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Published every even week during school terms. Posted to school families, the wider community, on the web and emailed by request. Copy and casual advertising for #16 published Wed 6 November, closes Thu 31 October, 2013. WEDNESDAY 23 OCTOBER 2013 ~ TERM 4 WEEK 2 ~ VOLUME 153 NUMBER 15 QUOTE Stand tall and proud; Go out on a limb; Remember your roots; Drink plenty of water; Be content with your natural beauty; Enjoy the view. Advice from a tree CALENDAR Mon 14 Oct Mon 21 Oct Fri 25 Oct Mon 28 Oct Tue 29 Oct Wed 30 Oct Thu 31 Oct Mon 4 Nov Thu 7 Nov Mon 11 Nov * Click on item for status and/or further info. First day Term 4 Board of Trustees meeting Spring Festival / Pet Day * Labour Day Postponement date for Spring Festival Group Day (Wairau Valley School) Y7/8 Technology (3rd Semester) 1/6 Marlborough Anniversary Y7/8 Technology (3rd Semester) 2/6 Y7/8 Trip to the Capital Denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter or web calendar. NAUMAI HAERE MAI This week we welcome Ayla McPhee as a brand new Kaituna Kid. A special warm welcome also to Jacob (Y5) and Brooke (Y7) Mischeski. Best wishes to all of you for a great start at Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 1


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Havelock with new friends, experiences and learning. EITHER WAY In case you haven’t noticed, from the beginning of this term, Sergeant Barrie Greenall’s highway patrol team in Marlborough has been policing the speed at which drivers go past a bus that has stopped to let children on or off - either way it’s 20k/h. There are a range of penalties for speeding past a stationary school bus including; • Drivers could be fined $150 for passing without due care • 30km/h over the speed limit - 40 demerit points and a significant fine • 50km/h over the speed limit it is automatic loss of licence and a court appearance If strictly enforced drivers could lose their licence if they pass a stationary school bus at 71km/h or more and that applies no matter what direction a driver is travelling. MARLBOROUGH PRIMARY SCHOOL MUSIC FESTIVAL Rockin' 'Round the World showcased talent from 26 Marlborough Primary schools from Waitaria Bay through to Ward. Rockin' from New Zealand through the Pacific Islands, across Asia, with a hop to the United States of America, meandering to South America, and a jet to France, finally ending back down under. If you missed it for some reason then you missed out on a truly amazing musical event. Havelock’s senior class, effectively its choir, spent considerable time learning the repertoire of songs for this event and on the night looked splendid in their bright blue shirts. Unfortunately no photos or recordings were allowed however backstage we captured Aroha and Sakura after their Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 2


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promenade during the Japanese National Anthem. The Surfin’ Safari choreography with Hawaian shirts and beach balls went down a treat. Thanks Mrs Eden for your expertise. After the break Cabaletta (Junior Choir from Marlborough Girls’ College) did a short bracket and really showed what talent, commitment and guidance can achieve. The two-hundred plus students ably led by Elin Tomas (Springlands) came from Havelock, Mayfield, Spring Creek, Springlands, St Marys and Whitney St schools. A great night. Thanks to all who helped with transportation for the rehearsals and again on the night as well as supporting pupils with the prep. NEW CHILD RESTRAINT LAW From 1 November the mandatory use of child restraints in vehicles will be extended by two years, with all children required to be correctly secured in an approved restraint until their seventh birthday. NZTA Road Safety Director Ernst Zollner said the rule change would bring New Zealand into line with the requirements of Australia, and was an important step forward in improving the safety of children on New Zealand roads. Goto "Children are especially vulnerable to injury in crashes, and the standard seats and safety belts installed in most vehicles are designed to protect an average sized adult. Because children are smaller and have different body shapes, they need more protection to keep them safe in a car. These changes will make travel safer for New Zealand children and they will help to reduce tragic and preventable deaths and serious injuries among our youngest road users." Mr Zollner said the NZTA is also keen to remind parents and caregivers that New Zealand law already requires all children aged seven to be secured in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 3


