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Menikini industrial steam generator, steam & vacuum cleaner, electric broom

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happy hours menikini electrical appliances which are the fruit of a long research work bring a new sense of cleaning and wellbeing welcome a new way of living your home at any time in every season be ready to find out how much your life at home can improve by living in a safe and protected environment.


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mis sio n menikini is strongly committed to designing human-friendly technology each of our products is the result of a careful analysis of customers wellbeing needs as the customer is key focus of the whole productive cycle this orientation also underpins the relationship with our distribution network by enhancing points of sale and sharing every problem as a result we do care to establish trust-based relations with our customers and distributors.


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menikini corporate


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menikini is a young and innovative company a successful example of the most genuine italian family business the brand is the result of the established experience of luciano menichini who has been manufacturing high-quality electrical appliances for more than thirty years such valuable legacy has been taken up by his children simona and massimiliano who have launched a future-oriented project these values and objectives represent the best possible made in italy and contribute to successfully spreading italian production quality around the world menikini s value is best translated in details and service quality the company offers high tech and aesthetically pleasant products alongside careful service up to three years of warranty and effective and rapid assistance the company lets distributors and customers take part in a growing and renewing relationship day after day as it happens in good friendships menikini products are entirely manufactured in italy with 60 of them being produced by domoplast srl a company owned by the menichini family and working in this field since 1972 all machines meet the highest quality standards and apply the results of the most advanced studies and research thus ensuring home perfect cleaning and paying special attention to allergies thanks to advanced suction systems with water and anti-mite filters menikini products are ec certified and manufactured in compliance with iso 9001 5


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menikini always gives body and soul to achieve its goals and does whatever it can without restraints this is also why the company has decided to link its name to sports namely cycling by sharing the most fundamental values a valuable choice and a successful one which lets the company be always by the side of its teams towards the most important and prestigious victories menikini is the main sponsor for the women s cycling team menikini selle italia gysko which includes world-renowned champions like fabiana luperini who won 4 tours of italy and 3 tours of france australian gilmore leader in world championships italian time trial champion silvia valsecchi and young marina romoli from marche region italian track cycling champion as to men s cycling menikini sponsors tenax-menikini team led by team manager fabio bordonali which in 2006 got 40 podiums thanks to great champions among whom fabio baldato.


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steam and suction the allegra series machines have been specifically designed to offer just one appliance ensuring effective and professional cleaning for any room allegra combines the sanitizing power of steam with ecological suction two functions in one machine two simultaneous actions in one simple cleaning pass to remove any trace of dirt and bring wellbeing to your home allegra 500c allegra 500 allegra 400 allegra


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allegra combines technology with flexibility with its wide range of models powers and accessories specifically designed to meet all your cleaning needs allegra 10 9


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steam cleaning steam is the most natural and effective way to clean all home environments allegra machines emit steam at a pressure up to 4 bar to dissolve and easily remove any dirt steam deeply acts on any surface eliminating stains and deposits with no effort at all fabrics are also regenerated by steam action it revives fibres set them definitely free from dust particles and remove odours steam rapid and handy one simple gesture to sanitize sanitaryware dissolve any trace of dirt in the kitchen clean glasses leaving no marks daily cleaning becomes easier and funnier.


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and vacuum cleaning effectively removing dust is possible thanks to an advanced filtering system capable of collecting and retaining even the smallest dust particles as well as traces of dirt from floors walls armchairs and sofas the main feature of the allegra machines is the combined action of suction and steam any dissolved dirt is automatically collected and surfaces are sanitized in just one pass revolution environmentally friendly and cheap a cleaner wellbeing as it is natural with allegra you don t need for detergents or chemicals environment is protected alongside the health of the people doing housecleaning 11


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sanitizing and sterilizing antiallergenic a comprehensive system to counter allergies steam eliminates germs mites and bacteria which cannot survive allegra s temperature and pressure at the same time the filtering system traps dirt and dust so only clean air is piped back into the environment.


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multifilters the allegra series machines are equipped with a water filtering system that retains dirt and with a hepa antiallergenic filter that traps the thinnest particles such as mites responsible for the most common allergies associated with dust the highest quality standards are thus ensured while both using and maintaining the machine no dirt is released when water tank is emptied nor when the washable hepa filter is cleaned filtered material collecting tray air inlet floating filter water patented device to dissolve the sucked particles hepa filter filtered air outlet filtered material collecting tank 13



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