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new handpicked selection for your grade 4 graders th due date please return your flyer or order online by online use our one-time class activation code welcome back to school · september 2013 scholastic reading club the right books titles selected by teachers and experts 25 books $5 and under plus super values on book sets new [61a1 star wars® jedi academy by jeffrey brown 160 pages giving back every book earns points for the classroom roan is your average middle school kid who gets accepted to jedi academy with yoda as a teacher learn the force he will paperback exclusive $5 hardcover retail $12.99 grl r dra 40 © lfl september book of the month [17a1 frindle by andrew clements 128 pages help your class get a free copy of jedi academy engaged readers books to help kids learn to love reading new [36a1 monster high ghoulfriends just want to have fun by gitty daneshvari 272 pages ies ser new when 5 or more students order star wars ® jedi academy your child s class will receive a free copy of the book fun activities and bookmarks for the whole class save 83 one made-up word causes tons of trouble in mrs granger s class only $1 retail $5.99 school s never been so cool 128­160 pages is something sinister hunting the walls of monster high paperback exclusive $5 hardcover retail $12.99 monster high and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by mattel © 2012 mattel all rights reserved lex 830l grl r dra 40 ar 5.4 [16a1 fourth grade fun pack the best school stories just for 4th graders lex 960l grl v dra 50 ar 6.3 also available [35a1 monster high ghoulfriends forever 1 new by lauren tarshis 112 pages 3 books only $6 retail $18.97 lex 340l­750l grl q dra 40 ar 2.6­5.0 paperback exclusive $5 lex 960l grl w dra 60 ar 6.2 the series everyone is the series everyone is talking about [27a1 i survived the japanese tsunami 2011 the monstrous wave destroys everything in its path as ben watches helplessly [26a1 i survived pack by lauren tarshis 112 pages each 7 books $14 retail $34.93 only $3 retail $4.99 new nonfiction [44a1 national geographic kidstm weird but true 5 208 pages expand your mind with unbelievable facts a18000 lex 650l grl r dra 40 also available more i survived online at sch h las c a b ® book 59 off lex 590l­660l grl r­s dra 40 ar 3.9­4.3 also available books full-color book $6 retail $6.95 ® paperback exclusives reading lex lexile framework for reading grl guided reading level dra developmental reading assessment ar accelerated reader level level key lexile is a registered trademark of metametrics inc the range for packs represents books that have levels and/or ar quizzes may not apply to all titles in pack only scholastic reading club offers exclusive paperback editions at a great value before they re available anywhere else look for the special throughout this catalog.


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4 grade th your best year yet 3 be yourself penelope uses her big nose to sniff out her missing grandpa and she breaks a gazillion rules to do it to make 5 ways 1 make new friends kendall has a new house a new school and a big new challenge but she misses her old friends 2 be confident jamie won t let any bully or his wheelchair sto p him f rom b ecoming the world s b est sit dow n comedian new [60a1 the squad stand up and cheer set by lara bergen 144 pages new in paperback [25a1 i funny by james patterson and chris grabenstein 320 pages paperback exclusive $4 hardcover retail $15.99 lex 590l grl r dra 40 book and charm necklace $6 retail $8.98 book also available lex 610l grl t dra 50 ar 3.9 4 stand up to bullies three oddballs join forces against the meanest kid in school have they gone too far 5 100 corndog-fed beefcake over here do the right thi thi thing the whole town is mean to the new girl because of her race but charlie anne s going to do something about it new [50a1 penelope crumb by shawn k stout illus by valeria docampo 224 pages new [45a1 the odd squad bully bait by michael fry 224 pages new [73a1 the wonder of charlie anne by kimberly newton fusco 272 pages paperback exclusive $4 hardcover retail $14.99 paperback exclusive $5 hardcover retail $12.99 only $4 retail $6.99 lex 970l grl x dra 60 ar 4.7 lex 730l ar 4.1 lex 500l grl t dra 50 ar 3.5 brand-new hardcover a fun fact every day learn which of the following fruits can power a lightbulb a apple b pear c lemon special low price get face to face with the silly and strange [57a1 ripley s believe it or not!® special edition 2014 144 pages 8 x 10 plan a space vacation with open any page and a funny fact-filled guide learn something cool tour the whole world from your bedroom d orange new [24a1 how do you burp in space by susan e goodman illus by michael slack 80 pages [21a1 guinness world recordstm 2013 640 pages new [42a1 national geographic kidstm almanac 2014 352 pages lex nc1240l grl v dra 50 huge paperback $7 retail $7.99 hardcover $11 retail $16.99 2 4th graders more books for 4th graders online answer c copyright © 2013 by ripley entertainment inc ripley s believe it or not ripley s and believe it or not are registered trademarks of ripley entertainment inc paperback exclusive $5 hardcover retail $16.99 full-color book $14 retail $14.99 lex 1330l grl x dra 60 © 2013 guinness world records limited do they know stump your family ?


