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Tech Camp Discovery Education Basic Overview

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much more than streaming videos


p. 2

discovery education offers so much streaming video my content classroom manager student log-ins assessments student boards log in


p. 3

streaming plus http streaming video search for videos criteria grade subject media advanced


p. 4

my content stored videos create folders quick list


p. 5

classroom manager create classes create student accounts create assignments view student work


p. 6

student log-ins allows access at home online activities


p. 7

assessments assign video series multiple choice journal type how to create assignments


p. 8

student boards teacher boards soon great way to show you what they know they are available for teachers to view attach medialinks videos images etc


p. 9

log-in and explore 1 2 3 4 add content create a class enroll students create an assignment 5 create a student board need help try http


p. 10

want more become a star educator click here your own personal den blog the ability to search download and upload resources via the den educator resources library powered by discovery education mediashare invitations to exclusive discovery events including the opportunity to apply to attend the den summer institute materials for your training events


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this presentation is available on the tech coach site survey



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