Crown Diamonds Success Stories of DXN


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Crown Diamonds success stories of DXN


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CONTENTS AUSTRALIA Teena & Robb Tolhoek 2 INDONESIA Amrullah & Ariyati Budiman Salim Darius Ferry Suhandoko Stefanus Rivandie Suhardi Tonny Sugianto Umar Hasan 6 8 12 14 16 18 20 22 PHILIPPINES Edgar and Bing Hao Nestor & Sylvia Ymbong Eric & Tess Dumlao Stax & Jeilyn Savellano Noel & Emma Coronel Arman & Maritess Imus Elena De Guzman Elvira Arquines Manny & Blessy Tandingan 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56


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HONG KONG 4 Jenny Joe Nai Chun MALAYSIA 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 Chen Kow Yeon & Lee Moy Moy Fadzilah Zakaria & Tajudin Awang Fisal Johar & Rosita @ Uji Rashid Muhamad Husin & Sanaayah Asmuni Norafnidi Hamzah & Norliza Daud Roziah Ramli & Amran Tik Sim Poh Meng & Lee Gee Kow Tan Chiu Im & Roy Tan THAILAND 58 Eakaphol Supachawaroo 60 Tansatas & Sarinthip Thasara UAE 62 Mohammad Fatemi Ghani 64 Aby Joseph CONTENTS


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aus t r al i a The story was written in 2006 Teena and Robb Tolhoek (Kowai Springs Pty. Ltd.) eena is an Australian and Robb is a New Zealander, they met when Teena went on a working holiday to NZ when she was 18. After 2 years in NZ, they decided to live in Australia where they soon married and started a family. They have 3 sons. For twenty years, Teena and Robb ran a small business operation that involved designing clothing ranges, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing through their own shops. This had proven successful for them, but times T changed. After the influx of cheap clothing from China, they sold their business. Early in 2003, Teena was working in a poorlypaid job, and travelling many hours to and from the workplace each day. Because much time was spent on hand-phones, Teena began to experience regular headaches and feel the strain of the long hours at work, whereas Robb suffered from serious allergies to chemical additives in food. Both were very concerned about their health. success story 2 Teena and Robb Tolhoek have been promoted to Executive Crown Diamond in August 2007.


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Teena was told by a friend in Sydney about Ganoderma as a possible answer to her health concerns. She decided to try it. After just 10 days, they both had much more energy, better vision, better sleep and many other benefits, including relief from headaches. Teena told her work colleague, Mr. Chris Morris, what she had learned about Ganoderma, and he became their first downline. They began to tell people in their workplace about it, and soon others were reporting astounding results, especially where serious illness was a problem. Once they were sure that Ganoderma was a reliable product, and the demand for it would continue to grow, they decided to promote it in a professional manner. They learned the DXN business plan, and began studying everything they could about how and why Ganoderma works in the body. They began conducting public meetings about it. They decided to open a service centre to ease members’ access to the products. The establishment of a service centre was an immediate success, and the business grew so fast that their service centre became the busiest in Australia, winning the award for Most Sales for the Year, after only 5 months. They had to encourage others to open more service centres to satisfy the demand. From the start, they have worked very hard on their business, taking every opportunity to promote Ganoderma and its health benefits, and making sure that they achieve something everyday. They were busy training and helping other members to achieve what they have done. Beautiful friendships have been made with the members in their network. They brought DXN to NZ where Robb has a family and many friends, many of whom used DXN products. They eventually bought a house, and was able to spend more time to do promotions for DXN. They have helped many New Zealander’s to get started and went through to the Star Diamond level. As a result of a positive attitude, continual improvement in their knowledge, and hard work, they have succeeded in becoming free to travel, with a high income, and the pleasure of helping others to enjoy good health and quality life. In July 2006 they became Australia’s First Crown Diamonds, and were proudly presented with their Crown Diamond Pins by Dr Rathna and Professor Vasupaliah, First Crown Diamonds of India. In October/November 2006 they attended the First TSI trip to Europe along with many other qualifiers. Many good friendships were made and it was a wonderful experience had by all. Thank you Dato’ Dr. Lim and DXN, for providing quality products and a Business platform, so focused people have the best opportunity to build their own strong businesses and can take it to any level they desire. THANK YOU DXN. crown diamond 3


