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moturoa newsletter #1


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welcome to appleby school and moturoa classroom for 2010 i trust that you have had some great holiday time and are enthusiastic about our return to school we have some exciting learning experiences planned for the year and trust that your child will quickly settle in and enjoy being back at school.


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i do hope that you will be able to call in at some stage and say hello if you have any questions or concerns please come in for a chat and we can sort them out before they become big problems i can give you more time after school but before school is ok too if that suits you better we are continuing the class blog web log or diary from last year so if you have


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internet access you may like to view participate and add comments which we always enjoy more about that later the address is i like to think our classroom as an open place and i want to involve you in our learning journey if you can t be here in real time you might be able to join us virtually from time to time via our blog podcast wiki or skype allanahk


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our first chunk of topic work is called connect me the big concept is looking at how we connect with othersin our families school community nationally and internationally our classroom email address is or directly to me at home at


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we will not be having any set homework for the first couple of weeks as we are going to be easing into school work gradually in the meantime please encourage your child to read and practise some of their maths knowledge from last year we are fortunate enough to have daily swimming lessons before lunch so children will need to bring togs in a


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separate plastic bag each day in this heat it would also be great if your child could have a named drink bottle to sip from to keep liquid intake going for use in the classroom please have it full of water not cordial as a cordial spill can make an awful mess i would also like to remind you of our school hat policy of wearing a named wide brimmed hat when playing


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or participating in sports activities thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and please call in and visit us allanah king adv dip tchg adobe educational leader



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