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Ciao Magazine Issue 217 Interview with Anthony Albanese

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free life in the inner west issue 217 august 23 2013 online pollies who s winning the facebook contest what the greens would spend $5 billion on win a blue mountain escape for dad at luxury retreat lilianfels plus movie tix the gatekeepers the rocket the sydney underground film festival is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill theatre tix lifeforce back to the wall can albo save the alp advertisement only labor can stop tony abbott vote 1 anthony albanese authorised by daniel barbar 33 arthur street marrickville nsw 2204.


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact apologies farewells and political snobbery l you may recall haberfield socialite and cultural historian emma brooks maher sent out a letter to haberfield residents commenting on the ethics of ashfield council liberal party candidate vittoria raciti maher has since letterboxed an apology to mrs vittoria raciti withdrawing any imputations of hypocrisy and misconduct maher might have lost this battle but will she give up the war l rozelle businesses are playing musical chairs precious is moving jewel moved up from balmain there are new owners at piccolo padre and new owners at bar lazio meanwhile queen bee will soon house a new little café the yoga studio on the other side of victoria road has already got its new cafe however more cafes need more people hopefully these businesses understand the commercial risk that the tigers development may or may not bring l rival news publication inner west courier is holding a meet the candidates forum for grayndler candidates however only two of them hall greenland and anthony albanese will be attending cedric spencer liberal and three other candidates from the christian democrat party bullet train for australia party and palmer united party have allegedly been snubbed interesting that the courier must be one of the few news ltd publications that aren t bagging out the labor party and heaping praise on mr abbott there are around 25,000 liberal voters in grayndler l newtown loses ethical trader earthkid to the on-line market dianna from earth kid will sadly close her store and trade exclusively on-line for now l special tribute our hearts go out to the family of much-loved italian/australian performer ricky daniele who sadly passed away this month i m right you re wrong righteous rightie reaches near sexual levels of excitement contemplating the prospect of inner city elitists getting a long-deserved bitch slapping dear rr ­ are you looking forward to the alp and greens getting reamed at the ballot box as much as the rest of the conservatariat barnaby annandale rr replies satisfying as it will be to start puffing on the cuban cigar of victory and downing the grange hermitage of vindication come 7pm on the evening of september 7 my main concern is that degenerate inner city residents finally acknowledge just how repugnant their values are to the rest of australia when labor suffers a crushing defeat it will be entirely down to the stranglehold libertarian sodomites have established on that once great political party along with the university sector the public broadcaster and indeed all non-murdoch-owned media i like to explain this in terms of the taxi driver/cultural studies lecturer index in inner city seats there are 100 foucault-quoting academics for every one talkback-radio-loving cabbie while everywhere else in the country there are 100 cabbies for every academic what does this mean obviously that mainstream australians want to see the death penalty brought back every last bumbling bureaucrat sorry public servant retrenched asylum seekers summarily executed welfare recipients waterboarded juvenile delinquents shipped off to png to be devoured by penis-gourdsporting cannibals and laws introduced to allow frustrated motorists to mow down any self-righteous cyclist slowing the flow of traffic needless to say you won t find any such sensible policies in the alp s platform which is exactly why it will shortly be reduced to rump undoubtedly it will remain in opposition until it renounces whitlam and all his works and embraces the kind of watson-era social conservatism that resonates with the tradies towelheads and yes taxi drivers who live in heartland marginal seats n email your dilemma to we are c!ao advertising sonya madden leane senzamici newtown food melissa leong winsor dobbin wine c!ao history thomas walker convalescent hospital this concord west hospital was constructed between 1890-93 as per the instructions of the will of thomas walker after his death in 1886 it was designed by sir john sulman in a style that reflects the influence of florence nightingale s 19th century reforms and is one of only two hospitals from this time period to have survived up to this date apart from a brief period of use as a women s hospital during world war ii the thomas walker convalescent hospital served its original purpose up until 1976 at this point it was given to the royal prince alfred hospital and turned it into the rivendell adolescent unit which is what it remains today art director eleanor wales editorial nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors max kobras giselle artesano and nigel bowen ciao marrickville s hair-raising street art things we love the groovy little scenes that are set up on awnings along marrickville road above corresponding businesses ­ this one is on top of the local hairdressing salon while we love the character s retro looking `80s eyeshadow we re a bit worried about how her blow-dry is going to turn out her hairdresser looks a little stiff ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication it is time for us to make some decisions about the future of our community after years of rate pegging leichhardt council has a gap in the funds we need to maintain things like