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Tokoroa High Schools Yearbook for 2012

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PRINCIPAL DEPUTY PRINCIPALS Mr W Ford MBS, Dip Sp.St, PG DipSp, DipTchg, TTM Mrs M Crate BTchLn, NZDipSS, DipEd.Man, FPIS, DipTchg Mr B Rothman BA, BEd, MEd, HDipEd, FDipEd. SENIOR MANAGERS Mr B Reid MSpLS, BLS, DipTchg, Unitech Cert in Sport Mrs D Manu BEd, DipTchg, GDJst, PGDipSLT HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS AND TEACHERS WITH RESPONSIBILITIES Continuing Education Guidance English Languages/Arts Mathematics Physical Education Science Social Sciences Learning Support Sport Technology Dr T Bentley PHD, MPhil, MA (Hons), DipTchg, Dip Adult Ed. Mrs Y Evans M Counselling, DipTchg. (Adv) PGC in MBH Ms C Merrylees BEd, DipTchg Ms T Tarai BEd, DipTchg Mr A Phayer BSc, DipTchg, CNA Mr N Manu BEd, DipTchg Mr T Jones BSc(Hons) PGCE. Mr M Olsen BA, DipTchg Mrs J Hainsworth BEd, DipTchg(Adv), DipTchg (Higher), MA(spEd) Mr I Mutch BTchg, DipTchg Mr E Hamman HDipEd OTHER TEACHING STAFF Miss K Krause BA DipTchg(Sec) Mr D Baker BMA, DipTchg, PGradDipEd Miss A Chung BA, DipTchg Ms L Kelly BSocSci, GradDipTchLn Mr G Cassidy BSc DipTchg CLTA Mr D Kinloch MSc, DipTchg Mrs R Tucker, DipTchg BEd Mr D Belfield, GradDip: Tchg,Eng, TCert: Fm, Cpt Mrs W Haigh BA, DipTchg, TESOL Mr J Jowet BA, GradDipTchg Mrs N Hilhorst, GradDipTchg Miss L Jacobi DipTch(Sec) BSc(Bio) Mr P Winikere BMs, PGradDipTchg, BA MHlth Mrs Chandra, MA Ed, PGradEd, BEd, DipEd, CTESL NON-TEACHING STAFF Executive Officer: Ms P Kelly Attendance Officer: Mrs J Jowett Caretaker: Mr J Alderton Sports Coordinator: Mr M McCurran Groundsman: Mr N Bell TEACHER AIDES Mrs S Chapman Mrs B French Mr S Tito BTchg Mr K Ngapo BA, GradDipTchg, MA(Hons), TTH(Hons) Mr J Hoby DFA Hons, DipTchg, CLTA, Mrs E Lotter HDipED Mrs R Lal-Phillips BEd, DipTchg, DipAcc&Mgnt Mrs T Solomon MEd, BTchg(Hons) Mr D Tereu BSocSci (Hons), DipTchg Mrs N Fa’agalu BTchg Ms R Miller BTchg Mr B Tahau BSPLS, DipTchg Mr M Manu Mr C Linklater BSpLS, GradDipMktg, GradDipTchg Mr G Surric LLB(Hons), PGDipSportMgt, MIR, GradDipTchg Mrs I Hakaria BTchg, PGradDipMaori Ed, DipBusStuds Mrs E Appel Mrs A Salmon Ms S Taipeti Mr R Trotter Science Technician/NCEA: Library Manager: RTLB: Gateway Coordinator: Ms D Collins Mrs L Henderson Mr W Maea Mrs C O’Connell Principal’s Personal Assistant: Reception: Cluster Manager RTLB: ICT Manager: Ms S Kant Mrs I Mutter Ms Y Voss Miss M Wyatt


