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Ciao Magazine Issue 218 Life in the Inner West Election 2013

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free there s life in the inner west issue 218 september 4 2013 will reid fall to the libs can better service save local retailers win movie tix blue jasmine mood indigo i m so excited legalise dope build a bullet train tax churches minor party manifestos plus jurassic lounge at the museum is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill what will abbott s australia look like eros awakening the italian bieber hits town support tanya and labor finish the nbn in sydney deliver better funding for our schools free dental care for 3.4 million kids authorised by j lay 31 bucknell st newtown nsw 2042 advertisement


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breathingcolours breathing colours would like to invite artists of all genres to exhibit in our gallery space breathing colours is now calling for submissions for exhibitions in 2014 our website provides details of how to submit for an exhibition and the relevant fees for the gallery space and our exhibition support services apply now current exhibition urbanesque by julie simmons 17th september 29th september official opening saturday the 21st of september from 4-7pm be part of our new workshop program we are calling for artisans of all genres to submit proposals for classes or workshops they would like to run through the gallery successful applicants will be invited to run their workshops at breathing colours in balmain or at flourish arts in birchgrove breathing colours also welcomes requests from potential students for classes they would like us to offer we hope that this exciting new program will add another dimension to the creative arts in balmain darling rd julie simmons 50 off extraordinary pieces of aboriginal art 15 off graciela s hand painted leather bags 10 off bouvier silver jewellery 50 off alexandra blak and angle diamond dot jewellery and stamps watches zara collins-washi perspex earrings 30 off this month s sale cath o gorman ceramics melinda young wood veneer jewellery szilvia gyorgy polypropylene bangles helen mok silver mouldings with gems jewellery beuy colour anodised aluminium jewellery at breathing colours new stock art gallery contemporary jewellery objects 446 darling st balmain ph 02 9555 8543 tues to sun-10am to 5pm


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact election odds and predictions pigs pastry and wedding bells l in the truest of all polls the betting ring centrebet think that albanese might sure up his margin at $5 grayndler is the second favourite to be the safest labor seat after batman assuming liberal is ahead of the greens and the libs don t preference the greens at $5 this is good value other good value bets include the wikileaks getting a senate seat at $9 and loser conceding defeat between 10pm and 10.59pm at $2.50 l local astrologers have also made predictions on election outcomes by looking at birth dates of candidates and the tension between the planets over canberra on polling day the heavens have predicted an alp win in grayndler and laundy liberal taking the seat of reid after john murphy s failure to hold onto the hearts of one of the most diverse seats in the country l after the comedown of the newtown market stoush between locals businesses and marrickville council there are questions being asked about the impact of orange grove markets on darling street s retail strip l the pig and the pastry has been well received by petersham locals after some say snobby fine dining restaurant blancmange closed its doors in may the pig and the pastry is one of those uber-cool raw finishing kind of places that keep popping up in the inner west l the royal hotel has finished its fitout and is due to open its doors complete with a new restaurant called the royal botanical it s about time l congratulations to haberfield beautician and twotime ciao covergirl rita mesiti whose summer hill beau greg ferraina proposed to her at the x-factor live show on sunday with the help of nova 96.9 s fitzy and wippa lucky for greg after rita s mother gave her blessing from the judge s seat rita said yes the pair have won $10,000 to put towards their dream wedding i m right you re wrong in which righteous rightie gives the new pm some suggestions on how to deal with the $100 billion bowen black hole dear ll ­ hypothetically speaking if you were an incoming pm elected on an economically responsible platform of slashing taxes while introducing a maternity leave scheme that would make a scandinavian socialist feel queasy how would you go about making things you know add up tony forestville ll replies glad you asked tony needless to say you ll need to send that middle eastern buffoon hockey out to do an ashen-faced press conference at which he will solemnly proclaim we had no idea how bad the situation was decry the duplicitous bookcooking of the previous socialist government and announce changed circumstances will require some unexpected belt tightening at this point you should move quickly to sell the abc to murdoch for $10 restrict paid parental leave to women earning at least $60,000 if they re not making at least the average wage what s the sense in subsidising them to produce more grasping mediocrities and abolish the dole i d argue that all welfare recipients should be imprisoned and kept behind bars until they learn some respect for mainstream australian values but i realise that may be too expensive unless you can get serco interested by reducing the minimum wage to a globally competitive $3 an hour you ll boost corporate profitability hence tax revenues and by abolishing medicare you ll stamp out the malingering that s been costing this once stoic nation billions shuttering at least half of this nation s universities and all of its arts faculties will both result in huge savings and prevent any more impressionable young minds being to taught to hate australia engage in same-sex shenanigans and regard bicycles as an acceptable form of transportation last but certainly not least education funding for any povo hooligan attending a public school should be capped at the amount required to purchase an exercise book and ikea-sized pencil n email your dilemma to we are c!ao advertising sonya madden leane senzamici newtown food melissa leong winsor dobbin wine c!ao history douglas grant had a most interesting life an aboriginal who was adopted by an immigrant scottish family after his birth family was massacred douglas was well-educated and worked as a mechanical draughtsman in balmain he enlisted in the australian army during wwi and fought in france where he was captured spending two years in a pow camp on his return douglas spent time at the army rehabilitation facility at callan park both as a patient and a clerk and helped design and construct the sydney harbour bridge war memorial pictured there in the `30s a talk on douglas life will be given at callan park on september 8th for history week for more information go to art director eleanor wales editorial nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors max kobras fiona golinelli tom mullaney and nigel bowen ciao are his eyes too far apart to be trustworthy things we love the green frog actually we love local