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hong kon g The story was written in 2003 Jenny Joe Nai Chun healthiswealth success story ealth is wealth. I am proud as I am able to help myself, my family members and my dear friends to attain great wealth and excellent health. I operated a garment factory and enjoyed a good income. However, I had to work extremely hard and consequently my health friend introduced DXN products to me. I grew to like them and was attached to the Reishi products. My health had obviously improved after I took them. Jenny Joe Nai Chun has been promoted to Crown Diamond in December 2002. 4


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he encouragement of my friends and their acceptance of DXN products, in addition to my perseverance, have enabled me to actively pursue my success. Having confidence in DXN and its products, I always shared my knowledge on health issues and my life experience with my fellow friends, so that they too, would be aspired to achieve excellence in their own lives. My friends in turn supported and trusted me so much so that I was highly motivated to proceed with what I believed in. My family has always been my top priority. I always ensure that I take care of their needs and spend quality time with them. I can afford to be selective in my client base and I T usually communicate well with my clients before meeting them. Due to the flexibility of my business, I am able to do my work wherever I go. I invariably mention the benefit of DXN products to whoever I meet. I hold my career in high esteem as I am driven to help myself and others attain health and wealth. My attainment of the Crown Diamond status today is neither due to my eloquence nor my sales technique. Instead, I ascribe it to my willingness to share with others about health issues and the efficacious DXN products. I dare to dream that the excellent DXN products will be accessible to everyone universally. The career in DXN can help any ordinary person achieves extraordinary success—my achievement is one of the testimonies. Lastly, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the founder of DXN, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, for opening up such great opportunities for us to gain good health and wealth. Besides that, I would also like to thank my fellow friends who have given me full support all the way. Let us achieve success together and see you at the top! crown diamond 5


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i ndon e s i a The story was written in 2006 amrullah&ariyati raises to our Almighty God for we have successfully achieved the Crown Diamond status. Both of us are grateful for doing DXN MLM business, that we consider this as the highest blessing in both our lives right now. It has given us personal health, family and overall well being. We realised that success is not just getting what we want but a success is measured by how much we have P helped others to get what they want. In our opinion, although this is not a very big business, it is not easy to run. The key to our success that helps us to achieve the Crown Diamond is “To have a clear goal, work hard, be careful, discipline, willing to learn and always have a positive attitude.” In achieving what we want, it is advisable to have our own clear goals. If we follow the person in front of us, then, we will only reap the same as he does. We must dare to dream to live better than we are now, because of our confidence, the dream will come true. However, we must be reminded that we have a lot to learn in order to achieve that dream. We used to dream how to achieve the Crown Diamond status, now we have achieved it. 6 “To have a clear goal, work hard, be careful, discipline, willing to learn and always have a positive attitude.” success story Amrullah and Ariyati have been promoted to Crown Diamond in January 2002.


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S IPLE RINC IN OP W E TW FOLLO AR LY RE R T: THE TRONG R EFFO S OU WE TED DING TIMA ARE BUIL N BE I O U VER LE WH , AS YO NE EOP YOU RKING BY P THAN O YW R RTE THEM B SMA WIN CAN . E TO COM OT ARD and enjoy the H N WILL wonderful FITS HO ARE D AND PRO E W cultures and HAR S colours THO O WORK T of other AID A F R T. countries such R SMA 1 2 Why must we be satisfied with an ordinary life, if there is a better life for us, then we have as much right to live it too. At this moment, success is really wonderful, like a mountain climber, the higher he climbs, the more beautiful the scenery is. It is the same when one reaches the Mountain Peak of DXN, then, we are able to see All these successes are not incidental, they are in fact, a blessing from God who has given us a chance to meet with Crown Diamond Arikusuma Wibisono who had introduced us to this potential. Then there are other successful pointers such as Crown Diamond Darius Teguh Kristanto “Once DXN! Always DXN!” crown diamond 7 In the beginning, we were just ordinary people, but we had extra ordinary dream. We had the determination and confidence to achieve that dream and so, we achieved it. If we can, you can do the same too, as we were like you in the beginning. as those offered to VVIP. Besides that, there are various honours given to us, some rather innovative too. We have also found friendships with other partners who gave us more value in this business. On the route to success, we have faced much hardship. However, as we dared to face these hardships, they are now pearls to us and people around us. and Crown Diamond Tony Sugianto. Everything becomes complete with the help and encouragement from our business partners, the network system and DXN International, headed by Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin. From a message by a very special person, SA Alwis Ghani who had given us some pointers in our successes, now is the time to thank everyone from the deep of our hearts. As we cannot thank all who have been such great inspiration to us, we have proven that we too are able to be successful like them. We hope our success will give you some inspiration, motivation and desire for you to achieve your ambition. Weave your future now into a legend in the history of mankind.


