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sept ­ dec 2013 vol 1 no 3 god s battle axe ministries online magazine inspiring you to a higher level features about inspiration children s corner special features intercession standing in the gap see prayer corner the conception idea of marriage 11 see marriage corner praise and worship corner women `s corner youth corner leadership corner odette s corner


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choice nwachuku ph.d executive director/editor in chief welcome to inspiration magazine a quarterly online publication of god s battle axe ministries inspiration has within the riches of its pages a wealth of information in different sections called corners that is set to minister to your body soul and spirit it has the marriage leadership praise and worship youth children and women s corners each corner focuses on the subject matter except odette s corner which is not focused on a particular subject although the goal of inspiration is to minister to your body soul and spirit we want to emphasize that of these three the ministration to the spirit man is more important because when the spirit man is ministered to from god s word it enables the soul and body to function right and thus prosper in inspiration various interesting and useful information will be featured as the lord leads us to write it is important to note that whatever subject matter featured in inspiration is not given to replace criticize or condemn any medical financial or any other advice received from your professional personnel the purpose of inspiration is to provide a different avenue of perspectives to the information already received or will be received from a professional in that subject matter in order to inspire you to try another method of approach to that situation if applicable we encourage you to follow us quarterly on inspiration and broaden your perspective on different issues as we bring them to you within the comforts of your home office or even in the field we are just a click away online we pray that as you read this magazine every part of your life will be impacted and you will never remain the same again in jesus name amen inspiration is part of the media outreach ministries of god s battle axe ministries a 501c 3 corporation visit us on for information about our other ministries prophetess choice nwachuku is an anointed teacher of the word of god she holds a masters and doctor of philosophy degrees in microbiology and biology from howard university washington d.c she is an author an entrepreneur an ordained and licensed minister and the steward of god s battle axe ministries she is married to george nwachuku the president and c.e.o of chuks insurance inc.


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team inspiration choice nwachuku ph.d george nwachuku m.b.a odette alvarez b.s belinda abrianna brown-darko kevin emah m.hsc m.b.a oluchi nwanajuobi pharm.d scholastica wilson chmc anita erhabor kathleen chinenye ibeh b.a executive director/editor in chief director/coordinator marriage corner general coordinator editor/coordinator children s corner coordinator praise and worship corner coordinator prayer corner coordinator leadership corner coordinator women s corner coordinator youth corner


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the conception idea of marriage ii marriage corner george nwachuku m.b.a in the previous publication we considered the origin and ideation of marriage as it relates to proposition 8 and its arguments before the supreme count of the united states in this publication we will be dealing with the opinion handed down by the supreme court of the united states relating to that case hollingsworth v perry june 26 2013 prelude/background united states v windsor the forerunner to this supreme court decision on proposition 8 is the decision/opinion on the rights of a gay surviving partner of ms thea spyer ms edith windsor in the case windsor v united states where the handed down opinion was that depriving gay couples of the qualification spouse based on congress defense of marriage act doma that defines marriage as only between a man and woman to be unconstitutional the court reasoned that doma deprives gay couples due process as it relates to the 5th amendment ms edith windsor was married to thea spyer in a same-sex union ceremony in 2007 in ontario canada having lived together in new york for 40 years the death of ms spyer in 2009 who left her estate to her partner on which she paid up to $363,053 in taxes as she could not claim the spousal exemption which has no limit due to doma s restriction section 3 definition ms windsor sued the federal government in november 2011 having paid the taxes thereby seeking a refund arguing discrimination without justification in february 2011 the attorney general decided that he would not defend doma any more for it violates t he co n st itution si ding wi t h ms windsor such a decision not to defend the law in the books prompted the house of representatives to use the bipartisan legal advisory group blag to defend doma s constitutionality in 2011 ms windsor s suit was brought to the district court and the court ruled in her favor that doma s section 3 the definition violates due process guaranteed by the 5th amendment thereby ordering the federal government to refund ms windsor this decision of the lower court was affirmed by the u.s court of appeals 2nd circuit on october 2012 this case was brought appealed to the supreme court by blag in conjunction with the department of


