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detectamet ltd unit 55 halifax way pocklington industrial estate york yo42 1nr tel +44 0 1759 304200 fax +44 0 1759 305236 e-mail web ink refills data sheet company registration no 5103699 vat registration no gb 842 4113 57 head office address unit 2a hampden road pocklington industrial estate york yo42 1nr


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name of supplier/producer detectamet ltd material safety data sheet i product identification product name ball-pen inks ii composition information on ingredients chemical description chemical name mixture of glycol,fatty acids ketonic resin basic and solvent dyestuff none iii hazardous identification to human beings to environment to material injurious to health if swallowed increase of general pollution n.a iv first aid measures inhalation skin contact eye contact upon swallowing remarks for physician special material required for first aid none wash with plenty of water upon continuous discomfort consult physician immediately flush eyes with plenty of water keeping the eye lids open for at least 15 minutes lifting lower and upper eye lids occasionally get medical attention immediately get medical aid none none v fire fighting measures suitable extinguishing media not suitable extinguishing media for safety reasons special exposure hazards arising from the substance itself its combustion products or resulting gases special protective equipment :


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water foam powder co2 etc none in case of fire may produce carbon monoxide carbon dioxide nitrogen oxides and hydrogen chloride when heated to decomposition use self ­ contained breathing apparatus vi accidental release measures personal protection environmental protection cleaning additional remarks see 8.3 personal protection should not come in contact with water without being pretreated none vii handling and storage handling storage avoid contact with skin and eyes keep container tightly closed viii exposure controls personal protection 1 additional information on system design protective equipments to be provided as per item 8.3 2.personal protection control parameters with respect to components of material name of material ball-pen inks class /value unit n.a 3 personal protection general protection hygienic measures respiratory protection hand protection eye protection body protection avoid contact with eyes and skin none gloves recommended none none ix physical chemical properties appearance state color odor


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safety parameters boiling point flash point melting point in closed cup ph value un diluted pasty liquid as per specification slight aromatic n.a greater than 125ºc n/a 6 to 8 flammability eg a10/a13 ignition temperature auto ignition eg a16 flamm properties explos properties explosion limits vol low high thermal decomposition ºc other information density g/ml solubility in water vapour pressure vapour density air=1 partition coefficientn octanol/water viscosity solvent separation test solvent content wt evaporation no n.a n.a


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n.a n.a n.a n.a n.a above 150 ºc 1.0 to 1.2 slightly soluble n.a n.a n.a 5000 to 12000 cps 25º c n.a n.a n.a x stability and reactivity conditions to avoid hazardous reaction hazardous products temperatures above 100 ºc none known may produce carbon monoxide carbon dioxide nitrogen oxides and hydrogen chloride when heated to decomposition xi toxicological data l.d ­ 50 oral rat skin irritation eye irritation n a slight irritant irritant xii ecological data separation removal fate of environment to be treated in a suitable effluent treatment plant this product will not pollute the effluent if it is treated properly xiii disposal consideration product packing land filled or incinerated in accordance with the local authority neutral packing can be used contaminated packing should be disposed in the same manner as the contents xiv transport information not classified as hazardous items transport regulations but better to avoid direct contact with food ­ items consumable items xv regulatory information labeling in accordance with eec xn r 22


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harmful harmful if swallowed xiv other information the above particulars relate to the knowledge and experience at the date of edition they do not have the significance of assured properties they must neither be altered nor be transferred to other products copying in unchanged condition is allowed it is the responsibility of the user to comply with all applicable laws and regulations n/a not applicable n.a not available



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