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Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Goeie Dag, Ni Hao, Namaste, Greetings. 2012 has been another busy year. We have had a number of notable accomplishments and continue to ‘punch above our weight’ in terms of academic, cultural and sporting achievement. Our NCEA results over the past three years have consolidated and been the highest recorded in the school since the creation of this qualification in 2002. I thank our staff for their continuing efforts to improve student achievement. If we believe in the importance of educational achievement for all of our young people, then we need to be mindful of the whakatauki /proverb “Ko te Tamaiti te Putake o te Kaupapa: The Child is the Heart of the Matter”. Further, I consider that the art of teaching requires each practitioner to constantly reflect upon best practice and work upon building respectful relationships. “With enjoyment comes learning; with learning comes success; with success comes selfesteem; and with self-esteem comes RESPECT” To enhance and promote academic achievement, several initiatives were conducted throughout the year. In March, the ‘Academic Excellence’ evening was held to celebrate student success for those gaining excellences in their 2011 NCEA results. We followed this with the introduction of ‘Literacy learning blocks’ which sought to enhance student achievement through concentrated periods of block learning in specific subjects. The Building Academy enabled students to demonstrate their learnt skills in constructing several projects around the school. The Hospitality course developed its own niche area with the creation of the Tok Kai café. We gained Board of Trustee support for an incentive plan to increase student participation in external exams. Highly efficient organisations are those that value difference, diversity and creativity. Cook Island language week culminated in a evening gala which brought large numbers of our community into the school. As part of celebrating Maori achievement, we had visits from actor Temuera Morrisson, All Black Richard Kahui and academic Dr Korohere Ngapo. Each shared with our students their inspirational stories. In celebration of Te Reo Maori, as in 2011, we have once again been confirmed as finalists in the National Maori Language awards. After 46 years of involvement at Tokoroa High School, firstly as a teacher and then as leader of the Tokoroa High School Brass band, Mr Noel Saunders finally retired this year. We thank him many times over for his loyal service to our school. Our students demonstrated talents in cultural, arts and domains this year to feature High School as the top South secondary school. amazing sporting Tokoroa Waikato                 The Stage Challenge Group won first placing in the Raw Division of the Regional competition held in Rotorua. Our Puna Vai Ora group won the “Pasifik by Nature” cultural performance competition for secondary schools in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. The group swept the awards in dramatic fashion to emphasise their superiority. In September, Puna Vai Ora travelled to the Cook Islands, visiting Mangaia, Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Bianca Ormsby won the senior English speaking section of the Tainui Regional Nga Manu Korero competition and then represented the school with pride at the Nga Manu Korero Nationals in Nelson. Manisha Saini placed third in the national final of the Lions’ Young Speech Maker contest, after winning the Waikato regional competition. Our students displayed their creativity in the fashion world with five (Firedrake, Te Rerenga Wairua, Eye of the Peacock, I.COM and Mistress of the Sea) featuring in the ‘Wearable Arts’ competition. Our Art exhibition in August allowed our students to showcase their natural talents, as well as earn extra cash through the sales of their paintings. Outstanding performances were seen from Dionne Tredaway (1st junior girls 100m and 200m) and Makaia Riki-Te Kanawa (2nd junior girls Javelin) at the North Island Secondary Schools Athletics championships. Both girls will compete at the NZ Secondary Schools championship in Dunedin during early December. Camelia Cook won the Open Womens National title in 8-Ball and teamed up with her mother to win the Doubles title. In Bowls, Ashley Kimberley, Nikki Proffitt and Danni Vi won the Waikato Secondary Schools championship. Ashley and Nikki will compete at the NZ Secondary School championships in Hamilton in December. Tiana Hill continued her consistency in Swimming with several exceptional performances at both provincial and national levels in Division 2. The youthful Netball A team played competitively in the NZ Secondary Schools National tournament at North Harbour. Dionne Treadaway was identified to be part of the NZ Talent Development Squad, which would lead potentially to a NZ Secondary School trial. The 1st XIII rugby league team played in the NZ Secondary School Nationals. Sisa Manu gained selection in the NZ Secondary Schools team, Mr Billy Maea received the manager of the tournament award and the team won the overall award for team of the tournament. Joseph Manu has signed a three year contract with NRL club, Sydney Roosters. Justus Riki-Hamana gained selection in the National Ki-O-Rahi team. Jayden Slater and Dillon Steiner gained placings in the new sport of Bike Trials. Next year, Bike Trials will be incorporated into the curriculum whereby students will build their own bikes and gain credits in Mechanical Engineering Technology. For the first time in many years, all four of our rugby teams played in the first division of their respective grades in the Waikato secondary schools competition. Our school was well represented in regional competitions in hockey, soccer, netball and touch. I would like to especially thank the staff and parents/caregivers involved for providing our students with these wonderful sporting opportunities. At this time, I would like to acknowledge the work of our Board of Trustees in governing the school in the best interests of students and staff. My sincere thanks to our Board members, Mr Graeme Dewhurst, Mr Ernest Appel, Mrs Tracey Marama-Lyon, Mrs Maria Te Kanawa, Mrs Vanessa Letoa-Palea, Mr Dean Tereu and Weyan Hewett. Bereavements are an incredibly difficult time and I wish to express heart-felt sympathy from our school community to all who have suffered loss this year. To our parents/ caregivers, I thank you for making Tokoroa High School your school of choice for your child’s education. To our young people, I offer the thought that it is important to dream. Dream the impossible, then dream the achievable. The impossible gives us that belief in the unknown, the capacity or capability of humans to perform outstanding feats. Dreaming the achievable provides us with the reality that success often only comes through tenacity and effort. “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” “Try and fail, but don't fail to try.” To each of you, staff, parents/caregivers and students, Ma te Atua hei manaaki, hei tiaki i a tatou katoa. Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou Katoa Willie Ford


