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Bristol Pegasus Motor Club's Backfire newsletter for October 2013

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Bristol Pegasus Motor Club Magazine October 2013 Cover Photo : Pete Hart shows us the fastest way to get into a Marlin at the club's Autotest


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Contents Acting Chairman's Chat Editorial Forthcoming Events Club Events Guest Speaker - November 11th 2013 Clubmans Championship as at 30/9/2013 2013 Marshals Championship as at 30/9/2013 Club Night Venue BPMC Merchandise 2013 Karting Challenge Fantasy F1 Results 2013 Invited Speed Events 2013 Calendar Obituaries September Club Night Photos Gymkhana / Grass Autotest at Chepstow Remember When Provisional 2014 Dates for your Diary Saturday 10th May - Llandow Sprint Sunday 1st June - ACE Classic Tour More dates as they are confirmed


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Acting Chairman's Chat By Andy Moss October, of course, means the Pegasus Sprint. We have been thrilled at the demand for entries this year. The completed forms started arriving with entries secretary Dave Bence the day after they were published and within 5 days we had received 60 entries. It was not long before we were over-subscribed. The popularity of the event is great in many ways, but also leads to us having to turn people away which is something we really don't want to have to do. Sorry once again if you were one of the people we could not accommodate. We took a very simple approach to allocating entries, as stated in the regulations they were accepted first come first served in strict order of receipt. Fortunately most Pegasus members were quick off the mark returning their forms - should we stick to the simple approach next year ? Or should we apply a selection process based on club and/or championship. There is a lot to be said for keeping it straightforward for all, but at the same time there is a good argument for giving priority to our own club members, particularly people who have contributed to running of the club in some way during the year. We also need to consider those battling it out in the last round of one of our invited championships. Let the committee know what you think ! Perhaps more impressive than the speed with which we received entries from competitors, was the success we have had in getting volunteer marshals and officials for the event. We already have over 60 people signed up to man the marshals posts and organise the start line, paddock, signing on and results etc. Many competitors may not realise just how many people are involved in running the event - as well as the army of marshals we have the secretarial team, an MSA licensed scruitineering team, the time keepers, a Doctor with a wealth of Motorsport related medical experience, as well as ambulance and rescue crews. We also have the Combe Circuit team on hand, complete with the heavy equipment required to repair the safety barriers and circuit infrastructure should any damage occur during the day. In charge of all of this are two of our own MSA Licensed Clerks of Course. This year we also have a trainee Clerk of Course from the club learning the ropes. Overseeing everything is an independent MSA appointed steward to make sure everything is done to a very high standard, he is joined by two club appointed stewards. I have not added up the exact numbers, but as you can see there may well be as many people involved in running the event as competing in it ! At the end of the event all those people will take away a huge amount of satisfaction from the part they have played in the day. If you want to get involved at any level in some of this please talk to us - you will be made very welcome whether you want to marshal the odd event or aspire to becoming a clerk of course or event secretary, all you have to do is ask and we will do our best to get you involved and make it happen for you ! Away from the tarmac, we had a very successful Grass Autotest at Chepstow last month. Alan Spencer did a brilliant job of organising an event that was a lot of fun, and a great