businesses like the marrickville-based green frog roofing taking advantage of all the election fever going around by creating their own campaign ads you heard it here first ­ forget the major parties love the frog instead he s a much cuter candidate than both abbott and rudd ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication it is time for us to make some decisions about the future of our community after years of rate pegging leichhardt council has a gap in the funds we need to maintain things like roads and footpaths we need to know what you want for the future of our community · what infrastructure is important to you · how well do you want it maintained · would you support a rate rise · or do you want council to reduce services and standards to save money these are tough choices but we need to make them together for more information go to c!ao s voice what s in out · eros ramazzotti performing in australia · wearing pink for breast cancer awareness · pet-friendly cafes · custom made spunky bruiser jackets from glebe markets · takeaway italian from il grappolo rozelle · the new pj gallagher s refit on norton st · the cute guy that works at relish in norton plaza distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0402 202 951 ­ sonya 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia ciao is locally owned and produced in 4 · people stealing mail in petersham · the lack of public rubbish bins at hawthorne parade park in haberfield · 4wds blinding us with their too-bright headlights at night · constant roadworks that don t seem to improve anything · teenagers `relieving themselves in balmain s back lanes on a saturday night · disappearing street lights are council s cutting costs in residential streets out please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered email with your address cover italian superstar eros ramazzotti will take to the stage at the sydney entertainment centre on wednesday 20th november with a performance that s sure to impress aussie fans visit to book c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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magazzini italia end of an era 80 up to closing down last weeks burberry prada gucci dkny miu miu paul smith superdry philip lim jimmy choo replay ferre mulberry belstaff just cavalli rick owens sale off prices below cost 33 norton street leichhardt ph 9564 3009 huge sale also at the balfour pop up 379 george street cbd near apple store


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community life r oad test rant is the devil in the detail for the rescue of retail with an increasing number of shoppers turning away from the leichhardt and annandale area retail sales expert fiona golinelli thinks so it seems that everything from online shopping to the gfc high rents and the installation of parking meters is having an impact on local businesspeople but i d say the issues facing people running shop front operations such as retailers restaurants and cafes ought to look at their service and delivery standards before referencing outside influences you might agree that for the most part customer service in australia could be a lot better i visited america recently and walked into a shop with no intention of buying anything and walked out with a shopping bag containing $300 worth of products the reason for this was the fantastic salesperson who took interest in me and my needs asked me the right questions and proceeded to show me some really nice things mostly when i walk into a business in australia the level of service is just not the same the staff don t show the same level of enthusiasm or worse still are totally disinterested have you ever wondered why we don t get fantastic service from many businesses in australia given the increasing number of shoppers buying online you would think that bricks and mortar stores would be doing everything in their power to make their customers happy i think that many businesses need to go back to the basics to make people want to shop in a real store most people visit a store because they need help to make a purchase they need to see the item touch it understand what it does and doesn t do they have questions and want these answered straight away businesses should be going out of their way to help customers but unfortunately many don t have this as their core value or they re not hiring staff who care about helping people there are a lot of studies that show that nearly all customers who experience poor service won t buy from that company again on top of that unhappy people spread the word to a lot more people i believe the key things to review are · store and product presentation · how you greet the customer · staff presentation and activity levels · personalising the sale to the customers needs · product knowledge · thanking the customer and inviting them to return as a business owner i understand that it s easy to get caught up in the day to day management but it s important to step back and look at your business to identify the finer details that need attention getting someone outside of your business to do a secret shopper audit and some customer surveys will provide invaluable information from this you can focus on refining those things that will take your business to the next level n words fiona golinelli fiona runs training courses in sales and customer service as well as providing business advice to smes stand up for the little guys with all the toing and froing between abbott and rudd during this year s very drawn out election campaign it has often felt like a two-horse race but what of all the fringe parties ­ those representing some very specific and some very unusual policies here we take a closer look at some of the minor parties and find out what they are all about australian fishing and lifestyle party while their general policies do mention things like building a solid economic base securing our borders the standardisation of services australiawide economic and compassionate immigration only at levels australia s social infrastructure can handle of course and responsible environmental interactions this party chiefly exists to fight the ever-increasing trashing of our basic rights they stand against the overblown bureaucracy they believe restricts the great outdoor aussie lifestyle and threatens to the horror turn us into an indoor nation of nerds bullet train for australia ­ and that s pretty much it while the party members are often asked about their position on other issues their official website states we are proudly focused on one very big single issue we don t stray into discussions about other policy areas it s just not our bag to sum up the bullet train for australia party has no official position on any other policy areas apart from high-speed-rail hsr bullet trains very fast trains fast rail and related topics yep these people love trains crime plus it would alleviate the suffering of the chronically ill and allow people to enjoy a spiritual relaxing experience ­ legally well you can t argue with that come to think of it i need a bit of alleviation right now coke in the bubblers party no this party is not about installing cokefilled bubblers although we re sure some dentists would be happy about that money-making idea the interesting name came from the thought that for years