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FREE Life in the Inner West! Issue 221 | October 18 2013 Dead zones: Where to see a local ghost Syrian cookbooks, Calabrian cuisine and how to eat a horse WIN! Melbourne Cup lunch for four at WatervieW Bounty Killer DVDs Why fantasy fans need to get a (real) life Game of Thrones blows! Movie tix Renoir Machete Kills is taking over the Inner West! Distributed in Leichhardt, Annandale, Petersham, Stanmore, Newtown, Rozelle, Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill Halloween comes to Nicholson St PLUS! Taxis on call Fright night   Bookings or for more information contact: WatervieW in Bicentennial Park for Special Olympics Australia welcomes your support to join us for a very special Melbourne Cup experience to be held on Tuesday 5 November, 2013 Entertainment - Boys in the Band celebrates the world’s greatest hits from the most iconic bands of the 20th century! The show features some of the most talented, versatile, handsome and hip young guys in the entertainment industry today. The day will commence at 11.30am for registration networking drinks followed by a sumptuous three course lunch including beer, wine and sparkling. Special Olympics Dancers Myer Fashion Show hosted by Caitlin Stewart Myer Best Dressed Awards - Male and Female Sweeps and Raffles Big race betting opportunities available That’s amore: Falling in love with Norton Festa all over again WatervieW in Bicentennial Park for Special Olympics Australia welcomes your support to join us for a very special Melbourne Cup experience to be held on Tuesday 5 November, 2013  Ticket price $130 per person, $120 for seniors and $1,250 per table of 10 The WatervieW Team on 9764 9900 /


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NEWTOWN We thank all our loyal customers and we invite you to celebrate with us and experience our new look salon! WE WON! YOUR NEXT VISIT Valid Monday – Friday before 5.30pm, only at TONI&GUY Newtown. Not redeemable for cash. Expires 20th December 2013. $20 OFF RECEIVE * 188 King St. NEWTOWN TO MAKE A BOOKING CALL 9565 2111 NEWTOWN 2003-2013


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Portofino finito, King St celeb spotting, ZiZi’s goes Zen, Rodizio returns l Much loved local restaurant Portofino has closed its doors. Can’t say that the proprietor was ever kind to this publication (having yelled rather loudly at us on more than one occasion) but that’s all in the past now. The restaurant has a sign in the window citing insufficient parking as one of the contributors to their closure – they should have also mentioned that their website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2006. Many local businesses that blame external forces for their demise should perhaps look at themselves first. Staff changes at the Leichhardt Annandale Business Chamber will see retail expert Fiona Golinelli try to tackle some of the internal issues experienced by these struggling businesses. l Spotted: Reece Mastin looking like a right hipster as he shops with friends at the Local Store on King Street, Newtown. Who is Reece Mastin, you ask? Winner of the 2011 X Factor, currently dating Home and Away siren Rhiannon Fish. l ZiZi Pancake Bar has been replaced with a Japanese casual dining restaurant. ZiZi’s was run by a lovely elderly Hungarian couple that ran other businesses on the side. Unfortunately the husband recently suffered a stroke and the pair had to abandon the business. l Café Rodizio has finally reopened on Norton Street after a huge fire swept through the premises over 6 months ago. We are not sure what took them so long, but the same owners are back behind the counters. l The Clarence Hotel has finally been bought. The once popular Comedy Store, which then became a gay venue with a giant leather lair, has now become a live music venue. Maybe Darcy Byrne’s Parramatta Road vision is becoming a reality. Latte leftie WE ARE C!AO ADVERTISING Sonya Madden Satire for the soul Latte Leftie is filled with despair at the Labor Party’s missed opportunity to embrace a Penny Wong – Doug Cameron leadership ticket. Dear LL – What do you make of the new Labor leadership team? Anthony, Marrickville LL replies: Before I get onto that I would like to advise Ciao’s readers across the nation to keep an eye out for a couple of events to be held at the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Town Hall during which I’ll be asking the ill-fated Albo the tough questions, such as, ‘Why are you so universally beloved?’, ‘How does it feel to be the greatest Deputy PM Australia ever had?’ and ‘What can the Australian people now do to make up for the shameful lack of gratitude they’ve shown you?” That out of the way, let me turn to the Labor Party’s decision to anoint a man who combines the sociopathic ambition of a Kevin Rudd, the off-camera, taxi-driver-abusing arrogance of a Mark Latham, the media whoredom of a Natasha Stott-Despoja and the prissy, preening earnestness of the most tiresome head prefect. Normally I’d fall into an even deeper state of existential anguish than is the standard state for any ALP true believer at the election of such an oily operator but I take some consolation at the thought he’s destined to be a John Robertsonesque footnote by the time Labor regains power federally circa 2040. Needless to say, if Labor was genuinely committed to diversity it would have instituted a quota system to ensure the gay-marriageadvocating Eurasian sapphist Wong got the top job with the erstwhile alcoholic, Scottish rabble-rouser Doug Cameron as her deputy and Plibersek, the Inner-West-residing offspring of Slovenian peasants (and life partner of a former narcotics importer and ex-con), as treasurer. But they squibbed it and it’s a pity... n Email your dilemma to JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin C!ao history The Sydney Rowing Club was formed in 1870 by group interested in the advancement of amateur rowing in Australia. The clubhouse has occupied its current site at Abbotsford Point since 1874. This image (right) portrays a regatta held at the club around 1926. The club has always had a focus on high performance and elite rowing programs and has seen over 60 of its members compete at the Olympic Games. Former members of the club include Australia’s first Prime Minister Edmund Barton and famed poet Banjo Paterson. ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo n Image courtesy of the City of Canada Bay. n Words: Max Kobras PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors Nigel Bowen Ciao B s ig boobs attract complaints Things we love: The Bonds ‘BOOBS’ campaign. You will no longer see this eye-catching billboard above Stanmore McDonalds. Bonds are now under investigation by the Advertising Standards Bureau after several complaints were made about the appropriateness of the ad campaign, which includes a partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to support the drive for early detection of breast cancer... We think people need to get a better sense of humour. Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. C!ao’s voice WHAT'S IN & OUT Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. • Cinnamon-flavour gelato from Cremeria DeLuca, Five Dock • Picking up while doing your grocery shopping at MarketPlace Leichhardt • The new Waterplay Park at Steel Park, Marrickville South • Fresh watermelon juice from the grocer in South Newtown • Free entry at the reopening of the newly renovated Fanny Durack Aqautic Centre on October 27th - its also the pool’s 124th birthday bash In • Realising how pasty you look now that winter is over • Shootings in Five Dock • The fact that Xmas decorations have already hit the shelves and we still feel like it’s Easter time • The development that will see an eight-storey building erected on George St, Leichhardt • HSC stress • Sydney Water turning off water in Petersham without notifying anyone Out Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Marisa Lamonica is dressed by MIA on Norton, hair by Bellezza and makeup by Rita Mesiti. Gianni Di Rocco appears with his vintage Fiat van, which will be showcased at Norton St Festa on Oct 27th. Shot by Ben Cregan. Cover: Ghouls and goblins prepare your cauldrons for Nicholson St Halloween Festival. Pictured is a witch in training....beware! C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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With over 55 years’ experience, we’re just as passionate about motorcycles as you are. This is reflected in our dealership design, its facilities, but most importantly, in our people. At Fraser Motorcycles, relax and enjoy your in-store experience surrounded by new and pre-owned motorcycles, an extensive range of genuine parts, accessories and apparel. Our state-of-the-art Service Centre has factory trained technicians and service advisors that you can trust with your motorcycle. Listen and feel the sound of our dealership because nothing can ignite the heart like the roar of a engine, which is why our Dyno facility features as part of our showroom. We look forward to seeing you in store where our passion is your passion. 153-165 PARRAMATTA ROAD CONCORD 2137 SALES | FINANCE | SERVICE | PARTS | APPAREL


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Community life R OAD TEST Rant Anything but fantastic I have not seen a minute of the Harry Potter films, know Twilight only as daylight’s capitulation, have zero interest in any of the seven(teen?) Lord of the Rings epics and have no idea what Game of Thrones is. I do, however, suspect Game of Thrones to be a variant of the above-mentioned films and like most such medieval-Gothic-Old Testament fantasies it is seemingly loved worldwide by those of a socially awkward nature. Perhaps my limited experience with the genre risks rendering my words as dark as some Minotaur-like villain inhabiting one of these gimcrack CGI fables. But like a passive smoker choking on regurgitated toxins, I am exposed to enough of the poison to know it is not for me. Classic science fiction takes us to plausible worlds where even a modicum of scientific truth can vindicate cautionary concerns. Unbelievable creatures that can talk, humans that have an animal’s expertise, vampires with hearts of tarnished gold and geeks flying broomsticks could perhaps serve some sort of moral compass to those with a mental age below twelve. But as truth is stranger than fiction, surely (science) fiction based in what is true – or could be one day – must be more poignant, relevant and interesting, right? Scenarios of warlocks and wizards and caricatures with supernatural powers only serve to undermine what, if any, philosophical point fantasy authors are trying to make. Then there is the other great ironic fantasy at the heart of such fantasy. The world we actually inhabit is the amazing one, full of technology verging on magic, boasting unprecedented personal freedoms and opportnities. Most of us in the Inner West even have access to clean water, bulk-billing and can fly at near supersonic speed to worlds as foreign as anything on film. And I suspect the beers and $10 steaks at your local pub taste better than those chunks of meat you see drunken kings tearing from spit-roasted carcasses or the rank mead they swill from communal jugs during victory banquets. Better still, most of us don’t live in fear of being eaten by dragons or decapitated by Vikings. And when I see dusky warrior-princesses or enchanted maidens with tiny waists and fanciful cleavage, the first thing I think of (well, second) is their inevitably woeful hygiene. You think chivalry is now dead? Even those supposedly gallant knights of the medieval era that inspire so much contemporary fantasy saw little difference between courtship and rape. I just wonder how the average Tolkienite nerd would survive in a world of fantastic dangers where only the fittest most ruthless specimens suvive? It’s just escapism, you say? Hey, that’s what rants are for. n Words: Jason Dunne, Inner West columnist and the author of Everyone is Henry Miller. n Want to rant? Email Delving into the dead zones Architecturally magnificent houses, sunny parks and converted artist studios may all play host to long-dead but still present Inner Westies. The Abbey Known for its colourful history and persistent claims that a “lady in white” roams its halls, the Abbey is just one of the Annandale ‘Witches Houses’ (named for their spires, resembling witches hats) built by former Mayor of Annandale, John Young. gruesome past, which is well-documented in the National Trust of Australia booklet The Darker Side of Newtown and Surrounds. However, many of the stories are unsubstantiated urban legends. One of the most well-known of these is the story of lovers, Hannah Watson and Captain John Steane. Upon discovering his wife’s infidelity, Thomas Watson apparently cursed the lovers. The story goes that they died soon after and were buried a few metres apart in the cemetery. Many claim to see Hannah’s ghost emerging from her tomb but no one has confirmed if the story is true. Over 18,000 people were buried at Camperdown Cemetery following its establishment in 1848 but after the horrific murder of 11-year-old Joan Norma Ginn, whose body was found among headstones in 1946, most of the cemetery was turned