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justice and was granted a hearing by the usual means of writ of certiorari in december 2012 the supreme court handed down its decision in june 2013 declaring doma unconstitutional for it deprives liberty in view of the 5th amendment proposition 8 the stage is now set for the supreme court has in this case above indicated that same-sex couples should be given the designation and all its tax benefits as it is applied to opposite sex couples on a national level irrespective of the fact that same-sex marriages are not acknowledged nationally but by a few states the hope of the opponents of proposition 8 was to use the case to get a national recognition though all attention is to the state of california the idea of proposition 8 was born when the supreme court of the state of california ruled that marriage as it stood between opposite-sex couples only was unconstitutional this prompted the petitioners of proposition 8 to utilize the initiative process to get it on the ballot termed proposition 8 and when passed amended the constitution defining marriage as that between man and woman contrariwise it led respondents opponents to file to challenge it in court claiming it violates the 14th amendment s due process and equal protection clauses the state officials refused to defend the new law proposition 8 so the district court allowed petitioners permission to defend it to which the court ruled that the new law was unconstitutional the petitioners then appealed the verdict to a higher court the 9th circuit court of appeals which acknowledged standing for the petitioners having received confirmation from california supreme court the ninth circuit affirmed the lower court decision that proposition 8 was unconstitutional finally the case is brought to the u.s supreme court the supreme court handed down its opinion in a 5-4 majority led by justice roberts thus a 1 the petitioners should not have appealed to a federal court 2 the article 3 of the constitution requires a case to have standing to come to the federal courts which implies that the one bringing the case must have suffered injury that is particularized not generalized and is seeking relief for such article confines the judicial power of the federal court to deciding actual `cases or `controversies therefore the requirements of standing must be met 3 that the special or unique role given to the petitioners ended when proposition 8 was enacted thus having no role as to its enforcement therefore suffers no injury if not enforced b 1 the petitioners claim of having authority on state s behalf is not persuasive .


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2 that their authority under california law excludes them from showing personal injury separate from that of the state 3 the claim that the petitioners are agents of the people of california is not tenable for the court never saw petitioners that way only that they are to represent and defend proposition 8 so far as california is concerned rendering to petitioners a generalized interest 4 petitioners claim of agency is inconsistent to their preferred statement before the district court that they represent their own interests c and that standing in federal court is a question of federal law not state law no matter its reasons the fact that a state thinks a private party should have standing to seek relief for a generalized grievance cannot override this court s settled law to the contrary article iii s requirement that a party invoking the jurisdiction of a federal court seek relief for a personal particularized injury serves vital interests going to the role of the judiciary in the federal system of separated powers states cannot alter that role simply by issuing private parties who otherwise lack standing a ticket to the federal courthouse syllabus pp 16-17 according to chief justice roberts the supreme court is asked to decide issue which is political and not judicial ­ the issue of same-sex marriage ­ where by those who are against it seek to know whether the equal protection clause bars the california supreme court from defining marriage as between man and woman while those for same-sex marriage want to know if california could reverse its former decision justice roberts insists that federal courts in accordance with the constitution only has power to deal with real cases or controversy that can be resolved judiciously but in view of this case it places a limit on the federal court s power for they are judges and not policymakers to that end we find that the petitioners do not have standing we have no authority to decide this case on the merits and neither did the ninth circuit justice roberts also underscored the fact that the california law guarantees same rights to same-sex couples as domestic partnership just as those of opposite sex couples proposition 8 did not affect those rights except for the designation of the term marriage reserved for only opposite-sex couples analysis-look out for the next edition for our analysis of this topic blessings george nwachuku who has an apostolic calling is an author the president and c.e.o of chuks insurance inc he holds a masters in business administration m.b.a and is currently a doctoral candidate for biblical studies from one of the major universities in the usa he is married to dr choice nwachuku.


