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Table of Contents         Background 4 Research Methodology Key Observations 12 21 Brewing System Use Instant Coffee Stick Packs 27 32 Single-Cup Awareness and Acquisition Single-Cup Brewer Usage 39 60 Single-Cup Brewer Attitudes 2 73


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National Coffee Association of U.S.A.  Founded in 1911, The National Coffee Association was one of the first trade associations organized in the United States. National Coffee Association membership is comprised of producers, importers, roasters, wholesalers/distributors, retailers and allied trade.  The National Coffee Association is the most experienced, broadly based and reliable advocate for the coffee industry, drawing on over 100 years of experience to address the multiple interests and concerns of our members. The mission of The National Coffee Association is to be the foremost trade association representing the entire coffee industry in the United States. We are committed to the growth and wellbeing of the industry through our roles as:   A proactive advocate for the industry, acting as the industry’s recognized spokesperson and voice for promoting consumption. An educator for our members and consumers who lead the industry in facilitating research, and gathering and disseminating relevant research data. A forum for interaction that addresses key issues confronting the domestic and international industry.   Copyright 2013 by The National Coffee Association of U.S.A. Inc. No part of this publication may be reproduced, re-recorded or published in any form including print, photocopy, microfilm, electronic or electromagnetic record without written permission from The National Coffee Association, 45 Broadway Suite 1140, New York, NY 10006. 3


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