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example of what club motorsport is all about. For a tenner you could take part in a competitive event in your ordinary road car, with no need for helmet, overalls, licences or any other hassle, just turn up sign on and have a lot of fun. This type of event must be the best kept secret in motorsport. When I see people spending a fortune to do a non competitive track day or hear complaints that sprinting or racing is too expensive or has too many rules and regulations, I just can't understand why more people don't join in with this sort of event. I think a lot of it has to do with a fear that as soon as you take a car off of tarmac and onto grass it will instantly get damaged and fall apart. The reality is somewhat different. Yes your pride and joy might get a little dusty or end up with a bit of mud on it, but 5 minutes with a sponge when you get home and it will be back to the way it was. There is normally much more to damage your car on a track day or circuit than in any smooth grassy field. Perhaps the other complaint is that it is "not fast enough" but that is where the grass comes in again - when you put the "power on" you don't need too many BHP before the magic stuff under your car makes you slide and slip more than on any bit of tarmac - lots of steering input and throttle control is required to get the best time and you suddenly find yourself having a wonderful time ! Of course finding venues for these sort of events is also a lot easier than for tarmac as well, but we are still very lucky to have the help of club member Steve Dummett who kindly let us use his excellent field. The support of people like Steve for the Autotest and Duncan Pittaway for our trial, means we can offer these events at a very low fee that covers our costs and MSA permit and insurance fees. Come along and find out how much fun you can have next year ! Just don't tell too many people about the best kept secret in motorsport or they will all want an entry ! ....... Andy Moss - andy@mossdata.co.uk - 07710 000144 Bristol Pegasus NEEDS YOU ! The successful running of club events requires Marshals and Organisers • • • • Get involved Be close to the action Meet Other Club Members No experience required


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Editorial Welcome to the October edition of Backfire, it's been a relatively quiet but none the less highly entertaining motoring month for me. After the inspiring talk on motorcycling round the globe by Jacqui Furneaux organised by Nick Wood, the highlight of the month was the Gymkhana / Grass Autotest at Chepstow superbly thought out by Alan Spencer. I got to the event after a night's partying across the border in Wales and have not enjoyed myself quite so much on any previous BPMC outing. There is of course something perverse about taking a completely unmodified Golf estate and thrashing it in a muddy field but it felt completely safe and after the event all the car need was a steam clean around the wheel arches. The entry fee was probably the best £10 I have ever spent . A particular mention must be made of the final test which included a 'Le Mans' start, a source of much humour as various vehicles refused to start after their owners had sprinted and leapt into their steeds. Congratulations to our acting chairman Andy Moss on narrowly taking top honours from our longest serving committee member Malcolm Allen. BPMC will be running the Pegasus Sprint on Saturday 19th; last I heard all entries were expected to be taken up, if you could not get an entry please think about coming down to help out with the marshalling. It only takes as many marshals to man the entire Pegasus Sprint as it takes to man a couple of corners at the British Grand Prix, so your welcome presence at the Sprint will make a big difference to the running of the event. My thanks to Tim Murray for his obituaries on BPMC member Tom King and west country racer Terry Sanger published in this month's issue; if you have any stories to tell don't hesitate to put pen to paper or better still finger to key board, photographs are also welcome. Wishing you a happy month's motoring. Ralph Colmar e-mail: backfire@bristolpegasus.com Deadline for Next Backfire: 25th October 2013 As always, we are looking for contributions for Backfire Editor: Ralph Colmar Email: backfire@bristolpegasus.com The views and opinions printed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of BPMC


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Forthcoming Events Club Events Monday 14th October Rally Theme Club Night - Room 4 BAWA from 8.30pm More Details later in Backfire Saturday 19th October 2013 - Pegasus Sprint New One Lap Course with 2 Practice & 2 Timed Runs The entry list is now full and we have a full complement of marshals. Spectators are very welcome - Free admission to the circuit. BPMC at Goodwood Greenpower Grand Final Mangotsfield School Team MPH will be flying the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club flag at Goodwood on Sunday 13th October having qualified 20th for the for the Goodwood Greenpower Grand Final after completing 99.9 miles at Castle Combe in September. For anyone interested in cheering 'our' team along the Grand Final takes place at Goodwood Circuit, Sunday 13th October, morning practice with 4-hour endurance race to start at 1300. Best wishes to team MPH from everyone at BPMC ! Invitations MGCC(SW) KIMBER CAR TRIAL - Sunday 13th October 2013 BPMC Memebers are invited to take part on the MGCC(SW) KIMBER CAR TRIAL 2013 on Sunday 13th October 2013 at Pagans Hill Farm, Chew Stoke, Bristol, Map Ref 172/558628, courtesy of Tony and Sally Baker. Scrutineering starts 9:30 am, entry fee in advance is £10. (£12 on the day). Regulations and entry forms available from :- The Secretary of the Meeting Mr B. M Weston, 19 Compton Road, South Cadbury, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 7EZ Tel:(H)01963440941 (B)01747823232 (M)07929497408 (E)bruceweston@tiscali.co.uk Bristol Motor Clubs Autumn Navigational Scatter - Saturday October 26th 2013 BPMC Members are invited to take part on the Bristol Motor Club's Autumn Navigational Scatter on Saturday October 26th 2013 meeting at the lay-by on the A38 NE of Barrow Common - OS Landranger ref. ST 553 683. The nearest postcode is BS41 8JS Signing-on from 6.45pm for departure at 7.30pm. Download Regs and Entry Form from :http://www.bristolmc.org.uk/Pre-event/autnavregs.htm