roads and footpaths we need to know what you want for the future of our community · what infrastructure is important to you · how well do you want it maintained · would you support a rate rise · or do you want council to reduce services and standards to save money these are tough choices but we need to make them together for more information go to c!ao s voice · the brioche nutella and gelato sandwiches from cremeria de luca five dock · pumpkin gnocchi from the pasta factory marrickville · the new rozelle square · the italian donut dessert at gatto matto five dock · the fact that you can now drop off dry cleaning at civic video five dock ­ it makes no sense but that s ok · the new kookai outlet at birkenhead point shopping centre drummoyne distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0402 202 951 ­ sonya 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia ciao is locally owned and produced in what s in out · plans to build a supermarket at harold park tramsheds ­ residents are not happy · getting calls from a computer that expects you to follow prompts as if telstra · door-to-door sales people ringing haberfield doorbells at dinner time · having a million different passwords and not being able to remember any of them · asking for six pieces of cheese at norton st grocer and only getting three out please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered email with your address cover member for grayndler and deputy pm anthony albanese stops to chat to ciao at his marrickville office in the lead up to the 2013 election on september 7th photo by ben cregan 4 c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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community life r oad test rant the world of difference the greens candidate for grayndler tells us what he would do with $4.7 billion and it has nothing to do with rail track upgrades if you stayed awake for any of the leaders tv debate you would have quickly realised there is nothing of substance between the old major parties three days later tony abbott confirmed this by telling liberal voters that they had to preference labor ahead of the greens and he told us why there is the world of difference between the greens and just about everyone else who is contesting this election because everyone else in this campaign supports economic growth and a more prosperous economy for a change mr abbott got it half right the greens do oppose the kind of economic growth mr abbott and mr rudd support the kind of growth that is cooking and pillaging the planet for the first time in thousands of years the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has exceeded 400 parts per million and is already leading to the major degradation of the living environment in many poor regions of asia and africa and to extreme and devastating weather events in our own country if you ve flown over the hunter valley recently you will have seen the dramatic degradation of the environment there a situation that will only get worse thanks to the $4.7 billion in rail track upgrades that mr albanese the current minister for transport and infrastructure and mp for grayndler is presiding over ­ with mr abbott s full support the new rail capacity is to facilitate the doubling and trebling of coal exports already the coal we export produces twice as much greenhouse gases as the whole domestic economy and a little to the north of the hunter there is the invasion of scores of fracking rigs in the beautiful area around gloucester this csg drilling constitutes a real threat to the water table and some of our most valuable food growing regions yes that kind of mindless economic growth is opposed by the greens but there is growth that we support the growth of renewable power the growth of environmental protections the growth of universities and tafe and preschool education the growth of free time the growth of your rights at work the growth of new green industries the growth of affordable and sustainable housing and on a local level the growth of the leichhardt campus of sydney secondary college and of mental health facilities at callan park the difference comes down to what we do with our money our labour and the riches of the earth for example the greens would spend that $4.7 billion ­ and the almost $2 billion of our taxes committed by both parties to the westconnex motorway ­ on growth that would make our lives more pleasurable productive and easier so yes there is a world of difference between the greens and the older neo-liberal parties and that world of difference is a world that is more liveable and more bountiful in the good things of life n words hall greenland greens candidate for grayndler online democracy inner west style these days social media has become a tool to connect and communicate with others which can be a valuable thing if you re trying to win an election ­ just ask barack obama s campaign managers however some candidates are a little better at the social media game than others we click `like to find out who s best at flooding our facebook feeds grayndler cedric spencer liberal 99 likes last updated yesterday there s limited activity on this page which actually looks more like a tribute page to tony abbott it s usually updated with stuff about liberal policies or labor s failings while the election is a competition it can t be all about dissing your opponent rather than connecting with voters mohan balasingham palmer united party 209 likes never updated despite having over a hundred likes there s no updates or action on this page whatsoever enough said reid sydney john murphy labor 110 likes last updated 20 hours ago this page is mostly updated by john s campaign team which is a professional way of doing things but unfortunately distances the candidate from the people and isn t the whole point of social media to make the politician seems accessible to the people the page uses great quality images but does not get much of a response from