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While growing up my dad taught me many things, but there was one lesson he taught me in the way he conducted his life. That lesson was: NO one can control the events or the people surrounding them. The only thing we can control is ourselves. To succeed in today's workforce or in any professional endeavours, your value must be readily recognisable and memorable. No one should ask you what you bring to your position. Your work and actions should make this absolutely clear to all those around you. You need to be able to demonstrate your skills in all that you do; in your conversations, in your work and in your attitude. No one is there to take care of you and trust me no one will pull you up the ladder - more often than not they will attempt to pull you down. The truth is not only are you responsible for your life, but also doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next. You also control the degree of effort you apply to your position, the way in which you handle the challenges you encounter and how you present yourself and your intellectual assets. If you count on outside forces to determine your success, you will never find it. You will live in frustration of that which you cannot control. Those who carve out an irreplaceable value attached to their work will be remembered and succeed. I like the following statement that a youth court judge said When one gets to this time of the year, one automatically reflects on the year that is about to end and one takes stock of the events of that year. I often look at the general and very visible achievements and attainments of the students and the school. This year I would like to veer away from that and reflect on the possible reasons why some students achieve incredibly well and other find it difficult to make a notable impact on life.      managing self relating to others participating and contributing Thinking using language, symbols, and text. So looking at this year and at those students who were successful the question is why and I cannot help but to look at their achievements in the light of the key competencies. They are always well mannered, well groomed and presented, on time thus managing themselves excellently. “Always we hear the cry from teenagers ‘What can we do, where can we go?’ His reply was – “Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, earn to cook, build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, study your lessons and after you’ve finished, read a book. Your town does not owe you recreational facilities and your parents do not owe you fun. The world does not owe you a living, you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent so that no one will be at war, in poverty or sick and lonely again. In other words, grow up, stop being a cry baby, get out of your dream world and develop a backbone, not a wishbone. Start behaving like a responsible person. You ARE important and you ARE needed. It’s too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is NOW and that somebody is YOU!!” I think that is such a powerful message to you the youth of today. So … set your dreams and goals high, work hard to reach them so you can be a successful citizens in our society today. You are ALL capable and I hope to see you ALL succeed in whatever direction your life takes you. Good luck to those leaving, to those returning have a great holiday and I look forward to working with you again next year. Margôt Crate Deputy Principal Curriculum They listen well, speak well, put their argument across well, are tolerant of others and care for others, thus First one looks at an event and this relating to others well. year the first thing that came up in my They are involved in school life, they mind was the remarkable take up challenging roles at school or achievement of the students who desire to do so and represent the were so very successful with the Stage school with pride and dignity, thus Challenge. Once the event springs to they fully contribute and participate. mind one thinks of some of the students who were involved in such They consider what they do, thus an event and their achievements, thinking. Lastly they speak personality, perseverance, attitude, eloquently, phrase their arguments approach etc. to life and that was for clearly, use the appropriate language me the defining moment. Suddenly in all circumstances and read with the key competencies in the New comprehension, thus they use Zealand curriculum stood out as the language, symbols and text well. most probable tool to use for such Maybe the decision maker and analysis. Looking at the key curriculum developers just got competencies one understands the something right and passed that difference between those who something on to the students of New succeed in life and become self Zealand. determining beings and those who are leaving their destiny in the hands of I applaud the students of Tokoroa others. Sad thing is that those who High School who rise to the occasion, leave their destiny to others seldom who don’t make excuses, but face life and its problems head on, find do so wisely. solutions and learn to become So let us look at what the movers and excellent citizens of New Zealand. I shakers of the New Zealand trust that 2013 will once again be a curriculum decided should be the year in which we will see a new wave backbone of one’s toolbox to of students achieving greatly. competently approach life. The key Butch Rothman competencies are: Deputy Principal (Pastoral)


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The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will T Vince Lombardi here are so many ways in which my life has changed since being announced head girl, I had to think more about my actions and what they reflect. I had to learn what it truly means to be a leader and learn that it’s more about what you do out of the public eye than in it. Not everybody has to see your achievement for it to be one. In my five years at Tok High, I have seen what we can do; whether it is just being on the team or leading it. It’s our confidence that gets us over the finish line. I have seen that out school makes great things - just look at what the building class did with the new eating area and the amazing successes that all our sporting teams have had. The stage challenge came home with so many trophies that I think we will need to get a new cabinet just so we can display them. The wearable arts group, has been the biggest that has entered the competition and the new talent coming through with the year 9s is something to watch out for in the following years and lastly, we have great teachers that help us to achieve our goals. To the Head Boy and Girl of 2013 the best advice I can give to is to manage your time wisely, stand tall, don’t be influenced by what others think you should be. Follow your own dreams, be prepared for your future, but don’t forget the people who have helped you along the way. To my fellow year 13s, we have made it! Five years gone and now we are free to do whatever we want with our lives. We can be doctors, teachers, scientists or truck drivers whatever we want to be. I believe that if you work towards your goals you can achieve anything and be whatever you want to be. To the people that have helped me along the way, I thank you. To all the teachers that have helped me to achieve, to my friends for turning these five years into an amazing journey with lots of laughter and to my family for encouraging me and never letting me settle for less than my best, without you I wouldn’t be who I am today. Head Girl Stacey King 2012 Luceo Non Uro, I shine, not burn M To my fellow year 13’s, I want to thank you all for the best four years of my life, I knew it would be a ride that I would never forget as soon as I walked through the front gates of t h i s school and saw your faces. My only regret is that I didn’t walk through those front gates with you. But as we leave together and head off into different directions, I will hold a special place in my 2012 has been a most challenging year, putting on my blazer every heart for each and every one of you. Product of 2012! All the best morning, taking up the responsibility of being a leader and still for the future. trying my best to succeed in all areas of school. This year has indeed been a rocky mountain to climb. A wise man once said, “It To the Head Prefects of 2013 is not the destination, so much as the journey.” Above all of my For centuries, people across the world have laid down different achievements and experiences I’ve shared and enjoyed here at paths to follow and different challenges to conquer next year you Tokoroa High School, nothing can compare to the hours I’ve spent will do the same. It is important to remember that being Head walking these grounds. The amount of knowledge that has been Student is a fulltime job. It doesn’t start and finish at the school passed down to me in every class. The many friends I have gates. Your impact on other people will be enormous, so make the gained, the few that I have lost. I will hold these memories close to most of your opportunities to please others, not only to put you in a my heart as I set out on a new journey to take on the big world. better light, but to make life that much sweeter. The eyes of the any things have crossed my path this year and a lot of these things have threatened to bring me down. But as they say, no matter how many times you get knocked down, you gotta get back up. When things threaten to burn you down, feed on the energy, stand out. The motto that has kept me going, comes from a long line of chiefs and warriors. “Luceo non uro.” I will show the world that, “I shine, not burn.” United we stand, divided we fall The most amazing thing about Tokoroa High School is that no matter what different backgrounds, cultures, families, beliefs and life styles we come from. We come together and stand out as one big family. world will be on you. Noreira kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui. Be strong, be brave, be humble and good luck. Head Boy Te Ao Nui McKenzie 2012