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Questions & Answers (three of those listed) 1. What changes are being made to child restraint laws? From 1 November 2013 the mandatory use of approved child restraints will be extended to passengers who are aged under seven (ie until their seventh birthday). The requirement for children aged seven to be restrained in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle will remain. ‘If one is available’ means if a suitable child restraint is in the vehicle your child must use it. The law says you must: Until 31 October 2013 Correctly secure your child in an Until their 5th birthday approved child restraint The law says you must: Until 31 October 2013 Correctly secure your child in an From their 5th h birthday approved child restraint if one is until their 8th birthday available in the vehicle (and if not, in any child restraint or safety belt that is available) 8. From 1 November 2013 Until their 7th birthday From 1 November 2013 From their 7th birthday until their 8th birthday If a school asks parents or other persons to help with transport to school events in private cars will they need childrestraints for each child they carry aged under 7? Yes. From 1 November the law will be extended to include the use of mandatory child restraints for all children under seven (until their 7th birthday). The type of child restraint they should use will dependon the age and size of the child. The law will continue to require all children aged seven to be secured in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle, and if not in any child restraint or safety belt that is available. 13. Will there be additional costs for parents and caregivers as a result of the changes to requirements? This change will not affect every family. Itmay affect families of children who have a booster seat that is too small for their child to stay in from their fifth birthday or one that will become too small during the ages five to seven. Families who do not currently have a child restraint for any children aged five and six may also be affected by the change. The change may also affect families with two working parents or caregivers who may have Page 4 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861


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to purchase more than one child restraint per child. For example, if one parent drops off a child at school on their way to work and another parent or caregiver picks them after school in a different vehicle. Approved booster seats vary in price and quality. Booster cushions are available from $30. For a child restraint to provide optimum protection it needs to provide both back and side support to protect from side-impact injuries. A booster seat that provides both back and side support can be bought for between $80 and $150. More expensive booster seats are available which offer more features and protection and can be used for a longer period such as from one to 12 years. Retail Institute accredited Child Restraint Technicians retailers and other child restraint stakeholders will be able to advise parents and caregivers on their options. The lead-in time for the new child restraint rules takes into account the need for parents to plan ahead and make the most effective choice for their family. Over time, parents will be able to better plan for the extended child restraint requirements, for example, by buying a child restraint which will fit a child up to the time they turn at least seven. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 5


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QUILT RAFFLE SELLING WELL Should you get an opportunity to take a ticket in this raffle then please do so. Quilts of this quality don’t become available very often and if they do, cost a small fortune. Gillian Somerville has spent considerable time crafting this one with a sea theme that is immediately obvious. The finishing work is superb and it is perfectly backed as well. Gillian has offered this quilt (1.32m x 1.68m) which is the only prize in this raffle, in support of the Y7/8 trip to Wellington. If you would like to secure a few tickets then please contact the school asap as only 250 are up for grabs at only $2 each. For a colour rendition of this quilt go online to our website and to the Latest Newsletter. U13 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL From the 4th - 7th of October the Marlborough U13 Girls’ Basketball Team travelled down to Timaru to play in the South Island basketball tournament. It was an early start on the 5th for our first game against Buller. Sadly we lost 26 - 50. After a big wait we had our next game against North Canterbury at 7pm. It was a close game but in the end we lost 44 - 45. Our next was played on the 6th and that was against Mid-Canterbury. We one 44 - 22 and we also won against Canterbury 46 - 36 desspite having two players being fouled off. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 6


