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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! 220 | October 4 2013 EVERY FORTNIGHT Latin lovers The Italian Film Fest is back and molto sexy! WIN! Movie tix Mystery Road Thanks For Sharing Where to go pub gardening Filthy sex lies! We put some myths to bed is taking over the Inner West! Distributed in Leichhardt, Annandale, Petersham, Stanmore, Newtown, Rozelle, Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill PLUS! Italian Film Festival passes Theatre tix Concord takes flight Join the circus on Majors Bay Road Photo by Ben Cregan Presented by Majors Bay Road will be transformed into an amazing quirky circus with plenty of stalls, rides and activities. It will be a fun-filled day for the whole family! Ride your bike or bring your own reusable bag to the Carnival for a chance to win great prizes! For more event and competition details call 9911 6555 or visit our website - Proudly sponsored by


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Bikie gangs, markets and mega-fests all in your Inner West backyard l True or false? Bikie gangs are moving into Concord? Reportedly, police have been chatting to locals to try and identify which bikie gang members are dining at local cafes and restaurants. So far it seems the Hells Angels have set up shop somewhere near Majors Bay Road. Having once been across the road from the Ciao office, we can honestly say (apart from the odd bombing), the Bikies stayed away from ordinary folk like us and were very good at spending up big at the local restaurants (in cash, of course). l Drummoyne pop-up markets is gaining momentum and has its first more permanent trial this Sunday 13th October. Drummoyne Business Chamber has been pushing for the markets since its first trial back in May. After Formosa St carpark’s refurbishment and Canada Bay Council’s commitment to “place making” in Drummoyne, businesses seem to be livening up. Even Sutton Place. With current retailers in other areas like Newtown and Rozelle questioning the effect of markets on the retail strip and losing retail market share to stall holders “who don’t pay taxes,” it is refreshing to see Drummoyne businesses excited about bringing more business to their village. l Norton St Festa is gearing up to be a mega-fest. Rumours are flying around that one particular reality cooking show will have their contestants cooking for people with some of the most discerning taste buds of all – Leichhardt locals…watch this space. l Newtown retailers are being knocked about with ever increasing rents. Even second hand clothing and vintage retailers that were once the darlings of the shopping strip have found it tough. Recent closures include Frolic Clothing. They will be missed! Latte leftie WE ARE C!AO ADVERTISING Sonya Madden Satire for the soul Latte Leftie rejoices in the ALP embracing quotas in order to make sure only the right sort of people get preselected. Dear LL – While I’m sure your sympathies lie with local hero Albo in the latest Labor leadership tussle, do you think Shorto’s thought bubble of introducing quotas to make sure the Opposition benches are well stocked with intersex Indigenes has merit? Gene, Leichhardt LL replies: Do I what! One of the many regrettable features of our democratic system is that it encourages political parties to preselect whitebread candidates who are seen to embody the mouth-breathing stupidity, small-minded prejudice and sheep-like conformism of mainstream Australia. Even worse, the ALP has long attracted the dregs of the reactionary working class rather than the cream of the inner city intelligentsia but the introduction of quotas is a chance to purge the party of the sinister influence of Opus Dei union dinosaurs such as Joe De Bruyn and roll out the welcome mat to differently abled transsexuals, mulatto refugees and perhaps even the odd urbane Muslim like that clever Waleed Aly. Given the treachery of the likes of Noel Pearson and Warren Mundine, I’m not sure any Aboriginals can now be trusted but, if Nova Peris doesn’t end up a member of Tony Abbott’s cabinet, perhaps a few NT seats could be set aside for our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Shorten’s delusional if he believes he’s going to attract any farmers, tradesmen or small business people into the Labor party but his intention to do outreach to professional women, academics and the welfare recipients is a stroke of political genius. Given the widespread public affection for gender-war-waging feminists, Baudrillard-quoting university professors and the long-term unemployed, Labor will surely be guaranteed a landslide victory in 2016 if it ditches the heteronormative middle-aged males (Albo and Shorten excepted, of course!) and imposes diversity with an iron-fisted quota system. n Email your dilemma to STAFF WRITER Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin C!ao history The construction of the Gladesville Bridge was completed a year after this photo was taken - in 1964, and it was officially opened by Princess Marina. It was made to replace the Parramatta River Bridge, which had existed since the 1880s. The Gladesville Bridge, which connects the suburbs of Huntleys Point and Drummoyne, is part of a complex of three bridges including Fig Tree Bridge and Tarban Creek Bridge. It is the largest of the three. n Image courtesy of Council of Canada Bay. ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo EVENING AUTHOR TALK WITH ROSS MCMULLIN Ross McMullin is an historian and biographer. His latest book Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Australia’s Lost Generation, was recently awarded the 2013 National Cultural Award for its “outstanding contribution to the quality of Australian cultural life.” Join Ross to hear about the stories of ten exceptional Australians who exemplified the gifted lost generation of the Great War and are little known today. They include a revered medical scientist, an Antarctic explorer, a Rhodes Scholar, a visionary vigneron, a dazzling footballer and a popular farmer who inspired the film Gallipoli. PUBLISHING Leichhardt Library Sonia Komaravalli Contributors Nigel Bowen, Wren Dunn and Rachael Mogan McIntosh Thursday 10th October 6:30pm—8:00pm Bookings: 9367 9266 Free Event: All Welcome! Light refreshments served Ciao Make sure your water buffalo doesn’t wander on to this property Things we love: these fantastic frontyard statues in Petersham. The owner of this house might have taken the idea of an urban jungle a little too literally, but who says that’s a bad thing? Everyone wants their house to be unique in some way, that’s what makes it a home, and this person has found a truly awesome way to do it. Leichhardt Library Piazza Level, Italian Forum, 23 Norton Street Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. C!ao’s voice • The resident O’Connor St bus stop cat at Haberfield • The colourful clothes at Peel on Darling Street • The new pretzel shop at Burwood Westfield (yum!) • The newly