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topics 4th graders need to know scientific method new [62a1 star wars® science fair book 128 pages 7 x 9 build knowledge improve literacy the new common core state standards will require kids to have more knowledge than ever before content-rich books like these are terrific supports because they spark questions common and promote critical thinking core how much of star wars is based on real science full of experiments inspired by the movie includes · 48-page book · giant test tube · test tube rack · safety glasses · pipette · 42 stickers e · 36 of hazard tape new new [72a1 what was the march on washington by kathleen krull illus by tim tomkinson 128 pages 16 pages of photos experiment book $8 retail $9.99 tm and © 2013 lucasfilm ltd all rights reserved used under authorization blast a juice rocket high in the sky or create a frozen explosion [15a1 exploding science discover 18 epic experiments that bubble pop and fizz only $5 retail $5.99 book and 18 experiments $10 lex 900l grl p dra 38 ar 6.1 place values new [34a1 millions billions trillions by david a adler illus by edward miller 32 pages fractions and measurement [33a1 measure it pack by david a adler illus by edward miller 32 pages each find out how all those zeros add up one trillion dollar bills would make a stack 700 miles high a fun way to learn six skills perimeter area volume fractions decimals and percents civil rights do you know · why the march on washington took place · what a peaceful protest means [69a1 we the kids illus by david catrow 32 pages 2 books $8 retail $15.94 paperback exclusive $4 hardcover retail $17.95 lex 640l­740l grl n dra 30 ar 3.6­4.3 lex ad720l grl m dra 24 special low-price hardcover $4 retail $16.99 solar system mapping new [43a1 national geographic kidstm world atlas 208 pages 9 1/8 x 10 7/8 magnifies up to 30x new [5a1 build it telescope includes parts to build a sturdy card-stock telescope double-sided poster and assembly manual this award-winning book and web companion feature beautiful images from space and nature plus educational games teacher recommended constitution do you know · why the preamble is so important · how the constitution is meaningful in your everyday life photo-filled book $12 retail $14.99 for more common core support visit build your own replica of galileo s telescope to see the craters on the moon telescope and double-sided poster $10 get organized brand new new [8a1 diary of a wimpy kid #8 by jeff kinney 224 pages paperback exclusive and fortune teller $8.50 hardcover retail $13.95 pre-order now new [58a1 smurfy school planner 4 x 6 ¼ for homework assignments phone numbers notes and more includes · pen · 23 stickers · agenda · notepad ok · address bo e s · sturdy case and receive free shipping on the national release date plus get a free exclusive fortune-teller while you wait book also available on november 5 2013 pre-order on or before october 21 2013 for free delivery of your book to your school on the national release date november 5 2013 by 5 pm free fortune teller will be delivered with your class order while you wait orders received by scholastic after october 21 2013 will ship after the book s national release date wimpy kid text and illustrations copyright © 2013 wimpy kid inc diary of a wimpy kid® wimpy kidtm and the greg heffley designtm are trademarks of wimpy kid inc all rights reserved only $8 every purchase supports your child s class 4th graders 3


