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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 219 | September 19 2013 WIN! Movie tix Rush Stories We Tell DVDs Spring Breakers is taking over the Inner West! Distributed in Leichhardt, Annandale, Petersham, Stanmore, Newtown, Rozelle, Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill Burwood’s family-friendly big day out PLUS Where to find birds • Renewable power struggles Fun fair 2013


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Tuesday Win A Dinner Draw Buy 1 Dinner, Win a Dinner for 4 Each Tuesday your meal comes with an exciting extra. No, it’s not brussel sprouts, it’s a raffle ticket to win a shared dining experience for four people. Win and you can enjoy a meal fit for a King served to your table anytime in the following week. Good company, great food and no washing up! Select three friends worthy of sharing in the spoils and make sure you hold on to your ticket. The prize is drawn at 8pm and you must be at The Pier to win. Also on Tuesday - $12.50 Steak Enjoy our 300g rump served with fries or mash and salad with your choice of mushroom or pepper sauce. Enquiries 02 9817 2204 Visit 2 Gale Street, Woolwich NSW 2110 Follow @woolwichpier *T&C’s apply visit, NSW Permit No. LTPM-13-00721


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Drama at the Italian Forum and the writing is on the wall at Town Hall l The Italian Forum Cultural Centre (IFL) has gone into voluntary administration. SV Partners (the administrators) will be looking at Italian organisations to takeover the management of the centre. Known as “The Black Hole” and “Leichhardt’s Cancer” the Italian Forum Cultural Centre is said to have been one of the major contributors to Norton Street’s rapid decline. Poor cash flow is said to be a major hurdle for the organisation, but those who know it well, know that the IFL is only part of a dysfunctional quagmire of quarrelling body corporates and restaurant owners. IFL creditors include the ATO (around $69K) and another $1.3 million to secured creditors. Unless the administrators can secure a patron like Cate Blanchett to resuscitate the venue, there is little hope for the place. Perhaps they could try and turn it into a church, at least then the fabulous acoustics would be put to good use. Hillsong anyone? l The centre was meant to have hosted the 101 Vagina exhibition as part of the Sydney Fringe Arts Forum. However, after previously agreeing to host the exhibit as is, apparently organisers decided it was not family friendly and wanted it censored. You can view the censored version from 2pm to 6pm until September 28th. l Speaking of vaginas, one upset local graffitied Leichhardt Town Hall with the phrase “Thanks for the fine c***s” recently. Although you would never know it was there as council removed the offending phrase in record time – presumably so it didn’t catch the eyes of kids at nearby Leichhardt Public School. l Long time local retailer Rouge on Norton has finally closed its doors. Citing high rents and parking as the main problems for small business, Rouge on Norton will become an online retail store only. Locals Albere and Wafa were Norton St icons and will be missed. Latte leftie WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie ponders the stupidity of voters following the latest in a long line of glorious defeats for the ALP. Dear LL – Was every smugly elitist prejudice you not so secretly harbour about your fellow Australians confirmed on election night? Anthony, Marrickville LL replies: In a word, yes – though my inner city moral vanity did take a hit when it become apparent that the mouth-breathing bogans of the western suburbs hadn’t followed Citizen Rupert’s instructions to throw out their sitting Labor members while the Ciao-reading sophisticates of Drummoyne and Concord had. Anyhoo, leaving the shameful Seat of Reid business to one side, one was gratified to see the Australian people getting the politicians they so richly deserve. To wit, an unemployed sawmill worker and ‘motoring enthusiast’ whose idea of sophisticated entertainment is hurling kangaroo faeces about (how long can it be until other videos surface of him flinging his own excrement around, chimpanzee style?). Then there is the Australian Sports Party’s Wayne Dropkic, a gridiron player devoted to furthering his political movement’s sole policy of “providing all Australians with an opportunity to be involved with sport”. Because if there is one thing holding this country back, it’s a lack of opportunity for its citizens to get involved in sports. How many times have you switched on the TV hoping for a glimpse of ‘footy’ or cricket only to find wall-to-wall arts programming? How many athletic types have been made to feel like social outcasts at school while members of the debating team were feted? And don’t even get Mr Dropkic started on the paucity of commercial sponsorship and government funding provided to pro sportspeople when this nation’s PhD students, poets and potters are buying waterfront mansions while barely out of their teens. As a final observation, one can only imagine the valuable contribution that vaguely humanoid battering ram Glen Lazarus will make in helping his compatriots navigate the complexities of the Asian Century. Truly, this nation has jumped the shark. n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden Max Kobras STAFF WRITER FOOD Melissa Leong Winsor Dobbin WINE C!ao history The Warren was constructed in the early 1860s by businessman and politician Thomas Holt. Designed in the Victorian Gothic style, this castellated mansion was located just north of the Cooks River, on the southern side of present day Premier Street. In 1883 Holt returned to England and the property was purchased by the Catholic Church to become a nunnery. As can be seen in the photo, during the First World War the Warren was used as a military camp, specifically for artillery. This mansion was demolished in 1919 to build a housing estate for returned soldiers, although its legacy lives on in the district of Marrickville known as the Warren. n Photo courtesy of Marrickville Council. ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Nancy Merlo PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors Dominic Case, Nigel Bowen Ciao Get a load of the buns in Five Dock, bread buns that is... Things we love: tongue-in-cheek signs that are just a little bit naughty. This particular sign inviting local shoppers to check out some “nice buns” hangs above the fresh food section of Supabarn in Five Dock. We just hope they are talking about buns of the bread variety and nothing else... Either way, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled next time we’re in store. Leichhardt Council is considering applying for a special rate variation over the next seven years to help fund important work on our local infrastructure. We are considering two options, which both include the yearly State Government capped rate rise. 4.1% increase Maintain our infrastructure in its current condition An average extra residential increase of $37 each year. 5.46% increase Maintain and improve our infrastructure An average extra residential increase of $110 each year. Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. C!ao’s voice • Tony Abbott’s daughters • The new Fratelli Fresh in Alexandria • The spring range at MIA on Norton • Balmain Hotel’s sunny courtyard • Bocconcini panini from Clipper Cafe, Glebe • Spring racing season • Herbie’s Spices - named one of the World’s Best Spice Shops by We’re lucky to have Herbie in our own Inner West backyard! Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 032 032 – Leane 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. In WHAT'S IN & OUT • Election hangovers... thankfully the ads have stopped but the real action is only just getting started • The amount of stray shopping trollies along Parramatta Rd and in Petersham backstreets • Trying to do a three-point turn in a 4WD in Balmain • Tiny tables at restaurants and cafes that don’t even fit all your plates on them • People who take up two parking spaces Out Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Subscribe Tired of missing out on your copy of Ciao? Why not subscribe? It costs just $75 per year to have Ciao home delivered. Email with your address. We need to know what you think. For further information see our website or contact Council on 9367 9222. Cover: Mayor of Burwood John Faker with his Despicable Me minions and some local kids who are all very excited about Burwood Festival - on this Sunday 22nd September at Burwood Park! Photo by Ben Cregan. OurFuture 4 C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West!


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Ciao Artwork_Atfernandos_2.pdf 1 20/08/13 2:48 PM ITALIAN RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Porcina Wild Mushrooms with Italian sausage & stracchino cheese Suprema BBQ chicken bbq sauce w/marinated chicken, Spanish onion, pumpkin, sour cream and basil Napoletana Anchovies, Kalamata olives, Italian mozzarella Capricciosa Smoked leg ham, mushrooms, kalamata olives, anchovies, roasted red capsicum, Italian mozzarella Prosciutto e Rucola Prosciutto with onion relish, Italian mozzarella topped with fresh ricotta & shaved Parmesan Bufalina Buffalo mozzarella with Roma tomatoes & fresh basil Fernando’s Special Homemade meatballs, Italian mozzarella cheese topped with Bolognese sauce and shaved parmesan Contadina Mushrooms, grilled eggplant, roasted red capsicums, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, goat’s cheese & pesto HAVE YOU TRIED OUR NEW PIZZA MENU? MORE AVAILABLE ON 118 Norton st Leichhardt | 02 9560 7957 | 6 HAVE YOU BOOKED FOR FATHERS DAY?


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Community life R OAD TEST Rant Another one bites the dust Without fanfare or hardly anyone noticing, the Inner West lost an old and well-established local newspaper recently. So... should we care? News Ltd quietly shut down the Thursday newsprint edition of the Inner West Courier two weeks ago. It has vanished into the more life-style orientated glossy Tuesday issue. I can hear the “Murdoch haters” cheering. And all those who celebrate whenever a “dead trees” business fails. But I’m not one of them, not at all… For one thing, their environmental issues are a fraud. Print is a sustainable industry that uses renewable resources which are recycled, and produces local jobs. Digital does neither – in fact quite the opposite. Nor do I “hate” anyone just because they have an opinion different from mine. Murdoch is entitled to do what he wants with his papers. We do still have a free press in this country. Feeling twitchery? Spring has well and truly arrived in the Inner West so it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather, watch the flowers bloom and the birds sing. Speaking of birds, this issue we pull out our khakis and binoculars to take a look at the best places for a bit of birdwatching... Burwood Park While you wonder through Burwood Park during the annual Burwood Festival you might notice some birds about – in particular the Australian White Ibis, which has become a common sight in suburban Sydney over the last decade or so. Spring is their breeding season and these guys love hanging out in Burwood Park but can also be spotted along the walk from Airley Park in Homebush to Burwood (known to avid birdwatchers as the ‘Phoenix Walk’). The birds like to nest in the Phoenix palms in this area, especially around the pond in Burwood Park, however they have been known to move on when council decides to trim the trees. suggesting a dog is to blame. The City of Sydney installed habitat fencing in 2010 to protect the wetland birds after a female swan died in a dog attack in 2009, however many believe this isn’t