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Monday 14th October Club Night Rally Theme Night - Room 4 BAWA from 8.30pm As well as the chance to join fellow members for a drink and a chat our October Club Night will have a rallying theme. We will have some rally related films on the big screen Members are encouraged to bring along any rally related Programmes, Photos or Memorabilia. Whether it is the RAC Rally, a club Stage Rally or a Historic - if it is rallying related we want you to bring along your memories to share with other club members How many of you remember the Monte Carlo Challenge starting from College Green in Bristol - were you there ? If you have been or are going to fly the BPMC flag please do not forget your fellow club members would like to hear about it, send pics and text to : backfire@bristolpegasus.com


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Guest Speaker - November 11th Graham Bunter Graham will be talking to us about stock car racing and Mendip Raceway. Mendip Raceway opened in 1969 and is in its fortieth season of racing in the Mendip Hills. It promotes stock car and banger racing primarily, with a number of guest and domestic formulae making up each exciting programme. The tarmac track and unique up and down hill section makes for fast and thrilling racing, and the pits can cater for up to 100 cars per meeting, spread over up to four different formulae. With high spectator banking, the viewing is tremendous, with all parts of the track visible at all times, and guests can enjoy a picnic on the banks, or sample the good food and drink on offer at the catering outlets during the afternoon.


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2013 Clubmans Championship as at 30/9/2013 Prepared by Chris Thompson 'POINTS SCORED' POSITIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 9 10 11 12 12 12 12 16 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 24 24 27 28 ENTRANT TOTAL POINTS SCORED NUMBER OF EVENTS ORGANISED OR MARSHALLED ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No No No Andy Moss Ralph Colmar Liz Moss Nick Wood Tim Murray Chris Goodchild Andrew Firks Keith Firks Alan Dillamore Adrian Jones Alan Spencer Donny Allen Duncan Pittaway Ian Parr Mal Allen Richard Reynolds Sharon Reynolds Bob Bull Cherry Robinson Stephen Dummett Chris Thompson Martin Watts Arthur Haskins Matthew Johnson Richard Hearnden Roger Brunt Linda Dillamore Andy Wood 17.81 11.00 9.92 9.26 7.00 5.38 5.00 5.00 4.92 4.75 4.46 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.13 4.13 4.00 3.78 3.50 3.22 3.00 2.88 2.67 2.67 2.67 2.25 2.11 4 4 2 4 2 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


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29 29 29 29 33 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 Danny Castleton Ian Hall Ken Robson Mark Astin Neil Davies Brian Davage Deborah Hearnden Ian Perrett Jenny Hall Joe Robson John Mearns Martyn Davies Tom Arnold Wendy Perrett 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 1.83 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 No Yes No Yes No No No No No No No No No No 2013 Marshals Championship as at 30/9/2013 Prepared by Chris Thompson 'POINTS SCORED' POSITIONS 1 1 3 3 5 6 6 6 9 9 9 9 9 14 14 14 14 14 14 ENTRANT Mal Allen Tim Murray Chris Thompson Nick Wood Ian Hall Donny Allen Liz Moss Ralph Colmar Andy Moss Bob Bull Cherry Robinson Coralie Thompson Dick Craddy Alan Spencer Carlie Hart Jenny Hall Mark Astin Mark Benstock Pete Hart TOTAL POINTS SCORED 7 7 6 6 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 NUMBER OF EVENTS 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