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hey 4th graders you ve got t see the new movie read the books includes a riptide pen that looks like percy s s sword get it here first stick dog · loves juicy tidbits · has four doggy friends · goes on crazy adventures graphic graphic novel new illustrated novel epic novel [64a1 stick dog wants a hot dog really good story kind of bad drawings also available [63a1 stick dog a really good story with kind of bad drawings by tom watson 192 pages new inside page by tom watson 224 pages [51a1 percy jackson the olympians #2 the sea of monsters graphic novel paperback exclusive $6 hardcover retail $12.99 paperback exclusive $6 hardcover retail $12.99 new with pen [52a1 percy jackson the olympians #2 the sea of monsters set movie edition by rick riordan 288 pages by rick riordan adapted by robert venditti illus by attila futaki and tamas gaspar 128 pages 6 x 9 lex 700l grl p dra 38 ar 4.5 illustrated version of percy s second epic adventure exclusive paperback editions full-color graphic novel $12 retail $12.98 retail $12.99 book and pen $7 lex 740l grl s dra 40 ar 4.6 lex 740l grl s dra 40 ar 4.6 box set 44 off [53a1 percy jackson the olympians box set movie edition by rick riordan 288­400 pages [9a1 diary of a wimpy kid box set by jeff kinney 218­224 pages the complete series with movie cover art 7 paperbacks in a slipcase and stickers $45 hardcover retail $97.65 5 books in a slipcase $22 retail $39.95 lex 590l­740l grl s­w dra 40­60 ar 4.1­4.7 lex 910l­1060l grl s­t dra 40­50 ar 5.2­5.8 books also available includes stickers fun friends you jack and annie are searching for the secret to greatness magic tree house is a registered trademark of mary pope osborne used under license rachel and kirsty are best friends and fairy helpers geronimo stilton is a mouse reporter on an adventure brand-new hardcover [31a1 magic tree house® #50 hurry up houdini by mary pope osborne illus by sal murdocca 128 pages a magical value hardcover $11 retail $12.99 lex 520l grl p dra 38 new nonfiction companion [32a1 magic tricks from the tree house by mary pope osborne illus by sam murdocca 128 pages new [56a1 rainbow magic fashion fairies box set by daisy meadows 80 pages each new [19a1 geronimo stilton #54 get into gear stilton by geronimo stilton 128 pages 7 books in a slipcase and charm bracelet with 3 charms $15 retail $39.92 full-color book $5 retail $6.99 lex 630l grl r dra 40 © 2013 atlantyca s.p.a all rights reserved only $5 retail $5.99 lex 710l­850l grl o dra 34 book also available 4 4th graders expanded selection online


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to meet these cool friends brand-new hardcover nikki maxwell · is a great artist · loves giving advice · likes brandon roberts [13a1 dork diaries #6 tales from a not-so-happy heartbreaker by rachel renée russell 288 pages brand-new hardcover series hardcover $12 retail $13.99 origami yoda new · mystical powers he has · the future he can tell [48a1 origami yoda the surprise attack of jabba the puppett by tom angleberger 224 pages brand-new hardcover paperback exclusive $5 hardcover retail $12.95 does the legend live in you every 11-year-old must drink from the nectar for most nothing happens but for the chosen few their lives will be forever changed with just one sip [59a1 spirit animals #1 wild born by brandon mull 208 pages new in paperback [12a1 dork diaries #4 tales from a not-sograceful ice princess 368 pages nikki tries to save the animal shelter where her crush volunteers by entering an ice-skating competition inside page [11a1 dork diaries omg all about me diary 288 pages includes lots of fun activities and questions to write about or ask your friends hardcover $10 retail $12.99 wow includes an exclusive letter from the author also available the first 3 books [47a1 origami yoda pack 160­208 pages lex 680l grl u dra 50 book also available 3 paperback exclusives $14 hardcover retail $38.85 only $6 retail $6.99 hardcover diary $12 retail $12.99 read the first four chapters now go to lex 720l­760l grl v dra 50 ar 4.6­4.7 lex 750l grl v dra 50 ar 4.5 know and love encyclopedia brown is a brainy crime-stopper finn and jake are a human boy and a magical dog