students have been elected school captain on the promise of putting `coke in the bubblers and unfortunately it seems political leaders are trapped in a similar system that has them promising things they actually can t deliver the party s values are listed as responsibility to the future reason and respect people before politics and collaboration australian sex party you might be surprised to find shooters or rooters that the australian sex party stands for more than just people s right to have sex you might say they focus on all the controversial issues a summary of their policies includes the regulation of the marijuana industry the decriminalisation of personal drug use legalisation of same-sex marriage as well as voluntary euthanasia and legal abortion a secular education system national anti-discrimination laws and uniform censorship laws oh they also oppose the mandatory retention of australians internet browsing history and emails for at-will inspection by law enforcement agencies and believe churches should pay their fair share of tax i might give you a few minutes to stew on all that n words nancy merlo help end marijuana prohibition hemp party first and foremost this cleverly named party stands for ­ you guessed it ­ the legalisation of marijuana for personal medical and industrial use among other things this group believes that allowing people to grow and buy marijuana through regulated registered outlets would reduce the flow of cannabis money to criminal gangs as well as free up police time for tackling real bullet train for australia party if you re thinking there s more to this party than meets the eye think again they stand for a jurassic lounge goes extinct everyone s fave after-hours museum shindig is back this month for its final season ­ don t miss out jurassic lounge extinction will run every tuesday night from 6pm at the australian museum consisting of a series of ten outrageous end-of-the-world parties each unfolding against a stunning backdrop of dinosaurs and counting down to the event s ultimate extinction party on november 5th each night will have a different theme from cowboys to halloween to tutti-frutti and each will feature a line-up of artists including comedians bands pole dancers djs and burlesque performers alongside craft markets dance lessons and science experiments entry also includes complimentary access to wildlife photographer of the year exhibition until october 1st n to win a double pass to the cycling/up-cycling night ­ to be held in partnership with marrickville s reverse garbage on tuesday 1st october ­ email and you could be joining the evening s bike workshops or learning how to build a chair out of recycled materials in the 10 second chair challenge n for more information and tickets 16 visit win tix info@ciaomagazi attn nancy what s on compiled by nancy merlo email until sun 29th september free community events listings are by cambodian space project at 6.30pm on september 21st more info at www n newsagency gallery 332 stanmore rd petersham thurs 12th to sat 28th september sydney fringe pop-up bar a new pop-up bar in newtown is set to be the jewel in the crown of this year s sydney n for more info visit www.facebook fringe festival ­ opening for three weeks only eliza s juke joint 5 eliza st will be the com/elizasjukejointnsw place to find the best music cabaret fine liquors and soul food naturally friday the 13th of september calls for a zombie reggae party with kinksy delivering tunes along with dj gonzo spinning the vinyl but don t miss the good times on variety night every sunday from 4pm where you can expect to see the freshest comedians storytellers poets musicians burlesque dancers even cambodia has hippies improvisers and more plus each monday 6 night `create or die will present a series of talks by industry creatives and artists alongside a pop-up gallery for a full program and tickets go to sat 14th to sun 29th september cambodian space project the cambodian space project is a band influenced in part by `60s cambodian psychedelic rock and khmer surin dance and this exhibition at newsagency gallery will feature works by the band s founder julien poulson and sticky fingers art prints cambodia part of the proceeds from the exhibition will go toward the families of the singers and musicians depicted in the artworks ­ performers who were killed in the killing fields by the khmer rouge and whose families do not receive royalties from their music which is still sold today pop in on opening night to enjoy a performance equus in leichhardt today the play is known for being the `one where harry potter bared all but equus is one of the great british plays of the 70s centring around a young man who commits an unusual and disturbing crime and the psychiatrist who investigates the incident come along to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this famous play by british playwright sir peter shaffer ­ it is both captivating and unnerving showing at the italian forum cultural centre tickets are $28 or $20 for students this event is part of the sydney fringe festival 2013 n for more information visit tykes on bikes sunday 15th september big bike day big bike day is an annual event for both avid and casual bike riders of all ages featuring entertainment free bike workshops and a group bike ride around the bay ­ all kicking off from 10am in war memorial park lilyfield with registration and free bike checks the 6km ride starts at 12pm riders must be 12 years or older ­ younger guests are free to remain in the park during the ride where there will be plenty of activities for kids and ends back in the park about an hour later for lunch and more fun until 3pm other


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n special event n local movies free tickets win double movie passes please follow instructions of the crew enjoy an eros experience eros ramazzotti i m so excited air passengers flying from spain to mexico are hereby warned do not board a plane captained by pedro almodóvar especially if the ground crew are antonio banderas and penelope cruz or the stewards javier cámara raúl arévalo and carlos areces this is a journey with no destination the famed spanish auteur tells us of his latest screwball comedy and he s not joking now settle back ­ be drugged fellated plied with tequila till you are legless have sex with strangers enjoy disco-driven lip syncing to the tune of the pointer sisters and watch a bunch of limp-wristed flouncing crew run amok in business class passengers in economy have all been knocked out with a sedative perhaps just to stop the orgy getting out of control hmmm it s hard to imagine a straight director getting away with this especially the stereotypes on display but then mr almodóvar has made a point in his more sober films of not only exploring the contemporary sexual landscape but pushing every boundary he could find this one goes to the limit yes it s one big gag-inducing literally frivolous fizzy filthy joke you may need to pack a parachute ma15 from sept 19 n thanks to transmission films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below international superstar comes to sydney italian soft-rock/pop superstar eros ramazzotti is one of the most successful musicians of all time to come from a non-english speaking background in his 30-year career eros