enough and are calling for tighter regulations for dogs in the park. The cygnets, which were born late last year, don’t live in the park permanently but do fly in and out every now and then so keep an eye out for them. The Greenway The Cooks River to Iron Cove Greenway is a green corridor flourishing with all sorts of wonderful flora and fauna including over 200 different species of birds. A few birds that are commonly sited along the pathway include colourful Rainbow Lorikeets, the Superbfairy Wren (also known as the Blue Wren for its stunning blue face) and the Silvereye, which is known for the white ring of feathers around its eye. The New Holland Honeyeater is also common to the area and a real prize to photograph since it rarely sits still enough to get snapped. There’s plenty to see along the Greenway if you just keep your eyes peeled. Checking out some hot birds woodland birds to large birds of prey. However, the most famous is the family of white-bellied sea eagles that call the park home – they are so famous that you can watch them live on EagleCAM via the BirdLife Australia website. The best place to spot these eagles in person is on the riverside walkway, their nest is hidden high in a scribbly gum in the Newington Nature Reserve and the youngest of the flock were born in August. The park’s huge and diverse space provides the habitat required for all manner of bird so get out their with your binoculars and try your luck. Don’t forget to look up! *Note that feeding the birds is not permitted in Sydney Olympic Park. But maybe not for much longer. It is under threat, and that’s not Murdoch’s fault – it is ours. It is our own consumer behaviour that is closing down local sources of opinion and news. Many years ago I got my first “real” job with the Courier’s direct precursor – The Glebe and Western Weekly. It was the late 70s, and the paper was then owned and operated by Len Campbell, an old-style tabloid tub-thumper. Imagine an election headline now about your council like this: “REDS CRUSHED!“ And a story that continued breathlessly, “Death for the group which for the past three years has turned local government into a joke and milking cow for hangers-on!” He loved a good stoush. When Len wasn’t attacking local mayors and thundering about council waste and corruption, just as often he was sniping at his competitor – Cumberland Press (precursor to News Ltd). Len later sold his hugely profitable paper to them. The masthead stuck around till a few years ago, then it morphed into Thursday’s Courier. It was a lot quieter after the suits took over, but that didn’t stop local politicians complaining. While I was covering politics recently I was variously told: “It’s a Labor paper, you know” (by Greens). “It’s such a Greens Pravda!”(by a Liberal), and “They’re always against us” by Labor. As far as I could tell, none of that was true. Mostly I just saw a self-serving desire not to upset anyone who might sign an advertising contract. Which nowadays includes all local Councils. Understandably, headlines attacking them are few and far between. Though the Courier did recently get stuck into Marrickville over its antiIsrael boycott policy. And took a jab at Leichhardt’s pretentions with a front page wind turbine photoshopped on top of the town hall. Which really is the point. If it’s not a free press scrutinizing and holding local politicians to account, who does? It’s not just jobs that go when a local newspaper closes – though for journos and photographers, career paths are vanishing fast. A little bit of our democracy dies too. Vale, journos, editors, printers, photographers, graphic artists, newspaper distributors, letter writers, community activists and local ratbags. We will miss you. n Russell Edwards Sydney Park The stunning resident swans and their three cygnets at Sydney Park in St Peters are so popular they have their own Facebook fan page. Sadly, earlier this year the male swan that parented the baby birds was found dead in the park, with some Sydney Olympic Park If you’re looking to do a bit of birdwatching, look no further. Over 180 species of birds have been spotted in Sydney Olympic Park from small Laughs for Lifestart Come along for a good time while supporting a good cause at the Laughs for Lifestart comedy show, set to hit Bedlam Bar with big belly laughs next month... Jump on board this great event featuring laugh master Gary Eck alongside MC Andrew Barnett as they come together to raise money for Lifestart. Tickets cost $25 and all funds from the show go directly back to the charity, which supports children living with disability. Kicking off at 8pm on Thursday 10th October, Gary – who is not only a stand-up comedian, but also a talented actor, director and writer – is guaranteed to have you giggling the night away and having plenty of fun. Get in early if you’d like to enjoy a $15 burger and beer meal deal before the show, too. To be held at Bedlam Bar: University Hall, 2-12 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, tickets are available at the door or from For more information about Laughs for Lifestart, email or call 9364 0111. What’s on Compiled by Nancy Merlo. Email Sunday 22nd September n To WIN a double pass to the comedy night, email with your contact details. info@ciaomagazi Attn: Nancy FREE Community events listings are featuring the famous character on stage or screen. Agatha Christie’s tales have thrilled audiences for generations and this is one of her most-loved mysteries, so don’t miss your chance to see what all the fuss is about. n For more info and tickets visit www. Fri 27th Sep & Thurs 3rd Oct and Thursday 3rd October. n For tickets go to http://2013. Saturday 28th September Bike Week Family Fun Ride Enjoy a family fun ride along the scenic Cooks River to Brighton Beach from 9am to 12pm on September 22nd in celebration of Bike Week! Organised by Marrickville Council, there are two rides to choose from: a