captain underpants is the only hero with wedgie power minions are 99 adorable 1 despicable pencil not included pencil topper may vary brand-new hardcover in fullcolor for the first time new [14a1 encyclopedia brown and the case of the soccer scheme by donald j sobol 96 pages new [1a1 adventure time guidebook destination ooo 160 pages 3 ¼ x 8 ½ [2a1 the adventures of captain underpants color edition by dav pilkey 144 pages new 64 pages warning choking hazard small parts not for children under 3 years [7a1 despicable me 2 the official minion manual set paperback exclusive $3 full-color hardcover $8 retail $9.99 hardcover retail $16.99 lex 610l grl q dra 40 ar 4.2 full-color guidebook $10 lex 720l grl p dra 38 ar 4.3 captain underpants tm/® dav pilkey all rights reserved book poster and pencil topper $6 lex ig630l grl p dra 38 retail $7.98 despicable me 2 is a trademark and copyright of universal studios licensed by universal studios llc all rights reserved every order earns free books for your class 4th graders 5


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4th graders guide to what to read next adventure mythology survival the kids didn t think it could get any worse but it just did funny past realistic present fantasy new [65a1 stranded #2 trial by fire by jeff probst and chris tebbetts 192 pages this is a stor y about me lily and me jake we re twins an we re exactly d alike not exactly this is a book we wrote about th summer we tu e rned 11 see both sides of our story new in paperback [23a1 the heroes of olympus #2 the son of neptune by rick riordan 528 pages only $3 retail $6.99 lex 690l grl s dra 40 new [29a1 kizzy ann stamps by jeri watts 192 pages percy s lost his memory and wakes up in a camp of roman demigods new in paperback [28a1 jake and lily by jerry spinelli 352 pages only $6 retail $9.99 lex 640l grl w dra 60 ar 4.7 buy books #1 and #2 and save [66a1 stranded pack 192 pages each buy books #1 and #2 and save [22a1 the heroes of olympus pack 528 and 560 pages see how kindness wins over racism through the story of a young girl her new teacher and an exciting dog competition 2 books $5 retail $9.98 paperback exclusive $3 lex 690l grl s dra 40 hardcover retail $15.99 only $4 retail $6.99 lex 920l grl t dra 50 ar 5.2 lex 480l grl s dra 40 ar 3.2 2 books $8 retail $15.98 lex 640l­660l grl w dra 60 ar 4.5­4.7 illustrated brand-new hardcover how can derek stop an idea-stealing bully see how his superhero monkey comes to the rescue [39a1 my life as a cartoonist by janet tashjian 272 pages brother-sister battles fairy tales will this sleeping beauty s dream come true scary tales new [70a1 whatever after #4 dream on by sarah mlynowski 176 pages paperback exclusive $3 hardcover retail $14.99 hardcover $12 retail $13.99 new [54a1 the pet war by allan woodrow 272 pages lex 860l grl u dra 50 also available the first three books [71a1 whatever after pack #1­#3 lex 440l grl t dra 50 new [20a1 goosebumps® most wanted #4 frankenstein s dog by r l stine 160 pages also available the first two books [38a1 my life pack the age-old battle of cat vs dog and brother vs sister comes down to this fierce competition paperback exclusive $3 hardcover retail $16.99 paperback exclusives $8 hardcover retail $44.97 there s been an accident in uncle vic s lab has kat created a monster only $3 retail $6.99 lex 400l grl u dra 50 35 off 2 books $9 retail $13.98 lex 580l grl t dra 50 lex 400l­420l grl s dra 40 ar 2.8­2.9 book also available books also available lex 810l­880l grl s­u dra 40­50 ar 5.0­5.2 6 4th graders questions call 1-800-scholastic 1-800-724-6527


