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ruma iwa class newsletter term 3 week 5 kia ora everyone one of the challenges being an educator in 2013 is the vast amount of educational research and neuroscience research that is now available and the ramifications of the findings for the classroom some of the findings often go against what would seem to be common sense take the practice of ability based grouping which has been and still is very common in classrooms in new zealand ability based grouping is where students who are of the same ability are placed into the same group for small group teaching research says the expected progress of a student in a year is 0.4 effect size the effect size of ability based grouping based on many studies is · 0.29 on students rated as achieving above expectations · 0.4 on students rated as achieving at expectations · -0.16 on students rated as achieving below expectations bare in mind that these studies were just analysing the impact ability based grouping not the many other things that teachers do to cause learning to happen however this research suggest that the only students who really benefit from this type of grouping are students achieving at expectations this research has had a major impact on how the learning is organised in room 9 as there is no ability based grouping and students select workshops based on their needs so the learning is much more personalised this is to maximise the learning potential of the students so what has been the impact on the students anecdotally all the students have grown in terms of independence and the all students have shown excellent progress but what about in standardised tests my aim is for all students to have an effect size of at least 0.4 so how are the students tracking in room 9 well over the last couple of weeks about half the students the rest will be later in the term have completed a standardised maths asttle assessment reading asttle is later in the term when looking at the results they are extremely encouraging all students have improved their scores above the 0.4 effect size when compared to their term 1 result in fact the average effect size is 1.06 if you have any questions around this or you would like more information then i would love to help kaley helping juniors at discovery class blog please visit our class blog there are many great examples of learning on this blog roomnineoaklands.blogspot.co.nz warm regards steve ladbrook steve.ladbrook@oaklands.school.nz



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