its handful of followers tanya plibersek labor 7521 likes last updated 17 hours ago there s lots of discussion happening on tanya s page though she doesn t reply to much she does however update often make use of hashtags and share photos from recent events so followers can keep up to date with what she s up to hall greenland greens 621 likes last updated august 19 hall s page is very wellmanaged ­ it s updated regularly sometimes numerous times a day with good quality photos news links and more personal updates hall also responds to comments and interacts with followers sean o connor liberal 474 likes last updated 30 minutes ago sean s page is one of the most well-updated of all the candidates documenting his daily campaigning and almost every update is accompanied by an eye-catching pic unlike some other candidates he keeps a positive vibe on his page and bitching about his enemies to a minimum it s also a nice touch that he shares his fave books and movies in the `about section he s a star trek fan in case you were wondering craig laundy liberal 846 likes last updated yesterday craig s page is rather formal he posts official advertisementtype images as well as links to the liberal party s website he prompts his followers to `share which is a good way to have a message spread to as many people as possible the page attracts quite a few comments and likes and would undoubtedly get more if updated more consistently anthony albanese labor 2744 likes last updated five hours ago unsurprisingly the deputy pm s page is impressive and updated daily with information photos and even fun stuff like old photos for `throwback thursday while there is a bit of bagging out his opponents and not much interaction from albo when it comes to replying to comments the page attracts plenty of attention from the voting public n read the full version of this investigation at heading underground in marrickville hitting marrickville s factory theatre from september 5th the sydney underground film festival promises to showcase this year s most subversive underground and cult films alejandro jodorowsky known for such films as el topo and the rainbow thief will open this year s festival with his latest film the dance of reality originally premiering at the cannes film festival this psychomagical imaginary autobiography is set to take audiences on a psychedelic trip they won t forget other highlights include sebastian silva s magic magic starring michael cera rob zombie s latest horror flick the lords of salem a remake of andy warhol s poor little rich girl starring gracie otto in the role of edie sedgwick and for the first time ever the best worst films bingo this event will include all of your favourite loveto-hate cinematic disasters and bring a bit of zany fun to the festival for more information and bookings visit n ciao is giving away five double passes to see the dance of reality on opening night email with your details to win come along for the ride win tix what s on compiled by max kobras email sunday 25th august saturday 24th august info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are sunday 25th august unity walk run join the fight against parkinson s disease by joining the unity walk this weekend at the cathy freeman park inside sydney olympic park the run kicks off at 7am with entry costing $30 for adults $20 for children aged 6 to 15 years and $10 for dogs bring the whole gang along and raise money for a good cause walkers can choose the 4km route which takes about an hour or the short course around the sydney olympic park precinct the walk ends at 12.30pm with fun food and entertainment at the finish line n more info and registration at 8 round she goes markets round she goes pre-loved fashion market is returning to marrickville this month from 10am to 3pm at marrickville town hall located at 303 marrickville road pop in and find designer label treasures at fantastic prices ­ entry is only $2 and the quality of stalls is unbelievable stallholders will be selling preloved labels including bally salvatore ferragamo ysl louis vuitton dkny gucci lanvin mimco dior guess kate spade fendi marc jacobs prada karen millen sass bide chloe alannah hill pierre cardin alice mccall karen walker kate sylvester camilla zimmerman and lisa ho vintage join in on market day shopping and giveaways plus there s some great coffee on offer too n more info at www.roundshegoes drummoyne spring fete spring is in the air and drummoyne public school is celebrating with their annual spring fete held from 10am to 3pm on august 25th don t miss this popular event with stalls galore offering everything from crafts to vintage clothing produce and plants plus the kids will love the rides farm animals balloon animals and delicious food ­ there s really something for the whole family so come along enter the raffle competition or join the silent auction and support the school n for more info visit drummoyne thurs 29th aug thurs 5th sept anna s never out of fashion settle in for an evening with the scariest woman in fashion vogue editor-in-chief anna wintour with a screening of the september issue bill cunningham new york will be the final film in the program screening on september 5th chronicling new york times photographer bill cunningham ­ a bicycle-riding cultural anthropologist who has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the times style section for decades both movies start at 8.45pm and tickets are available at for $12 n where king street newtown high fashion at op-shop prices newtown is fashion to coincide with the sydney is fashion festival dendy newtown will be showing a series of weekly films that local fashionistas will love on august 29th