opened Rodizio Cafe in the Forum - finally! • The re-opening of Drummoyne and Cabarita pools • The new Peter Alexander store at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre • Cafe Shenkin, Enmore • The friendly IGA Abbotsford Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 032 032 – Leane 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. In WHAT'S IN & OUT • Finding a giant spider in your office/bedroom/handbag • Getting a parking fine in Norton Street’s ‘construction zone’ even though it’s 5.55pm (zoning ends at 6pm) and all the tradies have gone home! Give us a break! • The overcrowding at Annandale and Leichhardt public schools that means kids might be forced to go to separate schools from their siblings • The lame Aussie Bachelor Out Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: The gorgeous Sabrina Ferilli is set to steam up the screen in the 2013 Lavazza Italian Film Festival’s opening night movie The Great Beauty. The festival runs from Oct 9th to Nov 3rd. Photo by Gianni Fiorito. Cover: Step right up, step right up! The quirky circus themed Concord Carnival is coming to town on Sunday 13th October and you’re all invited! From stilt-walking strongmen to mermaids this carnival has it all! Photo by Ben Cregan. C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 2


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ITALIAN RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA Hold your next function At Fernando’s Function packages starting at $30p.h Chistenings • Birthdays • Christmas Parties • Corporate Events Visit our website for a full list of function packages or call us for more information 118 Norton st Leichhardt | 02 9560 7957 |


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breathingcolours BREAThING COlOURS WOUlD lIkE TO INVITE ARTISTS Of All GENRES TO ExhIBIT IN OUR GALLEry SpACE. Breathing Colours is now calling for submissions for exhibitions in 2014. Our website provides details of how to submit for an exhibition and the relevant fees for the Gallery Space and our exhibition support services. Apply Now. current exhibition breathing colours workshop program ThE lANDSCAPE IN US Ben Milne, Amanda and Jesse Flanagan Tues 1st October- 13th October Official Opening Night: Wednesday 2nd October 6-8pm lEARN TO PAINT with artist Jack Braudis Or have you been painting for some time and would like some instruction to improve on what you already know? I can help with my thirty years of experience as a working artist in both traditional and more contemporary forms of painting. Three Trees, Ben Milne Ceramic pots, Jesse flanagan In this painting workshop you will receive personal instruction in: This painting workshop is ten sessions long. Drawing | Understanding values | Colour and Colour 9:30 pm at mixing Sessions meet Thursday 6:30 – Have you always wanted to learn to paint? Painting techniques, such as glazingArts, 39 Cameron St. Birchgrove Flourish and scumbling Studio techniques like some Next session: OCTOBER 10 – Or have you been painting for some time and would and materials | CompositionDECEMBER 12 instruction to improve onintegratedknow? Cost is $350 An what you already approach to the painting process This painting workshop is ten sessions Email. long. Tel. 0402 925 911 Sessions meet Thursday 6:30 – 9:30 pm at Flourish Arts, 39 Cameron St. Birchgrove. Cost is $350. In this painting workshop you will receive personal instruction in: • Drawing • Understanding values • Colour and Colour mixing • Composition both traditional as well as more contemporary forms of painting. • Painting techniques, such as glazing and scumbling • Studio techniques and materials • An integrated approach to the painting process Learn to Paint! with artist Jack Braudis I can help with my thirty years of experience as a working artist in To secure your place, contact Jack Braudis at: Next session: OCTOBEr 10 – DECEMBEr 12 Meditations in Paint 2, Amanda flanagan To secure your place, contact Jack Braudis: tel. 0402 925 911 or email. 50% off extraordinary pieces of Aboriginal art 15% off Graciela’s hand painted leather bags 10% off BOUVIER silver jewellery 50% off Alexandra Blak and Angle Diamond Dot jewellery and STAMPS watches 30% off Zara Collins-Washi Perspex earrings THIS MONTH’S SALE NEw STOCk at Breathing Colours Bouvier Covetable silver jewellery on sale Melinda young Wood veneer jewellery Helen Earl Ceramics and nature infused art Cath O’gorman Ceramics Szilvia Gyorgy Polypropylene bangles Beuy Colour anodised aluminium jewellery. Helen Mok Silver mouldings with gems and jewellery art gallery, contemporary jewellery & objects 446 darling st, balmain ph 02 9555 8543 tues to sun-10am to 5pm


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Community life R OAD TEST Where to go gardening It’s a great Aussie past time to hang out at your local watering hole with a beer on a sunny day and there are plenty of great beer gardens in the Inner West to suit all tastes. Here is our pick of the best... The Courthouse One of Newtown’s most popular pubs, this place is famous for it’s huge outdoor area, which is usually brimming with hipster locals enjoying a pub feed alongside a beer or a cider. It’s often so busy you have to hold onto your seat (if you’re lucky enough to have scored one in the first place) or get in early to secure one of the prized wooden picnic tables. I’d say it’s one of the best beer gardens in the Inner West – sunny, friendly and lots of fun if you like bustling, noisy places filled with plenty of interesting people. Rant School’s out, but I’m not celebrating. School children across Sydney have been out on spring holidays this week, enjoying warm sunny days swimming at the beach or playing in the park. But it isn’t so great for the rest of us... I’m sure many of you, much like me, have fond memories of your school holidays. Those holidays are one of the few times in your entire life when you have absolutely no commitments or concerns. You were free to spend your time hanging around with your friends or just watching TV for days on end; it didn’t matter because you were a kid on vacation. It used to be something to look forward to. I would always count the weeks left until I was on break but nowadays I dread the school holidays. Why, you ask? Because it means there will be kids absolutely everywhere! Just try to do some grocery shopping – there will be swarms of kids around and you probably won’t even be able to get into the carpark because all the parents in the area have headed to the nearest centre to watch those kids shows that happen during the holidays. Try to go for a walk in the park and there will be even more there. Hell, just open a window and you’ll be able to hear them. And you can be sure that they will be unapologetically loud, obnoxious and will ruin my good time. Not that I hate children, nor blame kids or their parents for the disruption. Kids are naturally noisy and I think they should enjoy their holidays. Just don’t expect me to be happy