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It really works! Premium Users who follow our formula for 12 weeks can expect to improve their TOEIC® score by over 100 points*. Thousands of authentic videos Vocabulary while watching Instant pronunciation feedback *Based on research from our deployments at over 100 universities worldwide. The EnglishCentral weekly formula means: watching 5 minutes of video per week, learning 75 new words from those videos, and speaking a minimum of 10 minutes to our IntellispeechTM assessment system. Visit our blog www.englishcentral.com/blog for case studies.


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Table of Contents Our Courses EnglishCentral Skill Level Chart Academic English Business English Career English Media English Social English Travel English Young Learners 2-3 4-6 7-13 14-17 18-22 23-25 26-30 31-34 35-38 39-40 Test Prep Vocabulary 41-43 44-46


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Our Courses Introducing our courses With more than 9,000 videos, EnglishCentral has the largest library of video content designed for English learners anywhere on the Web. Our collection includes authentic videos as well as videos created specifically for language learning, giving students access to the world of English-language media. Our team of teachers has organized the video content into carefully selected, structured courses, many of which are based on curricula designed by leading publishers such as ABAX ELT, Cambridge University Press, Compass Media, Garnet Publishing, and National Geographic/Cengage Learning. Courses are organized in topical or thematic units by subject areas, and each course contains a series of video units and vocabulary quizzes. We offer the following course topics to choose from: Academic English Business English Career English Media English Social English Travel English Young Learners Pronunciation Test Prep Vocabulary 2 Visit us at our Web site: www.englishcentral.com


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Our Courses Learning on EnglishCentral The core of EnglishCentral courses is the video player, where students watch videos, learn vocabulary in context, and then speak using the video as a model. Watch. Learn. Speak. Teaching with EnglishCentral Teachers have the freedom to set their own curriculum at EnglishCentral, and selecting a course and inviting students to study is easy to do. Our teacher tools provide an easy way to set students’ goals and track their learning. Teachers can also listen to students’ recordings, which makes assessing student pronunciation even easier. It’s that simple. EnglishCentral offers academic discounts to qualified teachers using EnglishCentral with students. We understand that students often have a limited budget, so we offer programs similar to the cost of a traditional textbook. We also offer free trials so that you can give EnglishCentral a try with your students. Visit us at our Web site: www.englishcentral.com 3


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Skill Level Chart Titles Cambridge Academic English: Intermediate Cambridge Academic English: Upper Intermediate Cambridge Academic English: Advanced Beginner Intermediate Advanced abax Communica on Spotlight: Starter Debate It! Discussion Topics: Intermediate Discussion Topics: Advanced ACADEMIC ENGLISH English with Obama Global Issues Amazing Science: Intermediate Amazing Science: Advanced Incredible Animals: Intermediate Incredible Animals: Advanced arnet E D U C A T I O N BUSINESS ENGLISH Compass Media 4 Visit us at our Web site: www.englishcentral.com


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Titles Be My Guest Cabin Crew English CAREER ENGLISH English for the Service Industry Beginner Intermediate Advanced Flightpath Hospitality and Tourism arnet E D U C A T I O N At the Movies MEDIA ENGLISH SOCIAL ENGLISH TRAVEL ENGLISH Life Abroad Travel Southeast Asia Commercials Famous Speeches Funny Commercials abax Debate It! Food, Glorious Food! How to Do Anything Let’s Eat! V 5


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Titles YOUNG LEARNERS Compass Media Classic Tales: Intermediate Beginner Intermediate Advanced Classic Tales: Advanced Kid’s Favorites Once Upon a Time Skills VOCABULARY TESET PREP PRONUNCIATION 6


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Academic English Cambridge Academic English Intermediate: B1+ Upper Intermediate: B2 Advanced: C1 • Risks and hazards • Facing challenges Beginner 20 units 60 videos abax - • I can cook! Beginner 18 units 58 videos abax • I liked science in school V 7


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Academic English Intermediate 18 units 54 videos abax • Tickets to the game • When I was in school… • I've worked here for three weeks • I'm looking for the museum Debate It! Advanced 10 units 40 videos • I Can’t Decide! • Global Issues • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Discussion Topics: Intermediate Intermediate 10 units 50 videos • It’s Your Life! • A Changing World • The Important Things in Life • Use Your Judgment! • The Future Is Here! 8 V


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Academic English Discussion Topics: Advanced Advanced 12 units 60 videos • Success and Happiness • Dreams Come True! • Work, Life, and Death • Be Super and Be Safe! • Personality Types • Life is Tough! • Beliefs, Secrets, and Style • It’s a Long Life! • Everyone is Important! • Love, Life, and Stereotypes English with Obama Advanced 5 units 20 videos “Watching, Learning, and Speaking” President Obama’s most compelling speeches and humorous addresses, • Becoming President • Inspiring Speeches • A Lighter Side • Foreign Policy • Social Issues Global Issues Advanced 14 units 56 videos J. Edgar and • Leadership • The Environment • Economics • The Media • Health Care • Debt V 9


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Academic English Amazing Science: Intermediate Intermediate 5 units 16 videos • Fossils and Rocks • Memory • Saving Habitats and Studying Volcanoes • Storms Amazing Science: Advanced Advanced 6 units 25 videos • Energy Sources • The Animal Kingdom • Ice and Water • Our Precious Environment • The Outer Limits of Science 10 V


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Academic English Incredible Animals: Intermediate Intermediate 5 units 17 videos • Pandas • Monkeys and Gorillas • Birds and Dinosaurs • Whales and Sharks • Animal Families Incredible Animals: Advanced Advanced 6 units 28 videos • Animal Experts • Animal Mysteries • Animals We Treasure • Big Cats of Prey • Saving Animals • Crocodiles and Polar Bears V 11


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Academic English Intermediate 8 units 25 videos • Planning • • • • • • • Advanced 12 units 60 videos • • • • • • • • • • • • 12


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Academic English University Lectures 1 Intermediate 4 units 20 videos arnet E D U C A T I O N • • Sociology and Psychology • Business • Geography University Lectures 2 Intermediate 4 units 16 videos arnet E D U C A T I O N • Technology • Mass Media • Sports University Lectures 3 Advanced 5 units 20 videos arnet E D U C A T I O N • Science: Memory • Sociology: Friendships • Psychology: Management • Geography: Deserts • Cultural Anthropology V 3



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