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n local gigs sunday 8th september n local movies n art house picks fbi turns 10 festival fbi radio is turning 10 this year and they are celebrating with an awesome one-day festival which i couldn t recommend more there are going to be so many great aussie acts headliners are the presets and hermitude but there will also be the laurels deep sea arcade and sarah blasko ­ just to name a few it starts at midday and is supposed to run until 10pm although i expect it will go a bit later than that either way there will be plenty to enjoy tickets start at $59 which is ridiculously cheap considering the dozens of acts you will get to enjoy and i am pretty confident that carriageworks will provide a great venue tickets are still on sale so hurry up and buy one hell buy a few and bring your mates n 245 wilson st eveleigh free tickets win double movie passes interrogation executions torture all in a day s work the gatekeepers forget cgi hokum one of the scariest most explosive jawdropping film you will see this year is actually a very sober doco like 2003 s equally stunning and similarly-themed the fog of war much of it consists of talking heads archival footage and a hypnotic dread-inducing soundtrack the men involved are all ex-leaders of israel s secretive and ruthlessly efficient security and counter terrorism agency shin bet how filmmaker dror moreh got them to talk so candidly about their roles in some truly horrendous recent events assassinations civilian bus bombings terror plots while honestly reflecting on their failures misgivings and political doubts is a mystery clearly there will be consequences for the men themselves they are tough bald military types still muscular and scary into their 60s and 70s but one in particular looks like everyone s kind and gentle granddaddy listening to him coolly justifying murder and collateral damage isn t for the faint hearted nor for those who view the israel-palestine conflict via simplistic slogans for the rest of us it s a mesmerising morally challenging and hugely satisfying experience m15 from sept 5 n thanks to madman entertainment we have 10 double passes to an advance preview screening of the film on monday 2 september at 6.30pm at palace verona details below the rocket on the road winning awards and hearts the rocket fbi headliners the presets every wednesday gadjo guitars local guitar trio playing gypsy jazz need i say more this is not going to be everyone s cup of tea but it is generally fun and easy listening music with a lot of energy they re playing every wednesday so you will have plenty of opportunity to check them out n mr falcon s 92 glebe point road free words max kobras sadly schoolchildren in buttoned-down australia are no longer permitted to play with exploding rockets or light double bungers in each other s lunch boxes no problem in remote laos where aussie filmmaker kim mordaunt has set his acclaimed coming-of-age charmer 10-year-old ahlo sitthiphon disamoe is superstitiously blamed for his family s misfortune but gets to prove his worth at an outrageously anarchic `rocket festival mind you laotian farmers are used to explosives the long and tragic legacy of the vietnam conflict they call it the american war means bombs and mines still litter their fields that s just one of the topics dealt with ­ poverty displacement and families in transition are also explored most poignantly in the relationship between ahlo and his only friend kia a gorgeous loungnam kaosainam and her uncle the seriously weird `purple thep phongam he s an ex-soldier in a purple suit due to an obsession with james brown with a serious fondness for rice wine this is also a seriously likeable film ­ easy to see why the critics have been won over you will be too m15 from aug 29 n thanks to curious distribution we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below best of the rest six-year-old maisie onata aprile is in every scene of this lovely and robust custody drama she s been dealt a dud hand in the parents department hers are the world s worst dad steve coogan is a manipulative new york art dealer while mum julianne moore generously showing her flaws is an ageing punk rocker in the patti smith mould both want maisie for all the wrong reasons while the little girl herself quickly works out she s better off without them alexander skarsgard and joanna vanderham complete the cast of this near perfect little gem see it m15 on now what maisie knew a fractured ny family was steve a genius or just a jerk the mother of all journeys premiering at the king st theatre lifeforce is the latest musical offering by joanna weinberg known for this year s feel-good film goddess and the piano diaries show now in it s third year of touring australia lifeforce follows the story of ruth a 40-year-old woman who realises that it s now or never for her to be a mother while simultaneously dreaming of the biological mother she has never met this contemporary story promises to be both funny and dramatic and will feature 23 original songs performed acoustically by the cast of six natalie lotkin who was the original inspiration for the musical about a would-be mother will play the lead role in her sydney debut the piece became fully formed after joanna befriended a woman in queensland who was searching for her birth mother these two ideas were combined to create this tale about longing and desire for family lifeforce will be running from september 6th to 21st with tickets priced at $30 25 concession the deafening tick tock of the biological clock from thursday 29th august jobs n to win a double pass to the opening night of the show sept 6th at 7.30pm email with your details until saturday 31st august as the journos at my packed preview waited for the world s most famous buddhist here played by ashton kutcher some wit announced anyone in the room with an android phone if so please leave the building people in my row looked guilty we know apple ­ this was a plausible instruction what s an android someone asked phew and so we settle down to watch steve jobs change from a `70s aciddropping hippie to the poster boy of utterly ruthless capitalism inherently this is an insanely great story and it s a pity joshua michael