about it. Umbrella organisation at the Balmain Hotel courtyard – needless to say, the kids enjoyed the snowball fights that ensued. that are protected from wind and rain, and a small smoker’s corner (the rest of the space being strictly non-smoking). This courtyard really evokes a feeling of being in your own (very well-manicured) backyard; it’s comfortable and a gorgeous place for a beer and a steak. The Royal Hotel The Royal Botanical Terrace looks a little like someone’s greenhouse with pot plants lining the wall. The new owners have certainly turned the space into a beautiful spot to spend a warm afternoon looking up into a clear blue summer sky. If only it was a little bigger, as we’re sure the terrace gets quite cosy during peak hours, but the natural feel is inviting nonetheless. The Balmain Hotel The new Balmain Hotel boasts the biggest beer garden in Balmain. Set over two levels, you can enjoy a cocktail in the sun at the funky Tiki Bar area and feel like you’re right at home. It’s a relaxed, casual environment with plenty of greenery and colourful umbrellas overhead. What also sets it apart is the fact that it is very family-friendly. The venue managers make great use of the space, holding special events like the recent Snowed Inn party that marked the end of winter with a truckload of real snow covering the The Toxteth Hotel This Glebe pub has a great covered courtyard with more of an urban, industrial feel than many other local beer gardens – it isn’t afraid to be a little more rough around the edges, with unpolished decked floors and a central bar that looks like it’s made out of recycled timber. The bar’s positioning is really what makes this beer garden stand out, though perhaps that’s just because I’m lazy and having a central bar means it’s a short walk from any seat in the house. It’s also a cool place to hang out rain or shine because of the clear roofing. Woolwich Pier Hotel This hotel has just finished renovations so their courtyard is pristine and has all the modern conveniences you could want. There are three main areas to this beer garden: a completely outdoor café style area, a series of pavilions Baking Bonanza at the Freshbake Show As the baking craze sweeps the nation local kitchens are heating up, so put on your oven mitts and get ready for the first ever Freshbake Show… Inspired by a love of home baking, the Freshbake Show is the brainchild of Phillip Cook and Nina Dela Cruz. A two-day event to be held from October 12th to 13th, this event will bring casual bakers and professionals together to network and share their ideas. Created as a celebration of baking, the event will feature an array of celebrity chefs including Leichhardt’s Pino Locantro (pictured), as well as former MasterChef competitors, demonstrating their favourite baking recipes. There will also be a host of other activities including competitions, workshops, gadget demos and a Freshbake Market. The show will also have a variety of child-friendly activities and games at The Kid’s Lounge. So whether you have dreams of being the next big thing in baking or you simply have a sweet tooth, the Freshbake Show is the place to be. n For more info visit n To WIN a family pass to the show valued at $29, email info@ with your details. “Try to go for a walk in the park and there will be even more kids there. Hell, just open a window and you’ll be able to hear them.” I guess my problem is that (unless you’re a teacher) when you are a working adult you have Christmas, weekends and – if you’re lucky – a day off now and again but that’s all of your holidays. So when I get that precious day off to spend out in the sun or getting some shopping done, the last thing I want is to be sharing it with a bunch of screaming, sweaty children running all over the place. I must admit it makes me a little happy when all the little ones are locked up in school and the world belongs to me and all the other adults again. So what am I supposed to do during school breaks? Of course, I could just stay at home until night descends and the kids go home. But I deserve a little sunlight too. I could also just suck it up and deal with loud children and rude teenagers but simply I’d really rather not. For now, I guess I’ll just count the days until they’re called back to class and my life becomes my own again. And any parent who tells me they don’t feel the same way after having the kids at home day in and day out is surely lying. n Words: Max “The School Holidays Grinch” Kobras. Want to rant? Email Sunday 13th October WIN TIX! What’s on Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email Tues 8th & Wed 9th October info@ciaomagazi Attn: Nancy FREE Community events listings are Thursday 10th October The Noise Contemporary classical string quartet The Noise is giving the world premiere of seven new Australian string quartet pieces at The Cell Block Theatre, National Art School in Darlinghurst, on October 8th and 9th at 7pm. In an historic first, the group commissioned seven of Australia’s leading composers including Annandale resident, Andrew BattRawden, to each write a work for the project, titled Compose NOISE – referring to the group’s strong slant towards improvisation. Other composers involved in the project are Andrew Ford, Rosalind Page, Paul Cutlan, Lyle Chan, Alex Pozniak and Amanda Cole. 6 Make some noise WIN CDs! For more information and tickets visit n To WIN a copy of the group’s double CD, email with your name and address. Brazil and Beyond Marrickville-based singer and guitarist Anna Salleh will showcasing her Brazil & Beyond show at Sydney’s newest jazz club, Foundry616 in Ultimo, from 8.30pm on October 10th. The show features special guest guitar maestro Guy Strazz, as well as talented musicians Summer Hill resident Stuart Vandegraaff on horns, Strathfield resident Dan Holland on piano, Stan Valacos (bass/seven-string guitar) and Croydon Park resident Tim Bradley on the drums. Don’t miss what promises to be a truly impressive musical evening with everything on offer from swing to jazz and samba. Basking in the Brazilian tunes Tickets are $26 from au/13271. Doors open at 7.30pm at 616 Harris Street, Ultimo. n More info: Next Generation Hunter Valley Project Join in for an afternoon of fun, games and some really amazing Hunter Valley wines from 11am to 5pm at The Vic, Enmore on October 13th, as part of the Next Generation Hunter Valley Project. This Sunday ‘Session’ will entail some very cool Inner West street art, live tunes and, of course, some damn good grub to compliment the moreish Hunter Valley wines that you’ll be sampling on the day. This is a free entry event that operates on tasting tokens. Starter Kits include six tokens and a souvenir tasting glass for $30 and additional tasting tokens will be available for $4 on the day. Beat the queues on the day by pre-purchasing your Starter Kit online at www.nextgenerationhuntervalley. n To WIN a double pass Starter Kit valued at $60 for this event email See page 8 for more of What’s On...