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As I walked through the gates of Tokoroa High School I had no idea what to expect. I did not know what this school was like or what it had to offer. I began my journey here in the beginning 2010 as a year 11. As scared as I was, I knew I had to try fit in and make the most of it. During the time that I have been a student at Tokoroa High School I have had many opportunities to show not only myself, but show others what I was capable of. Being a role model wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Not only having to lead from the front, but also to help those who were struggling to keep up at the back. The reason I put my name down to go for a head position, was because there were so many people who had faith in me, who made me believe that I could be the face of the school, I could be that leader that everyone looks up to. But knowing the competition I had, I lost all faith. Head Girl Kei-lah.Teao 2010, a person who I look up to said; “Try everything once and if you fail, improve, learn and try again”. So that is exactly what I did. I tried and ended up with the result of being Deputy Head Girl of Tokoroa High School. My time here at ‘Tok High’ has been a memorable one. The friends I have made and the friends I have lost. I will always remember you guys! For the teachers who put in the extra time and effort, I thank you for helping me to be the best I can be! Without your motivation I don’t think I would have been as successful as I have been throughout the last three years. I came into this school as an individual, with a school like this I leave knowing that I have a second family. Deputy Head Taylah Paul-Kaponga 2012 I want this school to be the best that it can be I want this school to be at the top - where it should be When schools hear ‘Tok High’ ohh they quiver with fear Because we bounce back with courage, determination and flair From round 1 to round 12 we give it our best We fight to the end without any rest Through sickness, through health, through rich and through poor We can make this difference because we’re from Tokoroa. My time at Tokoroa High School has been long lived but too short. Many experiences outside of school have altered my attitude but it was the school that moulded me as a person. From playing rugby in the under 14’s, to captaining the 1st XV in the A division, from playing in the year 9/10 league tournament, to representing the school at the New Zealand secondary school’s rugby league nationals tournament three years in a row. From being a participant in the year 9 STARS programme, to being a senior mentor and now Deputy Head Boy, this school has helped set my mind and paved my pathway to achieve the things I want. Over the years, I have heard many people speak of how they regret not giving their best at school. My mum, my dad and even Richard Kahui! I conclude my time at Tokoroa High School to say those very words, and to whoever reads this remember “it’s not about trying your best, it’s about doing your best” because that’s what separates 1st from 2nd place - the triers from the doers. In conclusion I would like to thank everyone for giving me the best five years of my life. A huge thanks to the coaching and management staff who gave up countless hours for me. Mr Ford, Tama, Billy and Staff Manu and all the teachers. Special mention to Mr Manu, whom I have known longer then some of his kids - who has used like a million dollars worth of gas driving me to trainings and during all my school days being my inspiration. To the brothers, I have shed sweat, blood and tears with over the years, that’s the bruudas! Uso’s for life! Deputy Head Reginald Matekohi Samone Henderson


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2012 has been a year of change and continuity. Change with the loss of Mr Hamman and Mr Belfield from our whanau. Miss Jacobi and Mr Chandra took over their roles . There was also a smaller number of year 13 students this year , and a larger number of year nine student entrants. Continuity was the order of the day for those students in year 10 to year 13 who moved up through the to meet the challenge of a new level of work. Fortitudo students also continued to improve with the vast majority being in correct uniform. Big Thursday has become an institution. Mr Phayer, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Tucker and Mr Cassidy carried on in their roles as well! Thanks goes to both old and new tutors for their interest in helping their students be successful in the academic, social and cultural areas of our school community. Fortitudo Dean—Mr Murray Olsen FTTU has continued to strive for 95+% attendance and 100% correct wearing of the school uniform. The rapport between the members of this tutor is good to see. Also, the responsibility of those that have been in FTTU for some time, in helping reinforce the standards that I require, is marvellous to see. This tutor makes me proud to be a part of them and as expected, at times there have been hiccups in achieving the standard that is expected. Different members of the tutor class have participated in weekend sport, trail biking, wearable arts, kapa haka group, building projects around the school and the Stage Challenge. It will be sad to see the seniors go, however I wish them all success with the future paths that they are embarking on. Robyn Tucker