into public space; the remaining headstones were moved to the churchyard space they occupy today, while the bodies remain under the park. While Young initially built the house for his estranged wife Eleanor, she passed away in England in 1885 and the couple never lived in the property. When Ciao spoke to psychic healer, Caterina Ligato, back in 2011 she felt there was a spirit in the house. Although that never seemed to bother the late Dr Geoffrey Davis, who lived in Callan Park the house for decades with his seven children and Artist Ella Condon’s video installation ‘Embodied was never driven away despite reporting strange Space’ was recently shown as part of History Week, occurrences like doors opening by themselves. and explored the lingering presence in spaces The 50-room home fell into disrepair following like Callan Park, which have had rather turbulent Davis’ death in 2008 and was put on the market histories. Her practice engages with embedded for the first time in 50 years. It sold for a record history remaining within sites of tension and it $4.86 million at auction. Whether you’re a was working late in her studio in Callan Park and believer or not, it’s good to know that the experiencing the unnerving feeling of a presence stories didn’t effect the property price. that led her to investigate the building’s history. Photo by Ella Condon capacity in 1900 and changed from a sanctuary for moral therapy treatment to a gaol that was understaffed and oppressive. “In the process of my research, I discovered 1,228 people had died in a neighbouring asylum in Gladesville between 1838 and 1893. They lie buried there in unmarked graves,” says Ella, whose work arises from these findings. “Space is like a receptive membrane; walls retain memories and resonate with energies of the past. Within the structure of this building, echoes and residues of the past remain... “My aim is to portray the presence of the patients who were seeking help and experienced this misguided cruelty. The process I have undergone in my studio work involves investigating the site, the empty wards and underground ‘dungeons’ to capture the abstract sounds and whispers within the cracks and walls of its foundation.” Ella’s haunting pictures certainly seem to achieve just that. n NM Camperdown Cemetery “While the hospital developed an infamous Countless ghost stories surround Camperdown reputation, the goals of its early proponents were Cemetery on Church Street, Newtown – and apparently humane and well intentioned,” says it’s no wonder considering the suburb’s somewhat Ella. Unfortunately however, the hospital reached Go bold or go home The Carnival of the Bold is a not-for-profit passion project that two Sydney changemakers are piloting during the 2013 Changemakers Festival. Don’t miss this opportunity to help tackle the big issues through art. Taking shape through fun, socially themed arts events, exhibitions, forums, films and visual arts, Carnival of the Bold will bring important issues into the mainstream agenda by bringing together artists and leaders who will inspire and awaken greater public consciousness and create deeper engagement around social causes (think sustainability, poverty, justice, peace, human rights, animal rights, equality and education). The event will be held on Saturday 9th November at New Theatre, Newtown, with the artist line-up including political satire artist Simon Hunt (aka Pauline Pantsdown), Indigenous artist Adam Hill, African-American storyteller Ande Kindryd, comedian Khaled Khalafalla, social change photographer Mikey Leung, the culturally diverse choir One World Choral, Chris Wright: Poetry Slam and children’s book illustrator and speaker Melanie Lee. Join in for pre-show drinks at 7.15pm or just turn up for an 8pm start. When it’s all over, you’ll see the world in a bold, new light! n For more info and tickets ($35) visit What’s on Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email Saturday 19th October info@ciaomagazi Attn: Nancy FREE Community events listings are Sunday 27th October 7 Bridges Walk Have you registered for the Cancer Council’s Seven Bridges Walk yet? By registering to take part in the walk – either as an individual or as a team – and setting up a fundraising page you can join the fight against cancer with thousands of other people who, from 7.30am to 4.30pm on the day, will unite in a 26.2-kilometre walk across seven Sydney bridges, including the Inner West’s own Iron Cove Bridge. Registration costs $35 (or $25 if you register online prior to the event). Dogs are welcome and the event will go ahead in rain or shine. n For more info go to Monday 28th October Your Best Body Challenge As part of a fundraising drive for charity Good Beginnings Australia, the Fitness Factory is offering 6 weeks FREE fitness starting Saturday 19th October – but it’s never too late to join the cause as they’ll be accepting registrations throughout the 6 week time period. When you register the gym asks for a $30 donation that goes entirely to Good Beginnings. You are then entered into the Your Best Body Challenge, with an opportunity to win from a $10,000 prize pool! There are prizes for most weight lost and most increased fitness, plus a 6 trainer’s choice award. Go to au/yourbestbody for more info. n Fitness Factory: 249 Norton St, Leichhardt. Sunday 20th October Marrickville Festival It’s that time of year again! Marrickville Festival is on between 10am and 5pm on October 20th and is set to attract record numbers again this year. Come along and experience all the best that Marrickville has to offer including delicious international food, a jumping castle, climbing wall and not one but two ‘main stages’ of entertainment for young and old – one at each end of the festival – featuring cultural performances and local bands such as Larger Than Lions and Gang of Brothers. There’s also loads of children’s activities at the Kids Play Park in Calvert Street car park, off Illawarra Road. n Where: Marrickville and Illawarra Rds, Marrickville. Breakfast like a queen 10am on October 28th to help raise funds for breast cancer research. Anyone interested in supporting this great cause is welcome to come along for tea, coffee and some brekky, with tickets just $8 and plenty of fun, games and raffles to be had. For more information email Don’t miss your chance to make a difference in a woman’s life. n Where: Norton Plaza, Norton Street, Leichhhardt. Pink Ribbon Breakfast Lingerie specialists Nocturnal Designs will be holding their first Pink Ribbon Breakfast at Norton Plaza (in the seating area outside Flowermart) from 7.45am to Marrickville trawlers See page 8 for more of What’s On...