two-hour (16km) return ride to Brighton Beach or a 30-minute (5km) return easy ride to Tempe Reserve. Meet at Steel Park (next to Waterplay Area and car park), Illawarra Road, Marrickville South, for registration from 9am and a free information session and briefing at 9.30am. A light lunch will be provided after the ride but riders need to bring along their own bikes in good, 6 roadworthy condition, a helmet and a water bottle. For pre-registration email n For more information call Council on 9335 2191. From Friday 27th September We reckon the butler did it A Murder is Announced The Australian Tour of Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced will open in Sydney on September 27th, featuring Newtown local Jamie Kristian as Sergeant Mellors/Rudi Scherz, and Enmore resident Nathaniel Middleton as Patrick Simmons. We love to see our local talent out onstage and these rising young stars are ready to give it their all in this classic ‘whodunnit’ theatre piece running until October 27th at the Sydney Theatre, Walsh Bay. A Murder is Announced was the fourth of 12 novels to feature the “sensibly heeled” amateur detective Miss Marple and the first of Christie’s works Happy Pills If you’ve been feeling down lately, then Arnie Pie & Danny Giles’ comedic performance ‘Happy Pills’ at the Factory Theatre’s Bunker room is exactly what the doctor ordered. This split stand-up show, devised by Danny and Arnie, delves into the weird and obscure and features in-yourface ranting that is bound to leave you laughing hysterically (or at the very least grinning from ear to ear). With high energy and unnecessarily loud volume, Arnie and Danny will definitely leave you feeling… medicated. This show is part of the Sydney Fringe Festival – tickets cost $13, show starts at 8.15pm on Friday 27th September Save the Date Let’s face it – prostate cancer isn’t the most cheerful topic of discussion but you need to make a date to get the check-up that could save your life. To join the fight against prostate cancer, get down to Club Five Dock RSL from 10am to 3pm for a free examination. The Prostate Foundation, founded by Arash Nanva, is hoping to reach men over 35 years old in an effort to raise awareness of the disease so bring your mates along too (especially the ones you know need a little encouragement). Ex-Wallabies player Glen Ella will be making a special appearance so bring your jersey along if you want to get it signed! n Donations can be made at See page 8 for more of What’s On...


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n Local Gigs Friday 20th September n Local movies The Hadron Colliders This five-piece band is made up entirely of Sydneysiders, most of them from the Inner West. They are known as an indie rock band, but that is such an umbrella term these days. I would equate them a bit to Nick Cave, at least the singer sounds like him. There is an odd juxtaposition between the upbeat instrumentals and the pretty sorrowful sounding singer, but I think I like it. n Where: Petersham Bowling Club, $8 Friday 27th September FREE C d u le TIWinKoEbTS movies passes Legendary pantsman, James Hunt Rush Ron Howard (Apollo 13) has made some pretty good films in his long career, and this may be his best ever. Rush portrays the exhilarating true story of one of the greatest rivals Formula 1 racing has ever witnessed – James Hunt versus Niki Lauda (and their racing teams, McLaren versus Ferrari). Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) was rich and charismatic, a legendary “pantsman” – the polar opposite of his reserved and methodical opponent, Austrian-born Lauda (Daniel Brühl). They competed ferociously against each other – most dramatically in 1976, when Lauda although critically injured and disfigured in a crash, fought heroically to make a comeback. It’s both a wild ride and a fabulously stylish drama, and rest assured, you don’t have to be into cars. This is all about sex, speed and danger – a point made very clear as we cut away from hunky Hunt pounding away with an air hostess (after just one suggestive glance – what a legend!) to the thrusting pistons of a racing car. Subtle, huh! CTC from Oct 3. n Thanks to Hopscotch Films we have double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Rocking the Bald Faced Stag Parramatta Road is continuing to rock, at least for now, and The Bald Faced Stag is delving right into it. Featuring the Naddiks – a Canberra-based band who are making the trip up – supported by three other local bands, this will just be a fun night of Aussie rock. Grab a beer and have a listen. n Where: The Bald Faced Stag, Leichhardt, $12 Tangled emotions, all on film Stories We Tell It takes a while to get what highly regarded Indie filmmaker Sarah Polley (Take This Waltz) is up to here. She doesn’t give us many clues, we’re merely introduced to several characters – all of whom she is filming while teasing out details of their past. It turns out they are her family, her adult siblings and father, Michael Polley, plus some old family friends. Sarah, the youngest by a long shot, wants to find out more about her mother Dianne, an actor who died when she was 11. Depending on who’s asked, Dianne was either “vivacious” or just a bit too “restless.” But who actually was Sarah’s father? The truth emerges eventually like a slow burn mystery. Sarah agonises over her motives; Michael jokes through his tears that Sarah must be some kind of sado-voyeur; and her three sisters’ reaction? Tellingly, they all get divorced… But it’s not all pain, there’s compassion and redemption too in the telling of what, really, is not an uncommon family story. One rarely explored with such candour and skill though, and Polley throws us some deeply emotional sucker punches along the way. M15+ from Sept 26. n Thanks to Palace Films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away. Details below Foals Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th