October 17th


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SPRINGSTON SCHOOL A: 16-20 Leeston Road, Springston 7616 P: 03-329-5724 F: 03-329-5731 18 OCTOBER 2013 E: office@springston.school.nz W: www.springston.school.nz B: springstonschoolnews.blogspot.com From the Principal Kia ora koutou Welcome back to Term 4. We are well and truly into the business end of the year and you will find some key dates in this newsletter. In particular please diary our final prize-giving assembly which will be again be held at Lincoln Primary School Hall, on Thursday December 12th. All children are expected to attend this important occasion. In 2 Hula Thank you to everyone who supported the world record attempt on the first day of the school holidays. The funds raised from this event are being given to the school that had the largest number of people hooping, proportionate to their school role ..... and that was Springston!! $1000 cash coming our way to add to our fundraising for the new playground, plus 5 more hula hoops and another hours tuition to ensure we get the most from our hoops. A huge thank you to Ray White for their sponsorship of this event, and the Jack M (R7) for promoting this event at school. Traffic Concerns Thank you to those who responded to my message in the end of term newsletter. I have arranged a meeting with NZ Police this coming Monday to discuss our concerns regarding motorist speed and behaviour outside the school. A request has also gone to the council to place a traffic volume counter outside the school to provide concrete data on traffic flow at key times of the day. We will keep you informed on progress. In the meantime we have a stock of the high-vis vests worn by bus children available at the office. If you would like your child to wear one of these walking to and from school, you can purchase for one for $15. Secondary Schooling Provision in Rolleston The Ministry of Education are currently consulting with local communities around future provision for schooling in the Rolleston area. If you have children in Year 5 or below I urge you to consider what the potential impact of a new secondary school might be. Depending on what type of school is ultimately built in Rolleston (e.g. could be a year 7 to 10, or a 1 to 13, or a 9 to 13... all sorts of options are being put forward at the moment) Lincoln High could be significantly affected as currently about 50% of its students come from the Rolleston area. If the school becomes half of its current size, it would not be given the same resources, so would not be able to offer the same amount of courses, resulting in fewer study choices. Some of you who are currently zoned for Lincoln may also be re-zoned for your children to attend Rolleston (maps of potential new school zones are being shown at the public meetings). Do get involved with this discussion, so that what is built suits the community's needs and so that the schooling options in this community are not reduced. Please at least fill in the online survey if you can, to have your say at https:// www.surveymonkey.com/s/Rolleston_Schools. There is one more formal consultation opportunity. It is a ‘drop-in’ meeting at the Rolleston Community Centre on Sunday 20 October, 1.30-4.30. Working Bee Saturday 19th October You will already have had a notice this week about the working bee on Saturday to cut up the trees felled after sustaining wind damage. We are very keen to get the bike track back up and operating before too long so the children can be kept busy at break times! If you have a chain saw or a log splitter and you are able to help, please consider helping for a few hours. Full protection/safety gear must be used. We will be selling the firewood - you will need to fill your own trailer. There is also plenty of wood chip piled in the carpark. You can help yourself to a trailer load. Or, if you feel so inclined, we would love to have the chip spread around the car park gardens as a weed suppressant. See you next Thursday at the Year 4-8 Athletic Sports. Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa


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COMING UP October 23 Maori Community Hui 24 Middle/Senior Athletics 25 Subway 28 Labour Day 30 Choir Performance Modern Learning Seminar 7pm 31 Pet Day November 1 Sushi 4 Book Club orders due back to school 5 Group Day for Pets School Photographs due back to school 6 BOT Meeting 8 Lincoln Zone Athletics Subway 15 Show Day 19-22 Year 8 - Wellington 22 Starting School Party Subway 29 Sushi Learning Celebration December 4 BOT 5 Parent Helpers Drinks 6 Subway 9 Year 8 Dinner 12 Final Assembly 13 Sushi Reports Home 16 Certificates and Music Springston School PTA and children present “Celebrate Summer Evening Market” Friday November 29th 5-8pm This term the children are all learning about the production process and how to ‘harvest’ their skills and create something saleable. The Learning Celebration for this term will take place at the same time as the PTA final event for the year - at the Celebrate Summer Evening Market on Friday November 29th. Activities will include: • The Official Pool Opening at 5 pm • The Official BMX Track Opening—dependent on recent damage repair • Celebration of Learning Classroom stalls/Enviroschool produce stalls • Market stalls • PTA food and drink stalls • Live music, raffles, chocolate wheel and games This is not a school fair - more an opportunity for members of our school community to catch up, have something to eat, and enjoy each others company before the ‘silly season’ begins. Our PTA is a small group of amazing parents but they really need some help so please watch out for the email coming home from your class teacher and think about what you could put your hand up to help out with. This evening is as much about ‘fun-raising’ as it is ‘fund-raising’ - so jobs will not be onerous. School Blogs Another chance to hear Derek Wenmoth speak about Modern Learning News Blog The newly formed Learning Community Cluster for this Library Website Links to area (comprising Springston, Lincoln, Broadfield, useful websites Ladbrooks, Taitapu and Prebleton schools) is pleased to present its first parent community information event. Library Blog Books, This will take place at the Lincoln Events Centre on Wednesday October 30th and features Derek Springston on YouTube Wenmoth as the guest speaker. Pathfinders Blog Rm 8 reading, news, fun! Principal’s Awards The following children sha red examples of their work with Liz this week: R1: Zac Those of you who missed our own evening in August may be interested in hearing Derek speak. Please refer to the Explorers Blog Rm 1 & 2 flyer further on in this newsletter for more detailed Navigators Blog Rm 3 information. Our cluster schools plan to explore more opportunities Rockets Blog Rm 4 for parent education around modern learning and Team Endeavour Rm 6 modern teaching. Watch out for planned events in the new school year. E-Team Pioneers Rm 5 Term 4 means your child needs their sunhat at school everyday. Please ensure hats are named. Team Extreme Rm 9 Team Inaka Blog Rm 7


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Kids for Kids Choir Performance If your child is in this choir they should have brought home the information about tickets. Cash only door sales available on the night. Please note that children in the choir do not need to purchase a ticket for this event. A reminder that Pet Day is coming up, please make sure you send your entry form back to school. Library Books We have lots of overdue library books, please send back to school as soon as possible. School Photographs These have been sent home with children today. Please ask your child for them. Orders and payment must be back at school by 5 November. After this date parents will be responsible for their own ordering. Room 8 class photos will be sent home shortly they were not sent to us with our initial order. Community Notice Lincoln Anglican Parish Annual  Fair on 2 November, 9.30 until 12.30. This will held in  the Church grounds. Prizes for the best dressed in Halloween costume. Judging at 11pm. Cake Stalls, plants, sausage sizzle, lucky dip, treasure hunt, Mr Whippy, face painting, white elephant. If wet , the Fair will be held on the 9th of November.   Fundraising Made Easy Log on to www.ourschoolproject.org and register to support Springston School. From there is it as simple as logging in each day and having a go at the daily general knowledge quiz. Each correct answer earns money for the school - and costs you nothing. Pet Day  


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Ng! M!t!puna o Ng! P!kihi This cluster name was gifted by Taumutu Rununga and means that it is the source (of a river) of the spread out plains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