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n Local Gigs JD Love Band Thurs 24th October n Local movies JD Love Band is touring for their latest album, Two Days. Blues, roots, country – their music is a lively jumble of these genres. Sounds kind of like a mix between The Band and Tom Waits, but much less dark. It’s a little too country for my taste but they definitely aren’t bad musicians. n Petersham Bowling Club, $10 FREE C d u le TIWinKoEbTS movies passes “Cartoon violence, shameless sexism.” So? Machete Kills Boy & Bear Boy & Bear Sun 27th October Beguiling beauty Indie-folk bands may be a dime a dozen right now but Boy & Bear stand out as one of the more interesting. It’s just really easy listening; the guitar tracks are smooth and mellow and it combines well with the band’s vocal harmonies. They also do a good cover of Neil Finn’s ‘Fall at your Feet’. I like that. n Enmore Theatre, $44.80 The Preatures Thurs 31st October Renoir Admirers of the lusciously rounded nudes celebrated French impressionist Renoir devoted his late career to will find much to enjoy in Gilles Bourdos’ dreamy biopic. The painter (Michel Bouquet) was wealthy by 1915 and surrounded and looked after by beautiful women; some were his former models, many ex bedmates. And, like his son Jean (Vincent Rottiers), we may find it hard to divert our gaze from those women, especially flame-haired beauty Andrée (Christa Theret), a strong-willed working class girl who both energises Renoir and shakes up the cosy household arrangements. Clearly this radiant actress needed little wardrobe help; she rarely has anything on! Though Bourdos really is concerned with inspiration and appreciation of beauty, he takes sideward glances at Jean and Andrée’s difficult romance and the tragedy of the Great War. Aided by ace cinematographer Mark Lee Ping Bin, whose sun-dappled scenes on the Riviera are almost too beautiful to take in, Renoir looks just stunning – as gorgeous and sensual as the artist’s greatest works. M15+ from Oct 24 n Thanks to Transmission Films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Captain Phillips The pride the Somalian pirates feel after they capture an American container boat is shortlived. No one, and especially not poor black people from the world’s most desperate country, messes with the US of A, and here’s Hollywood to remind us! Yet despite the dodgy politics, Paul Greengrass’s version of this real 2009 incident is pretty exciting. Neither the pirates’ nor the captain’s (Tom Hanks) tactics go right during the highjack, and their see-sawing fortunes during the tense and drawnout stand-off give us some of the most nail-biting moments cinema can deliver. Yo ho, rah rah! M15+ from Oct 24 AT THE MULTIPLEX There’s almost as much flesh on display in Robert Rodriguez’s (Sin City) latest B-movie/exploitation/fantasy as in Renoir (opposite) though the two movies couldn’t be further apart. Given that many of Machete’s assassins, cartel warriors and double-crossing agents are women who seldom feel the need to dress in anything more than the skimpiest of leather bordello-wear, there’s plenty here to keep adolescents (of all ages) interested while they chortle along with the comic action. And there’s lots of that supplied by an all-star cast including Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr, Mel Gibson and even Lady Gaga. Danny Trejo returns as the invincible Machete himself, surely cinema’s worst-looking leading man. Carlos Estevez (aka Charlie Sheen) is the US President (of course he is!), a brilliant leader who has restored the US economy by legalising dope in 48 states. The plot (something about a madman revolutionary and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer) is as absurd as its cast. And just as much fun. MA15+ from Oct 24. n Thanks to Icon Films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below These guys are really strange. Unearthed describes them as “The Velvet Underground crashing into Motown” and that’s pretty apt. They blend classic and contemporary styles in a really unique way. The vocals aren’t the greatest but the backing instrumentals are fun. Also, free gig so no excuses. n Newtown Hotel, free n Words: Max Kobras WIN DVDS! That’s not Johhny Depp with the cutlass! Blood, breasts and bounty hunting 100,000 coming to 30th birthday Bounty Killer On ABC’s Q&A recently, environmentalist David Suzuki said he wanted to jail “climate change criminals”. To his credit, Tony Jones looked alarmed… but why? We can all think of penalties for corporate greed, and so can the appropriately named Mary Death (Christian Pitre), the avenging angel in Henry Swain’s fantasyaction flick. It’s set in the future – the one that Suzuki claims is already here – after “the Corporate Wars” when big business has taken over world governments. Bounty killers like Ms Death and Drifter (Mathew Marsden) are hired by a shadowy council to punish white collar criminals, which they do, graphically and with great gusto by blowing off heads and severing limbs. It’s ludicrous fun and wears its B-movie vibe with pride. A guilty pleasure no doubt, and sure beats tweeting Q&A! R18+ Available now. n Thanks to Transmission Home Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below n Reviews – RE The annual Glebe Street Fair is going to be putting on one hell of a party for its 30th birthday, with 100,000 visitors expected to attend. Will you be one of them? Glebe Point Road will come alive with food, artisan stalls and entertainment from 10am to 5pm on November 17th, in celebration of the Glebe Street Fair’s 30th birthday. Featuring over 250 handpicked stallholders, some travelling from as far as Byron Bay, plus 40 entertainers performing across three stages, this festival promises to bring plenty of fun and variety to suit all tastes. Speaking of taste, don’t miss all the exotic coffees, delicious food, craft beer and cider to sample while you have a browse and pick up a bargain. More than 30 events will take place during the day, including fundraising activities, roving performers as well as a kids show by Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band, and it will all kick off with a band of bagpipers parading down the road. n For more information visit A tub-thumping good time is sure to be had by all Tuesday 5th November Saturday 9th November Melbourne Cup at Waterview If you’re stuck for somewhere to lunch on Melbourne Cup Day book a table to the WatervieW’s special luncheon, featuring Motown tunes, a fashion parade, sweeps, raffles and, of course, a mouth-watering three-course lunch with a glass of bubbly (or two). Individual tickets are $130 and available by calling 9764 9900, or book a table of 10 for $1250. The fun starts at 11.30am, so get there early! n For more information visit Italian Theatre The non-profit Compagnia Teatrale Italiana Inc. will be presenting an Italian language play for the local community this November with two performance at the Italian Forum Cultural