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To me, our tutor group is the best in the whole school. We have 5 tutors, TMCN, TMSU, TMKR, TMFG, and TMTE. We are all guided by our DeanMiss Tarai. We have high expectations and it is our responsibility to do all the things we need to do to ensure we enjoy the fullness of what is on offer at Tokoroa High School. Every term we are rewarded for our efforts, whether it be an easter egg, an ice block or a lunch, we all have the same opportunity. This year we have had the best tutor results for attendance with four of our tutors in the top 5 in the whole school. This is because we have dedicated staff who are always willing to give of themselves. These are key messages for our success... Choose this day, whom you will serve It’s not okay to miss a day! You can’t pass if you ain’t in class If you are not for us you are against us This is where there is a Samoan flavour, we love the faasamoa that is present in our tutor everyday. Faafetai tele lava Mrs Faagalu for always helping us and being a spiritual guide in the work we do at school. Jardayne Poko This is where the best of the best survive and strive. There are no excuses with Mr Tereu—Geography is the best subject in the school. He tells us how it is. Thank you Mr Tereu for eating all the biscuits. Corey Hawkins I believe that being part of Te Manava is very rewarding. We always strive for excellence and most importantly to do our very best. Individually we set goals for ourselves and our tutor and we have the continued strong support from our tutors and peers to ensure that we achieve these goals. In our big tutor on Mondays, some may feel that we are hounded by the words of inspiration, but I believe that these messages encourage and motivate us to excel in all areas. ‘Qualifications for all’ is what we live by in Te Manava and this is a key focus for the senior students. Our juniors do not go unrecognised and we as seniors and our tutors encourage them to do well and do right, respect their teachers and be in the correct uniform or find somewhere to hide away from Ms Tarai, which we know is impossible. What are the expectations in Te Manava? It is simple… “Roll with us, or roll out!” because we as a tutor group believe in that we are raising the bar to success, together as one – because that’s how we roll! Jerreau Tonge Under the guidance of Papa Goran, he is always willing to help and support us in all that we do. Thank you Papa Goran for always believing in us. Maggie Mataiti Feeding us up on Butter Chicken for doing the right things in tutor has to be bonus. Sometimes we give her a hard time, but we love that she doesn’t give up on us. Thank you Mrs Chandra for feeding us. Wiremu Brown We’ve had KFC and are always rewarded for the positive things we do. Ms Krause has high standards and we must always strive to reach them. Thank you Ms Krause for rewarding us. Tangata Arioka


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It has been a successful and exciting year. If we take a look back at the year to date some of the highlights were... - Maori head boy and Deputy head girl - Manisha Saini came 3rd at the National Lions Speech Competition - making the final of Nga Manu Korero held in Nelson this year - Amazing sports efforts from our Rugby league boys in Te Rito - Sprint champion Dionne Treadaway - Swimming Champion Tiana Hill - Our Kapa haka team and waiata tautoko group - Maori Language Week Success. - Maori mentors Te whanau a Noa which is the Turangawaewae for our students, has been out of commission due to upgrades on the Marae, it is anticipated that it will be fully functional and available for use next term and for the future so our students can take part fully on the marae. I am always humbled and proud of our students and for what they do. I would like to thank the parents and whanau for their continued support of Te Rito and believing our kids. I would also like to thank each of my fantastic tutors for their support. We are so fortunate to have the expertise of a dynamic team. Last but not least, to our students I say... This year our junior students have been leading the way with their positive attitudes and behaviour. We have a number of students in line for BOT gold bond awards for their positive work efforts in class led by Rizalyn and Turoa. We have a large group of 10 students putting up their hands for leadership roles by applying to become STARS mentors next year. I have enjoyed working with this group and look forward to seeing them rise to their potential. Mr Damian Baker 2012 has been another busy year for our Te Rito students. Many have been involved with STARS as mentors and as year nines, others have been assisting with the running of the breakfast club, have entered in the wearable arts and many students have been part of our schools sports teams. It is great to see so many students involved in a variety of areas, demonstrating their leadership skills and achieving great results! Mrs Narelle Hilhorst (nee Boss) Te Rito has come a long way this year. A whanau united and now working together to achieve personal goals as well as academic success. We have aimed to ensure all our students are attending all their classes, are in the correct uniform and are achieving excellent results. I have enjoyed building relationships with many of our students and look forward to watching them grow and develop in Te Rito. We have so many students who have achieved both sporting and academic success. Many of our students are born leaders therefore, it has been our aim to provide the support and pathways for them to develop. I look forward to next year and wish all our students sitting exams at the end of the year the best of luck. Mr Beaudine Tahau Never give up and always continue to strive for excellence. I am proud of what we have built up here at kura as the second largest tutor group at kura, we have achieved some great feats. Remember what Te Rito is about, whanau, awhi, tautoko and support and know that we are always there to support each other. To our Year 13 Students who will be continuing on to better and brighter things, I wish you all the best. Te Rito Dean - Matua Kienan Ngapo The tutors of Te Rito have been more than welcoming this year and provided me with a warm introduction to the Te Rito family. Highlights of the year for me have been having our students recognised for outstanding sporting contributions, academic achievements, language achievements and contributions to the community. I feel that when our students represent Tokoroa High School they are not only representing our school or themselves, they are representing Te Rito as a whole and strive to achieve, they are proud to be part of a group. Mr Carlin Linklater Haere taka mua, taka muri; kaua e whai – Be a leader, not a follower. This is the whakatauki or proverb that I have instilled in the students from my tutor group in 2012. TRJW have strong leadership potential within the tutor group and many of these students ‘stepped up to the mark’ this year by becoming mentors to the junior students of this tutor group. From this tutor we have six STARS mentors as well as three or four students who will be vying for the positions of head students in 2013. This tutor group has produced some outstanding academic and extra curricular results. Manisha Saini came 3rd in the National Lions speech competition. Dane Clark was a key member of the winning Pacific Sharks under 17 league team. Ezekiel Cooper and Owen Draper were selected for the South Waikato Tritons under 14’s rugby team. Anisa Gardiner, Dane Clark, Mana Tepana and Manisha Saini have produced some fantastic academic results and junior students within Te Rito look up to these students as role models. Our junior students in TRJW have one of the best attendance records in the school, with our junior students sitting at an average of 94% attendance! It is these values I hope to continue to instil amongst our Tamariki in 2013 in order to develop these students as leaders and life-long learners. I encourage the students of TRJW and the wider Te whanau to become actively involved in all areas of school life next year. It has been a blast being able to rely on the students in my tutor who are willing to support each other and respect the efforts of others! Tiana the fish! Dionne the land based rocket and don’t argue with the Tae Kwon Do kid, Holly!! All are nationally ranked and all from TRMT!!! Mr Ian Mutch Ko ia kahore nei I rapu, te kitea – He who does not seek will not find. Mr Jason Jowett


