Каталог монет Королевского монетного двора Великобритании "Крещение наследника Британского престола" - № 128 за 2013 г. (на английском языке)


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Золотые и серебряные монеты, посвящённые крещению Его Высочества Принца Кембриджского

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,ffi w ,tr\ Y:# I am delighted to welcome you to the latest edition of Bulletin, which is proudly dedicated to His Royal Flighness Prince George of Cambridge. As the nation waited with bated breath for the much anticipated arrival of the third in line to the throne, we struck a limited number of coins in readiness for his birth. It was to St George we turned, the classic Pistrucci design struck in silver for the first time in more than a century - St George for Prince George. Never before had we commemorated a royal birth, and demand was simply unprecedented, all the officia1 coins selling out extremely quickly. So as we unveil the specially commissioned design created for the christening of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge we expect interest to be extremely high, for this marks another first as we have never before celebrated the christening of a royal baby. Many were disappointed at not securing the Royal Birth coin, and will be particularly delighted with the traditionai and celebratory design that John Bergdihl has crafted for the Royal christening. It graces ou pr.-i., ioins the Kilo, Five-Ounce and f5, as befits such an important occasion. In addition, the zor3 Sovereigns are now in very limited supply, so I would like to remind you to order soon ifyou hope to secure one. I am pleased to reveal a centenary 5op for the British composer, Benjamin Britten and to welcome the return of a beautifuliy designed Remembrance Day coin. And we are also very excited to launch three new collector albums for circulating5op, fr and fz coins they are a great way to get younger people involved in coin collecting, so start them on'The Great British Coin Hunt'today! Best wishes /t/ /Wf* /v ,/Ml Adam Lawrence Deputy Master and ChiefExecutive


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LI MI TED EDIT ION ]UST 4oo The Christening ofHRH Prince George of Cambridge 2013 UK Kilo Silver Proof Coin l: 'i i:i):r UKT3RBPK NEw!< :'t.r.il fz,6oo.oo A kilogramme offine silver will -rk. , wonderful trib,rie to the new Prince and a handsome addition to your prestigious collection. The subtle gleam of silver enhances the detail of ]ohn Bergdahl's traditional, beautiful design, complemented by a bespoke wooden case and completed with a numb113d Certificafe , : ttir:r:,r:t .i 999 fine silver 3fAuthenticity, IOO.OOnm 1oo5.oog Other products in range The Christening ofHRH Prince George ofCambridge... . . ... 2013 UK Kilo Gold Proof Coin UKT3RBGK :1. WILL BE i Ti' STRUCKI The Christening ofHRH Prince George of Cambridge 2013 UK Five-Ounce Silver Proof Coin t:ii.:'1i., f45o.oo,.li:];,. UKT3RB5S NEWI r The graceful lilies and swags of the Christening design are subtly enhanced by fine silver, lohn Bergdahl using the full 65-millimetre field of the coin to great effect. This coin will be sought after and is presented in style, with an accompanying numbered Certifi cate of Authenticitv. .i I i 999finesilver , , ., \,. i i t; 65.oomm The Christening ofHRH Prince George of Cambridge 2013 UK Five-Ounce Gold Proof Coin i'r':r. i:r {8,zoo.oo {li:l;i, UKTIRBSG NEWIr et -or. ifrr" si* centimetri l" ai--.i., *itf, five ounces of fine gold, the Five-Ounce coin struck to"rra Proof quality for the christening ofPrince George allows the design to shine. Your coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity presented in a display case. 999 fine gold and !i : ii 150 \6 iil i- z?5e 65.oomm t56.2959 r4a i- :',! i) '; i:rr: '.'r::