Centre, Norton Street (at 3.30pm and 7.30pm). The Duck in Orange Sauce tells the story of Gilberto and Lisa Ferrari – a couple experiencing a crisis after 15 long years of marriage. In an attempt to win Lisa back, Gilberto devises a plan and organises a weekend full of surprises, inviting his wife’s lover with whom he pretends to become a friend. However, Lisa cannot prevent Gilberto from inviting also Patty, his uninhibited secretary and mistress, to join the trio for the weekend. What follows is hilarious battle between the two jealous spouses that’s guaranteed to entertain. n Tickets are $20, for more information and reservations call 9979 5021. flow yoga to the Inner West every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.45am to 8am. Energy, fun and glow guaranteed. A long-time yoga practitioner and teacher, Stella trained here in Sydney and felt it vital to give the gift of yoga back to her community. To that end, classes are just $15, and all new students can try out 2 weeks of unlimited Shiny Yoga classes for just $25. Drop-in with cash or pre-book classes via – all levels are welcome. n Where: Summer Hill Community Centre, 131 Smith St, Summer Hill. Going with the flow Every Tues & Thurs Shiny Yoga come to the Inner West Inner West residents, are you ready to shine? Why not jump start your day with some soul-soothing early morning yoga. Stella Chambers of Shiny Yoga is bringing WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to Renoir, Machete Kills, or a DVD copy of Bounty Killer just email telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. ONLY AT THE MOVIES OCTOBER 24 You can enter all in a single email, but give us a preference, and remember to include your name and address. Let your Cup Day runneth over 8


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One plus two equals great art If you haven’t yet had the chance to saunter into one+2 studios then now is the time. Housing an array of emerging and established artists the studios is a melting pot of creative styles and genius. Artists produce a variety of works includes paintings, sculpture, exquisite glassware, ceramics, installation and mixed media. Rozelle studios was established in 1990 by Rogerio Blanc-Ramos with seven artists who had the desire to create a working environment to practice their craft and together develop their practices. As the studio evolved there was the need to provide more working space at the lowest possible cost and to as many artists as financially possible. Over time the studios grew to house 21 artists and by 1996 extended to accommodate 32 artists. Now the studios expand over two premises in Rozelle and Balmain with around 80 artists across both spaces. For one weekend every year the studios swing open their doors and invite the public to mingle with artists, look at exclusive works and exhibitions, buy directly from the artist and share in the creative experience. The highlight is the wide variety of art mediums and quality work, from the abstract to the photorealistic, from the minimal to the figurative. Amongst the wide range of presented art, you can always find an artwork that you relate to or strikes your visual senses. Director Rogerio Blanc-Ramos says “one+2 artist studios is the longest arts Get crafty in Balmain The Inner West art event of the year is about to hit Balmain, so join hundreds of local art lovers as they browse an impressive collection of contemporary art, sculpture and design pieces from local and international artists at the Balmain Art & Craft Show 2013. Now in its 18th year, the Balmain Art & Craft Show will be held over the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd and offers something for everyone from craft activities to silent auctions, all while raising money for the Father John Therry School. Felicia Aroney is the show’s feature artist this year and her work will be showcased, along with other contemporary artists including Nana Ohnesorge, Rochelle Haley, Hayley Megan French, Ron Adams, Kylie Banyard, Kate Beckingham and Linda Zucco across three galleries. There will also be a dedicated Indigenous Art gallery. Kids are welcome to join in the fun too, with plenty happening to keep them busy such as face painting, inflatable slides, sand art workshops and painting activities, plus an animal petting farm. Entry is free and ‘The Village Table’ cookbook – filled with 90 recipes contributed by the school’s families and friends – will be on sale for $35 as part of the fundraiser. n The Balmain Art & Craft Show is open Saturday from 9am to 4pm and Sunday 10am to 3pm at the Father John Therry School (Eaton & Jane Streets, Balmain). For more information visit established artist studios and the largest not-for-profit fine art studio in NSW. When the studios open to the general public around 50 artists are showcased in their working environment allowing the public to experience and chat about the art production and processes. It is a very unique experience.” The weekend will showcase work by “Shoot the Chef” winner 2013 John McRae, Mertim Gokalp, Mariola Smarzak, Toni Messiter, Rone Waugh, Dagmar Ackerman, Dot Wilkin and many more. n When: October 26th and 27th , 10am to 4pm. Official opening ceremony Saturday 26 October at 2:30pm Where: 483 Balmain Rd, Lilyfield. Elsewhere in the Inner West... Artbeat is the mini arts, craft, food and music festival set to hit St Fiacre’s Primary School in Leichhardt next month. The mini festival, which will raise funds to improve the school’s learning environment, promises to be full of fun, celebration and community building for local parents and friends. The evening will include an auction of the children’s artwork as well as a silent auction, art exhibition and craft market – the perfect place to pick up a few Christmas gifts. Canapes will also be served throughout the festival to keep you satisfied while your browse. Tickets are on sale for $40 at until October 29th. Don’t miss your chance to check out some locally made art while supporting a good cause. n When: November 1st, 7pm to 11pm. Where: 98 Catherine St, Leichhardt. Work by Barbara Weir SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE FROM ART AND CRAFT THROUGH TO KIDS ACTIVITIES, ANIMAL FARM & CAFÉ SAT 2ND & SUN 3RD NOVEMBER 2013 FR JOHN THERRY SCHOOL EATON ST & JANE ST BALMAIN A fundraising event for Fr John Therry Catholic School Showcasing Australian, emerging artists, contemporary, traditional, indigenous and investment pieces. n one+2 artist studios is n Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2013. 10am - 4pm Official Opening: Saturday 26th October at 2:30pm A unique opportunity to visit 45 professional artists in their studios. one+2 Artist studios 483 Balmain Rd, Lilyfield NSW 10