has found international success with over 55 million records sold and collaborations with artists such as tina turner joe cocker and nicole scherzinger having loved music from birth he first began playing guitar at the tender age of seven and was writing songs as a teenager with his father accompanying on piano while not classically trained ramazzotti was able to have studio backing and released his first single in 1982 at the tender age of 19 now 30 years later he is internationally renown and going on a world tour his noi world tour 2013 will see him to our fair shores as well playing at the sydney entertainment centre this november for more information about this tour and to make bookings visit n words max kobras blanchett and baldwin he makes jasmine very blue blue jasmine as usual woody allen has assembled a fabulous cast and as nearly usual given us a hugely entertaining 98 minutes but it takes cate blanchett in the title role delivering one of her most blisteringly explosive performances is this her best ever to make this so much more we see that the moment jasmine appears in the very first scene ­ she s on a plane boring her neighbour boasting of her fabulously extravagant life that s in the past as it turns out penniless and disgraced she is fleeing new york after hubby alec baldwin has been arrested in a big time bernie madoff-type scam now she has to stay with her sister ginger sally hawkins in a blue collar neighbourhood of san francisco and start over but mostly just infuriate everyone especially ginger s ex andrew dice clay and new bf chilli loosely this is a streetcar named desire revisited it has everything that tennessee williams magnificent class-divide melodrama had except stanley kowalski yelling stella but who needs brando when we have blanchett look everything you have heard is true just see it m15 from sept 12 n thanks to hopscotch films n we have 10 double inseason passes to give away details below arthouse pick it s pretty obvious wealthy art collector and auctioneer virgil oldman geoffrey rush in an exquisite and mannered performance is being scammed especially after a strikingly explicit sharon stone-style uncrossed legs scene the lady in question is beautiful but emotionally damaged heiress claire sylvia hoeks whose valuable art and ahem attributes get cold fish virgil all hot and sweaty guiseppe tornatore s very classy caper flick looks gorgeous but the plot creaks a bit and we have way too much time to notice how implausible it all is m15 at dendy newtown and elsewhere on now the best offer steady on virgil dumb people make smart phones amélie on acid mood indigo michel gondry s eternal sunshine of the spotless mind latest hallucinatory fantasy is probably his most imaginative film yet english viewers unfamiliar with its cult literary source could easily just see it as a chance for audrey tautou to relive the magic of her 2001 breakout hit amélie for she`s just as cute and pixie-ish as chloé ­ gal pal and lover of colin romain duris a rich and eccentric parisian bachelor with a magical apartment in the sky he also has a very talented butler omar sy with supernatural cooking skills and very long dancing legs the cgi is huge fun ­ there are fiendishly clever gadgets awesomely gorgeous sets cheeky skittering creatures and constantly morphing scenes ­ it s almost too much to take in the tone is light and jokey for a while but as the title suggests from duke ellington s famously melancholic tune it gets darker chloé suffers from a bronchial disease a water lily grows in her lung and colin uses all his money in an all out effort to save her mood indigo s plot may be near insane and its metaphors just as baffling but do we really have to explain great art this is cinema at its most inventive and enchanting like a good acid trip ­ you ll never forget it ma15 from sept 12 paranoia now that nice bill gates is retired and genius steve jobs dead it s safe to start viewing tech company ceos as they probably always were just ruthless runof-the-mill capitalist bastards the two head honchos in robert luketic s by-the-numbers corporate thriller are certainly that ­ lying thieving manipulators who ll stop at nothing short of murder to stay on top a frighteningly bald harrison ford plays visionary gadget man jack goddard whose ex-partner and creative rival nicholas wyatt gary oldman as evil as ever is trying to steal the secrets of his whizbang new phone aussie hunk liam hemsworth is the entry-level tech-head whose ambition and naivety get him way out of his depth ­ most likely dead who would have guessed life at google and apple was this scary m15 from sept 5 n reviews ­ re to mood indigo win tix crazy mixed up love ongoing entertainment includes live music a rock-climbing wall face-painting and a unicyclist plus free bmx workshops will be run by the big air school for more info email or visit n where war memorial park cnr of moore st catherine st leichhardt sunday 15th september n thanks to vendetta films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below from friday 13th september music in the park come along to hear great bands playing and dance to the music at this concert to be held from 1pm to 4pm in leichhardt featuring sydney secondary college s jazz wind and string ensembles you won t want to miss this ­ plus there ll be a special guest artist stopping by on the day sausage sizzle drinks cakes and gelato will also be available so all you need to do is pack a picnic blanket bring the whole family along to this free fun-filled event n where pioneers park norton st the great moscow circus don t miss all the fun to be had at the great moscow circus running form september 13th to october 7th at lyne park on new south head road rose bay featuring renowned russian performers along with special guests from around the world ­ this all new show promises to bigger better brighter and bolder than ever before and is just too good to miss classic clowns will amuse and entertain while other brilliant circus acts of extraordinary skill will have you at t bookings visit win tix n to win one of three family passes to the moscow circus opening night on september 13th at 7.30pm email info saturday 21st september in conjunction with inhale life angie gluten free will be hosting a special luncheon and panel discussion in support of the cancer council at leichhardt town hall featuring guest speakers donna gianniotis a yoga/healing practitioner who has herself experienced breast cancer cancer care specialist dr jonathan page healing practitioner katie walls and wellness coach valerie klagsbrun the event runs from 12pm to 3pm tickets are $80 and include a delicious organic wholefood sit-down lunch catered by angie gluten free plus gift bags for all guests one in eight australian women will experience breast cancer before the age of 85 so come along and support a good cause n more info and tickets at http until sunday 29th september fest events happening at the works glebe starting with the float art exhibition launch on september 12th to be followed by the eight steps to success comedy theatre show ­ a mocking take on motivational speakers and pyramid schemes running form september 17th to 21st meanwhile workshops include a make your own terrarium class on september 22nd as well as a make your own bottle lamp workshop on september 29th hosted by steampunk electrician juan n more info bookings at win double movie passes with three fabulous movies on offer this issue how to choose you can enter them all in a single email but if you do give us a preference to win a double in-season movie pass to blue jasmine i m so excited or only at the movies sept 12 mood indigo email your name and address to telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao community glamour at its best 7 ladies at lunch workshops at the works there are heaps of workshops and fringe