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n Local Gigs Friday 18th October n Local movies Adalita The lead singer of Australian band Magic Dirt (which has been on hiatus since the death of bassist Dean Turner in 2009) has moved onto her own solo project. From slow, soft rock ballads to pre-grunge style pieces (think Neil Young), she remains a fascinating artist to listen to. n The Annandale Hotel, $25. Saturday 26th October FREE C d u le TIWinKoEbTS movies passes Keeping it zipped, one day at a time... charlie Horse Claiming a wide list of inspirations including Neil Young, Cormac McCarthy and Nick Cave (for his literary work rather than his song writing, I believe), Charlie Horse remains rather straightforward with their music. This is good though; they have a dark, modern cowboy feel. A lot of fun to bounce up and down to, check them out. n The Vanguard, $15.80. Thanks For Sharing Is there no subject too icky for cinema to tackle? Many of the people in Stuart Blumberg’s (The Kids Are All Right) latest dramedy suffer from an embarrassing problem. Not to put too fine a point on it, they are compulsive masturbators. As Adam, Mark Ruffalo leads the pedigreed cast of shameless actors, unafraid to share all. Tim Robbins, Josh Gad and Alecia Moore (aka Pink) also play members of an AA-like support group for recovering sex addicts. Gwyneth Paltrow turns up. She has issues too, but basically the pumped and nubile star is there to give Adam a hard time and test his resolve of “no-uncommitted sex”. It’s a credit to Blumberg and co-writer Matt Winston that such cringe-inducing material is so shrewdly and deftly turned into an absorbing and even uplifting contemporary drama. Funny too, as Adam (“clean for five years”) has to have his motel’s cable TV removed before he dares close the door. Then fight (and loose) the urge to go down to a late night appliance store and buy a laptop. Ahhh… relief at last, but talk about a First World problem! MA15+ from Oct 4. n Thanks to Transmission Films we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below n Reviews – RE Dogs, dust and despair in the Aussie badlands Mystery Road The drug trade is now well entrenched in Australian country towns. Especially out west, where there’s plenty of room to hide and just as many customers among the dispossessed. Ivan Sen has been here before (Toomlah) and returns this time with a high-powered cast and a tense, moody thriller. Aaron Pedersen stars as black detective Jay Swan, returning home after a long spell in the city. An Aboriginal girl, probably doing tricks, has been found dead by side of the road. Uncomfortably for Jay, who no longer fits into the bitter racially divided town, she’s a friend of his estranged daughter. Complicating matters, there’s more than a whiff of corruption amongst the local cops, with Hugo Weaving and Tony Barry playing sinister and enigmatic roles. Then there’s Ryan Kwanten, out on the farm, clearly up to no good; it’s only a matter of time before things come to an explosive climax. That’s in a long shoot out worthy of the finest westerns, to which this taut, very accomplished Oz drama respectfully nods. Mystery Road opened this year’s Sydney Film Festival to wide acclaim. What took it so long to get released? M15+ from Oct 17. n Thanks to Dark Matter we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. The Breeders Monday 28th October The Breeders So Kim Deal left the Pixies but decided she wanted to keep the Breeders going. Not the choice I would have made but it’s her life and the Breeders aren’t bad at all. Perhaps a little too ‘90s for my taste but they are from the ‘90s, so go figure. Either way, fun tunes but nothing special. If you’re free and have the cash then they are worth checking out. n Enmore Theatre, $69.50. Metallica: Through the Never There is some plot in what is basically a spectacular filmed concert, it involves a roadie (Dane Dehaan) sent on an mysterious mission for the band who witnesses street riots, a mysterious horseman and mass hangings. Meanwhile the band plays on, as does frontman James Hetfield spitting out lyrics about dystopia, destruction and death. Men in the audience (and they are all men) are bald and take their shirts off. There are flames. Skulls! The men have tattoos. Lots of tattoos! I left the movie feeling pumped. I handed in my 3D glasses, ear plugs... I wanted to take crystal meth. Kick a puppy. Pick a fight with a bikie. cTc from Oct 10. AT THE MULTIPLEX n At Dendy Newtown “Kill ‘Em All!” It’s Hay Fever season Movie nuts Maria and Blake For lovers of classic comedy, this satire of high society life will have you in stitches. Written by Noël Coward at the tender age of 24 and first performed in 1925, Hay Fever follows the lives of the eccentric and unconventional Bliss Family over a single, unusual weekend. Mother Judith, a recently retired actress, father David, a self-absorbed novelist, and children Simon and Sorel are all bored and restless so they each invite over admirers to spice up their lives. From being teased with merciless party games to being lured into unwanted flirtations, these guests are brought hilariously out of their depth for the amusement of their malicious hosts – and the audience. Running from October 8th to November 2nd at the New Theatre with performances Wednesday through Sunday, this hilarious observation of the pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence of the upper class in the Jazz Age is not to be missed. Tickets are available at with prices starting at $17. cult classics podcasts It’s no secret that Margaret and David are “over it”, privately they may even admit it – it’s just that no one will let them quit! Anyway, the clever folk at Dendy have come up with a lively contemporary alternative to the ABC show, every second Monday opinionated local Inner West bloggers and film fanatics Blake Howard (2UE) and Daily Telegraph writer Maria Lewis will be recording a live podcast after selected cult classics screenings in Newtown. There’ll be prizes, special guests, scene re-creation, lots of geek chat and no doubt some awesomely trivial arguments. Watch out for Alien – Directors Cut on Monday 14th Oct at 6.30pm, Ghostbusters on the 28th followed by The Matrix on Nov 11th. n and check out Blake and Maria’s site Anyone for a spot of self-humiliation? Sunday 13th October n To WIN a double pass to Hay Fever, email renowned Shanghai-style Chinese food outlets from 6pm to 9pm on October 18th. Guests will also be able to sample food from the north, south and west of China and the cooking delights of Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. There will also be themed entertainment throughout the evening at the Council Plaza. n Where: civic centre Plaza and along Liverpool Rd. Sunday 20th October Summer Hill Neighbourhood Feast You can join this street festival showcasing Summer Hill’s best food outlets and unique shops on October 13th, from 10am to 3pm, when Smith and Lackey Streets come alive with culinary delights and entertainment. The suburb is renowned for cultural variety, heritage architecture, wonderful coffee shops, providores and popular restaurants – and this will be a great opportunity to see what they have on offer as local eateries will be serving tasting plates from stalls in the heart of Summer Hill throughout the day. n Find more info at Friday 18th October Ottoman Lunch feast, plus complimentary glass of sparkling wine upon arrival, for just $35. There will also be a special ‘mystery dessert’ by the restaurant’s new award-winning pastry chef in place of the baclava and, of course, the race will be screened live on the venue’s enormous TV screens easily seen by all tables in the restaurant. This offer is limited to groups of six or more, so get your friends together and make a day of it! n For bookings or more info visit Tastes of Asia If you love a bit of spice and exotic flavour in your food, then this street festival is not to be missed. Ashfield’s Tastes of Asia fair will showcase delicious offerings from the area’s 8 Primavera in Haberfield The annual Primavera street festival in Haberfield is on again this year from 10am to 3pm and all the usual Italian favourites will be up for grabs including pizzas, pasta, bread, cakes, cheeses of all description and, of course, coffee. Forget your diet during this food festival – grab a gelato and enjoy the day’s musical entertainment instead! We’ll see you there. n Where: Ramsay St, Haberfield. Haberfield treats Tuesday 5th November WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to Mystery Road, Thanks For Sharing or the 2013 Lavazza Italian Film Festival (see page 18), email telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You ONLY AT THE MOVIES OcTOBER 4 Website and Trailer: au/index.php/thanks-for-sharing/ Melbourne cup at Kazbah If you haven’t thought about what you’ll be doing for Melbourne Cup this year, this just might be the solution you’re looking for – Kazbah Balmain have a special Melbourne Cup offer available, which includes an can enter all in a single email, but give us a preference. Include your name and address.