September Foals Another indie band, once again using the term liberally, but these guys are huge and I get why. While not totally my kind of music, it’s got a strong beat for all you dancers, a mellow guitar track to sway to and the singer does everything he has to. Plus I hear they put on incredible live shows, which I always love to hear. n Where: Enmore Theatre, $74.50 n Words: Max Kobras One Direction: This Is Us I should have guessed when the publicist smirked as she gave me the 3D glasses, as if to say, “You are in the wrong movie.” Now, I do (sort of) get billionaire boy bands. What I don’t understand is this lot – who as Morgan Spurlock’s (Super Size Me) strangely uninquisitive doco makes clear, are nice lads who love their mums. One Direction are young males, who after an adrenalin and testosterone-fuelled night in front of thousands of girls wetting themselves with excitement, end the night “larking about.” Together! Making fart jokes in the tour bus! Well, I would, wouldn’t you? PG on now AT THE MULTIPLEX WIN DVDS! Nice lads who love their mums The beautiful and the damned Thesp overload This year’s Sydney Fringe Festival features the biggest line-up of performances yet, with over 300 shows on offer in venues throughout the Inner West. Newtown’s New Theatre is just one of those venues, offering an eclectic selection of productions from one-person shows, to cabaret, story-telling and dance. On September 23rd you can start early with a 6pm showing of Slutterati, which tells the story of an Olympic swimmer turned television presenter who is trapped in a world of inane lifestyle programs, shameless self-promotion and tragic Sydney parties. Or wait till 8pm for a performance of Jane Austen Is Dead – a show that asks the question: What do you do when your ideal man is Mr Darcy and the only man at the pub seems to be Mr Wickham? On September 25th at 6pm, you can also check out the hilarious musical cabaret, The Hardest Part of Love. While Inspiration Porn (where three performers who have faced the challenge of disability share inspirational acts) and Fully Committed (where one actor performs over 40 characters!) take to the stage from September 26th to 28th. Slutterati 23rd Sept to 2nd Oct Spring Breakers Four pretty young things, bored with college, head for Florida for spring break where they team up with wanna-be gangster Alien (James Franco). Mayhem follows, for ‘bad boy’ Harmony Korine (Kids) has lost none of his ability to shock. Anyone watching this just for arty sleaze won’t be disappointed but Korine is about to smack those viewers in the mouth too, for he does have a point to make about our debauched, narcissistic times. The hyper-fluoro sets dazzle, so does the pulsating soundtrack from Cliff Martinez (Drive), while the repetitive dialogue adds another layer to the gorgeous trippy vibe. There’s a lot to look at and think about in Spring Breakers. Like the AK-47s the girls end up carrying, it packs a powerful punch. Please note: The rating warning means what it says. R18+ available now on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital. n Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment we have 5 DVD copies to give away. Details below n Reviews – RE n For a full program and bookings visit one afternoon will teach attendees the skills to create a safe, sexy lamp out of any glass bottle they can get their hands on. The class will be using 2 litre growlers supplied by the Young Henry’s lads, to be dressed with custom lamp shades and wire with heavy duty fittings so you’ll take home a light for life. Classes are $70 per person and include materials. Book at theworksglebe/make-your-own-bottle-lamp. n Where: 62 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. Call 9660 0606 for more info. have excelled in the sporting field, Cathy has immortalised the iconic barracker, Stephen Harold Gascoine (more commonly known as Yabba), who inflicted his legendary wit on any sportsman of the day who was found wanting. Cathy has a similarly wry outlook and unique sense of humour, which can be seen in her smaller pieces including Smart as a Dog, Diver with Pet and TV Family. The exhibition ‘Curiosities from the Cabinet: bronzes by Cathy Weiszmann’ will be running Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 5.30pm at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery. n Where: 49 - 51 King St, Newtown. Annual Enviro Expo MarketPlace Leichhardt’s fifth annual Enviro Expo will be jam packed with a program of free workshops, shows, organic produce, exhibitors and educational displays. Kids will have the chance to get hands on with chook and worm farm displays, Australian insect shows and recycled craft workshops. While mum and dad can taste local organic produce, learn the art of raw food from chefs Mason Taylor and Jeevi the Laughing Chef and explore natural and bio-dynamic wines thanks to Annandale Cellars. Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne will officially open the expo at 10.30am on Monday 23rd September. n Sunday 29th September They think inside the box Until Thurs 3rd Oct Make Your Own Bottle Lamp Don’t miss this workshop at The Works in Glebe this month. Presented in partnership with Young Henry’s Brewery, this workshop will be hosted by steampunk electrician Juan and in 8 Learn from a steampunk sparkie! Curiosities from the Cabinet Cathy Weiszmann, whose life-size bronze sculptures of sporting greats can be seen at the Sydney Cricket Ground, is about to open an exhibition of her smaller artworks in Newtown as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. As well as portraying those who WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to Stories We Tell, Rush or a DVD of Spring Breakers just email telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You ONLY AT THE MOVIES OCTOBER 3 Trailer: can enter all in a single email, but give us a preference. Include your name and address.