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n your say do you follow your local federal candidates or the pm on social media n i m presently trying to avoid contact with politicians so that nearly rules out all forms of media certainly wouldn t let them invade my social media channels they d trawl through all my friends `liking those with sex appeal patrick rozelle n i follow both the pm and opposition leader on twitter but not my local candidate i sometimes comment but mainly just use social media to keep up to date i follow a lot of news services and political journalists as well i don t really write to them specifically it s more so about [reading their policies seb waterloo n hell no i already get bombarded enough by politicians on my tv and in newspapers ­ they are everywhere dannii leichhardt n that would just be embarrassing i don t want people to know which political party i follow and that i really think tony abbott is sexy in speedos and secretly wait for more photos to be released of him sans pants juliet annandale n the local candidates are somewhat inactive and boring compared to rudd and abbott so i don t bother following them jac abbotsford future built on the sun hot enough for you by the time you read this a coalition government may be on its way to dismantling a raft of vital clean energy organisations just last week the coalition announced that if elected they plan to cut funding for the australian renewable energy agency more commonly known as arena as a big government body the day-to-day of arena s workings are unknown to most australians but the implications on our renewable energy future are severe it s organisations like arena and the clean energy finance corporation that ensure investment into creating a sustainable clean energy future and both of these organisations are going to be abolished by the coalition if they win this election there s a lot at risk between different policy platforms on hot button issues like refugees and gay marriage renewable energy can get lost in the fray however announcements like the coalition s last week show how different the parties are when considering how we ll be producing energy in years to come renewable energy is here in australia and growing by the minute over one million homes have solar power and just a few weeks ago south australia produced nearly 50 per cent of their electricity needs from the wind renewable energy utilises the free sources of clean power we have now helping families reduce their electricity bills while also doing their part to help the environment it s a win-win and one that australians overwhelmingly support recent data shows that australians want more renewable energy ­ not less when looking at election candidates here in the inner west the current mp for grayndler deputy prime minister anthony albanese recently stated that taking action on climate change was top priority for the election ­ but hasn t said much else about it since tanya plibersek the current mp for sydney is supportive of local community actions about climate n sustainability local news harry s shed official opening the official opening of harry s shed was held at the concord community centre on friday 23rd august with canada bay s deputy mayor pauline tyrrell doing the honours alongside guest speakers jeanette o hara acting president tony hill kevin callinan oam john murphy mp and john sidoti mp named in honour of former councillor and deputy mayor jeanette o hara s late husband harry was a strong advocate of the men s shed concept as a way for retired men to work together to benefit the community harry s shed is now open from 9am to 12pm on mondays and thursdays anyone interested in joining can call 9745 1487 think about the future on september 7 change ­ but hasn t said anything about renewable energy policy on the hustings either you probably won t be surprised to hear that the greens led the way in looking to a clean energy future with the party recently announcing their 100 per cent renewable future policy ­ making candidate for grayndler hall greenland and candidate for sydney dianne hills a welcome breath of fresh air in an otherwise dirty debate also unsurprisingly local liberal candidates cedric spencer and sean o connor both have had their heads in the clouds about renewables following the party line and simply repeating the adage about the neccessity of repealing the carbon price so what s a renewable energy fan to do keeping renewable energy in mind when you go to the polls is the first step so far over 15,000 jobs have been created in the solar industry alone imagine a future run by the sun and wind with clean energy and growing jobs for our communities it s possible but only if you make sure that no matter who wins on september 7th renewables win as well n want more information on the candidate s solar scores including smaller party candidates visit http or http n words tom mullaney climate action newtown xxxx men s shed named in honour of a great bloke newtown public turns 150 newtown public school will be celebrating their 150th anniversary on september 14th with an old fashioned fair running from 10am to 4pm featuring stalls rides and fabulous food established in 1863 the school s written records were burnt in an incinerator during the 1960s so little history exists for the school as a way of redressing this the school received a city of sydney cultural grant to make a documentary recording interviews that will fill the gaps in the written record the doco will be screened at the fair so don t miss out pink hope along with official sponsor revlon pink hope charity are launching the global bright pink lipstick day campaign on friday 20th september in order to raise awareness about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer leichhardt hair and make-up stylist david cranson has donated his time working on the pink hope television ads due to hit channels 7 10 and sbs this month and will be spreading the word in his local salon you can get involved simply by slicking on your brightest shade of pink lipstick pouting for a pic and then uploading your photo on your fave social media sites with the hashtag #brightpinklipstickday for more info visit sprout into spring newtown s sustainability resource centre is offering the community exciting opportunities to learn and workshop practical ideas for everyday sustainable living during september don t miss the garden special spring planting workshop from 10am to 12pm on saturday 21st september it will help you prepare for spring by teaching you about seasonal growing and getting the most out of your garden at this time of year for more information or to book just visit https meanwhile bike enthusiasts can learn how to make their own bike panniers on thursday 26th september at a workshop