In Memory of Dr. Richard Maye


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The following submissions are from many of the students, faculty, and staff here at Illinois College to show their love and appreciation for Dr. Maye. There are many heartfelt memories of how he touched the lives of so many people, and how he will truly

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this is in memory of the late great dr richard b maye gone too soon but never will be forgotten [the following submissions are from many of the students faculty and staff here at illinois college to show their love and appreciation for dr maye there are many heartfelt memories of how he touched the lives of so many people and how he will truly be missed


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richard would never reveal his age to me some days he was 60 other days he was older but i remember that one day he spoke to me of his childhood when he was 12 years old i don t recall the exact conversation but he reference his conversation around specific historical events that occurred that year later when i did the calculations i discovered that he was in fact 109 years old when i explained that too him he just laughed richard loved to pull the wool over our eyes and let us discover that he was doing so i so enjoyed his company many times i have reflected upon richards s persona if anyone wanted to be a christian rather than claiming to be a christian one needed only look at richard for the best role model available to me richard was everything that is embodied by the teachings of jesus and he will be missed dearly kevin klein professor of economics


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when i would meet with groups of faculty about assessment i had a tendency to use terminology that sounded unnecessarily complicated to him so dr maye would restate what i said much more clearly for the group he joked that he was serving pro bono as my translator because he was fluent in common sense also when proposals for campus policy changes were suggested i recall that dr maye s primary concern was always about how the change was going to affect his students a student once told me that dr maye had a calming presence about him that the student didn t fully understand but always appreciated when he sat down to talk with him about academic and career plans the student said that he came away from these meetings reassured and more confident about his future rob sweatman ph.d executive director for institutional research planning and assessment


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do not be dismayed by goodbyes goodbyes are necessary before two people can meet again and meeting again-after moments or lifetimesis certain for those who are friends -richard bach this quote by richard back really reflects how great a friend richard maye was-not only to [us but to everyone who knew him he was an outstanding professor mentor sociologist and colleague but first and foremost a devoted friend we will miss him greatly the sociology department of illinois college


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i got to know dr maye through our collaborative work on the diversity seminar that we ran for three years dr maye was very committed to issues of diversity and justice he often liked to act as a gadfly asking questions to challenge the status quo and bring about change he was a tireless advocate of students he could be very charming polite and courtly but he also had a wicked sense of humor he liked to stir things up but he also cared for many people opening his home and giving his time to those who needed him working with him was a memorable experience best lisa udel associate professor and chair


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anyone visiting dr richard maye s office couldn t help but notice his green thumb he could make anything grow he was a natural nurturer to plants and to people he always a kind word to say greeting me me warmly each day up in sturtevant hall what a great smile he had what a great laugh i could not resist smiling at his dapper visage each morning and he would smile back even on days you could tell his bones ached i enjoyed our chats often held while he watered his plants he was one of the few men i ever gave a cutting from my heirloom mother-in-law s tongue a plant that has survived four generations in my family since it was first passed down back in the 1950 s from my grandmother to her daughters and daughters-in-law richard appreciated the importance of family and i knew that plant in his care couldn t help but thrive much the same way his students also prospered from his teaching and guidance he captivated them with firsthand stories about marching for civil rights and hearing dr martin luther king in our nation s capital he added wisdom from his experiences ministering in our own state s capital to the knowledge gained from formal study of sociology i visited his class several times and was impressed with his erudition and even more impressed by the way his students clearly hung on his words why richard gave of himself in generous and loving capacity he took no nonsense from students nor from fellow faculty but rather lifted as many as would take his challenge to meet to his high standards many a student rewrote an essay he deemed unacceptable for a generation of illinois college students richard demanded excellence and gave generously to help his students achieve it and students showed up at his door regularly because as their mentor dr maye weeded through their difficulties and nurtured their growth when we miss richard we can simply look to his alumni for evidence of his good work like plants sprouted from seeds he planted me i will also look to the green plants still growing down the hall dr cynthia a cochran associate professor


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any student who has ever had me as an instructor can attest to the fact that i speak and teach at a very rapid pace one semester dr maye and i shared a student after about the third week of class the student commented to me you could use a little dr maye in you i chuckled and asked him what he meant by that statement the student proceeded to tell me that i do everything at a super-fast pace and he thought dr maye could teach me to slow down because the student was afraid my health may deteriorate quickly if didn t learn the art of calmness i shared this story with dr maye and he had the best laugh at that point dr maye turned to me and stated i will teach you to be calm if you give me half your energy we continued to laugh about this each time we saw one another i have had the opportunity to work closely with dr maye the last couple of years he will be deeply missed amy schwiderski instructor of education


