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maintenance technical assistance in the event of failures or breakdowns of the machine or any part of the same menikini recommends contacting the dealer or the nearest technical service centre where items will be repaired using menikini original spare parts contents contents page 1 disposal introduction 2 general information 4 manufacturer 4 description of the machine 4 features 5 safety 6 general safety instructions 6 use of the machine 7 opening the board 7 use 7 closing the board 7 maintenance 8 technical assistance 8 disposal 8 important the use of non-genuine spare parts by technicians not authorised by menikini or any attempt of repair carried out by non-authorised people will immediately make the warranty void and/or release menikini of any liability for possible damage to people animals or things any product or packing bearing the symbol above cannot be regarded as a normal household waste and should be segregated and delivered to an agreed collection and recycling centre for waste electrical and electronic appliances by disposing of this product in the recommended way you will contribute to avoid potential negative consequences that could result from an improper disposal of the product for more information on the recycling of this product address to the municipal office the local waste disposal centre or the shop where you bought the product attention immediately after you decide to dispose of the machine cut the power cord no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission from menikini s.r.l pictures descriptions references and technical data in this manual are indicative and not binding in pursuing a policy of constant quality improvement menikini s.r.l reserves the right to effect changes at any time without undertaking to update this manual every time © copyright 2005 menikini s.r.l all rights reserved 8 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 1


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introduction dear customer thank you for having chosen a menikini product by buying this product you showed confidence in us and we are committed to supply you a high quality performing and long lasting machine we strongly believe that life quality also relies on our house and time thus we always aim at designing building and supplying appliances that make your house clean and a place of wellbeing before using the appliance you bought we recommend performing some simple operations that will ensure you the greatest safety check the packing of the machine and make sure it is intact and has not been tampered with in particular make sure the label sealing the packing is intact check that the packing contains all the components envisaged and that they are in good conditions with no trace of tampering if not please contact your nearest dealer or service centre as soon as possible menikini will replace any damaged material or supply any missing part carefully read these instructions before turning on the machine by doing so you will discover all the functions of the machine you bought and you also will use it in safety conditions use of the machine opening the board with the table with boiler tray upwards pull out the handle and push the rear leg outwards till reaching the height you wish to adjust the height fold the board flap again important carefully read this manual in order to prevent wrong operations it is also important to follow the instructions since menikini accepts no responsibility for damage to people or things deriving from an improper use of the machine incompetence incautiousness or negligence and from the lack of compliance with the instructions provided in this manual the pictures shown in this manual are indicative and useful to better explain the running safety instructions and maintenance operations of the machine menikini reserves the right to effect changes to its machines,as a result of its constant search for performance optimisation closing the board turn off the ironing board with the relevant switch unplug the power cord unplug and remove the boiler make sure there are no garments on the rack once the board has cooled down fold it flap with the boiler tray upwards push in the handle and at the same time push the rear leg inwards attention this manual is an integral part of the machine kit therefore it must be carefully kept within reach and consulted in case of doubt or anytime the need arises if the machine is given to a third party even only if it is lent out the manual will have to be handed out together with the machine specifying to the new user to carefully read its content before going on with any operation fig 2 use plug the iron in the socket with protective flap placed under the boiler tray if any connect the power cord to an adequate power outlet turn on the heating element by means of the red switch fig 3 caution never open or close the ironing board as shown in picture 4 attention after work leave the ironing board on for some 10-15 minutes before folding the board flap activate the vacuum function to cool down the table this will eliminate any water residues and improve the lifetime of the board fig 4 2 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 7


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safety general safety instructions this chapter provides a list of the general precautions for a safe use of the machine never leave the appliance unattended when it is connected to the mains unplug the appliance before leaving it unattended even for a few minutes make sure the power cord is not twisted and there is no risk to stumble or fall keep children and animals clear of the appliance when this is running do not pull the power cord to unplug the appliance do not turn on the appliance if the power cord is damaged or if the appliance has fallen down in case of damage or malfunction contact menikini service centre for the necessary repair or replacement always unplug and store the ironing board safely when it is not used this will avoid that children may attempt to play with it do not expose the ironing board to weather agents do not let children come near the ironing board in the absence of an adult some parts of the ironing board may become hot especially the front part of the table do not touch suck parts always let the ironing board warm up before use do not use the board if cold or not ventilated introduction in drawing up this manual three different degrees of potential risk have been found corresponding to the following symbols important menikini reserves the right to effect changes to its appliances and the relevant accessory parts without prior notice caution this signal word indicates a potentially hazardous situation exists which if not avoided may result in injury important we recommend using only original spare and accessory parts to keep the appliance performance unaltered failure to do so will make the warranty void attention this signal word alerts of situations or troubles which can affect the machine efficiency important this signal word draws the attention to important information which do not involve the people s safety or the machine efficiency 6 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 3


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general information manufacturer menikini srl strada per castelletto 19/21 20080 albairate mi italy general information features tratto aria tratto caldo and tratto phon are professional ironing boards with built-in vacuum mod aria or with heated surface and blowing function mod caldo and phon designed for domestic use the metal painted structure guarantees robustness a perfect stability and durability the table can be folded flap and stored without problems or moved with ease thanks to the castors the wide heated table is covered with flannel and cloth cover for professional use the table is made of a steel wire mesh treated by cataphoresis for a long-lasting rust-protection blowing by changing the position of the green switch and by stepping down on the pedal you can activate the blowing function only on blowing models description of the machine boiler tray the boiler tray can receive any type of boiler under the ironing board there are two switches the red switch is used to turn on heating the green switch to activate the blowing function only for blowing models under the board there is also the power socket with protective flap for the boiler connection not present on mod ek0001 2 16 1 10 9 11 14 13 advantages technical specifications 15 11a 11b stop to vapour and odours given off during ironing stop to water condensation and to the resulting water droplets under the board perfectly ironed and dry garments on both sides easy ironing as all garments even the most delicate are held tightly against the ironing surface and by stepping down on the pedal wrinkles are eliminated see data plate on the machine 8 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 starting press the on/off button on the adjustable models turn the knob as well fig 1 3 7 4 6 5 vacuum the pedal if any or the green button lets you activate the vacuum which holds the garment to be ironed tightly against the board eliminates wrinkles and dries moisture suction also stops vapour and odour given off during ironing 7 8 9 10 heated surface detail of the ironing board wire mesh clothes rack legs white or chrome-plated non-skid rubber tips vacum control pedal this pedal also activates the blowing function on blowing models not present on mod ek0001 two pedals may be supplied on request castors detail of the box with auxiliary power socket not present on mod ek0001 power socket motor see data plate 11 adjustment knob on adjustable models 11a on/off button 11b vacuum/blowing selection button on blowing models 12 height adjustment lever 13 detail of the removable boiler tray optional 14 boiler tray 15 detail of the central attachments of the clothes rack always horizontal 16 detail of the sleeve board optional 4 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 use and maintenance tratto light · aria · caldo · phon 2nd ed 11/2005 5



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