stern s film is not it s far from the disaster some would have you believe though and we certainly get the point that the man was a jerk but flawed genius jobs deserves a less literal treatment with the aaron sorkin-scripted the social network biopic soon to follow no doubt we ll get one m15 from aug 29 n reviews ­ re 1000 leaves falling at centennial park from august 29th to september 15th don t miss parish stapleton s solo show `1000 leaves featuring 1000 solvent drawings created from 1000 original photographs of 1000 individual leaves on 1000 pieces of hand deckled paper opening night will kick off from 7pm to 9.30pm and the exhibition will be open wednesdays to sundays from 10am to 6pm entry is free but each leaf is $40 and available to fall when purchased the sale of each leaf contributes to the living legacy of the parklands n where superintendents cottage paddington gates centennial fri 30th aug to sun 1st sept holding their annual group exhibition at the watch house gallery launching on friday night from 6pm to 9pm and continuing from 10am to 4pm on saturday 31st august and sunday 1st september the exhibition will feature a wide variety of work including landscape portraiture and works on paper both traditional and contemporary styles will be included in the exhibition and most works will be for sale for more information visit n where 179 darling street balmain no news is good news the newsagency gallery will be hosting an exciting group exhibition featuring work from media photographers sean davey quentin jones jon reid and peter solness what do you do when your talent is your livelihood the exhibition answers this question and gives a little insight into the lives of talented professional newsshooters showing us what they get up to when they are not at their day job more info at n where 332 stanmore rd petersham sunday 8th september douglas grant a ngadjonji man digger and draughtsman who designed and constructed the sydney harbour bridge war memorial a talk about peta longhurst s research into the archaeology of mental institutions in nsw and see a photographic exhibition of ella condon s haunting work which looks at the lingering presence in the spaces of the former lunatic asylum entry is $20 and includes the talks and tours or just pop in for afternoon tea by gold coin donation n bookings essential email or visit for more info brandling painters exhibition after forming over 40 years ago the brandling painters group is still active in marrickville and newtown and will be let 1000 leaves fall history week at callan park friends of callan park will be presenting this afternoon at the nsw writers centre with guest speakers an exhibition and even special tours of the kirkbride underground tunnels at 3.30pm from 2pm to 3.30pm hear tony griffiths talk about the life of win double movie passes to win a double in-season movie pass to the rocket or ta special preview of the gatekeepers email your name and address to telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao only at the movies aug 29 at dendy newtown and palace verona trailer and info http community glamour at its best 9


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n feature the fight of his life in a matter of days anthony norman albanese member for grayndler deputy pm deputy leader of the alp leader of the house of representatives and the minister for infrastructure transport broadband communications and the digital economy will be either a historical footnote or a labor party legend the big story on the smh website the morning i interview albo is titled `ground control to major kev sorry you re a goner it s one of a deluge of articles insisting the `sugar hit generated by rudd s resurrection has dissipated and the alp is headed for humiliating defeat presumably the member of grayndler has seen the story along with plenty of frightening internal polling but if he s worried about becoming the shortest-serving deputy prime minister in australia s history he s not letting on when ciao arrives at his bustling electoral office on marrickville s main road he bounds up to introduce himself then starts reminiscing with the photographer who s been shooting him since the heady days of the kevin `07 campaign he even laughs when i confess i d wanted to get a shot of him reading the daily telegraph where he was photoshopped to resemble sgt schultz his hovering media advisor unlaughingly makes it clear that certainly won t be happening if my dim memories of hogan s heroes are accurate the sgt schultz portrayal isn t necessarily as insulting as murdoch s attack dogs would have wished schultz after all was a good-natured fundamentally decent character and albo has gone surprisingly far in politics by being similarly likeable he must be the only person in the country who can credibly claim to be close friends with both kevin rudd and julia gillard and even those on the other side of the political fence are given to confessing a sneaking regard for him he s a popular local member and now the liberals have committed to preferencing the greens last in no danger of being voted out himself even if many of his comrades are look we ve got to the point whereby we re competitive i think there is a real chance of us winning the election we need to win seats in queensland and hold them in nsw albo tells me once we sit down in his office which he is quick to point out is where the country is run from whenever he is acting pm however dire the polls are looking now the fact the majority of disengaged voters ­ the swingers in marginal seats ­ don t make up their minds until close to polling day is providing some hope i remain firmly of the view that when people focus in the last week the question will be is kevin rudd up to the job of being prime minister the answer to that is yes the answer to the question is tony abbott up to being prime minister i think is a resounding no even from members of his own caucus let alone supporters of the liberal