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a teacher is more than an educator a teacher can play many influential roles such as that of a friend counselor or mentor a teacher can be the guiding force in our lives even after we navigate our way through education and arrive at the immense world that lies ahead this perfectly describes dr richard maye i a former student of illinois college would like to honor dr maye my teacher for all that he did for me and all of my classmates he was always there to lend an ear give opinions set a person straight or laugh with us no matter what the situation he was a person you could count on he definitely was a friend a counselor a mentor a guide an educator in so many ways dr maye showed us all a great example of how we should lead our lives as we continue to travel the path known as life he has given us his time encouragement and most importantly his love for life and we could not ask for more as i think about my experiences with dr maye i think what i am most sad about is the future student body at illinois college mainly i think about my sister who will be a freshman at illinois college this year she will never get the dr maye experience that i treasure so much countless students will not get the joy of sitting in his class listening to him recount his many entertaining stories and such a rich history he had to offer he could entertain and inspire any audience and he always had a smile and an inspiring thought to share these are things that cannot be gained from reading a book i mean a walking talking real life history novel neatly packaged inside one person ­ dr maye my sister sure is missing out on a great man a great educator and a great friend i will forever treasure my memories of dr maye and i thank god i was given the opportunity to have the dr maye experience sincerely danielle west donovan class of 2009


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richard and i shared an interest in writing in our spare time we often talked about how we managed to work this activity into our busy schedules we both agreed that you will always find the time for the people and things that you love richard and i believed that time management led to productive lives none of us have time to waste goodbye richard you re in heaven now jim proffitt


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i have too many instances to count as to when students after speaking to professor maye yet standing outside his office or in the elevator would say what a wonderful man he was such an amazing mentor so knowledgeable not only about their studies but of life he was admired and loved by so many students a cute story about professor maye s character he would always knock before entering my office area now my office is a front office to a busy suite of 3 additional offices lots of traffic and noise and activity my door is therefore always open but he would knock softly sometimes i would not even hear him then he would meekly ask permission to enter it nearly made me cry to see this repeatedly i told him he did not have to knock but to come right in like everyone else i wondered what awful events in his past had made him feel this was necessary then he tells me his mother taught him never to enter another person s personal space their room their office without first asking permission she must have been some teacher/enforcer because that lesson took hold of him and never let go i love that man and i will miss him so julie samaras academic support sturtevant hall


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to say that dr maye cared for his students is an understatement his passion for teaching was evident every day both in the classroom and outside of it i will always be grateful for what he taught me not only did he give me the tools to examine society with a critical and analytical eye but even more importantly he made me realize my passion without his support and faith in me i would never have conquered my fear of the future and myself doubt of my abilities he gave me the confidence to reach for more than i thought possible and the capability to get there dr maye will never be forgotten by his students and he will always be missed megan rabe darnell class of 2013


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richard and i got acquainted as fellow-denizens of sturtevant both relying on the elevator we had many brief conversations finding that we had in common an aversion to meetings which he didn t mind saying were frequently about nothing emphasis his he liked to laugh i ll miss his sometimes outrageous humor as well as his deep humanity jim kerbaugh


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richard maye always greeted me with a friendly smile and i knew i could count on him to say something that would put the day s stressors into perspective he was a great teacher who willingly repeated his incredible life story over and over so my students could gain experience gathering oral histories i m thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him his kind smile and easy-going attitude will be sorely missed on campus jenny barker-devine


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it takes just a few sentences to sum up the way i feel about dr richard maye he was a kind soft spoken and very gentle man who will be missed by many the knowledge and experience he shared with all of his students was and is very valuable he was a blessing for all us to learn from sheila duesterhaus


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richard and i became very close friends the summer of my freshman year i was offered a position as a student assistant for the learning community and first year seminar that was being held for the faculty we had ten professors in all areas of study but richard stood out the most he was always struggling with his binder and trying to find the right page that we were studying i remember asking him one day if he needed help and he assured me i know what i m doing sam i just like messing with you guys and pretending to be an old fart on the second week of the seminar i made a fruit salad for all of the professors and this was when jacksonville was having it s first and longest boil order in 40 years i watched as richard brought his own snacks like peanuts or trail mix every day and would not touch the fruit salad i had to prove to him that i used purified water in order for him to go near it and i remember us both laughing so hard when i got him to finally admit that he didn t trust the cafeteria and thought that s where it had come from by the time the seminar was over i had learned more from richard than i could have imagined he was so wise loving caring and open he asked me if i was interested in sociology and i told him that was my minor he was so upset that he would not have me for class as he had thought that i was a senior i reassured him that i would see him in social deviance next semester from then on richard and i met often i have had a very rough time in college while struggling with bulimia depression and other family and personal issues dr maye always understood and joked that i was going to fail every class i took with him he would sometimes play pranks on me by putting an f on my paper just to see how i would react this last semester i was late for his final per-normal and was also the last to leave i had written him a card because i had met the requirements for a sociology minor and would not be able to see him for my final semester at my alma mater i remember vividly as i watched richard slowly read the card several times and looked up at me held the card to his heart and began to shed a tear i hugged him for the last time and promised him that i would visit him regularly when school began again in the fall i sometimes feel lost knowing i will never be given that opportunity but i know richard is holding my hand each day on campus i feel his presence when i doubt myself and words cannot express how dearly i hold him to my heart he is the reason i have made it this far and the world is seldom given a better man than dr richard maye may he rest in peace sam bettis class of 2014



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