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the test of a true kevin emah praise and worship corner worshipper pt 1 o originate from the place where god is and ften times in our lives we make the mistake of assuming we know take us deeper in god unless god initiates the process we cannot truly experience god s idea of intimate worship in other words god has to have birthed in us a level of desire passion hunger and thirst for his presence like we have never known to express it differently we what god wants as it relates to his praise and his worship we make little or no attempt to discover what his heart beat really is on the subject we put out the best of the musical arrangements gather the most skilled musicians and utilize our most talented vocalists this entire cannot really seek him and find him or worship him on our own jesus combination is in fact admirable it is an attitude of excellence that should be sought after when it comes to offering our praises and worship to the lord however is that established a principle in john 6:44 when he said no one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws them and i will raise them up at the last day niv the undeniable truth is that we need god but we cannot experience really the entire idea of type of worship that god desires from us the worship that god desires must him intimately like we should simply by


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just singing about him god by the holy experience god through worship should do nothing but wait for god to tell them to come into the place of intimacy with him in worship this is also not implying that you as an individual cannot lift your hands or fall on your knees to praise and worship your god absolutely not rather the point here is that all the singing and dancing without the knowledge of god s word the point where god initiates spirit draws us to himself by instilling in us the desire for him what and how we handle that desire constitutes worship it is when and only when god initiates a true worship experience in us that we can we sincerely give him the type that would please him how does god initiate a true worship experience in us one way we know the mind of god is through his word he speaks to us expressly by the holy spirit through his written and spoken word when god speaks to you you have a spiritual response to make that response comes in the form of a song a dance a shout a wave and every other forms of expression of worship the point is the response has to be originated and guided by the revelation of the word you receive from god regularly that means spending quality time in and with the written word sets us up for god to birth initiate the worship experience in our lives and our appropriate response to that initiation puts us on the path to discovering just yet another dimension of who this ancient of days really is to clarify this is not to say that anyone who truly wants to worship in us would just amount to a whole lot of music that lasts for half an hour or more consider abraham a worship experience was that not had abraham necessarily a song writer neither was he a member of the levitical worship team in genesis 22:1-2 the bibles records and it came to pass after these things that god did tempt abraham and said unto him abraham and he said behold here i am and he said take now thy son thine only son isaac whom thou lovest and get thee into the land of moriah and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains


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which i will tell thee of kjv first god gets abraham s attention and talks to him about what he wants him to do the are not going to be convenient but god has never been after your convenience he has always been after you the inconvenience is only a test of the worshipper which you are and yes the heart of a worshipper will always be tested with the heart of god this was only an introduction to a series we will be exploring in subsequent publications next we will carefully examine the encounter abraham had with god as it relates to worship in genesis 22 understand that when meanwhile please your worship is instruction was rather short and straight to the point go and offer your son as a burnt offering the implication of setting isaac on fire is a subject for another day s discussion because that act would have replaced isaac with ashes abraham s very own son was about to be turned into ashes and if that happened maybe god would have gathered isaac s ashes and re-created whatever he wanted like he did when he first created man from the dust of the ground like but that was not what happened we do receive express initiated by god in the place of fellowship with his word you are in for a level of intimate experience with the lord like you have never known see you in the next publication peace abraham instructions from the lord on a regular basis if we fellowship in the word of god habitually like we should we would become more familiar with god s ideas on every matter the challenge is that we have a choice to make whether or not to respond to god s initiation of worship and how god does not worship us we worship him it is our response to him that constitutes an act of worship many of these required responses kevin emah is a praise and worship leader he is a medical laboratory scientist by profession he also holds dual masters degrees in health sciences and business administration he manages a reference laboratory in maryland where he resides with his beautiful wife joy and sons praise and kairos.