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tla:ALrlThe Christening ofHRH Prince George ofCambridge zor3 UK 15 Platinum ProofPiedfort Coin PRICE f6,4oo.oo CODE UKT3RBPP NEW!> Bearing the officia1 Christening design is this hugely impressive double-thickness Piedfort coin in rare and beautiful platinum, with only roo coins struck to worldrenowned Proof quality. It is housed in a display case with accompanying booklet and numbered Certifi cate of Authenticity. {l i.O} l)1,\\'1I i 999.5platinum a I I I i i \l iii(ili'l irR 38.61mm 94.209 LI M ITED TUST EDITION 75 rnlcr The Christening ofHRH Prince George ofCambridge zo13 UK f5 Gold Proof Coin J1t9l-o_:9-o- ofthe beautiful design that graces the Kilo and Five-Ounce coins can be appreciated on the /5 coin struck for the christening ofPrince George. A royal christening has never been celebrated on the nation's coins before, and this handsome gold Proof 15 coin is an impressive way to mark such a joyous event. Your coin is presented in a display case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate A version {jc.D.E.UK-r.t_RPGP . NEwl.: ofAuthenticity. ,\l,l \l i, I i. li 38.6rmm 1.!'i,t(;lt'1 39.949 ii I .\ lrl 22 carat gold The Christening ofHRH Prince George of Cambridge 2013 UK 15 Silver ProofPiedfort Coin NEW!> PRICE fr6o.oo COfiE UKT3RBPF ifr..pr.af"rt."i" ir r ar"urite of colielior., to"gtt after and admired for its doublethickness prestige. The Christening ofHRH Prince George of Cambridge zor3 UK Silver Proof Piedfort f5 has the added appeal of a notable first - this is the first time we have struck a coin for a royal christening. 'f.1l,lj ii:i) r.t_rt i iiJ\ tlii Sjr\.I Ii'ti.)\ 2,25o The Christening ofHRH Prince George 2013 UK f5 Silver Proof Coin I,RI{lE f8o.oo aCnE UKT3RBSP NEW!< Each coin, from the f5 to the Kilo, design, as befits carries, u.rrion of fohn aertdaht'r r"-pi"o". this 'first', for never before has a royal christening been commemorated. Struck in sterling silver to Royal Mint Proofquaiity, John Bergdahl's design oflilies and cherubs is traditional and celebratory, a royal welcome for Prince George and a wonderful addition to your collection, housed in a display case and complete with a Certificate ofAuthenticity. i,1,\!,ii.ii.l"l I i:i\ I:l'. \.i.,). t2,5ao i,i,lll'i.1r i,irl I ii)\, i,ltr.:,: :., i.\r lr.i\ 12,350 c4


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itoYAt..f'r The Christening ofHRH Prince George of Cambridge zor3 UK f5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin llRrCE fr3.oo CCnI UKT3RBBU NEW!< ir," ii l"i" ;; ;i;;t; p;i,.J, ,"a ir,. op"i."t a..ij, .,.,t.a ro, it. .l trf F \r;,,r R,'y:l \ri!ti l;1i\t , christening ofPrince George is the star ofthis inviting pack containing a Brilliant Uncirculated version ofthe coin and exploring the history and tradition that surround the young Prince. These coins will be very popular - the coins struck for Prince George's birth sold out extremely quickly. .,1i,1oY Cupro-nickel i)lr\1.ii'I llR 38.61mm u trl(lJ l-1. 28.289 The Royal Birth 2013 UK Silver Jr Coin PRI{-IE f6o.oo CCilE UKUT3RB The perfect reminder ofthe birth ofPrince George and an essential gift for a baby born this year - a fi coin dated zor3 and struck in sterling silver to Brilliant Uncirculated standard, accompanied by a booklet It{iriH' fr:Th: ::11:1"c':Il-b11,h ll'dill:": : iliilibr: :"1I )\' 925 sterling silver ili \\iijl ilii 225omm \i::l{iii j 9.5og t,i . Li R:I'J'i"l: 10,ooo \'\tii\it. \i ('o1\ \ti\ | 1(ii .q The zor3 Silver Penny for Boys tk**, & '.v ra},r fza,oo LPAGT.IBM f,frt);i f39,oo !,cDE The zor3 Silver Penny for Girls $ .'ffi"}I'f+$; The Royal Birth zor3 UK Definitive Coin Set rRllt LPAGIIBF < babies silver coins, a There is a long-standing tradition of giving new-born gift to cherish forever. So in this special year, welcome your new arrival with the gift of a lucky Silver Penny. Dated zor3, the Silver Penny marks the year of the baby's birth and is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The special gift pack inciudes a freshly minted coin, a card for your personalised message and a choice of drawstring pouches - pink for a girl or blue for a boy. ,,, Ii_( "i.,it,r,tr,., 2032mm t'i,lt': i l ;.S69 t,t,1.l1i, f", ,,il 6S IlRiCIl fz5.oo {lCllE DUWT3RB eir a.n"i.ir"'sriiii;ot ur.ir.olrt;J ;"ir; - from the rp "igr't to the fz - struck in the year of Prince George's birth are Rorll tt/tint, Coin Speclflcations available on request t.A?:/ \,r-\ \K" t: z- presented in a specially commissioned folder exclusive to The \r Wp 1; , [,i o t-l 1 F l{ l: lf P&}) *, }i r: t-t l c Lt tt i:Ll t: i in c ;ti rv rv,t. t'tl !;l l iir i n l ii'l':-\Y,,' h itr cr i hr:


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z Wi %ffil zzz* The zor3 Britannia Five-Coin Silver Proof Set The new Britannia is classic and so collectable. What better choice than this Five-Coin Silver ProofSet, containing the Britannia silver coins fromthe Twentieth-Ounce up to the stunning One Ounce coin, together celebrating every nuance ofthis classic new design by Robert Hunt. 999 fine silver Coin Specifications available on request The zor3 Britannia Five-Ounce Silver Proof Coin f45o.oo BRT35OZS The zor3 Britannia One Ounce Silver Proof Coin [.92'5o a a The zor3 Britannia Tenth and Twentieth-Ounce Two-Coin Silver Proof Set a BRT3SO BRr3SzS [,lg.oo a Five ful1 ounces ofour finest silver ever and a diameter of 65 millimetres - what One ounce ofpurest silver, carefully crafted to Royal Mint Proof standard. This is quite mighty coinl Robert Hunt's Britannia is more beautiful than ever on this, the premier silver coin in the Britannia range simply the must-have 999 fine silver of the Britannia E,5oo range for collectors ofsilver coins. - and one ofthe largest to be struck at The Royal Mint. 999 38.6rmm 3a.219 perfect to gift or to own a little ofBritannia's legend and a wonderful work ofart. 999 fine silver Coin Specifications available on request The 2aB Britannia range has new denominations to suit every taste - and every pocket. These two beautiful, fine silver coins are just f3g.oo for the pair, iine silver 65.oomm 6,15o y6.z95g


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:R:TAT*:^ i.1M1l L' I:DIIIO\ 25CI Itr I S / U s.t. seated Britannia who is turning to listen to the world beyond her borders. The new, delicate Twentieth-Ounce coin is a treasure in miniature, while the classic One Ounce coin celebrates every nuance ofRobert Hunt's design. This comprehensive and beautiful The zo4 Britannia Five-Coin Gold Proof Set PitICE f3,roo.oo CODE BRr3G5 rrr.'ri"*c"i" ih; p;;"-.r."rirr. .;;s;, ,;;;;.rr"i*ry t" appreciate the beauty ofthe zor3 design by Robert Hunt - a classic il;; collection also includes the Tenth-Ounce, Quarter-Ounce and HalGOunce coins. ,\ilo': i 999.9 flne gold 250 Coin Specifications available on request r\ltlirt) !liri'i1.)\ tRl.5l\I..i't.i():r The zor3 Britannia Premium Three-Coin Gold Proof Set Plllf:I J::lzi:og !o-DI BRll-G-l- The timeless Britannia set with three classic gold coins from the range : making the perfect Britannia showcase. This set contains the TenthOunce, Quarter-Ounce and Half-Ounce coins, with only rz5 sets available - and none ofthe coins included can be bought individually. \i1or 999.9 fine gold Coin Specifications available on request i lVLl'l i:{) ili)il ia)\ L'Rtl!|\ i 1i l1r\i 125 iii \o),tI\,\.t ic\s F'j11:oil 13trtfl\\ti 'I U'O :! I \\' : lRlllcl containing the This three-coin brand new Half Ounce coin along with the TenthOunce and Quarter-Ounce is the ideal choice to refiesh your Britannia collection or to begin anew in this landmark year. set 999.9 flne gold Coin Specifications available on request The zor3 Britannia Three-Coin Gold Proof Set PRiCL, f675.oo coDr The zor3 Britannia Twentieth-Ounce Gold Proof Coin Ilt{ lCir froo.oo i.?r]li BRllG?: - Every detail ofthe design isjust as striking on this work ofart in miniature. Gold coins : The zor3 Britannia Five-Ounce Gold Proof Coin Plf.l{l}1 f8,zoo.oo The Britannia Five-Ounce Gold ProofCoin champions the range, a magnificent new denomination or the Britannia range with make wonderful gifts this is a gift that , will be treasured forever. 1iJ,,., l)l.Al-t]..l,lr.ii. 12.oomm , ,,, ,"0., i,r. *;,; r.589 : ' " .' ' \lj!i,\(;i. ' flve ounces of gg9.g fine gold. Only coins will be struck. ,'r rz5 5,75o \r,]l:J(lIii 35o l)1 i ilrll J I l) I l)l-l L()ii l']11[.(]li\'i,i.l i()]: 999.9 fine gold \\l I i illi 65.oomm f, l:l(i,l'i' 156.2959 i.i.i i) 1, 1 :. , \,i i.. '.i a r ) i l; ilr|r','t.f if. rz! I I \11 i.:r1] |:i)l iil):\ 1)lt l\ 1 \r i .\ i l (-)l.l 1oo t'E ]1 1l p&p wi:r:rl v** arrler online at wil,w,rovalrninl.c*rn/bu1letin {*nter f'IY3!UEB on the Eas}*t page) o':