running from 6pm to 8pm all attendees will learn how to create a custom designed bike bag from recycled material and leave with a masterpiece reserve your spot in class here https the green living centre is a joint initiative of city of sydney and marrickville councils and is dedicated to growing a culture of environmental sustainability within the urban community through events like these n both workshops will be held at the green living centre 218 king st newtown taco tuesday if mexican food is your thing check out the new permanent fixture on glebe point road ­ cantina mobil which was born out of the mexican street food van of the same name now opened at 99 glebe point rd they do $3 tacos on tuesdays that you d be loco to miss out on caption xxxxx local green thumbs enjoy a workshop xxxx aye carumba big bike day sunday 15 september 2013 10:00am to 3:00pm in war memorial park lilyfield enjoy a group bike ride around leichhardt and a free healthy lunch provided afterwards plus there will be live music bicycle maintenance riding skills for all ages a rock climbing wall and bmx workshops run by the big air school for more information visit 8 for details please contact 9367 9381 or go to


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ready to turn things around this summer will keep you on target hold you accountable personal training one-on-one sessions group exercise everyone who attends these sessions leaves with new found knowledge that will last a lifetime nutrition sessions with your support network boxing cross training and running are a fun way to stay active and get awesome results we ll take you to a local supermarket to ensure you re eating the right food shopping tour will fast track your success with unlimited access for no extra cost allowing you to work to your timetable studio access will keep you focussed and accountable weekly weigh-ins topics include eating to lose fat exercising to lose fat and empowering you to take control seminars to give you ongoing compelling reasons to continue on your journey of change 9 week goal sessions ph 9181 1711 1/139 victoria rd drummoyne


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join the biggest festival in the inner west 2013 sunday september 22 burwood park burwood 10:00am to 5:00pm classic car show shine sponsor gold sponsor silver sponsors bronze sponsor media partner burwood festival_a4poster.indd 1 1/09/13 10:52 am


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monday meat raffle bring home the bacon beef nothing is better than biting into a big juicy steak unless of course you are biting in to a big juicy steak that you won in the pier s monday meat raffle become the hero of your next barbecue unlike powerball you actually have a great chance of winning and with such tasty prizes on offer everyone will be impressed by what you picked up at the pier when you buy a ticket all proceeds go to local community groups so really there s nothing to lose purchase your $2 meat raffle tickets at the bistro from 6pm for your chance to win the prize is drawn at 7.45pm also on mondays $12.50 steak taste our 300g rump served with fries or mash and salad with your choice of mushroom or pepper sauce enquiries 02 9817 2204 visit 2 gale street woolwich nsw 2110 follow @woolwichpier t&c s apply visit 6


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n election promotion a brief guide to the men and women who hold the fate of the inner west ­ and the nation ­ in their hands these four candidates tell us why they deserve your vote meet the candidates john murphy labor reid john began his political career as a councillor at drummoyne council which is now part of the city of canada bay he also served as a member of parliament for lowe from 1998 to 2010 why should people vote for you reid is a wonderfully diverse area and i am proud to further our local interests i have a strong record of working with the community to get results like securing funding for the medical clinical school facility in auburn additional hospital beds at concord hospital providing new learning facilities for local schools and securing funding for our community organisations i will continue to be a strong voice for reid and fight for our interests including continued investment in local education health and job creation services what can you do for the reid area our local community deserves great schools worldclass infrastructure access to the jobs of the future and strong investment in our hospitals i m running so that we can guarantee these into the future and prevent them being cut by tony abbott and the liberals why should voters trust you i ve been representing our community since 1998 and have been fighting for local issues since that time i have always fought for local investment in health sean o connor liberal sydney sean lives and works in the sydney area and regularly volunteers for many organisations including the starlight foundation his local chamber of commerce and the sydney gay and lesbian business association why should people vote for you for too long the people of sydney have been taken for granted by this bad labor government they deserve someone who will fight for them through my experience in the private sector and working with small business i understand the pressures small businesses in sydney are under if i am lucky enough to be elected on saturday my door will always be open to the people of sydney and i will be the strong voice the electorate needs in canberra what can you do for the sydney electorate cost of living pressures are the biggest issue sydneysiders raise with me the first thing a coalition government will do is scrap the carbon tax which will see sydney families an average of over $550 better off next financial year small businesses are doing it tough with increasing operating costs but the coalition has a plan to help small business grow and create more jobs by reducing business costs and cutting taxes as well as cutting red and green tape costs by $1 billion a year why should voters trust you i believe trust is something that is earned and so if i am lucky enough to be elected i will spend every day showing the people of sydney they made the right decision i will never promise something i can t deliver and never stop fighting for the people of sydney what do you think of the broad opposition to same-sex marriage position in the liberal party one of the things i love about the liberal party is the fact that we are a broad church we have candidates and mps from all different walks of life with varying life experiences as someone in a committed same sex relationship i support marriage equality i support tony abbott s position that this is for a future coalition party room to decide given my commitment to marriage equality my position on this is clear education infrastructure and jobs and the fruits of that can be seen around the electorate these are the things labor and myself will continue to prioritise if re-elected you don t agree with pm kevin rudd s stance on the issue of same-sex marriage how does this affect your campaign it is important that we have a free and open debate to that end the labor party supports a conscience vote on the issue of marriage equality i will continue to campaign on protecting our community against the cuts that an abbott government