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breathingcolours BREAThInG COlOURS WOUlD lIkE TO InVITE ARTISTS Of All GEnRES TO ExhIBIT In OUR GALLEry SpACE. Breathing Colours is now calling for submissions for exhibitions in 2014. Our website provides details of how to submit for an exhibition and the relevant fees for the Gallery Space and our exhibition support services. Apply Now. current exhibition ThE lAnDSCAPE In US Ben Milne, Amanda and Jesse Flanagan ExTEnDED By POPUlAR DEMAnD TO SUnDAy ThE 20Th OCTOBER. Meditations in Paint 2, Amanda flanagan Three Trees, Ben Milne Ceramic pots, Jesse flanagan 50% off extraordinary pieces of Aboriginal art 15% off Graciela’s hand painted leather bags 10% off BOUVIER silver jewellery 50% off Alexandra Blak and Angle Diamond Dot jewellery and STAMPS watches 30% off Zara Collins-Washi Perspex earrings THIS MONTH’S SALE NEw STOCk at Breathing Colours Not Tuesday - Contemporary Polymer Clay necklaces kaz - Bangles and Ceramics Sarah whitlock - Beautiful silver jewellery Simone walsh - handmade silver jewellery art gallery, contemporary jewellery & objects 446 darling st, balmain ph 02 9555 8543 tues to sun-10am to 5pm


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n Your say n Sustainability Norton Festa will hit Leichhardt on October 27th, what’s your favourite part of the festa? “Checking out all the hot Italian food, girls and cars – in that order.” Alex, Ashfield. “Festa days are usually scorchers so I look out for the iced lemonade stall, it’s a lifesaver.” Vicky, Five Dock. “The food, of course!” Gary, Abbotsford. “Checking out the cars – it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to my dream cars.” James, Roselands. “I like watching the cooking and try to get a seat up the front on the hope that I get a sample of whatever is coming off the stove.” Maree, Leichhardt. “The granita is usually good.” Sonia, Petersham. “Bar Sport’s pork spit rolls. I look forward to it every year.” Bruno, Leichhardt. “I just go down for the food, I usually look for the pizza cart, maybe an arancino and some gelato to finish. Bellissimo!” Rob, Leichhardt. “I always go early and start with a good coffee before it heats up and the lines get too long. I enjoy watching the dancing too.” Gildo, Haberfield. “I hear the Ciao Fashion Parade is a highlight...” Nancy (from Ciao), Petersham. Norton Festa gets solar powered A display of hundreds of Italian cars, motorbikes and scooters as well as the launch of a solar powered car known as eVe will be featured as part of Norton Street Italian Festa’s ‘Auto Festa.’ Don’t miss your chance to come along and find out more about the future of transportation... Auto Festa will become one of the main attractions at the Norton Street Festa this year. Featuring a vast collection of vintage and contemporary cars, motorbikes and scooters that demonstrate the ingenuity and snappy style of the Italian people, this exhibition is fun for people of all ages. With a focus on green design this year, Auto Festa is the perfect opportunity for gear heads to have a look at the future of sustainable car design and construction. Sunswift is a student-led volunteer project from the University of New South Wales that comprises students from a wide range of courses including engineering, business, science and industrial design. The team first formed in 1995 to compete in the World Solar Challenge, a 3000km race from Darwin to Adelaide. In this race, with their first generation Sunswift solarpanelled car, they finished 9th out of 46 entries. Since these humble beginnings, the Sunswift team has designed and constructed four more solar-powered vehicles, including the eVe that is being showcased at the Auto Festa. The team has continued to see success in the World Solar Challenge, placing in the top 10 more than once. On top of these accomplishments, the Sunswift team has also broken two world records, both of which Torquing on sunshine: it’s eVe the solar car have yet to been beaten. These records are the fastest transcontinental crossing of Australia and the speed record for a solar-powered car (88km/h). This second record was beaten with their previous car, the IVy, which was specifically designed for speed. For their next project the Sunswift team is going commercial. As their project manager, engineering student Sam Paterson, says, “We want to go beyond the spaceship type cars we’ve built in the past and create a sort of car you could drive anywhere, all while keeping the design cool and producing zero emissions.” Their next-generation car, dubbed the Sunswift eVe, was designed in the Cruiser Class, meaning it has a focus on practicality, rather than speed. Vehicles in this category must have four wheels, rather than three, and must have seating for both a passenger and the driver. Project manager Paterson of UNSW’s Sunswift says, “The ultimate goal is to design and build a solar powered car that can meet the requirements for road registration in Australia”. n For more information visit the Norton Festa website: Local news Soccer fans unite Calling all Juventus fans: Juventus Club Sydney is holding a Pizza and Beer night on Sunday 20th October from 10.30pm at Cafe Moretti in Leichhardt, where soccer fans can come together to enjoy some great Italian food while watching the Fiorentina vs. Juventus game on the big screen. The door price for members is just $25, or $35 for non-members. For tickets or to enquire about becoming a member email juventusclubsydney@, or like ‘Juventus Club Sydney’ on Facebook to keep up to date with the group. From Labelcraft to Leviathan Unwanted development in Leichhardt A new development plan for 22 and 30-40 George St, Leichhardt, seeks to amend the Leichhardt Local Environment Plan 2000 and some local residents are less than happy. This construction, which is being handled by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, is situated on a plot of land that is 1.46 hectares. The proposal would see the site rezoned for mixed use and medium density residential. The majority of complaints from locals are against the proposed size, as eight storeys would overshadow residential area and cause invasion of privacy, but also parking and traffic conditions would change and residents feel that they were only offered very limited consultation time. Leichhardt Council has made a submission regarding the proposal, which can be viewed at Nominate Now! Nominations are now open for Marrickville Council’s annual Business Environment Awards, so don’t miss your chance to show some appreciation for the businesses that are doing their bit to keep the planet clean and green. The 2013 Business Environment Awards recognise organisations that demonstrate leadership in reducing, reusing and recycling resources. The awards also celebrate the achievements of businesses involved in the target sustainability @ Marrickville program, which offers business owners free advice and support from Marrickville’s Sustainable Business Team, as well as regular sustainable business network meetings for those who join the journey towards sustainable targets. Other award categories include the Community Sustainability Champion, Sustainable Innovation, Sustainability Leadership award