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Club Night Venue Our regular venue is BAWA Leisure Centre 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7RG We meet from 8.30pm ( 8pm for AGM ) in Room 4 which has excellent views of the sports field as well as parking visible from within the room. There is a public bar area next to our room so members arriving early may enjoy a drink and a chat before the formal club night proceedings start. During our summer meetings we are able to open the doors to our room and have direct access into the car park As many members will know we recently returned to BAWA which was our regular club meeting venue for many years. We are very impressed with the updated room and bar facilities as well as the excellent view and access to our parking area. We are also pleased there will be no issues for non-BAWA members coming to our evening. Note : The Next BPMC meeting at BAWA is on Monday 14th October at 8:30pm.


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BPMC Pin Badges Now available; Delightful 20mm diameter BPMC pin badges in black nickel, red / white enamel finish. These are a must for club members and available for £2.00 each from Alan Spencer. BPMC polo or sweatshirts Fancy a shirt with the club logo on? Pick your colour and size, state whether polo or sweatshirt and how many, then ring/email Alan Spencer with your order. alanspencer@orange.net 01179 712587 Poloshirts £6.50 each and sweatshirts £10 - a bargain! Sweatshirts & polo shirts are available in the following colours and sizes: White, grey, light blue, royal blue and black - S, M, L and XL. For Bristol Pegasus Motor Club car & windscreen stickers contact Alan Spencer. Help raise funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance Visit the bookshop www.bristolpegasus.com and use the Amazon link to buy books, CD's /DVD's All commission to Wiltshire Air Ambulance


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2013 Karting Endurance Challenge The event will be held at Teamsport Bristol, Avonmouth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9YA. Full details of the track and directions can be found on their website www.team-sport.co.uk/bristol Date: Thursday 14th November 2013 Time: 7.00p.m. start - 10.30p.m. finish Format: 25mins Qualifying + Endurance Race over 2 ½ hours Teams: 5 drivers per team – 16 Teams in total Cost: £175 per team = £35 per driver This is your chance to be at the sharp end of your own Grand Prix Team, 25 minutes of qualifying will determine the grid for the start of the race with the best lap time taking pole position. The drivers briefing on the night will give the usual rules and regulations which will be supplemented by those below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Each driver must drive a minimum of 2 stints. The Teamsport timing system will be the official clock. Most driving penalties will be a 30 second stop/go penalty. Serious driving offences will be a 1 min stop/go penalty. Missing a driver change completely – DISQUALIFICATION Please organise your team of 5 drivers and come up with a suitable team name. If you can not raise a team of 5 but would still like to drive there will be a team to accommodate smaller numbers. Send all of your team details along with a cheque for £175 made payable to Bristol Pegasus Motor Club to: Ken Robson 201 Juniper Way Bradley Stoke Bristol BS32 0DP p. 07900 007747 e. kenrobson@btinternet.com This event will raise around £1200 which will be donated to the chosen charity of Bristol Pegasus Motor Club


