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welcome! Our Spa is a place which offers you an experience to remember. Set in the old bake house, warm welcoming and tranquil, our treatments, the music we play and the products we use have all been carefully picked with ultimate relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation in mind! All our products are sourced naturally and eco-friendly. Please call the Spa on 890 or reception to book an appointment. Grazie Borgo SPA Cancellation Policy: Due to our small capacity and in order to ensure we give the highest level of service to all, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all our treatments. You may cancel or change an appointment within 24 hours without charge, within 12 hours there will be a 50% charge and less than this we will charge the full amount of the treatment. We thank you for your co operation.


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Facials Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, Firenze is our choice of product for all our facials. They use recipes and blends of oils and herbs dating back to 1612, and have long been an established icon of Florentine life. Their products are superior, natural and hand blended using ancient recipes. All of our facials begin with a welcome ritual, include a facial, scalp, arm and shoulder massage and end with a meditation moment.


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FACIALS All of our facials begin with a welcome ritual, include a facial, scalp, arm and shoulder massage and end with a meditation moment. Rehydrating facial for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin (1 hr) Deep cleansing facial for congested, oily skin (includes steam) (1 hr) Restorative anti-aging facial (includes two masks) (1hr 15mins) Quick refresh facial (30 min) €130 €130 €150 €60


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WAXING We use a warm wax and paper strips with wooden spatulas. Hygienic, quick and proficient. Full leg ½ leg Bikini Upper lip/chin Eyebrow shape Arms Underarm Brazilian /Hollywood €75 €50 €35 €15 €20 €40 €20 €70


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BROWS AND LASHES Eyelash Tint (allergy test 24hrs prior necessary) (20 mins) Eyebrow Tint (allergy test 24hrs prior necessary) (10 mins) €20 €15 MAKE UP Wedding Make Up (includes trial before wedding day) Occasional Make Up €220 €80


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For the Body and Soul We have a variety of body treatments ranging from smoothing body scrubs, hot soaks with aromas to take you beyond relaxed to cellulite reducing and skin toning treatments.


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CYPRESS DETOX Exfoliation with cypress cone powder will smooth and stimulate the blood flow to the skin, which is further enhanced by a deep detoxifying massage with cypress oil. This is a good treatment to cleanse the system of impurities from the inside out! (45 mins) €90 IRIS SMOOTHING SCRUB The Iris Root Scrub by SMN is one of the most luxurious exfoliates and your skin will glow. Bathed with the scent of Iris, a massage with this skin nourishing oil will take you to a place of complete tranquility. (45 mins) €90 THERMAL MUD ANTI CELLULITE TREATMENT A treatment to target those areas of cellulite that need a little extra help. A combination of special serums and thermal mud developed by SMN, help to reduce the appearance of orange peel cellulite. (50 mins) €130


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HOLISTIC MASSAGE Performed with slow and deep movements, this massage pays particular attention to the needs of each individual client. Working for longer on areas that most require it, helping to improve circulation, relieve tension and help re-establish equilibrium. €60 (30mins) - €110 (50mins) BSP SERENITY MASSAGE Our signature treatment inspired by the Valley Serena, this full hour treatment incorporates a welcoming foot ritual, a 40min massage combining traditional and eastern techniques, and a mini facial, using oils and potions from Santa Maria Novella. Tension and stress will melt away and you will feel refreshed and invigorated. Excellent for weary travelers. (60 mins) €140 HOT STONE MASSAGE Warmed volcanic stones are used with therapeutic oil blends and special massage techniques from head to toe. Warm, deep and stimulating, this massage will improve circulation, remove toxins from the body and deeply relax both body and mind. (75mins) €180


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MATERNITY MASSAGE This gentle massage for mothers to be can help relieve many of the discomforts caused by pregnancy: backache, tight shoulders and neck, sciatica and leg cramps. It not only provides you and your baby with more serenity and harmony, but also helps improve circulation and stimulate endorphin production to positively affect anxiety. It is only available for pregnancies 12 weeks and over. €65 (30mins) - €120 (50mins) SWEDISH MASSAGE Traditional Swedish massage, works on relaxing the body, facilitates drainage of impurities while firming and toning. €60 (30mins) - €110 (50mins) AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Slow paced, gentle pressure massage using your selection of essential oils. Select a blend you are attracted to and be transported away. €70 (30mins) - €120 (50mins)


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DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE This massage focuses on relieving tension in aching muscle and dissipating lactic acid build up, using deep pressure and firm massage, combined with specifically blended essential oils. €70 (30mins) - €120 (50mins) - €180 (90mins) EXOTIC TUSCAN CANDLE MASSAGE A ritual massage using a specially designed candle by Santa Maria Novella. The candle burns at body temperature so the warm aromatic scented and combination of nutrient rich oils such as avocado, coconut and cocoa butter, is dripped slowly onto the skin, giving an exotic sensation. The pace is slow with sweeping movements using deep pressure. Finishing off with a deep scalp massage, this truly heavenly experience will leave you with a profound sense of well - being. And the candles are available for purchase so you can relive the experience. €150 (50mins) - €180 (75mins) EXOTIC ARGON OIL MASSAGE Select your preferred oil and begin the journey of letting go. This massage not only helps to release built up tensions and stress, but the nourishing antioxidant properties of this oil help to restore and protect the immune system. €70 (30mins) - €120 (50mins)


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