and the Water Saver award. Mayor of Marrickville, Jo Haylen, said she was especially enthusiastic about the Community Partnership award, which is presented to a business that’s working to improve the lives of Marrickville locals. “Adopting green practices improves the quality of life for everyone, appeals to increasingly xxxx No need to get your hands dirty with no-dig gardening Do you run a clean, green business machine like these guys from Alfalfa House and Reverse Garbage? environmentally-conscious customers and potential employees, and are vital to remaining competitive and actually contribute to profits,” she said. n To nominate a business email by 5pm Friday 15th November. The awards will be presented at a ceremony in late November. Green living in October The Green Living Centre, Newtown, will once again offer a No Dig Gardening Workshop to locals who are interested in learning how to make productive use of small urban spaces such as a balcony garden, using the ‘no dig’ gardening method. To be held form 10am to 12pm on Sunday 26th October at the Tom Foster Community Centre, 11 Darley St, Newtown, places are limited and reservations are essential. Go to http://nodig-october-eorg. to book your place. Melbourne Cup at the WatervieW It’s that time of the year again – Melbourne Cup! And one of the best places to watch the race that stops the nation is at the WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. The WatervieW venue in Bicentennial Park is the perfect place for any event; surrounded by beautiful rolling parklands yet with the convenience of being only a few kilometres from the CBD. It can be a long afternoon waiting for that big race come November 5th, but not this year at WatervieW. The venue promises a truly entertaining day kicking off from 11.30am – it’s going to be Melbourne Cup with a Motown feel, as they call it. The Boys in the Band will be singing and dancing through the best music of the 20th century with Motown favourites such as The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Frankie Valli and more contemporary artists such as the Backstreet Boys. This event will have guests dancing in their seats 12 guaranteed. There will also be a parade of all the new season’s top fashions courtesy of Myer, hosted by celebrity fashion stylist Caitlin Stewart. Plus, there will be a best dressed fashion award for both men and women, so make sure to wear your best tux or frock. Now this is the biggest race of the year so naturally there will be entertainment and games to suit the occasion with opportunities for big race betting, as well as smaller sweeps and raffles. Aside from all this, the Melbourne Cup package entails a magnificent fine dining three-course lunch that includes beer, wine and sparkling wine. Individual ticket prices are $130 per person and $120 for seniors. Tables of 10 are available at $1250 and WatervieW encourages businesses to purchase tables as a reward for loyal clients, though social groups are perfectly welcome to buy their own table as well. The WatervieW is a proud supporter of Special Olympics Australia – a charity that provides regular sporting opportunities for Australians with intellectual disabilities – as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program. Funds raised on Melbourne Cup Day, will go towards supporting this charity. WIN TIX! Haul out xxxxx caption your fascinator, ladies For your chance to a ticket for yourself and three friends (four ticket party pack worth $520) go to our Facebook page and like us or get a friend to like us (tell us in a post), CiaoMagazine. n For more information visit For bookings contact 9764 9900 or


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Happy Halloween Every year the Nicholson Street Public School P&C presents their annual Halloween Festival to raise money for the school, with the event attracting witches and goblins from all over the Inner West. Read on to find out how you can join the fun… In 1992 an American family living in Balmain East introduced some Halloween fun into the school’s ‘FUN’draising and two decades later what started out as a low-key affair has evolved into a highly organised, slickly run event that is now a ‘must do’ event for families in the Inner West. It was estimated that 3,000 people attended the festival last year, with visitors coming from far and wide to join in the Halloween fun. Mrs Michelle Evans of Penrith told ticket sellers on the door that her family travel every year to attend the festival. “My kids love coming…there’s nothing like this where we live and we heard about it through friends…it’s amazing and every year it just seems to get better,” she said. Come and check out the various spooky stalls this year when the festival kicks off on Saturday 26th October from 3pm to 8.30pm onwards so you get a double dose of Halloween Fun in 2012. Be prepared for extra scary fun and Halloween hijinks as the creepiest festival in town just took a gruesome turn to Balmain – dust off that old costume and start channeling your inner ghoul. Spooky Sponsors Prestige Auto Traders The car-loving people at Prestige Auto Traders in Rozelle have been sharing their knowledge and passion for motor vehicles with the Rozelle and Balmain community for years. Known by many in the local area for their friendly service, Prestige also supports a number of local schools including the Nicholson St Primary School’s Halloween Festival. Here Ciao chats to Katharine from the dealership about the business and why they love to support community events... What makes Prestige Auto different to other car dealerships? Our most significant point of difference is our unparalleled service and our approachable team. While we regularly stock an extensive range of high-quality used prestige vehicles, our dealership is friendly, approachable and our vehicles are affordable. What cars do Balmain locals like driving? Our Audis are generally our most popular vehicles, but we do have some fabulous Porches, Mini Coopers and Maseratis – these are very popular test drive cars! Do you offer an after care service? Yes, we do. Our Service Centre is located on-site here at our Rozelle showroom and our expert team provide aftersales servicing, advice and repairs. Our customers can also take advantage of our Prestige Valet Service – we’ll deliver a prestige loan car to you complete with fuel and e-Tag, collect your vehicle and return it to you at a time that suits you. It’s great that you sponsor community events such as the Nicholson Street School’s Halloween Festival – why do you do it? The local community here has shown so much support to Prestige Auto Traders and it gives us great pleasure to be able to do the same. We love the community spirit of the Inner West and investing in local activities can only grow an already thriving area. The Nicholson Street School’s Halloween Festival is a wonderful event and we’re delighted to be a part of it. n Prestige Auto Traders: 180 Mullens St, Rozelle. T. 8755 