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READY TO TURN THINGS AROUND THIS SUMMER? Everyone who attends these sessions leaves with new found knowledge that will last a lifetime NUTRITION SESSIONS Will keep you on target, hold you accountable PERSONAl TRAINING ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS GROUP ExERCISE We’ll take you to a local supermarket to ensure you’re eating the right food SHOPPING TOUR With your support network, Boxing, cross training and running are a fun way to stay active and get awesome results Will keep you focussed and accountable WEEklY WEIGH-INS Will fast track your success with unlimited access for no extra cost allowing you to work to your timetable STUDIO ACCESS To give you ongoing compelling reasons to continue on your journey of change 9 WEEk GOAl SESSIONS Topics include “Eating to Lose fat’, “Exercising to Lose Fat” and “Empowering you to Take Control” SEMINARS PH: 9181 1711 *Conditions Apply 1/139 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne


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Burwood Festival Sunday 22nd September Food and Fashion Stalls Welcome from the Mayor Get ready for some all-star entertainment at the annual Burwood Festival 2013. Entertainment Come down to Burwood Park from 10am to 5pm on Sunday 22nd September, and check out the festival’s stellar line up featuring internationally acclaimed Aria Chart-topper Samantha Jade. Samantha will headline a bill of class acts including popular boy band What About Tonight, X-Factor favourites Elem5nt and NOA, local and Young Talent Time runner-up Georgia McCarthy and up-and-coming electro hip-hop trio HTL – all sure to get the crowd singing and grooving along with them! For those with a grumbling tum, Burwood Park will be transformed into a foodie’s paradise with award winning stalls offering cuisine from around the world from ice-cream to curry and pizza. There will also be a boutique market area with chic and vintage clothes, arts, crafts and jewellery for sale. Classic Motors This year the famous Classic Car Show will make its twenty-second appearance at the festival, bringing together the best vintage cars from all over NSW and Australia, along with their admirers, to be judged by the NSW Council of Motor Clubs. For sheer fun, discovery and excitement, there’s nothing like the Burwood Festival. Bring the whole family along for a day out they are guaranteed to enjoy! n For more information on this year’s festival visit Join the crowds in Burwood Park this Sunday Fun for Kids Welcome to the 2013 Burwood Festival, the largest spring celebration in Sydney’s Inner West. Burwood Festival 2013 looks to be one of the biggest yet with X-Factor Winner Samantha Jade headlining a dazzling array of entertainers, heralding the arrival of spring, warmer weather, longer days and celebrations. There is a fabulous line-up of talent on the main stage and I invite everybody to come down and enjoy what’s on offer. I guarantee there will be something for everyone... Burwood Festival will feature fun hands-on activities, creative workshops, face painting, show bags, pony rides, a barnyard petting zoo and plenty of rides and amusements for children of all ages. Council is proud to provide ongoing support to this iconic community event, which is free and open to all. We live in an area full of young families so I know how important it is to ensure Council provides fun-filled activities that the whole family can enjoy. The festival is located in the picturesque Burwood Park, which is close to bus and train lines, so please try to leave the car at home and use public transport, walk or ride your bikes. I’ll be in Burwood Park with my family enjoying the atmosphere and I hope to see you there too. n Burwood Mayor John Faker Burwood Festival will also ensure a fun day out for its youngest attendees – and the young at heart – with stage shows by The Minions from Despicable Me 2 and a meet-and-greet with Mr and Mrs Potato Head, as well as a Circus Workshop, Ronald McDonald and Friends show, face painting, pony rides and an animal nursery rounding out an action-packed day. After the festival... Don’t miss your chance to win an iPad Mini after the fair – the Burwood Festival Photography Competition asks festivalgoers to use their camera-phone to instantly capture the ‘heart of Burwood Festival’ by snapping a photo of a special moment, person or your surroundings on Festival Day, and emailing it to First prize up for grabs is an iPad Mini, second prize is an $150 Exclusive Hair by Alain voucher and third prize is an Enfield Aquatic Centre 10 visit family pass that should come in very handy with summer just around the corner! n Entries close Friday 4th October at 5pm. The festival has fun and games for all ages! How to get there... Burwood Festival is easily accessible by public transport, so leave the car at home and catch the bus or train for a great day out. CityRail has regular services stopping at Burwood Station and buses stop on Burwood Road, near the Festival entrance. Bus routes 400, 407, 408, 409, 10 415, 458, 462, 464, 466, 492, 499 and 525 will get you to Festival. If you’re traveling with the family, find out about travelling with the Family Funday Sunday ticket. The Festival is just 12 minutes from Central Station and 15 minutes from Parramatta. n For more information and to plan your trip visit or phone 131 500.