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Melbourne Cup Hosted by Ron Wilson Tuesday 5 November 2013 What better way to watch the race that stops a nation than in style at The Pier, one of Sydney’s most beautiful harbourside hotels. $95 per person Indulge in a delicious 3 course menu Complimentary glass of Veuve Clicquot upon arrival A day full of Sweepstakes, Fashions at The Pier, Lucky Door Prize (Win a Veuve Hamper) & TAB Facilities The Melbourne Cup event is by reservation only. To secure your booking please complete the booking form in the Event Pack by visiting See website for a full list of Terms & Conditions. Enquiries 02 9817 2204 Visit 2 Gale Street, Woolwich NSW 2110 Follow @woolwichpier


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n Feature Inner West Parents: A Subculture Guide So you are a parent and you live in the Inner West? Well, congratulations! You have made two great choices – firstly, to extend the human race, and secondly, to raise your progeny in the best part of town. With this start, your child will probably grow up to cure cancer or solve peace in the Middle East. At the very least, he or she will have gorgeous shoes and know their macchiato from their ristretto. But how exactly do you do this parenting thing, you may wonder? What are the cultural rules? Should you buy a two-story pram with flashing turn signals or a baby sling made of non-allergenic, sustainably farmed cat fur? If your baby has no hair and a face like Mal Meninga, is it OK to sticky-tape bows on her head? How do you figure out the kind of parent you want to be, when modern parenting is more complicated than the Eurovision scoring system? Fear not, my fecund friends. Today, I present you with a breakdown of the parenting subcultures you may find in your area so that you can decide which suits you best. Parenting, Inner West style Tiger Parent Life is non-stop action for the Tiger Parent. Crunchy Parent This style of parenting requires a strong spine and a large bed. Breastfeeding is encouraged until such time as the baby is old enough to say, “In the name of all that is holy, Mum, put those things away.” Co-sleeping means that you share the bed with your baby so that he or she can feel comforted by the warmth of your body, but you should note that ‘sleeping’ in this instance refers only to the baby and not the parents. Baby-wearing is encouraged and strollers highly frowned upon, so you may wish to open an account with your osteopath. Rock Parent Many aspects of being a Rock Parent are easy. Dress your child in vintage t-shirts, swear a lot around them, and take a relaxed approach to bedtime and haircuts. Let your kid taste your beer, take photos of this and post it on Facebook as a fun visual illustration of your laid-back attitude. (Note: this is not so funny with an Orchy bottle bong and may result in a visit from the authorities.) The main difficultly Rock Parents will face is in avoiding the pervasive pull of the Wiggles. Without your knowledge, your child will be drawn into their web and imprinted for life. One day at a Summer Hill barbecue your child will be asked to sing a song and instead of their usual adorable rendition of the Ramones classic ‘The KKK Took My Baby Away,’ from their throat will issue, to your horror: ‘Wags the Dog, He Likes to Tango.’ Gay Parent Studies show that same-sex parents are often better at managing disagreements and anger. In this way and others, same-sex parents may occasionally wish to bring some opposite-sex behaviours into their household to give their child a broad view of gender relations. If you wish to join this gang, you will need energy, substantial funds and room in your seven-seater SUV for large takeaway lattes and anxiety medication. There are many instruments to learn, many sports to try and much work to be done in order to maximise your child’s potential. You may like to use red traffic lights and otherwise wasted ‘toilet time’ to quiz children on times tables and current affairs. Keep perspective though, and schedule some ‘free play’ windows between trapeze, Mandarin, kung-fu and Mock UN. It’s best to tightly manage these interactions with other children to avoid the horror of a ‘badinfluence’ situation where you suggest it is time to complete the daily chess move and your child replies, “I come in before and done it already.” Children should ideally be clothed in organic hemp neutrals woven by a feminist Fair Trade collective from a third world nation. The difficulty facing Crunchy Parents is that a consciously hands-off, free range approach can often produce rowdy and disobedient kids. This can be wonderful, but keeping an unruffled, peaceful demeanour while simultaneously shouting, “Spirulina! Get your Birkenstocks out of my goat cheese! It is FERMENTING!” will be challenging. Gay men, you may wish to suddenly and inexplicably throw a tantrum over a household chore or system that has previously never caused concern. For instance; packing school lunches or emptying the compost bin. Try to time these rages to occur approximately every 28 days and make sure to add universal statements to your impassioned monologue, as in: “I always! This never! Not once!” and so on. Lesbians who have skills in craft may like to try fashioning a set of hairy balls out of some old pantyhose and wear shorts with these hanging out of the bottom so that kids get the real ‘dad’ experience. If possible, open the door to religious people while wearing your ‘house-pants.’ And finally... Coffee with kids If you have small kids, you need caffeine. Here are some of our most family friendly cafes: l Revolver Cafe, Annandale St, Annandale l Rosebud Cafe, Darling St, Rozelle l Coffee 1st, Dulwich Hill l Sideways, Dulwich Hill l Martini, Newtown l The Grounds in Alexandria l Sydney Park Kiosk for kids and dogs Parents, you may see yourselves above, or you may not. The Inner West is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and lifestyles. Perhaps you are a Traditional Parent? A Status Parent? A Homeschooling Wiccan Artisanal Cheesemaker Parent? Whatever tribe you relate to, you are part of a larger culture of families and friends in this beautiful inner-city community we share. Welcome! Enjoy the coffee! And if you can get one of your kids to cure cancer, that would be really good. n Words: Rachael Mogan McIntosh, And if you are accompanied by your weeping, incontinent, unpredictable tiny person, it’s best to hang out at a joint where they like children. Luckily, the Inner West is blessed with a massive number of great cafes and restaurants. l And finally, special points to Bitton in Erskineville for their kids playroom Beauty by Rita “A mobile beauty service in Sydney. So no need to get to a salon, I’ll come to you!” @ 1pm on the MAIN STAGE NORTON ST ITALIAN FESTA Sunday 27th October MELBOURNE CUP FESTA FASHION PARADE BARISTA COMPETITION Looking for Leichhardt’s Best Barista 3 x heats, Final at 4pm Latte Art Photo Competition - post your entries on our Facebook page or email us. Lots of prizes to be won. community glamour at its best 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham Ph: 9518 3696 Specialising in: Makeup - Bride & Bridesmaids, school Formals, High Fashion, Glamour, Photographic & Special occasion, Makeup Lessons & Makeup Parties! Using Professional photographic foundation, high pigmented eye shadows & sun kissed bronzers. Piercing - Ears & Nose piercing Spray Tanning - Using a green based solution with Green Tea and Vitamin E extract, that doesn’t go orange & doesn’t streak! You only get an even looking summer glow all year round! Eyelash Perming - have the curled lashes you’ve always wanted without using mascara or curling wands. p: 0424 870 018 e: w: 10