party you can t be prime minister of the nation if you refuse to engage in serious interviews he avoids scrutiny that s not a charge that could be levelled at albo who points out he s been all over the full gamut of media in recent weeks including the likes of alan jones andrew bolt and steve price in 2011 albanese ignored australian federal police warnings and waded into a crowd of 200 enraged anti-carbon tax campaigners staging a demo outside his office albanese doesn t mention the personal abuse he copped he was called a liar a gutless loser and told his beloved late mother would be ashamed of him but does recall one of the placards that was waved around it is extraordinary that someone thinks standing in the diverse community that is the inner west of sydney with a `tolerance is our demise banner is acceptable but they did that he says unfortunately for labor it s not only the perpetually outraged alan jones demographic that s offside plenty of true believers have been dismayed by the leadership circus the flip flopping on pricing carbon the lurch to the right on asylum seekers and the corruption uncovered in the state party by icac during the rudd-gillard-rudd era unsurprisingly albo paints a rosy picture of the last six years and promises big things in the next three i sat for 12 years in opposition and i know how frustrating that can be in terms of the local electorate which i think was ignored during the howard government a labor government makes a difference in terms of the italian forum cultural centre mackey park fraser park the ashfield civic centre the cooks river revitalisation which is why i m so determined not just in grayndler but to do my best to re-elect the labor government because i do think there s unfinished business in terms of building the nation s future albo claims not to indulge in the fratricidal hatred that characterises relations between the greens and alp but when talk turns to one of his grand obsessions ­ building a second sydney airport ­ he has trouble controlling his frustration i do think that the simplistic slogans of the 10 all relatively quiet on the inner western front will your electorate be red green or blue come election day grayndler ever since adam bandt snatched the seat of melbourne from labor in 2010 pundits have been insisting grayndler would be the next to fall heralding the unstoppable greenification of inner city elitist enclaves given the ongoing gentrification of the inner west it s certainly feasible what was once labor heartland could veer to the right or post-materialist left in the not too distant future but it won t be happening this election ciao s prediction neither hall greenland greens nor cedric spencer liberals will be able to tear down the popular deputy pm greens political party need to be put under examination and i think that when they are they are found wanting we support a second airport for sydney i ve said that i want to see construction commence in the next term the idea you could have sydney airport shut down and no second airport in what is a global city it is quite frankly absurd i don t understand how people would get into sydney are they going to parachute out of planes they [the greens say what they think people want to hear when they campaign against sydney airport but they also campaign in western sydney against a second airport so you end up with no realistic solution and sydney airport entrenched as a monopoly if the prospect of less aircraft noise isn t enough to sway undecided grayndler voters albo is hoping the alp s newfound enthusiasm for legalising gay marriage will be you have leadership from the prime minister the deputy prime minister the leader of the labor party in the senate ­ the three key people are all supportive of marriage equality we ve said there should be a vote within 100 days we would be pushing for a conscience vote across the parliament this is reform that s time has come whether labor wins or loses on election day albo says he ll hang around for the next term but makes no promises beyond that i don t think these are jobs for life and i ve always considered before i ve re-nominated you give up a lot in terms of time with family time at home but if i do have the opportunity to continue to be deputy prime minister [i hope i can look back at the end of that term and say `construction has been started on a second airport marriage equality has been advanced the nbn has been rolled out to millions of people disabilitycare the better schools plan the murraydarling plan are all entrenched all those things are i think as ben chifley said things worth fighting for n to read the full transcript of ciao s interview with the deputy pm or listen to the audio go to n words nigel bowen n photo ben cregan sydney gentrification means this traditionally labor seat can no longer be taken for granted either anyone who can afford a house in balmain annandale or newtown isn t likely to be keen on wealth redistribution but neither the greens dianne hiles nor the liberals sean o connor is likely to be able to make up enough ground to roll the high-profile tanya plibersek ciao s prediction o connor like greenland is likely to be cursing the greens-liberal ideological antipathy that ruled out mutually beneficial preferencing deals in the inner west come the evening of september 7 reid while albanese and plibersek will survive the anti-labor swing in nsw it s unlikely john murphy will be so lucky it ll probably be close but the tireless craig laundy scion of the $500 million laundy hotel group empire looks certain to establish an inner west beachhead for the conservatives nonetheless this seat should provide political tragics with some election-night entertainment as it switches back and forth between the liberal and labor columns as booths from areas as diverse as auburn and drummoyne are counted ciao s prediction don t expect the new member for reid to support any calls for stricter regulation of pokies or pubs.