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the big buzz in 4th grade includes · sturdy box · sticker roll · stamper · 5 mini markers · sticky flags · 40-sheet memo pad · 40 mini envelopes · 12 postcards new [4a1 bff secrets my lips are sealed set by megan faulkner 64 pages activity book and 2 awesome zipper bracelets $6 retail $10.98 some children are more likely to read books based on familiar characters and topics parents lex 880l new [46a1 one direction superstardom by riley brooks 48 pages new [49a1 peace love stationery box 5 7/8 x 8 7/8 ages 8 years cool facts and photos stationery set $10 only $3 retail $4.99 new [40a1 my little pony set 48 pages lex 1020l grl s dra 40 new warning choking hazard graphic novel and figurine $10 new [30a1 lego® legends of chima official guide 128 pages 6 x 9 [10a1 dk lego® star warstm the yoda chronicles 64 pages 10 x 9 new small parts not for children under 3 years [37a1 monster high howlers frightfully funny jokes 48 pages only $6 retail $6.99 monster high and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by mattel © 2012 mattel all rights reserved book and minifigure $10 lex nc920l grl o dra 34 lego the lego logo the brick and the knob configurations the minifigure and legends of chima are trademarks of the lego group © 2013 the lego group figurine may vary hardcover and minifigure $18 retail $18.99 lego the lego logo the brick and knob configurations and the minifigure are trademarks of the lego group © 2013 the lego group © lfl warning choking hazard small parts not for children under 3 years lipstick-shaped pen writes in invisible ink are 4x rs bew ude security r int reveal secret messages with uv light new [68a1 undercover girl spy kit read famous historic cases 32-page book and learn to expose hidden listen to evidence like conversations the pros 15 feet away new [55a1 quadruple security vault includes 5 1/2 x 3 3/4 x 5 1/2 vault key card and instructions only $12 new [67a1 turbo junior novel 112 pages 8 pages of color photos built-in alarm book and spy kit $12 warning choking hazard small parts not for children under 3 years listening device 32 sheets of spy notes secret makeup purse it s nonstop action at a snail s pace 1 2 3 insert key 4 turn dial only $5 press button insert card retail $5.99 requires 2 aaa batteries not included atteries back-to-school favorites now available as ebooks parents storia ebooks are enhanced with interactive features to help build reading confidence read on the free storia app storia ebooks enriched storia ebooks coming soon for windows® apple ipad® kindle® fire androidtm tablet mac® shop our ebooks section at th 4th graders 7 graders grader graders


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new the 50 top choices for 4th graders we asked expert teachers librarians and book professionals to help choose the best books for today s kids they considered thousands of titles and created a diverse list of award winners timeless classics and top-quality contemporaries new [3a1 scholastic reading club collection we re thrilled to shine a light on 50 of their favorite books for 4th graders book allowance september suggestions [41a1 national geographic book of animal poetry edited by j patrick lewis 192 pages [18a1 from the mixed-up files of mrs basil e frankweiler newbery medal [6a1 confetti girl by diana lópez 208 pages photo-filled paperback $8 hardcover retail $24.95 by e l konigsburg 176 pages only $3 retail $6.99 only $4 retail $6.99 lex np grl q dra 40 lex 700l grl s dra 40 ar 4.7 lex 660l grl v dra 50 ar 4.1 also available why you ll love it superb photos and poems a book you ll never outgrow why you ll love it unforgettable adventure intriguing exciting and smart why you ll love it a heartfelt celebration of family and culture book when kids choose their own books they read more includes three book pick coupons each coupon allows your child to choose one book worth up to $5 all 50 titles available online 3 coupons only $10 retail $15.00 ordering is easy 1 make your 2 return this form to your child s selections teacher with a check made payable