _____________________ family requires _________________ dinners @ $5.00 per dinner $ enclosed Order and payment must be back to school by 12 noon Wednesday 27 November.



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