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scholastica olangunji corner some qualities of a good leader set goals goal setting is a quality that a good leader must possess in goal setting the leader is able to organize time in order to accomplish set tasks that are necessary in the process of realizing the vision one very important point in goal setting is the ability of the leader to priorities the importance of being able to know what comes first to do and what does not in the process of realizing the vision cannot be over emphasized when a leader does not know the tasks that is most pivotal to move the process of realizing the vision forward delay of realizing set goals are inevitable and if this is not checked and changed it can become a major setback team work apart from stating the obvious leaders do not lead themselves they most have some others that they are over therefore a leader has a team one of the qualities of a good leader is being able to lead their team effectively by passing along the vision and how to realize it the goals a good leader should make sure that the team is on board with the vision and if they are not be able to get them on one of the easiest ways to do this is by communicating the vision to them in the simplest most explicit way and continual prayer for god to reveal the vision to them also when the whole team gets an understanding of the vision accomplishing the tasks becomes a breeze and one becomes many steps closer to uneasy is the head that wears the crown the adage says this i suppose is to depict the fact that anyone who is called to a place of leadership can have a lot of troubles mainly because of decisions that they may have to make which may not be the one acceptable by popularity vote to this end i agree that the head that wears the crown can be uneasy sometimes but at other times it can be really easy for that head to be easy it must learn how to work with the people that he/she was called to lead in order for this to be possible a leader must possess certain qualities of which i am going to mention a few in this article vision a good leader must have vision a leader without vision is one that will lead the people to a place called nowhere but a leader with vision will be able to at least start the process of moving the people he or she is called to lead somewhere someone might ask where vision comes from true vision which really accomplishes the purpose that one was created to fulfill comes from god and him alone it behooves everyone called to leadership to ask god to show them the vision of that position if they have not already done so before they attained the position a person who will ask god for this has set him or herself one step towards successes.


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realizing the vision trust a good leader should learn to trust the people s loyalty to the vision except when otherwise glaring if the people s loyalty is questioned at the drop of a hat it builds frustration in those being led and this affects their ability to function effectively also the leader must be trust worthy nobody wants to work with a leader who cannot be trusted so loyalty goes both ways in other for the vision to be realized recognize and acknowlede one of the most important qualities of a good leader i believe is when the leader knows that they do not know it all the fact that the leader is the visionary where the leader is the visionary does not eradicate the fact that there may be others on the team who are more skilled in certain areas topics etc than the leader a good leader should be able to recognize and acknowledge this in the people that they lead and be able to use it to the advantage and advancement of the vision a leader who is able to harness these strengths from the team will accomplish the goal quicker and realize the vision faster for the leader who will have these mentioned qualities easy becomes the head that wears the crown because decision making becomes one of popular demand and even when it is not the people trust the decision because their leader has laid a good foundation for leadership provide resources this quality of a good leader is often over looked by many called to this position many times the leader feels that once the vision has been communicated to the team whatever people they have been called to lead that ends their responsibility they leave the team to go and fend for themselves how to get the goal accomplished even when they are in positions of providing the resources that are needed by resources i am referring to the how and the know how of getting the work done for example the task that needs to be done by a member of the team is picking up people to a certain location and this member does not have a car but the leader has an extra car a good leader will provide that car to be used at those times when the people need to be picked instead of allowing the team member to pay for a taxi cab this is the how and in the case of the know how a good leader will make sure that a team member knows what to do about a task before he or she is given the task to do and if the team member does not know what to do the leader has to teach or train that person themself or look for someone else to do it a good leader should always make sure that the needed resources are available to the best of their ability also in team work a good leader must be available and accessible in other words a good leader should not feel too big to work with the team if needed he should not be that leader that only dishes out instructions and never cares about how it is being done he should be that person who cares the most about the team especially about their wellbeing written by dr choice nwachuku editor in chief prophetess scholastica olangunji is a teacher of the word and a worship leader she holds a master of science degree in economics and is undergoing doctoral studies in transformational leadership she is trained to educate entrepreneurs on starting and managing small businesses and serves on several boards she is the founder of center for leadership development and givecare int l scholastica is married to olajide olangunji


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