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n Your say n Sustainability Which Inner West pub has the best beer garden to pass a sunny afternoon? n “Cookies Lounge Bakehouse Quarter in North Strathfield.” Sharon, Concord. n “I love hanging out at the Courthouse in Newtown. It’s a great place to get together – I’ve even celebrated a couple of my birthdays there, hanging out from the afternoon all the way in to the wee hours.” Marcia, Petersham. n “I know balconies don’t really count as beer gardens but Balmain has a couple of great ones. I enjoy spending weekends lunching on the verandahs at The Exchange and Town Hall pubs especially.” Dan, Annandale. n “The Courthouse Hotel, Newtown. The Welcome Hotel, Rozelle. And the London Hotel, ground floor balcony, Balmain.” Patrick, Rozelle. n “Does the amazing ZanziBar rooftop count? Climbing the stairs to get up there almost gives me a heart attack and none of the heaters were working last time I was there so it was freezing but in warm weather it’s great.” Catelyn, Camperdown. n “The Warren View Hotel’s huge beer garden is lovely – it’s got to be one of the best. We go there with the whole fam.” Gazza, Lewisham. Green shoots shopping guide Sydney’s Inner West may at times be gridlocked and a little grey but the good news is you don’t have to travel to the greener burroughs to do your eco-shopping. Green shoots are poking through the concrete all over the local area in the form of sustainable shops offering everything from food to building materials to kids toys. Local news Uncovering local talent Creatives Uncovered (CU) is the marketing and PR initiative of Chic Petite Events, which aims to support emerging ‘creatives’ (think artists, photographers, dancers and designers) by offering them the opportunity to gain exposure. What’s exciting for local creatives is that CU is hoping to come to the Inner West in 2014, and are currently looking for venues, businesses, sponsors and creatives to be involved in four events. The organisation has built a fantastic reputation holding events such as fashion shows, live photo shoots, art exhibitions, hair and make up demos and live music gigs, and now they are interested in seeing what talent and venues they can find across the Inner West. For more information visit If you have any ideas for events or would like to put forward your business as a venue, email: Here are a few faves: Alfalfa House Food Co-op. At the risk of shameless self-promoting, Alfalfa House is the gold star option for sustainable groceries. As a not-for-profit organic food co-operative it provides minimally packaged and processed, affordable organic food to its members and visitors to the shop. 113 Enmore Rd, Newtown. The Bower. The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre Co-operative collects and (through its members) repairs pre-loved household goods then resells them to the local community. Beyond goods for sale, its straw-bale building houses an eco-library and sustainable resource centre, an electrical and timber workshop space and men’s shed. 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. Conscious Cafes. Take your pick from a string of awesome cafes that specialise in sourcing fresh, often local and organic produce. Reserve your place in the queue at Cornersmith Café (314 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville) for a delectable breakfast, which will most likely include produce from Inner West backyards. Also, within a stone’s throw of each other, are Raw (147 Enmore Rd) and Revolution Foods (175 Enmore Rd), dishing up fresh organic vegan goodness. Marrickville Organic and Farmers Market. From the eclectic to the eccentric, from organic to conventional, there’s plenty of eco-friendly chillaxing, eating and drinking happening at this market – it’s one of the best organic markets around, and it runs every Sunday rain, hail or shine. Addison Road Centre, Marrickville. a destination shopping strip, today it’s mainly populated by locals and regular shoppers and Angela has used a lot of trial and error to find out exactly what her customers want so she can provide it for them. Knowing her customer base and providing exceptional customer service are two key factors that have contributed to the business’s success. However Angela, who personally does the buying Italian fashion is at its best on Norton Street caption xxxxx for the store, also prides herself on being able to source exclusive styles and straight from Italy. Plus, there’s plenty of sale stock available at 30 per cent and 50 per cent off so check brands from Europe that no other shoe store has it out today and remember what they say: ‘If the and bringing quality products back to Leichhardt at shoe fits... buy it!’ competitive prices. “The product speaks for itself,” she says. n Italian Shoes on Norton: 93 Norton The 2013/14 Spring/Summer collection for men and St, Leichhardt. Ph. 9572 9955. For more information visit women is in store now, featuring the latest styles through the best music of the 20th century with Motown favourites such as The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Frankie Valli and more contemporary artists such as the Backstreet Boys. This event will have guests dancing in their seats guaranteed. Of course it simply wouldn’t be the Melbourne Cup without a little bit of fashion thrown in too so there will also be a parade of all the new season’s top fashions courtesy of Myer, hosted by celebrity fashion stylist Caitlin Stewart. Plus, there will be a best dressed fashion award for both men and women, so make sure to wear your best tux or frock. Now this is the biggest race of the year so naturally there will be entertainment and games to suit the occasion with opportunities for big race betting, as well as smaller sweeps and raffles happening throughout the afternoon for those so inclined. Aside from all this, the Melbourne Cup package entails a magnificent fine dining three-course lunch that includes beer, wine and sparkling wine. Individual ticket prices are $130 per person and $120 for seniors. Tables of 10 are available at $1250 and WatervieW encourages businesses to purchase tables as a reward for loyal clients, though social groups are perfectly welcome to buy their own table as well. She’ll be apples at Marrickville Markets Second time around. If ever there was a second hand shopping heaven, the Inner West would be it. Clothes, books, timber, furniture, the list is endless. And you can contact the Green Living Centre for a Second Hand shopping guide to the area. The Green Living Centre itself is a sustainability resource centre in the heart of Newtown, dedicated to growing a culture of environmental sustainability within the urban community. Check it out at 218 King Street, Newtown, for the free workshops, practical