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how to construct a blog in one easy lesson by allanah king version january 2010 1 first you need a google gmail account go to and get one look at the top left hand of the google page then go to 2 click on 3 fill in the gaps where it says create an account this is the hard part because it has to be something that no-one else has got use a pencil and paper to record your attempts until you get a combination that works if you are worried about spam to your email use a hotmail address or something like that but i have never had any emails from blogger at all so i wouldn t worry too much!


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4 when it s done it should look something like this 5 then chose a template totally your choice on this one you can always change it later if you want 6 now go to the settings and customise a few things to make life simpler and more private basic type your blog title and if you want to spill your guts and bare your soul fill in the description part add blog to listings change it to no unless you want the whole world to see and comment on your conspiracy theories save your settings when you re done.


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7 go to formatting and change the time zone to new zealand pacific time 8 go to comments and change who can comment to the preference of your choice i like the idea of anyone adding a comment and then the novices can do so simply by being anonymous but you can chose to moderate it through your email if you wish if you think some dirty pervert spammer is going to wreck your blog a couple of blogs i run have been going for months and because they are not open when added to i have never had anything untoward get commented on but as administrator of the blog you can delete any comments that annoy you.


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9 now go to posting and get on with it type in the title of your first post type in what you want to tell the world 10 to add a photo have one on your desktop easy to find click on the wee icon of a photo below the title now click on chose file and navigate to your photo you can chose up to five photos at a time but if you re-edit your post later on you can upload another bunch of five later on chose a layout centre-ing it keeps everything in a nice order upload the image on dial-up you may like to go and have a coffee and wash the car on broadband wait a bit and it will say done click on the word done and you are nearly there.


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11 the code for the uploaded photo appears at the top of your post if you want the text to go first or in the middle or whatever just cut and paste it to where you want the photo to go check the spelling and publish the post next to the photo upload button icon you can go back and edit your post if you want 12 tips i learned along the way keep your blog updated or people will loose interest and wander off don t look at next blog while children are watching over your shoulder life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you re going to get or for experts you can edit the template and remove that navigation bar completely http


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or go to my blog for easier to understand instructions change the settings so that you get notification of comments so you know who has commented on your blog you have to write down what your username and password is or you will forget it and that will be the end of that people will look at your blog but not make a written comment the photos you see on your completed blog are only thumbnails so if you click on a photo it will enlarge to a better resolution for people to print off if they want great for sharing photos with people in far off lands with slow connections you can add links and connect with other websites by editing your layout from your dashboard to add something new click on add page element you can drag the elements around to suit yourself.


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the options you get when you go to create a blog differ as to what browser you are using internet explorer safari firefox all have different options along with combinations of os if you are using a browser that doesn t support html editing then you can quickly download bloggassist that easily converts urls to html links for you so you can insert web links into your blog http i have made a blog on how to add extras to your blog to give it a bit of bling it is called allanah king



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