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2013 is the third year that Tokoroa High School Services Academy has been running. With this we have seen an expansion in the programme introducing the YEAR 11 programme. In total we had 3 classes running, the senior programme, YEAR 11 and the YEAR 10 programme. The growth has come with its trials but in all it has been a very interesting year. This year we have seen some good success in the academy. Our seniors with some of our YEAR 11 students attended the annual gruelling, sweat pouring, soul searching, attitude changing, team building, New Zealand defence force run induction course. Two weeks of being in the grind so to speak. Tokoroa competed against other services academies during the two and I can say from all of the induction courses I have attended with the academy, this by far was the most challenging and demanded a lot more of the students. At the end of their tour of duty in Auckland the academy achieved something that has not been done by any academy that is Tokoroa had a clean sweep of all 4 trophies. The trophies were, school best demonstrating discipline and drill, longest day trophy, Team work trophy and the leadership trophy which was awarded to Ryan Pearson. It was an awesome result, and was made even better that our juniors and YEAR 11 students with our staff and principal were present to seen our seniors receive their awards. A time where all our students could celebrate the achievement. Due to his success with winning the leadership trophy, Ryan Pearson attended the Basic Leadership Course in Auckland and was selected to attend the Advanced Leadership Course which only 16 students selected to attend. Congratulations to Ryan as he received the trophy for top student within all the academies, Well done Ryan, big things come in small packages, not saying that he is short or anything, I mean vertically challenged oh what the hey! Congratulations Ryan. This year has also seen the introduction to the Services Academy team with STAFF SOLOMON (Aunty Aps). Staff Solomon has been a great part of our team as she pushes our LEVEL 1, 2, 3 students to achieve in the academic arena. Her work with our students has gone beyond the call of duty. Thank you for your effort. This year we have seen our students grow in belief with their own skills and abilities. Reginald Matekohi and Justus Riki Hamana were selected for the Waikato Harlequins team. Joseph Manu was selected for the Waikato under 16 team. Makaia Tekanawa went to regionals for javelin and qualified to attend nationals. Melandi Appel jointly won the top chef for juniors. Just to name a few. We have had our trials and tribulations, academically, personally and together as a team as does everybody but, I would like to thank the students for your hard work and team work you displayed this year. I know that it has been at times difficult to juggle your time, but thank you once again for your efforts and look forward to seeing you all work towards your academic and life goals. Remember our 3 c’s and an I… Courage, Commitment, Comradeship and Integrity. I would like to thank Staff Tito for his efforts and time that he puts in with our students. Staff Tito brings an energy that is unmatched (so is his shuffling). Also thank you to our staff and management for the efforts with our students. It is very much appreciated. Final words: DREAM IT BELIEVE IT ACHIEVE. Staff Manu out.


p. 11

co ll y The year started off with the wonderful chance for all of us to go to the Stars camp. Most people stayed overnight and the others came each day by car. It was great to see our students mixed in with mainstream groups and managing themselves so well with a little help from the mentors where necessary. Everyone had fun trying adventurous things like boating, horse riding while the high swing in the barn. The on going Stars activities each week have also been an excellent way of including our students in the mainstream and showing the mainstream groups who have come to our room for cooking and sign language that TKW is a great place to learn. Everyone in the class enjoys cooking at least The woodwork option students have made a chair with arms, a back and a place for cups. Every fine Friday Te Kahui Whetu students go to Riding for the Disabled in Kauri Street. Most students ride to improve their fitness and balance but some students help the others by leading the horses or walking beside the horses of riders who are riding off the lead. Sometimes we do some community service by helping Mrs. Morgan out, tidying the boots and helmets or shovelling the horse poo. once a week with Mrs Mutter. Our favourite recipes were chicken curry, Anzac biscuits, muffins, Indian bread rolls and banana cake. The art option group has painted colourful Later in term 2 we went to Rotorua for ten pin bowling. For lunch we had fish and chips at the lake even though it was a rainy day. The best four bowlers went back the next week for the competition and we came 4th. Mrs Mutter shouted us some very special ice cream. We enjoyed the visits of Glenys Wood who taught the class about forming safe relationships, and Matua Billy who came to run a noisy, fun drumming workshop with us. We had fun at the Special Olympics basketball and athletics competitions. We participated in the Gym fest gymnastics festival for the first time. We prepared a group floor routine with the help of Ashleigh, the visiting gym teacher. Reminisce. One option group tried Fabric Painting, first drawing a design on paper and then transferring it to singlet tops. The students made a fine job of these with Mrs Kant’s help. canvases, made mosaics and tried photography. This class swims for fitness every week year round. Several students gained first place in their races in the Special Olympics. Roy and Xtreme also went to the mainstream swimming sports and were placed in their races. Roy was first twice. In Term 2 we went to Matamata College to face other school teams in soccer. We won all three games and came 1st in the competition overall. We were very excited about winning as it is the first time we have been entered at the top level. About 1/3 of our class is Maori so we take Another 1/3 of our class has Pasifika heritage so we also celebrated Kia Orana week by reading stories about the Pacific Islands and using island flowers and patterns for our art work. the chance during Maori Language week to celebrate this and to improve our knowledge of Te Reo. This year we concentrated on colours, parts of the body and clothing. Our room looked beautiful and we were 3rd in the competition.