would make to hospitals schools infrastructure and jobs in order to fill its $70 billion black hole for more info tel 0499 604 081 email for more info tel 9745 4433 electoral office 72 burwood rd email craig laundy liberal reid craig has lived locally all his life and has a strong business background with a degree in economics why should people vote for you as a third generation local i m passionate about our area i m running for the seat of reid because i am committed to standing up for our community my wife suzie and i have chosen to raise out three beautiful children in this area and we want it to be a better place we want a better future for all australians if i m fortunate enough to be elected as the member for reid i assure the people that they will have a strong voice in the parliament who will always be accessible and stand up for small business our community and local families what can you do for the reid area the coalition has a plan to deliver a strong prosperous economy and a safe secure australia we will ease the cost of living pressures on local families by scrapping the carbon tax and labor s car tax plus the coalition will create more jobs by building a diverse 5-pillar economy and we have a plan to create more than two million jobs within ten year s by growing a bigger more productive and prosperous economy why should voters trust you as a child my father always instilled in me a great sense of community service throughout my life i ve 12 cate faehrmann greens sydney cate has been a greens member of the nsw legislative council since 2010 why should people vote for you whoever people vote for in the lower house it is crucial that they vote 1 greens in the senate because the race for the 6th senate seat is coming down to either pauline hanson of the one nation party or me for the greens if she wins the far right will control the senate and together with the likely incoming coalition government they will undo all the good the greens have done for a fair compassionate and sustainable society the fact of the matter is only greens have enough numbers in the senate to put a check on the government of the day voting 1 greens in the senate is the only way to go to hold on to the things that matter what can you do for the sydney electorate i have a strong track record of advocating for the environment including working to protect national parks and marine protected areas fighting for tougher pollution laws and campaigning for animal welfare i have fought hard for increased public transport investment including light rail and cycling infrastructure to increase mobility of people in the city people s lives need to be improved through cleaner greener and more sustainable forms of transport and i will work hard to achieve that always tried to give back to the community whether it has been through employing hundreds of workers in our small business coaching my son s soccer team or supporting indigenous kids i ve always been committed to helping our community how does your prior experience working for your family s hotel chain make you a better candidate i have real world experience through my time running a business that employed hundreds of people i have had to balance the books in order to ensure our business kept running and our employees received their pay checks this government has failed to balance the books and they re leaving our children with a debt that will reach $300 million by the end of the year i know how hard it is for small business and i will be a voice for small businesses in the parliament how do you feel about the current state of australian politics the two old parties continue to fight each other without focusing on the issues that matter it s become a race to the bottom as they cut deals in their urgency to save their own skin we see this with the asylum-seeker issue where labor has lurched to the right with a policy even more hard-line than tony abbott s we see this again with labor s cuts to higher education with the likely incoming coalition government there will be even more cuts to essential public services cuts for which tony abbott has plainly refused to be transparent about so as to avoid scrutiny and accountability until after he controls the government after which it would be too late the greens offer hope and compassion to all of the negativity and self-interest that is so rife in politics for more info tel 0408 876 213 email for more info tel 9045 6962 email


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it s right up there as a basic thing everyone should know how to make and yet so few of us do a great chicken stock has a litany of uses in your home-cooking arsenal from consommés and soups to stews with greater depth of flavour once you figure out how much better the stuff you make tastes compared with store-bought stock you ll never go back plus you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what goes in i.e no preservatives or chemical nasties make a big batch freeze it in 1 or 2 cup containers so it s easy to defrost at will kitchen 2 bay leaves fresh is best but dried will work too 1 handful of sea salt flakes 1 tbs whole peppercorns 2 garlic cloves whole skin on a few sprigs of flat leaf parsley water with melissa leong n wine with winsor shining white oliver s taranga 2013 small batch vermentino vermentino is an aromatic white italian grape variety that s making a big impact in australia ­ and this is one of the best so far it s fresh vibrant and dangerously drinkable and went down a treat with pan-fried blue eye there s some refreshing zesty lemon rind notes here and appealing crunchy crispness too a mclaren vale winner from talented young winemaker corrina wright $23 chicken stock ingredients 1 whole chicken ask your butcher for a boiler as they have more flavour 2 carrots halved 1-2 sticks of celery leaves and all coarsely chopped 1 brown onion skin and all halved method 1 in a large stock pot place the chicken and cover with water 2 bring the water to a boil as soon as it reaches a rolling boil remove the pot from the stove and pour out the water wash the chicken thoroughly to remove any scum and thoroughly scrub the pot 3 place the pot back on the stove and onto a medium heat add a table of olive oil and gently affordable luxury time to make stock redbank 2012 the long paddock shiraz i m a fan of wines that don t demand too much this is a red that sits companionably beside you offering easy drinking and lots of pleasure without being in the slightest bit challenging there s nothing to frighten the horses here it is clean well made flavoursome spicy and medium weight and can often be found on special around the $10 mark an excellent barbecue wine or a good budget choice to pair with pizza and pasta dishes $13 6 after simmering strain out the chicken and vegetables reserve for soup or stew never waste the good stuff and pour the stock through a muslin cloth for a clear stock 7 chill the stock in the fridge for a few hours once cold skim the remaining fat off the surface and decant into containers to store in the freezer can also keep in the fridge for several weeks as long as you boil it before using fry off the onion bay leaves garlic celery and carrot for 2-3 minutes until fragrant but not coloured 4 add the chicken and parsley and cover with water add salt and peppercorns 