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i ndon e s i a The story was written in 2007 BUDIMAN SALIM Remember that FAILURE is a postponed SUCCESS!” I success story Budiman Salim has been promoted to Crown Ambassador in January 2007. and refusals, and my progress was impeded by my ignorance of the correct concept and proper procedures involved. Efforts coupled with a relatively small capital in a business obliged me to study whenever possible. I joined most trainings that were provided, during which I was given guidance by more experienced and successful leaders. Yet I found it difficult to put the teaching into practice. I realized that one of the greatest failure in undertaking such MLM efforts was due to our ego. I was hesitant to put down my ego especially when I was trying to introduce the business and products to my family and friends, even though I had a sincere wish to share the opportunity with them. Discussions with and trainings from other distributors and leaders that have attained brilliant success in their MLM business opened my eyes. I understood that success rooted in one’s will to put down the sense of egotism and persistently sponsor new distributors, use and sell the products, join the trainings and provide training to downlines. There is no alternative way to be successful in any MLM business except those mentioned. The belief that success could only be achieved through hard work and serious commitment was deeply rooted in my mind. I knew I had to persevere in order to bring about positive changes in my life and achieve dreams and aspirations in my heart. was indeed lucky because I was able to accept the MLM concept since it was first introduced in 1988. I saw that such effort would open up a new realm of opportunities to change my life at that time, when I was far from luck after the bankruptcy of my parents that hindered the continuation of my studies. After I saw the presentation given by someone who apparently achieved success in life through MLM businesses, I thought it was not difficult to undertake such MLM effort myself so that I could likewise achieve excellence in life. Nevertheless, when I actually started doing the business it was not as easy as what I heard and perceived earlier. In the beginning, I encountered numerous barriers 8


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Failure after failure From 1988 to 1997, I undertook a few MLM business. In those 10 years, my effort and hard work went down the drain. I faced great obstacles and adversities, in particular the instability of the companies, many of which ended up with bankruptcy. All my efforts proved to be futile. The rewards I received did not commensurate with the efforts I put in; the bonus calculation scheme was obscured and complicated; the decline in our status each month rendered maintenance and improvement of our status extremely difficult. These failures however did not discourage me from putting more effort into MLM. The conviction that the MLM business would enable me to improve the quality of my life kept me moving forward in my endeavour. Success comes from Consistency In July 1997, I was introduced to DXN. I knew that DXN was a company based in Alor Star, Malaysia that produced series of Ganoderma Lucidum products. I was attracted by DXN because of its One Dragon concept. Its independence of foreign assistance is the key factor that enables it to continuously thrive over a long period. Although DXN at that time was relatively new and small, it already attained the GMP and other quality production standards and certifications from the local government. My conviction increased after I came to learn that Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin is the single owner of DXN. I started my DXN business in Indonesia since DXN first ventured into the market in September 1997. The products were popular among the DXN distributors in Indonesia due to its high quality and efficacy. After my initial failure in MLM, DXN came into my life and turned my dreams into reality. DXN proved to me and my friends that MLM business, if undertaken seriously and diligently without fear of failure, will reward us with a quality life and unlimited income. crown diamond 9


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i ndon e s i a Global Business with One World One Market Concept he development of DXN gets more impressive from year to year. From a small scale company, it developed and grew into an international company. Although I did not own an academic degree, I had the opportunity to develop DXN in foreign countries, which is an unforgettable experience for me. I stayed in many countries for months or even years, namely Thailand, Philippines, Australia, America and Canada, to expand the DXN network. The One World, One Market concept is truly praiseworthy. Such wonderful concept from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin does not only expand the territory of DXN but also provides opportunities to DXN distributors from any country to expand their business all over the world. Such global business concept enables us to form the network T through all the countries in which DXN exists. At the moment there are 88 countries in which DXN has set its footstep. It is our goal to reach out to 150 countries by year 2020. The global business concept, One World, One Market creates an unlimited network that enables any distributor to receive the product from a country that he might not even have visited before. The calculation of the monthly transaction is the combination of all activities around world. A concept that was launched in 1993 was the concept of Calculation without Limit, which is one of the most unique concepts in the world. When I first introduced this Global Business concept in America in 2002, some American distributors were pleasantly surprised; they could not believe that such wonderful calculation without limit system was put into practice. success story 10