p. 12

STARS camp for 2012 was the place to be to kick start the year. Year nines as usual were split amongst 15 groups decided by senior mentors on different personalities, skills and talent. Each group was assigned one or two mentors. Day one of camp saw an early morning for some, starting off with a good old morning run, for most a morning walk. Throughout the day groups continued with a rotation around the camp, on the Tough guy challenge, or down at the lake. At the lake, all took part in various activities like, abseiling, kayaking, raft building and swimming. Back at camp were different activities such as horse riding, speak out, concert practise, crafty cooking and more. Each activity challenged most students who found that their group had different talents, qualities and skills. For the evening activities was a campfire, along with the swoop, burma trail and more concert practise. The night of the BIG Concert was exciting for all. We welcomed guests, Lisa and Maryanne from FYD to judge our awesome performances, along with Mr Ford and his whanau. The concert saw a lot of talent, singers, actors and dancers, through the wide variety and deliberation we found our winners. The mighty group 3! All groups did awesome, everyone got involved and the result of the acts was really cool. Some of the highlights of camp for me was the big concert, the students from Te Kahui Whetu being involved and of course meeting the awesome year nines. I have seen a lot of talent, great leaders, singers etc. and I am proud to be apart of STARS. As a senior mentor it is our job to make sure the mentors and their groups run smoothly and our team of mentors did us proud. I THANK YOU ALL for making camp a breeze. I look forward to next years STARS Camp, but this years camp for me will definitely be the one to beat! Jerreau Tonge: Senior Mentor, Class 1 As yet another year draws to a close there is much to reflect on for both students and staff. Looking back and revisiting the positives and negatives brings an array of thoughts. To each student, both past and present, well done for the determination and decision you each made to return and complete your education. No easy feat by any means, but a journey we hope has assisted in your educational and personal growth. The uniqueness each student brings to our rooms is a blessing and must be celebrated. We as staff are lucky in that we have the added bonus of also being able to share in the joys of your child / children, who are travelling this road with you. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. To your whanau and friends, some whom we have met while others we are yet too, our hope is that you are as proud of your daughter, son, brother, sister, grandchild or friend, as we are. For the students who are leaving the unit to persu other learning we wish you well and for those returning in 2013 we look forward to what the year has in wings. To the staff, again both past and present, thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with the learners. It is hoped that you have enjoyed your time with us in 2012 and that like the students you have been able to add to your own kete. As tutors you add value to the whole, ensuring the learning environment is a place where working as a team, teacher and/or learner, creates an atmosphere of oneness. Thank you all once again. We have a number of aims in the unit one of which is to ensure that not only is formal education catered for but also learning which will hopefully assist students in their role as parents. Students have been introduced to, and participated in, a number of courses / activities outside the school curriculum. Included in these are the: SKIP Parenting programme – Salvation Army Financial Management programme – Tokoroa Budget Service Teen Drivers EXPO – NZ Police Waikato Universities open day Learner / restricted licence programmes – Libby Hale Striding Forward – Waikato Institute of Sports and Leisure StudioActive Gymnasium Swimming – SW Pool facility Squash – Tokoroa Squash Club Thank you to all the external providers for the time and effort in presenting these programmes. This is but a small snippet of the learning in Pa Harakeke Teen Parent Unit. It is hoped that we will continue to grow in numbers and that the learning opportunities available will only increase the knowledge of each student. Enjoy your much deserved holidays to both students and staff. STARS Camp at Lakes Ranch was an experience I’m sure most Year 9s enjoyed. This year the final concert and enthusiasm was the best I’ve seen yet. I was inspired to see people overcome fears through activities such as abseiling, horse riding and the Burma trail. To see the teamwork in raft building, performances and the big race. I was proud to see the talent, leadership and potential that the Year 9s have. I believe that all the Year 9s have the mental stability to go far in any aspect of life they enjoy. The STARS Camp was fun, relaxed and a worthwhile experience. I was honoured to be a mentor to the Year 9s this year and happy that everyone listened to Mr Jones words; “Give it a go!” Manisha Saini: Peer Mentor, Group 6