p. 11

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p. 12

n election promotion a brief guide to the men and women who hold the fate of the inner west ­ and the nation ­ in their hands these four candidates tell us why they deserve your vote meet the candidates tanya plibersek sydney labor tanya s parents migrated from slovenia in the `50s she has previously held the positions of minister for housing and minister for the status of women tanya is currently the minister for health and medical research why should people vote for you sydneysiders want a government with a positive plan for the economy that ensures nobody is left behind only labor can deliver both a strong economy and a fair society at the same time like steering australia through the global financial crisis and building disabilitycare what can you do for the sydney electorate i am committed to unlocking our economic potential by bringing the national broadband network to inner sydney transforming the way local residents access health education and employment each school in the sydney electorate also stands to gain an average of $1.6 million extra from labor s better schools plan which will make sure our kids and our country have the brightest possible future next year our new dental scheme for kids begins ­ grow up smiling ­ which expands free dental care to 3.4 million australian kids why should voters trust you i have been honoured to represent the electorate dr cedric spencer grayndler liberal cedric spencer has a background in business and academia working as a lawyer a university lecturer and small business owner cedric is also proud to have been a volunteer legal worker for his community why should people vote for you for too long the people of grayndler have been taken for granted by this labor government they deserve more they deserve someone who will fight for them i m very passionate about the area i want to see prosperity and opportunity return to the region and only the liberal party has a plan that will achieve that what can you do for the grayndler area the two biggest issues people raise with me are cost of living for households and increasing pressures on small business people are really doing it tough with increasing costs and are struggling to find the extra money they need to pay their electricity bills which is why the first thing a coalition government will do is scrap the carbon tax and ease pressures on grayndler households businesses are also doing it tough with empty shops popping up everywhere if elected we will help small businesses grow by cutting red and green tape by $1 billion a year which will in turn help create more jobs why should voters trust you unlike this current labor government which has shown time and time again it can t be trusted because it says one thing and does another the coalition can be trusted only the coalition can form the strong stable government to deliver a stronger economy with more jobs real help for families and small business lower taxes and secure borders how do you feel your experience as a lawyer affects your political career i m passionate about everything i do whether s it s being a lawyer or an educator and i will be bringing that passion with me to politics for too long the people of grayndler have been taken for granted and if elected my door will always be open to the people of this great electorate of sydney for fifteen years and over that time sydneysiders have got to know me fairly well people know where i stand on issues and they know they can always come and talk to me about their concerns at a local street corner meeting on the weekend with immigration being a part of your family s history how do you feel about the most recent discussions on boat people it is important to me that we meet our humanitarian obligations towards people fleeing persecution but we also need to stop the growing number of deaths at sea my own parents came to australia after world war ii ­ my mother through a camp in italy and my father through a camp in austria we have a responsibility to accept humanitarian immigration from [refugee camps for more info phone 0481 323 676 email for more info email phone 9379 0700 hall greenland grayndler greens hall has lived in the grayndler area nearly his whole life in which time he has become an award-winning journalist historian urban environmentalist and an equal-rights activist why should people vote for you i will be ultra-accessible and consult widely and frequently i will give people honest representation and intelligent advocacy voters can be assured that i will pursue the policies and aspirations that they share what can you do for the grayndler area the greens have a vision for grayndler that is based on talking to voters and being involved in community campaigns that vision revolves around investing in public education from early childhood to university and tafe achieving 100 per cent power from renewable energy sources improving public infrastructure and the environment restoring democratic planning and pursuing taxation reform and social justice whether for single parents or refugees my hope is that the next parliament will reflect the outgoing one and that the greens will again hold the balance of power adam bandt as the sole greens mp in the house of representatives notched up significant achievements such as the clean energy fund denticare and the inquiry into high-speed rail just think what two or three greens mps in the lower house could achieve 12 pauline tyrrell reid greens pauline is now in her third term as a councillor on canada bay council and currently serves in the position of deputy mayor why should voters trust you my record of caring for people and the environment is there for all to see i led the fight to save callan park and was involved in the lobbying for bicentennial park on rozelle bay i was deeply involved in stopping the motorways that threatened over 500 homes in the inner west as well as continuing the fight against the endless expansion of sydney airport my commitment to social justice is also on the record i think i ve proved i can be trusted to stand up for the community how does your experience as a journalist make you a better candidate it has trained me to listen to people and understand their concerns as a journalist i have worked outside the hothouse political world and encountered people and issues from all sectors of society why should people vote for you the greens are the only party that will increase funds to the unhcr so that refugees are identified and resettled quickly rather than being offloaded in png and nauru at a cost not just of billions of dollars spent on detention centres but to our humanity the greens are the only party that s prepared to act against dangerous climate change by funding a green jobs-rich economy we ll fund these green jobs by using the $14 billion fossil fuel subsidies that over the next four years will be handed over to the big mining companies place a moratorium on any new coal mines and coal seam gas