to scholastic reading club or online and pay by credit card mobile tablet computer place your order scholastic order online at guarantee to order ebooks please visit your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority if for any reason you want to return an item you ordered we will be happy to give you an exchange credit or full refund order due date arrow 4th grade september 2013 item item selections qty x price amt due student s name item item selections qty x price amt due item item selections qty x price amt due 1a1 2a1 3a1 4a1 5a1 6a1 7a1 8a1 9a1 10a1 11a1 12a1 13a1 14a1 15a1 16a1 17a1 18a1 19a1 20a1 21a1 22a1 23a1 24a1 25a1 26a1 27a1 adv time destination ooo adv underpants color ed book allowance coupons bff lips are sealed set build it telescope confetti girl despicable me 2 manual set diary of a wimpy kid #8 diary wimpy box set dk lego star wars yoda dork diaries omg diary dork diaries #4 princess dork diaries #6 heartbreaker ency brown soccer scheme exploding science 4th grade fun pack frindle from mrs basil e geronimo stilton #54 gear goosebumps most 4 dog guinness world rec 2013 heroes of olympus pack heroes 2 neptune how do you burp in space i funny i survived pack i survived tsunami 2011 $10 8 10 6 10 3 6 8.5 45 18 12 6 12 3 10 6 1 4 5 3 7 8 6 5 4 14 3 28a1 29a1 30a1 31a1 32a1 33a1 34a1 35a1 36a1 37a1 38a1 39a1 40a1 41a1 42a1 43a1 44a1 45a1 46a1 47a1 48a1 49a1 50a1 51a1 52a1 53a1 54a1 jake and lilly kizzy ann stamps lego chima official guide mth #50 hurry up houdini mth magic tricks tree house measure it pack millions trillions monster high forever monster ghoulfriends fun monster high howlers jokes my life pack my life as a cartoonist my little pony set nat geo animal poetry nat geo kids almanac 2014 nat geo kids world atlas nat geo weird but true 5 odd squad bully bait one direction superstardom origami yoda pack origami yoda puppett peace love stationery box penelope crumb percy 2 graphic novel percy 2 set movie ed percy box set movie ed pet war $4 3 10 11 5 8 4 5 5 6 9 12 10 8 14 12 6 5 3 14 5 10 4 12 7 22 3 55a1 56a1 57a1 58a1 59a1 60a1 61a1 62a1 63a1 64a1 65a1 66a1 67a1 68a1 69a1 70a1 71a1 72a1 73a1 036514 quadruple security vault rainbow fashion box set ripley s special ed 2014 smurfy school planner spirit animals #1 wild born squad stand up and cheer set star wars jedi academy star wars science fair bk stick dog a really good stick dog wants a hot dog stranded #2 trial by fire stranded pack turbo jr novel undercover girl spy kit we the kids whatever 4 dream on whatever after pack #1 3 what march on washington wonder of charlie anne donate $1 to book trust to help kids in need $12 15 11 8 10 6 5 8 6 6 3 5 5 12 4 3 8 5 4 $1 your order totals total number of items total amount due risk of loss transfers upon scholastic s delivery of the ordered products to its carrier the items purchased through this reading club offer may not be resold teachers are acting in the best interest of their students they are not agents or representatives of scholastic reading club tm/® © scholastic inc all rights reserved when you pay by check you authorize us to process your payment electronically funds may be withdrawn from your account the same day we receive your payment you will not receive your check back from your financial institution however the transaction will appear on your bank statement teacher please order online or compile student orders on the teacher order form do not mail individual order forms 100 of your donation goes to book trust a charity that lets kids in need choose a18000 tracking 364111 and own books from scholastic reading club for free please note no items will be shipped in the book box and no product or service will be provided in exchange for this donation questions call 1-800-scholastic 1-800-724-6527



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