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Bristol Pegasus Fantasy Formula One 2013 Results Up to Italian GP - Prepared by Andy Moss Martyn Davies Ken Robson Helen Davies Mike Marsden Joe Robson Tim Murray Mary Craddy Rex Meaden Alyson Marsden David Garnett Dom Bennett Mark Niblett Matt Johnson Charlie Emsley Ross Willing Martin Baker Dick Craddy Richard Reynolds Mal Allen Alison Bennett Ian Hall Caroline Meaden Jenny Hall Liz Moss Steve Clark Helena Sarsted Simon Moss Victoria Phillips Bill Farrow Pete Stowe Martin Emsley Ann Farrow John Page Kate Umfreville Donny Allen Thomas Wigley Marc Rogers Andrew Moss Sharon Reynolds Chris Bennett Hamilton Hamilton Grosjean Raikkonon Alonso Maldonado Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Raikkonon Hamilton Hulkenberg Hamilton Button Hamilton Hamilton Alonso Hamilton Hamilton Raikkonon Bianchi Button Hamilton Alonso Resta Button Raikkonon Hamilton Alonso Hamilton Garde Button Button Button Alonso Button Button Button Button Button Rosberg Vettel Raikkonon Vettel Hamilton Rosberg Vettel Vettel Vettel Vettel Vettel Raikkonon Vettel Rosberg Vergne Resta Raikkonon Raikkonon Vettel Vettel Vettel Grosjean Vettel Vettel Rosberg Raikkonon Vettel Resta Hulkenberg Raikkonon Raikkonon Resta Raikkonon Maldonado Rosberg Hamilton Sutil Resta Chilton Vergne Lotus Mercedes Lotus Mercedes Mercedes Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus India India Lotus Lotus Mercedes India Lotus Mercedes India Lotus India Marussia Caterham Marussia Rosso Sauber Mercedes Sauber Ferrari India Mclaren India Caterham Lotus Lotus Caterham Mclaren Mclaren Mclaren Caterham Mclaren Mercedes Williams Mercedes Sauber Williams Mercedes Williams Rosso Sauber Lotus Lotus Mercedes Williams Rosso Redbull Sauber Williams Sauber Williams Williams Redbull Mercedes Mclaren Williams Rosso Williams Williams Sauber Lotus Sauber Mclaren Lotus Williams Rosso Mclaren Williams Rosso Williams Marussia Rosso Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes Rosso Mercedes Redbull India Sauber Caterham Williams Rosso Mclaren Sauber Ferrari Caterham Redbull Sauber Lotus Sauber Ferrari Marussia Redbull Caterham Lotus Redbull Mclaren Ferrari Williams Mclaren Williams Redbull Redbull Lotus Redbull Williams Marussia Mercedes Mercedes Rosso Mclaren Australian Spanish Chinese Monaco USA Belgian Belgian British Australian Australian Japanese Hungarian Italian Monaco British Canadian Italian German Brazilian German Australian Hungarian Canadian British British British Abudhabi British Australian British British Monaco Belgian Canadian Usa Monaco Bahrain British Bahrain Canadian 493 475 435 415 403 399 380 379 378 377 373 364 364 352 342 342 337 337 336 330 328 316 311 306 295 290 285 272 267 264 249 240 238 237 204 201 194 180 160 142


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Pegasus Speed Championship 2013 Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name of Competitor Martyn Davies Roger Brunt Toby Harris Martin Watts Lisa Selby Trevor Hartland Total Points 16.83 16.81 14.46 14.33 13.36 11.05 No of Events Entered 5 4 3 6 3 2 2013 Invited Speed Events Date 06/10/2013 19/10/2013 Organising Club Bournemouth & DCC BPMC Venue Clay Pigeon Raceway Castle Combe Event Type Sprint Sprint Pegasus Club Trip - The Classic Car Show Friday November 15th - NEC Birmingham The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is the biggest and most popular classic car exhibition in the UK. With over 1500 wonderful cars from all eras, showcasing a myriad of marques and models, this really is every motoring enthusiast’s paradise! Every year tens of thousands of visitors, from all over the world, gather for this annual homage to motoring history. Whether you are a classic car owner, collector, enthusiast, or if you simply love all kinds of cars, this really is a ‘must do’ show! This ‘Grand Finale’ to the UK classic season celebrates all ages - the veteran, the vintage, the classic and the future classic, bringing together the whole motoring spectrum in this unique annual celebration of motoring. The show also hosts the single biggest gathering of UK companies and traders in the market, offering every conceivable product and service to the classic car owner/enthusiast, plus some superb features that are totally unique. “It’s all about bringing together people who share a passion for cars" Nick Wood is organising a minibus for the trip. If interested please contact him on 07786936941. Numbers are limited so please get in touch asap.



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