2200. For more information visit The bubble machine of death Watch out, she’ll put a love spell on you! Head witch gets ready for a ghoulish good time! Ciao chats to festival organiser, Head Witch Kerry Guthrie, to find out what horrors are in store for festivalgoers this year… It’s the festival’s 21st birthday this year, how do you manage to keep it going with such success? As with most fundraising, there’s always a bit of Halloween fatigue that sets in now and again. The trick is to make it easy for parents to get involved and by being super organised! Each year the event evolves and now we have 20 years worth of props, decorations and a thick book called Halloween Festival for Dummies, which we roll out every October. Each new organiser brings his or her ideas to keep the festival fresh. How do you get the students excited about the festival? Are you kidding? They don’t really need much to get them excited... they are so proud that their school hosts such an awesome event. Year 5 and 6 classes have also been putting together the Halloween school newspaper, The Ghouly News, to create a bit of buzz. The kids have been writing content for the past few weeks. Do you have a message for any local families thinking of attending this special event? This is no ordinary school fete. If you have primary school aged children and want to come along to a totally unique event, then come to the Festival. You will be amazed at the creativity that has gone into putting on this event. Not only will Frankenstein even dropped in to help prepare for the festival! you and your kids have great fun, it’s all for a good cause. Do you have any costume suggestions for people that want to get dressed up for Halloween this year? Witches, wizards, devils, ghosts and scary masks – these are all great dress up ideas for Halloween. And don’t forget, the festival’s Beastly Beauties stall will be operating on the day so all kids can get their faces made up! See you at the The Halloween Festival presented by the Nicholson Street Public P&C Assoc! The wonderful team at Prestige Auto Traders PROuDly SuPPORTING THE NICHO HAllOWEEN FESTIvAl 14


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Spooky Stalls 2013 Illustrations by Chau Truong Costume ideas Halloween Recipe Ghostly Biscuits Ingredients 200g butter, 1/2 cup icing sugar, 1/3 cup honey 2 1/4 cups plain flour, 1 egg white, 250g pure icing sugar, 1.5 tbs lemon juice, Black cake decorating gel Method • Beat butter, icing sugar and honey until pale and creamy. Stir in plain flour until dough forms. Refrigerate for 15 minutes. • Preheat oven to 160°C. Roll out the dough to 3-4mm thick. Make a ghost shape 10cm high and 5cm wide out of paper. Use to cut out ghosts on the dough. Use a piping nozzle to make a hole in the top. Place on lined baking trays. Chill for 15 minutes. Bake for 12-14 minutes. • Combine egg white and pure icing sugar. Add lemon juice. Spread over biscuits. Use a black cake decorating gel to draw on eyes and a mouth. Use fishing line to hang around the house. n For more cool Halloween recipe ideas visit Balloon Pop We have over 500 balloons to pop and some fantastic prizes to give away. Each balloon has its own numbers inside that correspond with different prizes. Burst the balloon any way you like – sit on it, death stare at it, jump on it, squeeze it – just make sure to pop it. Box Maze Weave your way through the tunnels of darkness with your friends and make sure you take the correct turns to get back to the beginning! After many years of construction experience, the Nicho parents promise to keep you in there even longer this time round. Bridge of Doom A feat of constructive genius – built with rope, you’ll wobble as you weave your way across the bridge… beware the crocodiles waiting for dinner below. Cakewalk Join the mayhem of the cakewalk if you dare. The Maestro will make you jump, dance backwards, do a jig or any move that amuses him. The music blares, everything is a blur and the one left standing at the end of the round chooses a spooky Halloween decorated cake as a prize AND gets to eat it too. Licensed Bar Our fully licensed bar promises to tantalise your taste buds with a variety of quality wines and beer all served by our RSA trained parents. Cheers! Beastly Beauties Want a makeover you’ll never want to remember? We’ll give you some grisly injuries, gruesome sores and wounds so realistic your parents will be rushing you to Balmain Hospital before you can say ‘fake tattoos!’ Centre Stage Disco This dastardly disco will begin when the stars come out. If you can think of a tragically spooky tune we will play it and you WILL dance to it. Chocolate Wheel Buy a ticket, get a paddle with a number on it and wait with bad breath as the chocolate wheel is spun – will your number finally be up? The prizes will be amazing including kids toys, books and DVDs along with a few adult treats like gourmet goodies or wine. Deathly Treasures Last year it was a map but this year the parents are working hard on a very realistic Mummy. Some even say there’s a real body underneath all those bandages (the principal did go on long service leave right?). Pick a spot to stick your flag into and you may win one of three incredible prizes. Ghoulish treats A not so yummy mummy Spooky Sponsors The Hardware Store Grant Crowle, owner of The Hardware Store in Balmain, has taken on the big guys and succeeded. With his second store in Alexandria reaching a 6 month milestone, things are looking good, even though it’s a mere 600m from the Bunnings site said to be one of the biggest in the country. Their success can be attributed to the local community. Grant says “The Hardware Store is a community based business with a focus on excellent customer service. We are easily differentiated from Bunnings by our standard of customer service, long term relationships and pricing. These attributes have underpinned the success of the Balmain Store and we haven taken this approach in Alexandria. We employ local staff and support the local community.” Grant counts community participation and support as important elements of his business and with a strong history in Balmain supporting local schools, Balmain Junior Rugby, Nicholson St Halloween Festival and the Balmain Art and Craft Show. In Alexandria they are currently sponsoring the Kenso Karnival in Kensington and Grant looks forward to working with more local Alexandria schools and sports teams. The store also includes office space for architects and designers, plus a small cafe managed by the Rebecca and Frank from Naked Indiana (of Revolver Annandale fame). n More info: Come and see us at your Local Independent Hardware and Timber Store located in Alexandria and Balmain for a different experience. 50 McCauley Street Alexandria T: 9319 5216 50 Evans Street Balmain T: 9810 2388 Present this advert anytime for 10% discount (excluding power tools) More info: community glamour at its best 15



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