p. 13


p. 14

On March 20th we gathered in the staffroom to acknowledge our students who achieved well in their 2011 NCEA exams. It was great to share this occasion with their parents and teachers. The evening was a formal occasion with students being presented with their ‘Excellence Badges’ and certificates and we encouraged them to strive for more excellence grades this year. The students are encouraged to wear their badge throughout the year. The catering for this occasion was done by our Hospitality students and they and Mrs Lotter did a wonderful job. The following students were acknowledged. Bronze Awards: (8-14 Credits) Level 2 Hannah Dewhurst 9 credits English, Biology Ryan Pearson 8 credits PE Te Ao Nui McKenzie 12 credits Te Reo Maori, Music Level 1 Anisa Gardiner 12 credits Te Reo Maori Callum Gott 10 credits Music, Science Gabrielle Mapstone 9 credits English, Music Manisha Saini 14 credits Music, Science Te Maapii Te Amotahi 10 credits Te Reo Maori, Science Coralie Te Hiko 8 credits Geography Rebecca Tremain 8 credits Science, History Timote Turu 13 credits Cook Islands Maori, Music Silver Awards: (15-24 Credits) Level 1 Liam Hawkins 15 credits PE, Biology Mereana Poko 24 credits English, PE, Science Justus Riki-Hamama 18 credits English, PE, Te Reo Maori Mana Te Pana 20 credits Te Reo Maori Jerreau Tonge 22 credits Te Reo Maori, Music Gold Awards: (25+ Credits) Level 1, 2 and 3 Turoa Tepana 29 credits Te Reo Maori Plus: Aaron Gott, Jullius Daniels Mata, Mereana Poko, Hannah Dewhurst, Mana Tepana, all got their Level 1 NCEA certificate endorsed with Merit. James Loveday got his Level 1 endorsed with Excellence and his Level 2 and 3 endorsed with Merit. On Tuesday 27 March 11 students were collected from school by the New Zealand Blood Service and taken to the St John Ambulance centre in Logan Street to donate blood. To be able to do so the students needed to be 50 kg and at least 16 years of age. It was very pleasing to see that we had 11 students who were prepared to donate blood. This is an excellent thing for students to get into the habit of doing. It is a way we can help our community. One donation of blood can help three patients. The NZ Blood service is always very keen for people to donate. Of this group of students some had donated before but some were new donors. It would be fair to say some of the students were very apprehensive and there was tension in the van on the way to the St John Ambulance centre, however after the blood had been taken there was lots of chocolate biscuits eaten and all were happy that they had been involved. We hope to get more donors next year. This is a great way of showing support for your community so we need more people to get involved. Thanks to all who donated. On Friday 27 April we farewelled Noel Saunders who retired after giving 46 years of loyal service to the students of our school and the district. Noel joined the staff of Tokoroa High School in 1966 to teach music and science. Over the years he has taught hundreds of students and at his farewell some of his ex-students, who are now on the staff of Tokoroa High, spoke fondly of their memories with Noel as their teacher. He is known as a person who was passionate about his subject and he passed this passion on to his students. He also taught maths, woodwork, graphics and metalwork in his time here. When teaching science Noel’s classes won two prizes in the Rotorua Science Fair and also won the coveted DSIR senior science prize. When speaking at his farewell Noel remembered the day when the whole school stopped to listen over the intercom to the men landing on the moon for the first time and also the day when a small explosion in the E2 lab got a little out of hand and broke a pane of glass in the fume cupboard. Over the years this story has grown and now is referred to as ‘the day Mr Saunders blew out all the windows in E2.’ He formed the Brass Band in 1967 and on the extracurricular front also took woodcarving classes and telescope making classes. Although Noel hasn’t taught in the classroom for the last few years he still took the school brass band and was always found in the hall at 7 am on Wednesday morning’s encouraging students to enjoy their music. His last formal performance was at the town Anzac parade last week. Thank you Noel for the many years of loyal service you gave to our school and we hope that you have a long and happy retirement. We wish you well.


p. 15

Another successful year has come and gone so fast. New librarians: Analee Eaton, Kayla Dewhurst, Cullum Clarke, Ranel Naidoo, Sneha Kant, Jessica Paterson, Timithy Mao and Emmaan Pakoti joined the existing library team of Mrs. Henderson and Tamara Thorn who were the only librarians from the previous year. This year has been very successful with events such as the celebration of different cultures (Maori Language Week, Cook Island Week, Diwali) and of course the London Olympics. Also, the library farewelled some of our older senior librarians: Stacey King, Cassandra France and Hannah Dewhurst who, along with Analee, will go on to tertiary study next year. Two of our senior librarians Jerreau Tonge and Hitro Ale, who sadly left us to continue with their in-school studies, helped the team upgrade some of the features within the library, such as the Pasifika area and putting different cultural languages onto the new and improved signs. We revamped the walls with lime green and removed posters to made the library look bigger, this helped improve the new look. The rest of the team were busy covering and processing books and successfully managed to welcome 500 new books to our school. We look forward to all of us getting together again next year with more shared lunches and extra munchies! Written by Tamara Thorn Community Education This year, some sixty adult education courses were held at our school and at Forest View High School, Putaruru College and Mangakino Area School. The most popular courses this year were languages, especially Maori, Cook Island’s Maori and German. Other well attended classes included computer literacy, learner’s driving licence and adult literacy. Our popular self funded Indian cooking class ran during all four terms and attracted many keen participants who keep enrolling to further extend their culinary skills. Our 2013 programme will feature Russian and Spanish languages and a wider range of computer literacy courses. Trooper Te Hiko Recent reforms in the adult education sector require courses to contain a literacy or numeracy component in order to receive government subsidies. The traditional and very popular hobbies, arts and crafts courses, which once made up the bulk of night classes in New Zealand schools, can no longer be offered in ACE (Adult Community Education) programmes. Despite the much reduced programme, being ACE co-ordinator for the four South Waikato schools continues to be both a challenging and rewarding role. Dr. Trevor Bentley Student Council This year has been a slow but steady one for the student council. Although it was a quiet year we still managed to donate copious amounts of money to a variety of different charities e.g. Westpac helicopter and Canteen and also support our young athletes who are going away in December to represent our school at the National Competition. In June we held a very successful mufti day where students brought cans and food to support our local foodbank. The foodbank were very appreciative of our efforts. We also gave funds to Nga Manu Korero for their trip down to Nelson. We helped plan various mufti days for the School and also socials for the youth, not only of Tokoroa High School but also the youth of Tokoroa, which also helped raise funds for the student council. At our last meeting we made our final contributions for the year which went to Mission On and to prizegiving. Overall, it has been a quiet but still challenging year for the council.



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