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The zor3 Gold Brilliant Uncirculated f5 Sovereign PRt{lE f,goo.oo CCDE Ar3 in almost NE\\i I > Benedetto Pistrucci's masterpiece is struck to Brilliant Uncirculated standard 4o grammes of zz carat gold - flve times the gold ofa Sovereign. Only 75o ofthese coins will be struck, and they offer the only way to own the J5 as an individual coin. Your coin is presented in a walnut display case complete with a numbered Certifi cate of Authenticity. \1 T,i,1,l 1'l' ll LO\ zzcaratgold ETflt 36.ozmm wlit(;tll 39.94g I)1,\i\l tI I \i Lr 11 CO I \ \,t I \ ,\(;i: 75a I) F t-r1l o\ P ll l,si, \'l- \ l- i)\ 1' Fl r f 750 The zor3 UK Gold Proof Sovereign rtiS:99 ironF s-vl] llollf This is Britain's flagship gold coin, direct from The Royal Mint. The .l;r;i; Sovereign features St George and the dragon in lustrous zz carat gold, a design that has been coveted and collected for almost 2oo years. Struck to glorious Proof standard, your Sovereign is presented Certifl cate of Authenticity. l i.O-\ 22 carat gold \,1 : l l. il 22.o5mm ,\ i i(ril l. 7.989 \ in a case with a numbered 7,5oo l) i .\ \ \' ' r' i irl , _\lt'r r'.;l ao,2g5 ) r l l\ r") l \l_\'1 .'!,.1o\ The zor3 UK GoId Proof Sovereign Five-Coin Set IIRICE f3,6oo.oo CCIIE SV5r3 The Five-Coin Set is the ultimate Sovereign collection, containing every /5 coin, all struck to Proof standard and accompanied by a numbered Certifi cate of Authenticity. Alioi zz carat gold Coin Specifications available on request I i\ii'!'l:l) illli l.lil\ illllrari!lr I 1(J:- 1,ooo member ofthe Sovereign family from the Quarter-Sovereign to the impressive "u ]to ',i., r-i, t.o;^;.;;, t "*'ur ro r* r* riu"",.;";;";-;toli*"lu.r"'^;;;;;


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The rooth Anniversary ofthe Birth ofBenjamin Britten zor3 UK 5op Gold Proof Coin r,- : {8oo.oo UKT3BBGP NEWI> You can celebrate the life and work ofone of our best-known composers with this glorious Gold Proof5op struck in his honour. Your coin is presented in a case with r a numbered Certificate ofAuthenticitv. zz carat ;: 27.jom gold m : r5o r5o The rooth Anniversary ofthe Birth ofBenjamin Britten 2013 UK 5op Siiver Proof Coin UKT3BBSP NEW!< Marking the centenary of Britten's birth is this inspiring 5op, struck in sterling silver to Proof quality and presented in a handsome case with a Certificate of Authenticity, it is a fitting tribute indeed. .925 sterling silver 27.3omm 8.oog The rooth Anniversary ofthe Birth ofBenjamin Britten 2013 UK 5op Silver ProofPiedfort Coin NEW!> ;;rtffriii,tt;;;t,,;Y,::'r,,*ank,thispiedrortcoinisan,,.,.r.,,o*r.Jg.-.,i ofthe work ofone ofthe greatest composers ofthe twentieth century. .925 sterling silver ' 27.30nn r6.oog t { The rooth Anniversary ofthe Birth ofBenjamin Britten 2o13 UK 5op Brilliant Uncirculated Coin , ,t:\:.-i f8.OO : .);:t UKT3BBBU NEW! < Benjamin Britten once said,'I want my music to be of use to people, to please them, to enhance their lives.' You can enhance your collection with this Brilliant Uncirculated version of the 5op, housed in an illustrated display folder. WKFIW . i" Cupro-nickel . 27.3omm 8.oog