ideas for everyday sustainable living, educational and business programs. n Words: Wren Dunn, Alfalfa House Co-operative. Could you be a local uncovered creative? xxxx New cafe comes to Rozelle Egg of the Universe is an exciting new cafe with a difference that launched in Rozelle this month, offering a seasonal wholefoods menu sourced from local artisan and sustainable suppliers. The cafe adjoins BodyMindLife Yoga Rozelle at 711 Darling Street and, aside from the special menu, the owners hope to create a fun space where locals will be able to explore health food and wellness through community and film nights, feast events, workshops and cooking classes. To keep up to date with events or for more information visit New Mayor named in Marrickville Councillor Jo Haylen (ALP) was elected Mayor of Marrickville at an Extraordinary Meeting of Council this month, becoming the youngest female Mayor of Marrickville to date. Jo has lived in the Girl power in Marrickville Marrickville area for a decade and first became interested in politics as a student at Sydney University, where she was President of the Student Representative Council. Since then she has served as a senior adviser to the Federal Government and has broad experience in all levels of public service. Jo said she was proud and honoured to be representing her local community and understands that “good government is about listening to the community and getting things done.” Councillor Rosana Tyler (Lib), will serve as Marrickville’s Deputy Mayor. Shopping Italian style After over a decade in business in Leichhardt, Italian Shoes on Norton is still going strong and offering the best quality shoes straight from Europe. Here we chat to co-owner of this familyrun business, Angela Gullo, about the secret to the shop’s success... Italian Shoes opened on Norton Street in the heart of ‘Little Italy’ in 2001 and has evolved over the years to suit the changing demographics of Leichhardt, recently expanding into Brazilian and Spanish shoes, too. Where once Norton Street was Wendi is a winnerxxxx Local milliner Wendi Philpot was named Wedding Accessory Designer of the Year last month at the Wedding Events of Australia (WEOA) Awards 2013 gala dinner held at the Sofitel. After 23 years of being a couture milliner – and priding herself on never having repeated a design in all that time – Wendi said the award was “a great honour.” Melbourne Cup at the WatervieW It’s that time of the year again – Melbourne Cup! And one of the best places to watch the race that stops the nation is at the WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. The WatervieW venue in Bicentennial Park is the perfect place for any event; surrounded by beautiful rolling parklands yet with the convenience of being only a few kilometres from the CBD. With the capacity to fit approximately 1500 people for cocktail style events, ample free parking, an in-house audiovisual team and a fantastic culinary team, WatervieW is suitable for anything from business conferences to high school formals. It can be a long afternoon waiting for that big race come November 5th, but not this year at WatervieW. The venue promises a truly entertaining day kicking off from 11.30am – it’s going to be Melbourne Cup with a Motown feel, as they call it. The Boys in the Band will be singing and dancing 12 Haul out xxxxx caption your fascinator, ladies The WatervieW is a proud supporter of Special Olympics Australia – a charity that provides regular sporting opportunities for Australians with intellectual disabilities – as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program. Funds raised on Melbourne Cup Day, will go towards supporting this charity. n For more information visit For bookings contact 9764 9900 or


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WatervieW in Bicentennial Park for Special Olympics Australia welcomes your support to join us for a very special Melbourne Cup experience to be held on Tuesday 5 November, 2013 Entertainment - Boys in the Band celebrates the world’s greatest hits from the most iconic bands of the 20th century! The show features some of the most talented, versatile, handsome and hip young guys in the entertainment industry today.   The day will commence at 11.30am for registration networking drinks followed by a sumptuous three course lunch including beer, wine and sparkling. Special Olympics Dancers Myer Fashion Show hosted by Caitlin Stewart Myer Best Dressed Awards - Male and Female Sweeps and Raffles Big race betting opportunities available Taxis on call  Ticket price $130 per person, $120 for seniors and $1,250 per table of 10 Bookings or for more information contact:  The WatervieW Team on 9764 9900 or Fran Eustace, Special Olympics Australia call 8116 9839, to secure your table.


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kitchen Sometimes all you want is a little bit of nostalgia as a snack. This sausage roll recipe comes from chef Soren Lascelles and it takes this humble little icon and gives it a bit of a nudge (to great effect). Perfect for picnics, a quick lunch, or scoffing over the sink at home, alone. Ingredients with Melissa Leong n Lamb sausage roll with fennel, Jerusalem artichoke and dates 500g lamb mince 150g chicken liver, diced into small cubes 70g pork back fat, diced into small cubes 5 slices bread, soaked in milk then squeezed out 4 eschallots 4 cloves garlic 3 sprigs thyme & 3 sprigs rosemary 60g dates Method 1. Sauté the Jerusalem artichoke until just cooked. Soak the dates in sugar, water, brandy and orange juice. Chop. 2. Sweat off the eschallots and garlic in the butter until soft. 3. Pick the herbs off the stems then chop. Sauté fennel seeds in a dry pan. 4. Add all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. 5. Place the sheets of puff pastry on a chopping board and spoon the meat mixture down the middle. Roll the pastry over the mix and seal the two sides of pastry together, use a fork to press the pastry together and for presentation, then trim the edges to tidy it up. 6. Using a pastry brush, brush it with egg wash then bake at 180ºC for about 20 minutes. Juice of 1 orange 25ml water 25ml sugar 25ml brandy 100g peeled Jerusalem artichoke, peeled and diced in 1cm pieces 25g butter Salt & pepper 2 sheets of puff pastry 1 egg, beaten 10g fennel seeds Wine with Winsor Capital Affair Eden Road 2013 Canberra Riesling The Canberra region has a reputation for producing standout rieslings with Helm and Clonakilla among the star names, but Nick Spencer at Eden Road hits a home run with the sheer drinkability of this wine, made from fruit grown on decomposed granite soils at high altitude. This is the complete package in its youth; impressive clean, crisp fruit with lime juice and Asian herb notes and a backbone of zingy mineral acidity. There’s plenty of liveliness here, oodles of refreshment and great value. $21. Western Star A x xxlamb sausage that’s nothing to scoff at and great to scoff down Cape Mentelle 2012 Trinders Cabernet Merlot This is one of the more affordable wines in the Cape Mentelle range from Margaret River – but it’s an absolute belter. Nicely balanced with just 13.5 per cent alcohol, it has the intensity of cabernet paired with the softness of merlot, along with restrained