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JOIN THE BIGGEST FESTIVAL IN THE INNER WEST 2013 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 22 Burwood Park, Burwood 10:00AM TO 5:00PM Classic Car Show & Shine Sponsor | Gold Sponsor | Silver Sponsors | Bronze Sponsor | Media Partner burwood festival_a4poster.indd 1 1/09/13 10:52 AM


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NEWTOWN WE WON! We thank all our loyal customers and we invite you to celebrate with us and experience our new look salon! YOUR NEXT VISIT Valid Monday – Friday before 5.30pm, only at TONI&GUY Newtown. Not redeemable for cash. Expires 30th September 2013. $20 OFF RECEIVE * 188 King St. NEWTOWN TO MAKE A BOOKING CALL 9565 2111 NEWTOWN 2003-2013


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Commemorating 90 Years 90th Birthday Sunday 29th September Starting at 11am: Enjoy Free Barefoot Bowls Free Yummy BBQ sausage sizzle Free entertainment Children’s entertainment and jumping castle Live Music (after 3pm) everyone is welcome at leichhardt bowling club Come and Celebrate our 88-92 Piper St leichhardt | Ph: 9569 1936 / 9560 3574


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I never thought I’d write a recipe telling you how to boil an egg. You know how to do that. There are handy little contraptions that tell you when your egg is done. Slow cooked eggs, however, are a revelation. For years, molecular chefs and gastronomists have banged on about slow cooked eggs – what temperature and for how long you can cook an egg so that the yolk is silky, but ‘just’ set and the white has that perfect amount of opaqueness. It’s a luxury to eat and a skill to master. While in Japan you just mosey on down to your nearest perfectly heated natural spring and bung a few eggs in, in the modern world, chefs argue that around 63C for an hour is just the ticket. Of course, commercial kitchens have vats of water and immersion circulators regulating the temperature, but here’s what my friend (and chef) Trisha Greentree likes to call a ‘Ghetto Bath.’ It might take a few goes to perfect, but once you nail it, you’ll be impressing the pants off anyone who visits for breakfast. kitchen with Melissa Leong n Wine with Winsor French winner Le Chat Noir 2012 Pinot Noir. It can be hard to track down decent pinot noir for under $20, but this reliable label comes up trumps year after year with juicy, slurpable and affordable French pinot from the Aude region in the south of the country. It’s at the more powerful end of the pinot spectrum with lively red and black berry/plum flavours leading the way, but it is also a lot more stylish and supple than the price tag would indicate. Match it with, of course, French cuisine. $18. Slow cooked eggs You will need: 4 eggs Water A clip-on thermometer Method: 1. Leave your eggs out at room temperature. Place a plate at the bottom of a stockpot or deep saucepan. 2. Fill with water, clip on your thermometer and bring the temperature up to 63C. 3. Gently lower in your eggs. Keep an eye on the temperature of the water, as you want the eggs to cook for 1 hour at more or less 63C (a degree or two above or below won’t kill you, but try to find the temperature sweet spot on your stove where you can sustain a fairly constant 63C. That might mean your saucepan sits part way off the heat, but you’ll need to play around with it in your own set up to find that out. 4. Have some ice on hand in case the temperature spikes and add in ice cubes one by one until the temperature lowers. After an hour, carefully remove the eggs from the pan. Now they’re done! 5. If you’re super paranoid that the eggs might need a bit longer – remove an egg and carefully Saucy sauvignon cut a 10 cent-sized hole in the top. If the white has just set, you’re good to go. If it’s still a little too opaque, give them a few more minutes and you should be right (sit the opened egg in a sieve at the top of the water, so that no water gets in the hole you just cut). 6. Simply crack the eggs open and they’ll pop straight out, as the slow cooking process doesn’t bond the outer membrane to the shell. Hardy’s 2012 William Hardy Sauvignon Blanc. The Hardy wine label has been under various ownerships in recent years but to mark the 160th birthday of Hardys, a new range under the William Hardy banner has been released. This is a cracker, made from Adelaide Hills fruit, which is bright and lifted and astutely balanced with citrus and tropical fruit notes, and a certain softness on the palate that makes it both easy to drink and extremely food friendly. A terrific after-work tipple. $20. At the markets n Trim’s Fresh: Shop 21, Leichhardt MarketPlace. Ph: 9572 6886. Black magic Wynns 2011 Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s a lot less of this wine than was made in 2010; winemaker Sue Hodder said she had to be ruthless to ensure only quality fruit was used from a difficult vintage. The proof is in the pudding, however, and this is a lovely drink with depth and structure that would be perfect to take to a dinner party right now. I suspect it also will probably cellar well for a decade or more. An Australian classic. $40. n n Fruit: Spring is a good time for berries – throw some strawberries, blueberries, mulberries or even raspberries over your cereal in the morning for a burst of flavour. Oranges, bananas and gold kiwis are also readily available but passionfruit is a little expensive at the moment, as are Aussie mangoes, which are only just getting started (and not at their best quality yet). n Vegetables: Asian vegies are still going strong (and have been for weeks), plus cauliflower and brussels sprouts – for those of you who love to eat healthy. Aussie asparagus might