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On our final day we played against the Westcoast who had won their pool but we beat them 52 - 38. Our last game in the finals was again against Buller and after having two players fouled off again we lost 43 - 77 but ended up coming second out of the ten teams in the tournament. Goto Contributed by Elisha Godsiff On the 9th of October the Tasman U13 Basketball Team travelled down to Dunedin to play in the National (all around New Zealand) Tournament. There were 18 teams. My first game was against Gisborne whcih we won 55 - 29. Our next game sadly we lost to Auckland 64 - 56. Then we played Canterbury Country and lost 54 - 48, a game we really needed to win so we could get into the top 8 teams to play in the finals but we lost so played for the best of the remaining 10 teams. We could still win a trophy for coming 9th. Our next game was against Taranaki which we won 44 - 41. The second to last game was against the home team Otago who we smashed by 80 - 40. We were now playing off against Porirua for the trophy for 9th of 18. The trophy was ours with a score of 64 - 52. Contributed by Ella Donald REFLEXOLOGY The things one has to do as a teacher! But what a great way to finish the term… you will note the happy state as Mrs C helps Karen Mckay with the practical demo as pupils try and take in how all the connections and biology work together. From feet to hands and ears, the connections and calm generated were an eye-opener. In case you have not heard of reflexology it is a therapy based on the principle that reflexes found on the feet, hands and ears are connected to various parts of the body and by applying pressure to these reflexes, an equilibrating effect can be achieved to either stabilize an imbalance or bring about a positive effect through relaxation, thereby promoting self-healing. Thanks Karen for offering to broaden students’ experience and understanding of this therapy. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 7


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A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT ABSENCES The school community has adopted a policy which places an expectation on parents and caregivers to phone the school by 09:15 on or before any/every school day their child will not be attending. By 09:30 staff will have correlated this information with the morning's roll call. Any unexplained absences will, in the first instance, be checked with a call to parents or listed emergency contacts on file. If further immediate information about the child's whereabouts remains unknown, the school will contact the local Police. PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE ABOUT AN ABSENCE BEFORE 09:15 LEAVE A MESSAGE IF SO PROMPTED There is a strong correlation between progress and attendance. In New Zealand, parents must legally ensure that their children attend school each day. Under the Education Act 1989, parents and carers of children between six and 16 years old can be prosecuted if their child is away from school without a justified reason. Once enrolled, even from the earliest at age five, it is important that good attendance patterns are established by new entrants and reinforced by parents and whanau. A strong and clear message about the importance placed on learning is established and sets life-long patterns. Attendance for Parents/Whanau (MoE) Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 8


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NOTES FROM HAVELOCK COMMUNITY GARDEN Our Community Garden is now all planted up and seeds sown, ready for that warm weather we had last week to return. Over the last month Muff and Paul Newton have donated some pretty potent mulch to the garden, as well as some sand to help break down our clayey soil. It is astonishing to see the resultant growth. We are also very grateful to the two local Queen Charlotte College students who volunteered to spend their work day with us. They worked tirelessly to spread the trailer loads of sand and mulch over the gardens. We would have them back anytime! While on the topic of thanks, we are grateful to Bev Foote and others who have generously donated produce from their gardens over the last month to ensure we had enough vegetables to spread around those who need them. Our next major project is to look as to how we can harvest and reticulate the rain water, thereby reducing our dependence on the town supply. More news about this and an “open day” we are planning for the end of November to celebrate the arrival of summer in next month’s notes. We are often asked what are the criteria for receiving parcels of vegetables from our garden. The answer is that anyone in our community who is sick infirm, disabled or frail can be on our list of recipients. Also people you might know of who are socially isolated. Cathy Ruffell does a good job of calling on these people with a cheery word and even a carrot or two, to help them feel they are not so alone. The garden volunteers (we now number six, supplemented at school holiday time with school children- thanks Taylor) also welcome anyone who would like the company and enjoy helping out in the garden. Although most of the volunteers have their own vegetable gardens – sometimes even donating to the Community Garden when they have a surplus- our policy is still that if you want to spend an hour or so in the Community Garden, you are welcome to take some of our produce, as long as we have enough for Cathy to distribute, of course. Another benefit for the volunteers is that we have several extremely knowledgeable people helping, so the lesser experienced of us pick up some good tips to apply at home. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 9