use of French oak, to create a wine that is ridiculously easy to drink. It’s in the style of Bordeaux with length and structure, however it is unmistakeably Aussie with its bold blackcurrant flavours. $32. At the markets n Trim’s Fresh: Shop 21, Leichhardt MarketPlace. Ph: 9572 6886. Killer Kiwi n Fruit: best buys this week include bananas at $1-$2/kg as well as seedless watermelon, which are doing very well at the moment. It’s time to say goodbye to mandarins and Queensland strawberries, but berry lovers shouldn’t despair with WA and VIC strawberries just starting and great quality blueberries at $3-$4/pack. n Vegetables: asparagus are the best buy in the vegie department currently between $1-$2/bunch, broad beans are also in season at $2-$3/kg, as well as artichokes at $1-$1.50 each. Villa Maria 2013 Early Release Sauvignon Blanc There is still a lot of love for bright and shiny Marlborough sauvignon blanc – and this is one of the best around; a flighty young thing with tons of freshness and acid. There is tropical pungency on the nose and fruit salad/citrus notes on the palate, which has a nice zingy, zesty finish. Ignore what the wine snobs say about Kiwi savvy blanc – this is a darn fine drink and would be great with seafood dishes. $15. Tis’ the season...for watermelon! n At home with Maureen Thornett Well-known Balmain publican Maureen Thornett reached her 25th year in business at The Royal Oak this month and she’s still going strong. Here she chats to Ciao about food, success and George Clooney. What’s the secret to maintaining such a successful pub in Balmain for so long? Passion, perseverance and optimism. You have to be able to accept the challenges of the changing demographics, listen to your customers and never settle for second best. What does the future hold for The Royal Oak? I have been giving this question quite a lot of thought in the last 12 months as Balmain has changed and there are more and more families and less and less young singles who like to go out and party. It is also a highly competitive suburb and our customers have lots of choices. I believe it is easier to concentrate on our existing clientele, giving them a great experience and continually implementing my three essential ingredients: service, consistency and value. Do you have a signature dish that you’re famous for cooking? Being a pub there is an expectation we do lots of things well. In summer our seafood platter is as popular as our Sunday Roasts is in winter. We are known for our steaks and have a dedicated steak menu using the same supplier and quality as Icebergs and other top restaurants. We have also been using the same recipe for our famous chilli plum sauce, which we use to marinade and baste our sticky pork ribs, since I have owned the hotel. What ingredients do you think are essential in every kitchen? You can have the best produce but if there is no love or passion it will show in the taste of the meal. Top quality produce, a passion for food, good communication and organisation – especially during busy times in the kitchen. If you could invite anyone in the world over for dinner at your pub, whom would you invite and why? Jeffrey Koons, I love his humour and his reproduction of everyday objects. George Clooney just because. And Barry White, now deceased, as he would make for some great entertainment. 14 Jared Ingersoll on... weeds Just over a year ago I was fortunate to meet two very smart, passionate people – a scientist called Pia Winberg and an artist called Diego Bonetto. An unlikely mix but these two people have two things in common: they speak a botanical Latin that I have no understanding of and they are specialists in weeds. Pia is all about weeds beneath the oceans and Diego is your go-to man about anything that grows on land. Although I have been loosely aware of the world of weeds (as a kid in New Zealand I was taught to collect any Puha (Sow Thistle) I saw growing on my way home from school), it has been inspirational and eyeopening to learn from Pia and Diego about ‘low hanging fruits,’ which are foods that are just hanging about out there but people don’t realise are edible, delicious and unique ingredients! Recently, I have been focusing on one truly unique species and completely sustainable product from the ocean that will be on the market in about a month’s time. The exciting and easily accessible crops are the bountiful supply of land weeds that you see every day! Once you start to look for food you will notice the stuff everywhere, regardless of where you live, and this is a great way to become really aware of your surroundings. That really annoying large clover-looking weed that pops up is wood sorrel, a lemony astringent and delicious herb. Small-leafed steamy chickweed that grows everywhere is a great ‘green’ tasting addition to a salad. Fennel is all over the place and often neglected, yet it’s sweet and aromatic fronds and bulbs will give delicious seeds and pollen in a couple of months. Scotch thistle is delicious too; eat the roots when it’s young, or when mature strip away the fibrous and spiky outer stem to reveal a juicy and crunchy vegetable, best eaten raw. Young bulrush flowers and roots are truly remarkable, a delicious little ‘pea’ called vetch is bountiful at present and an absolute favourite of mine at the moment are Robinia flowers all ready to go straight from the tree, sweet and delicious! During my last walk about with Diego we also stumbled across salsify, huge mulberry trees and blackberry bushes. If you are interested in learning about weeds, the internet is a great source of information but more specific stuff relating to Sydney can be found on Diego’s Facebook page ‘Wild Stories.’ n Diego and Jared are holding a weed gathering and cooking workshop as a part of the Best From The West food festival on Oct. 27th from 10am. Details on 25 years on this adaptable Balmain publican is still going strong Prawn linguini with garlic, chilli and parsley Serves 4 Different variations of this dish have been on our menu for 10 years. It’s one of our top sellers and whenever we decide to give it a rest we end up making it to order anyway. Ingredients 800g dry or fresh linguini 20 green prawns (peeled) 4 long red chills (finely sliced) 8-10 cloves of garlic (crushed) 1 bunch of flat leaf parsley (roughly chopped) Sea salt & black pepper 1 lemon (cut into 4 wedges) 20ml extra virgin olive oil Method 1. Prepare pasta according to instructions. 2. Just before the pasta is ready, seal prawns in olive oil in a large frying pan. 3. Add garlic and chili, sauté with the prawns and season. 4. Drain linguini, hot out of blanching pot. 5. Add your pasta to your prawns, plus a generous amount of parsley and re-season. Serve with wedge of lemon.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value $1.99 bunch MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Fresh Kale Nonna sopressa hot salami Ideal chocolate wafers $19.99kg 700g, $2.99 $19.99kg Fresh artichoke TMG Marinated Roasted peppers Pitted olives Goats cheese 99cents each 450g $1.99 $9.99kg Asparagus 99cents a bunch TMG Giardiniera 450g $1.49 Cashiers wanted Enquire within, ask for Maria *Specials until Wednesday 9th October



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