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The Remembrance Day zol3 Alderney 15 Silver Proof Coin {l::,:l:,{: [.89,o9 NEwl> !*lr Ro11!ewho have made the ultimate We remember those servicemen and women sacriflce for their country with the Remembrance Day zor3 Alderney f5 Coin. The poppy is captured so vividly on this skilfully colour-printed coin, struck in sterling silver to Proof quality and accompanied by an informative booklet giving the history of the poppy and The Royal Mint's role in honouring the Armed Forces. For each coin purchased a donation of fz.5o will be made to an -tPl:llit'-:hillv' : r ; lI 925 sterling silver iI I rrt I lrll. 38.6rmm z8.z8g ' :r:iil i 3,ooo : OUTIN ". 2 012 ,],-1 : -1:/ .: El, ,rir;','l# r,.-t;; 13 I \.Vt Sll'7\t IFlI l(1, rl' Frrl t rr The Remembrance Day zor3 Alderney {5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin i:llli-ll f4.oo t':.,r,1, RDT3BU The Remembrance Day zor3 Alderney 15 Coin NEWI< is also available Brilliant Uncirculated standard. Royal Mint engraver Emma Noble's design is set in beautiful and informative packaging, the coin bearing the red colourprinted poppy balanced with poignant words to recognise the bravery ofthe Armed Forces. For each coin purchased a 5o pence donation will be made to an 1PPl:P',iit: it i i,\ Cupro-nicl


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E I I i The 1953 and zo4 Coronation Crown Two-Coin Set f3o.oo Pre-Decimal Coin Collection .r a HSVCOBUS PDCCS fz5.oo The Lucky Silver Sixpence f3o.oo r. UKGBSS The Coronation crown of ry53 bore portrait ofthe Queen seated on her faithful horse, Winston. This two-coin set pairs the 1953 crown with the zo4 f5 coin struck for the 6oth anniversary of Her Majesty's Coronation. Coin Specifications available or coins that were phased out are still remembered fondly. This exciting new pack contains a selection ofthe coins you mayhave found inyour pre-decimal change and tells the story behind them. Coil Specifications available on request More than 4o years after decimalisation the Yoursilrersixpence, whichis displayed in a smart gift box, was struck between 1920 and ry46 - a good luck charm that will be appreciated forever. 5oo silver r.n..r, ,,ooo 1g.4Omm 2.839 .ai;\ '@ ;,r ,a '.:.1!) ::.r I F tt cot N tIUN.'I F ? il (:'$ The UK 5op Coin Collector [.5.oo C45oPr3 Album a The UK fr Coin Collector Album [.5.oo CArPr3 The UK [2 Coin Collector Album CAzPr3 . a f5.oo |oin collectors across Britain and hunt down circulating fz, readv ror vou to add ft and 5op coins with these fun albums, tler',?'.?3f,tiflx:'d3flTf,.tffili'*:vour collections with


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The Christening of HRH Prince George of Cambridge zor3 UK Silver Five-Ounce Coin UKT3RB5S f45o.oo ". 1 John Bergdahl, a sculptor who has undertaken a number of prestigious commissions from The Royal Mint including the Five-Ounce coin for the 6oth anniversary of the mark the christening of Prince George. He turned to tradition for inspiration, his design featuring the Lily Font that remains secure in the Tower of London until called upon for the christening ofroyal babies - who are blessed with water from the River lordan. Swags oflilies ornament the inscription, which is flanked by two harp-playing cherubs to perfectly balance his Queen's Coronation, has now created an opulent design to design. The motto at the foot of the coin is traditional, DIEU ET MON DROIT or 'God and my right'. It is the motto of the monarch, of Queen Eiizabeth II, who, with the birth of Prince George, has become the first reigning monarch in rzo years to greet a great-grandchild destined to succeed to the throne. Very few collectors will be able to secure the extremely limited edition Silver Proof FiveOunce coin - containing flve ounces offine silver' 999 fine silver r,66o r,16o . 65.oomm t56.2959 {z * Coins shown in Bulletin are not actual size. Prices may change due to fluctuations in raw material prices. Coins Ibatured in the sets may not be packed as shown. Limited Edition Presentation is the maximum number ofthe coins, presented in this specific sty1e, that will be issued. Maximum Coin Mintage is the maximum number ofthe coin that will be issued. Full specificatlons ofa11 coins are available on request or, for more information, visit www.royalmint.com. The obverse ofeach coin features the portrait ofthe Queen by Iaa Rank-Broadley FRBS unless otherwise stated. @ The Royal Mint Limited zor3. @ Wqwm"-E WHwq" rI m ffi'J,il1H,,1t:l;'.ltl'ff,i1'i:ffYi,.fl,"rT,Il,ili.'.1]""0



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