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We still meet every Tuesday between 09:00 and 11:00 at the garden so if you know of someone who is in need of our vegetables, or you want to be a volunteer, please contact Ian Cameron on 574 2558 or email SPEECH COMPETITION Although a while ago as it just missed the deadline of the last newsletter last term we need to acknowledge the fourth place Kayla Aston-Butterfield achieved during the cluster competition held at Canvastown. In the end Kayla was the only finalist from Havelock and of course was as nervous as anyone standing up in public and in front of peers. Congratulations on both your courage and delivery. Experience and skills grow when surfing the edge, next time will be that much easier and better. FUNDRAISING DISCO Congratulations to the senior girls who organised the disco on 20 Sep. As you can see above the colour and operational teamwork were exceptional. The logistics and catering were also extremely well thought through. While the weather outside was wet and windy, the warmth and energy within was fantastic. The funds raised are helping our Y7/8 students get to Wellington in three weeks. DID YOU KNOW? Research has found that the number of times each day we eat sweet food or consume drinks high in sugar, it increases the rate of decay in our teeth. That is why it is helpful for children to learn which are sugar free ‘anytime’ foods [such as cheese, fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, unsweetened popcorn and milk and water] and those which are only ‘sometimes’ or ‘special occasion’ foods. REGULAR UPDATES FROM THE NELSON MARLBOROUGH COMMUNITY ORAL HEALTH SERVICE BLENHEIM & MARLBOROUGH MOBILE CLINIC 5209922 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 10


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HAVELOCK LIONS MARKET DAY SATURDAY 26th OCTOBER Havelock Lions re-commence their monthly Market Day down at the Domain on Labour weekend Saturday. (To celebrate the reduction in site fees ($5 for the domain and $7 for one of the sites under the verandah) we have re-branded the event but all the services we provided before will still be there. For our first occasion we have decided that proceeds from the day will be donated to "Project Vanuatu". The project, which is underway, is sending a container of books and other educational equipment to Tanna (Vanuatu). Most of the equipment came from Koromiko School, although other schools have contributed. The project is the dream of Gary Graham of Moetapu Bay. Gary recently spoke to our Club and we were so impressed by his commitment and the story he told regarding the library the Islanders had (built by foreign aid) but with nothing inside it that we resolved to join Blenheim South Rotary Club, Inner Wheel and Havelock Lions in this joint project. The Market Day will start at 9:00am and finish at 1:00pm but set up can happen any time after 8:00am. Sites are still available, contact Ian Cameron or ring 574 2558 NELSON SUMMER CAMP – BASKETBALL Nelson’s annual summer camp takes place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of January 2014 for players aged 11-17. This is a very popular camp with top NZ coaches putting players through their paces. If you would like further information or a registration form emailed out please contact the Marlborough Basketball office at or phone 577 8300. Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 11


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Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 12


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COMMUNITY LAW CENTRE EASY ACCESS TO LEGAL ADVICE SKYPING SERVICE AT HAVELOCK Save yourself the trip into Blenheim to speak to a Paralegal worker at Community Law Marlborough. You can speak to Community Law Marlborough via Skype from the offices of Pelorus Projects (between “Eyes on Nature” and the Havelock Hall). There is no charge for this service. All you need to do is to ring Pelorus Projects (574 2555) to make an appointment and then turn up, with your documents, at the appointment time. The interview is confidential. The types of matters which the Case Workers can deal with are employment, contract, family, consumer, immigration problems. However, they do not deal with Commercial or conveyance matters. The next appointment times are 22 October, 5 November, and 19 November SPRING FESTIVAL & PET DAY Friday 25th October 2013 Postponement Tuesday 29th October 2013 Indoor exhibits need to be delivered to the school hall by 14:00 Thursday 24 October so stewards can set up in preparation for judging etc on Friday morning. the programme is as follows. Let’s hope the day is warm and sunny and we can enjoy a great day. 09:15 09:30 10:00 10:15 11:15 11:45 12:00 12:15 13:00 13:45 14:00 14:30 Drinking bottles to staff room buckets Exhibitors arrive with animals Judges’ cuppa - informal meet and greet - staff room All animals/pets in place Judging starts in various areas - note signage please - owners to be waiting with animal/pet for judging Drinking Races (Ring) Dogs Obstacle Course Grand Parade - animal entries Lunch (early) Outdoor Games on the turf downstairs - school, pre-school and adult events Prize-giving Cleanup Dismissal Page 13 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861