5 bring the pot to a boil and then turn down to a low heat and allow to simmer for 4-6 hours regularly skimming the fat and scum that rises to the top tasmanian tiger barringwood park 2012 pinot gris tasmanian wines are all the rage right now ­ and the pinot gris vines at barringwood are 10 years old and are producing some top-notch fruit with the 2012 vintage a standout for aromatic whites in tasmania this shines with its bright pear and lemon citrus notes there s some soft textural mouthfeel and there s great vitality with excellent acid pair it with salmon dishes and you won t go wrong try annandale cellars $35 at the markets n trim s fresh shop 21 leichhardt marketplace ph 9572 6886 n fruit spring is here and it s the time to dig in to some beautiful strawberries which are at their peak and priced anywhere from $1 a punnet aussie mangoes have just started at $4 6 each but it s the end of the murcott mandarin season so get in and get the last of them while they are still delicious and full of juice at $2 4/kg n vegetables asian vegies are good at the moment as well as english spinach and silverbeet broccoli is also very good at $2 3/kg punnets at their peak n at home with glen tabudlo glen is head chef at the famous woolwich pier hotel which has received the coveted 3 schooner award the highest rating for pub food in the smh good pub guide for two years running jared ingersoll on health food cook to feel good the term `health food has always left me feeling slightly cold and a little scared it conjures up images of mum stuffing my lunch box with raw corn and sprout sandwiches and other such things that have absolutely no value when trying to trade for a brilliant meat pie from my mates to me health food has nothing to do with celebration or fun i lived in perpetual fear that my mother would serve celery and carrot sticks at my birthday parties while my friends all had fairy bread and chips later in life once i started to learn about food i dived head first into the joyful world of selfish gluttony and have stayed there ever since however i did realise something rather delightful and quite excellent along the way food is very very good for you food can heal you warm you with childhood memories and remind you of special times and people it can tell a story convey an emotion show someone that you care explain a culture or society food has magical qualities so when eating it is important to note that moderation is as important as conviviality and that the occasional indulgence not only nourishes the soul but can make you happy and offer a wholesome sense of wellbeing here s a recipe that i hope will make you feel just that pork belly with kimchi ingredients 800g piece of pork belly boned but skin left on then diced into large 3cm cubes 3 tablespoons white miso 1 tablespoon sugar 110ml soy sauce 3cm piece of ginger and water method place everything except the water in a saucepan and give it a really good mix with your hands cover with water then add about half that amount of water again bring to a simmer and cook gently for around 90 minutes or for as long as 2 hours until the pork is very soft skim off any scum that forms at the beginning but leave the fat that rises on top you can take this off right at the end of cooking during the cooking process add water as required to keep the meat simmering in a broth serve at the table in the liquid and alongside a big bowl of rice some steamed greens and kimchi a brand called paldo do a daikon is my preference but it s really up to you what made you decide to become a chef i was raised in a family of cooks so i was always surrounded by food and the creation of it i became very interested in cooking at a young age learning a lot from my family and i consider it to be part of my culture and heritage as a filipino i first worked as a chef professionally on a cruise ship and it was from there that i gained experience with making western food what s your signature dish i don t really have a signature dish i enjoy far too many different types of food to specialise like that my restaurant though is quite famous for its pot pies and burgers as well as the weekly market fish i myself am quite a fan of the pork belly that we serve what ingredients do you always have in your kitchen herbs in general are always essential they are an absolute must for making a great meal i personally always like to have thyme cardamon pods truffle oil and star anise for flavouring i also always have olive oil that is essential for most meals and i really enjoy using cooking wines in dishes who do you consider to be the greatest chef i think that would be auguste escoffier for the way he modernised the culinary arts he made being a chef a respected profession and he revolutionised the way restaurant kitchens operate if you could invite anyone over for dinner who would it be well i would love to cook a meal for escoffier although i would be incredibly nervous to impress him i would also like to have heston blumenthal over for dinner as a molecular gastronomist i feel he has really advanced cooking in a visible way 14 twice cooked pork belly with braised kale and apple crisps slow braised pork belly 2kg pork belly boneless and skinless 8 cloves garlic minced 2 onions sliced 3 star anise 3 tbsp chardonnay vinegar 3 tbsp brown sugar 1 tbsp white peppercorns 2 tbsp cardamom pods 6 bay leaves 1.5l water 50g salt in a roasting pan rub salt vinegar and garlic over the pork add all ingredients except the sugar rub sugar on skin side of the pork add water to the pan cover with baking paper and aluminium foil cook in the oven for 3.5 hours at 150°c pork belly sauce 2l veal stock reduced to ½ 100ml chardonnay vinegar 6 star anise ¼ cup caster sugar 2 tbsp cardamom pods ½ bunch thyme 3 cloves garlic crushed 5 bay leaves handful of white peppercorn combine all ingredients and bring to boil reduce until sauce consistency strain and set aside braised kale 1 bunch kale cut ½ pc red onion sliced 100g smoked speck cut into small cubes 250ml white wine 75ml chardonnay vinegar 10 prunes cut finely 75g butter 5 cloves garlic brown speck in a little bit of oil add butter and garlic until brown then add onions and cook until softened deglaze with wine and vinegar then add prunes cook for further 2 minutes in medium to low heat add kale and cook until wilted in low heat season to taste to assemble dish deep fry some red apple slices until golden brown and drain in paper towels meanwhile heat up olive oil in a fry pan and brown pork belly remove from the pan and set aside spoon braised kale in the centre of the plate place the pork belly on top of the braised kale pour the sauce and garnish with the apple crisps and chopped chives n for more information visit http


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weekly specials delicious produce excellent value antica lavorazione artigiana tuna 3 pack 80g per tin marketplace leichhardt cnr marion and flood st leichhardt located next to aldi tel 9572 6886 $3.99 hungarian salami hot or mild rossa coffee beans 1kg $19.99 $13.99 $1.99 cauliflower champagne ham each extra large strawberries $10.99 3 for $2.99 ideal chocolate wafer sticks 700g $2.99 a packet $1.99 italian parma prosciutto eggplant kg $29.99 specials until wednesday 28th august



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