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19 Years of MLM Experience. 10 Years DXN MLM Experience My 19 years of experience in MLM—from 1988 till now— helped me to conclude that MLM can help us to realise all our dreams that are impossible if we only toil in our normal activities, such as, working in an office or doing conventional activities. Through the ten years doing DXN business in Indonesia and travelling abroad, I had the opportunities to meet with tens of thousands of DXN distributors from various professions—from professors, doctors, young professionals, teachers, blue-collar workers to housewives—who materialised their dreams and aspirations. They used to lead an ordinary life; yet they eventually managed to buy houses, cars, and send their children overseas and travel around the world. Professionals could free themselves from the monotonous daily routines. Through DXN, they are able to undertake network business in a relaxing and pressure-free manner. They enjoy the luxury of time and freedom. Seeing such people and listening to their stories caused me to be even more inspired by this MLM business. Mind Set & Negative Thought to MLM effort Till now, I have seen numerous testimonies of people who became rich via MLM businesses. Such people are those who are open-minded and willing to learn the concept, create and expand the network. They can “retire” at a relatively young age and continue to be rewarded for the foundation they established earlier. With the strength of the network, their revenue is very stable and they continue to receive a stable income. I regret the fact that many people still perceive MLM on a superficial level— many still think that MLM is meant for housewives and the unemployed, whose main work is to be a salesperson and sell the products. Open Your Mind As a note of encouragement: for those who have not yet attained success in DXN business, do not be discouraged. DXN indeed has a global business concept that is extraordinary. This couples with its proven quality products, our success in this business simply depends on our hard work and perseverance in developing our network. Remember that failure is a postponed success. All distributors have an equal opportunity for success. The outcomes depend entirely on each individual’s effort invested in expanding his/ her network. I would also like to encourage our fellow friends who do not yet truly understand or trust the MLM business to open your mind and try to understand why MLM business is able to generate numerous young millionaires. The Opportunity for Success is awaiting. Grasp it! crown diamond 11 Welcome to the DXN MLM Global Business!


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i ndon e s i a The story was written in 2007 DARIUS I would like to take this opportunity to thank my direct upline Mrs SULIA WIJAYA and my greatest upline Mr BUDIMAN SALIM for bringing us into DXN, the World of Health, Wealth and Life Style and special thanks go to my beloved wife and my family for without their support I could never have achieved so much. Prior to my enrollment as a DXN MEMBER, I managed my own traditional business for 19 years. Although I was considered as well-to-do, I faced a lot of risk, obstacles and challenges. My life was full of fear and I was very unhappy because my future was unclear. In DXN I had learned about the truth of life, to be appreciative, determined and aggressive in life and I saw how people used the power of network duplication to change their way of living. DXN had provided us an ideal environment and unlimited opportunity that can bring us hope, happiness, health, beauty and even wealth. “ is nothing without COOPERATION, TEAM WORK & DUPLICATION SUCCESS I joined DXN in October 1997, I began learning about the product, consumed it, shared the product and knowledge, diligently adhered to the system, the company and the business concept. After I took some realistic actions, in just eight months, my financial situation improved enabling me to become STAR DIAMOND and eight months later I was promoted to the position of CROWN DIAMOND. I was 50 years old when I bade my traditional business farewell and focused diligently in DXN. ” success story 12 Darius has been promoted to Crown Diamond in January 2002.


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efore, I dream to travel, now with DXN I had visited Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Swiss & USA. The vision for SIMP 2005 by the Founder & CEO Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin would give me more opportunities. I was aiming for the CROWN AMBASSADOR, it requires 20 SD lines, in order to achieve that I must add my direct lines and set my new goal. I am grateful to all of my downlines for their cooperation, support and assistance. In order to succeed we must be strong and determined, unafraid of failure and never admit defeat! Do the right business, follow the right leader! Believe in it, act on it and you’ll be where you want to be, put all effort in DXN business for next 5 years and enjoy your fantastic passive income! See you at the Top! B GO CROWN AMBASSADOR! BRAVO DXN! crown diamond 13



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