Food Snapshot by Jacob 5/6L


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‘Ugh’ I say. ‘How long do I need to wait here?’ I sit here in this little room with one glass window. I see tall figures walking past. ‘If I had legs I’d walk out of here.’ Suddenly I hear a giant rumble. I look behind and see the enormous square door open up. I think. ‘Freedom?’ something isn’t right. Out of nowhere a giant hand came at tremendous speed and grabs me hard. ‘Ahh!’ I yelp as it squeeze’s me tight. ‘I wonder what this beast thinks it’s doing!’ Outside The Donut’s World. ‘So how much do I owe you?’ Customer ‘Three dollars.’ Shop owner. ‘Here you go.’ Customer ‘Thanks.’ Shop owner.


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Back in the Donut’s world ‘Wait don’t put me in that bag!’ I screech while being dropped into a paper bag. The bag shakes heavily, as if I’m being carried which, I probably am. ‘What’s going to happen?’ The shaking stops. Another hand picks me up. It holds me in front of it. ‘Thank you for rescuing me.’ I say not realizing It’s about to eat me. Then it’s mouth went wide open and I’m immediately thrusted into inside. ‘Ow, stop!’ I scream as hundreds of needles are violently pushed into my body. My entire body is separated in a disgusting mash. ‘Woah!’ I yell as I get pushed down a giant slimy tube. ‘Great, now I’m being pulled down as a giant ball of food.’ I fall into a smelly and dark lake. ‘Ugh!’ I moan. ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ As I sit in the stomach lake the clumps of my body starts fizz. It’s like laying in pool of acid. At first I thought something was beneath me, but I quickly realize I’m being disintegrated. ‘Ahh!’ in a matter of seconds I was a clumpy liquid. ‘What’s that?’ I say weakly. Is it a giant hole in its stomach? Who knows but I’m heading right for it.


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I get up to the hole and it starts sucking me through. As I travel down this long tunnel it seems to go forever. ‘Man, I’ve been here for days.’ I moan, almost nothing was left of me. A little while later I see another hole. ‘Wow, and the journey continues.’ I say in a sarcastic voice as I get pushed through the bigger hole a large gush of air blows in my face. ‘Yuck!’ I screech. ‘it smells disgusting!’ I get sent out of the small intestines. ‘Wow this place is, really, dry-and smelly!’ all the water that came from the small intestines soon dried up in the bottom of the larger intestines. The liquid left in my body starts sinking deep in this smelly place. ‘Wait, what’s happening!’ I panic. ‘What more could happen.’ Another gush of water sends me right through this large tube. I could tell I was near the end but, then again, it has been forever. Later on huge brown clumps start falling from the ceiling and sticking to me. I realized that I’m now, poo! I start slipping down a large hill fast as a bobsled. ‘Ahh, OW!’ I hit a wall. At the wall it starts moving, like a hole opening up. ‘Oh no!’ I scream ‘I’m going through the anus!’ I look through the now large hole and see a white bowl with a little lake. All of a sudden I was shot down like a missile. ‘SPLASH’. To be continued….. By Jacob 5/6L


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