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Havelock Museum Flea Market A Museum fundraising venture Venue: At the Museum Open every fine Saturday 10 am – 1 pm And sometimes Sundays & Mondays of long weekends etc. Every conceivable item known to mankind is available at some stage. Just some of the selections available: Clothes Fabric Books Plastic ware Curtains Kitchen goods Towels Tools Furniture Crockery Cutlery Knitting Wool Shoes Electric lamps Light shades Garden & Recipe Books Radios Clocks GlasswareCups Toys Jewellery Toasters Soft toys Clothes Craft and quilting magazines Bags Baking ware Mixers Hats Pictures Ornaments Outdoor furniture Real Bargain Prices Donations of saleable goods, books etc. welcome. PELORUS AREA HEALTH TRUST The Pelorus Area Health Trust has set up an emergency Meals on Wheels service for the Havelock area. We will be providing subsidised meals to residents with a health related emergency needing meals during a recovery period or similar situation. For more information or to receive help with meals please phone Hazel on 574 2772. The Rai Valley A&P Association News proud to bring you the 80 Rai Valley Show - 1st March 2014 th The AGM of the Rai Valley A&P Show was held on the 8th October at the Carluke domain office with all positions being filled on the committee: President: Tim Harvey - 03 571 6086 Vice President: Sandra Currie - 03 571 6161 Secretary/Treasurer: Andrea Harvey - 571 6173 Conveners of each section are: Cattle: Andrea Harvey, Tim Harvey, Aimee-Beth Prattley Sheep: Hartley Neal 03 571 6192 Dogs: Rosemary Schuebpach 03 571 6021 Equestrian: Sandra Currie 03 571 6161 Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 14


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Rai Challenge: Steven Bryant, Kim Swan 03 571 6170 Indoor Section: Marion Payton, Hilda Nicholls 03 571 6187 Trade Sites: Karl Young 03 545 0447 Animal Nursery: Diane Payton 03 571 6365, Hartley Neal 03 571 6192 Vintage Machinery Display: Ken Barr 03 579 4357 Web Site: We are excited that this will be our 80th Rai Valley Show to be held on Saturday 1st March 2014. To help commemorate this the committee is putting together a pictorial edition of old photographs, stories and memorabilia of past Rai Valley A&P Shows and would love to be able to take copies of any treasures you may have. Please contact Diane Payton soon. A reminder to everyone to get their giant pumpkin seeds growing to enter the competition and to start nurturing along any prize winning flowers and vegetables you will want to enter into the indoor section! The show schedule will be out in early December 2013 to check out which sections to enter and indoor entries are accepted on the day. To all local horse riders, we have a ‘District Hack’ and ‘District Pony’ section just for you to enter with lovely trophies and prizes to win. You will NOT need a current height certificate for these two classes but for all other classes all entries will need a current RAS performance and height certificate. Rai Valley will not be holding any measuring on show day but Marlborough has measuring days on the 8th November 2013 and the 8th January 2014 – email to book. We have a great hard working committee who enjoys putting together this show day for our community but of course we would love to have anyone out there who would like to help, there is a lot to do! Please contact any of the above people if you have any ideas or offers of help.  BLUSH BEAUTY MARLBOROUGH Book in for two or more waxing services and receive 50% off your appointment! Valid until 31st October Bookings essential Limited appointments available 03 574 1116 81 Main Road Havelock Mauri Ora na Akoranga ~ Learning for Life… since 1861 Page 15



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