be a little high in price though, along with ginger. Berry nice Max Reviews... Woolwich Pier Hotel The hotel is located just above The Dock at Woolwich and, being so close to shore, has unrestricted views of much of the Inner West, the city skyline and both the Sydney Harbour and ANZAC bridges. The balcony area, from where these views are enjoyed, is sheltered from the wind and scattered with heaters so it can be enjoyed year round. The hotel has just finished some minor renovations of the courtyard space, which has been designed to reflect the style of local houses and is meant to invoke the feeling of being in your own backyard. It is hard to explain without experiencing it for yourself, but it’s an incredibly comfortable atmosphere with huts that allow you relative privacy in a public area. For those looking for a place for a family get together, look no further. Like its surroundings, the kitchen at Woolwich Pier Hotel is top standard. It’s recognised by the Sydney Morning Herald pub food guide as belonging in the highest tier, having been awarded the three schooners rating, and head chef Glenn Tabudlo has worked hard to create pub classics with his own unique twists. Some may be put off by the mixture of traditional pub bistro and classy restaurant, but believe me, there is nothing wrong with adding a little ritz to your steak. Jared Ingersoll on... hunger Love food, hate waste I would say that many of us have a memory of hunger. Maybe not from our own generation, rather our parents and grandparents – we have heard stories of going without, we know that this is something our society has very recently experienced. For example, when my Mum was growing up - although they never starved - food was scarce and as such was something to be cherished; waste was never tolerated. So when I was growing up I was never allowed to leave the table until my plate was clear and there was NEVER a thought given to my personal preference (except for birthdays or celebrations); it was eat what you are given, end of story. The reason Mum was so strict about this was because when she was growing up with her brothers they experienced hunger, proper hunger, so they knew to respect the food that they had. It is a different time now, food is everywhere, which is something I have written about more than a few times. I think that it is a good thing to have all this food but we are going to have to be careful how we treat our food systems if we want to keep enjoying this abundance. What is it we need to do, you ask? Well it is actually really simple, we must not waste anything. Buy the food you want and eat it! It’s not hard at all. If you are wondering why I am harping on about waste again, it is because the UN ran a study on ‘food wastage footprint’ that had some unsettling results. Currently we are wasting 1.3 billion tons of food a year. This emits 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide, not to mention the squandering of 250 cubic kilometres of water. And despite all this waste 870 million people go hungry every day! As our populations grow so do our food requirements and, peversely, our wastefulness. So how does this effect you? You can’t send a half-eaten sandwich to those in need but you can think about how you eat or prepare food (54 per cent of wastage occurs in production). If you buy whole foods and eat well you will make the world a better place. And if you get your kids to respect food you will be giving them necessary survival tools for a good life. n For more information check out: www.lovefoodhatewaste. and Whether you are after a pot pie, steak and chips or something just a little bit more fancy, the Woolwich Pier Hotel is bound to satisfy your taste buds. With a warm atmosphere and beautiful harbour views to boot, it’s a pub all foodies will love. On that note, let’s talk about their steak. The rib-eye was simply fantastic; dry aged and grain fed, the meat was hugely tender and full of flavour. I am usually the kind of person who will drench their steak in a mushroom or pepper sauce, but that would only be to its detriment here. Served with large, hand-cut chips and fresh cherry tomatoes that burst in your mouth, this is a lighter affair than most pub steaks but it certainly isn’t lacking in punch. Before visiting the Woolwich Pier Hotel I was told that I had to try the sliders – plump mini burgers served on a brioche bun. I chow down on three varieties including the herb and cheddar crumbed chicken, the pulled pork belly and the beer battered dory fillet. My only issue is deciding which to have first, but I can’t look past the pork. Moist and beautifully complemented by the slaw and BBQ mayo, this little sandwich is an absolute delight. Next I try the dory with the classic accompaniment of tartare sauce and am pleasantly surprised. The creamy flavour mingles with the crunchy texture of the batter and my taste buds are left singing. Finally I come to the chicken served with lettuce and spicy mayo. This is a classic for a reason. It all comes together; the crunch of the chicken, the snap of the crisp lettuce and the creamy tang of the sauce. All I can say is “More please!” n Words: Max Kobras Woolwich Pier Hotel Three of the best 14 2 Gale Street, Woolwich ph 9817 2204


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value Broccoli $1.99kg MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Queensland bananas $1.49kg Swiss cheese $9.99kg Italian style home made bread, baked fresh every hour Blueberries per punnet $3.99 Fresh ricotta $4.99kg $3.50 HOT HOT Sandhurst stuffed olives $1.49 3 bunches for $4.99 Asparagus Champagne ham $7.99kg *Specials until Wednesday 25th September



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