extraction and increase taxes on the excessive profits of the big banks and mining companies the greens will also provide more affordable social housing and restore support for struggling single parents what can you do for the reid area the greens will give $2 billion more to schools than the current gonski proposal more funding for job skills training in tafe and will reverse the university funding cuts labor s planned $2.3 billion in cuts supported by the coalition will hit our local uni students hard the more roads you build the more cars there are to fill them the greens oppose the plan for the westconnex which will only add to air pollution and traffic congestion instead we support an effective public transport system and increased number of cycleways both your academic qualifications and your employment history are incredibly diverse how does this broadness make you a good candidate my qualifications and experience as a councillor and as a campaigner have given me a portfolio of skills that i believe reflects the diversity of reid my science background has given me a broad understanding of issues such as climate change having worked in hospitals i understand the the need for continued public health funding and my years as a councillor mean i am well aware of local people s concerns for more info email for more info phone 9713 5780


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this issue s recipe comes all the way from korea via the interwebs and some mates at mla kitchen with melissa leong wine with winsor brilliant buy angove 2013 long row riesling looking for a really good white wine that won t break the bank look no further this is a lip-smackingly good cheap-and-cheerful dry white wine with some nice fruit sweetness balanced by zingy refreshing acidity fresh and aromatic it has citrus and sweet apple flavours and crunchy crispness it would be an excellent match for spicy asian stir fries salt and pepper calamari or simply for sipping on the back deck on a friday afternoon $10 when you say `ribs most people think heaping plates of toothsome pork glazed in barbecue sauce and isn t it a glorious thing those in the know however are even more enamoured with lamb ribs a highly underrated read cheap cut the little bit of fat makes it forgiving to cook resulting in a succulent hands-on dish that s perfect for sharing pair it with an ice cold beer or three pan-fried lamb ribs in honey and red pepper paste serves 2 as a share plate ingredients 4 rib lamb ribs ­ two sets herb salt and olive oil for seasoning sea salt lime sauce 2 tbsp gochujang red pepper paste 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp mirin 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar 2 tsp minced garlic 4 tsp water 1 tsp ginger juice or powder impressive blend forester estate 2011 cabernet merlot while many regions of australia found the 2011 vintage a difficult one western australia enjoyed yet another ripper season this is a classic wa take on bordeaux blends very well put together with cabernet sauvignon and merlot blended with small amounts of other varieties this is a very easy drinking style of red wine think plum and dark berry fruit notes aided by savoury characters and cedary oak soft and smooth and great with a barbecue $24 isn t xx x it time you got a ribbing method cut excess fat off the lamb ribs season the ribs with the herb salt and olive oil heat the frying pan and pan fry the ribs to brown pour in the sauce to coat the ribs and heat remove the ribs from the pan and place in a baking tray cook at a moderate heat in the oven basting with sauce from the frypan until crispy and sticky at least half an hour remove ribs from oven and season with sea salt and a squeeze of lime to serve n recipe by ms moon sung sil korea gochujang is a korean condiment made from red chili powder glutinous rice powder mixed with powdered fermented soybeans and salt available from most korean/japanese grocery stores hunter highlight gartelmann 2013 jessica verdelho the portuguese grape variety `verdelho shines in the hunter but is often overshadowed because the local winemakers prefer to push semillon and shiraz that s a great pity as verdelho is a terrific style for the warm australian climate with a nice balance between vibrant citrus and intense white peach notes this is a lovely food-friendly wine best enjoyed chilled and in its youth ­ it would be great with chicken dishes or asian noodles $20 n at the markets n trim s fresh shop 21 leichhardt marketplace ph 9572 6886 n fruit we are coming to the end of the imperial mandarin season but apples are plentiful at $2 7/kg depending on size and variety you can choose from pink lady granny smith gala or jazz apples n vegetables asian vegies such as baby bok choy and chinese cabbage are in good supply while red capsicums are the best buy this month at about $1.99/kg broccoli and broccolini are also readily available so make sure you re eating your greens the bok stops here at home with bridget davis bridget davis is the internet chef as a chef consultant and food writer bridget has spent most of her life cooking and now enjoys sharing her skills through online `foodeos for more information visit how did you first learn to cook i learnt a lot by watching my talented family members whip up culinary delights in our homes and marae nz maori meeting houses where we would gather as large families of 200 to 300 hungry folk what advice would you give to people who are just learning how to cook watch read and absorb as much information as possible whether it be from cookbooks and food magazines cooking shows and youtube videos or online recipe sites become a sponge and soak up as much content as possible even now after 22 years working as a professional chef my mind is constantly searching for new wow recipes and techniques to make my time in the kitchen more pleasant and the outcome for the person eating the food more pleasurable what is it that you love most about food and cooking i love the creative process involved in the kitchen and making dishes that will hopefully transform the dining experience of the person presented with the meal if i can make someone feel comfort pleasure or bring back happy memories my satisfaction as a craftsmen is complete for the day what are your four `go-to ingredients new zealand butter you can take the girl out of the country but you can t take the butter from the girl i love the creaminess of good quality nz butter also murray river salt flakes are a local sensation and worthy of a place in everyone s kitchen grove avocado oil deserves a round of applause for its flexibility in the kitchen it tastes delicious is very good for you and has the ability to be heated to a ridiculously high temperature without burning and losing its flavor and properties making it the ideal oil for the good old aussie barbeque and finally best foods mayonnaise i am not ashamed to admit that i have a weakness for america s favorite mayonnaise i use it as a base for other sauces as its pantry stable and is a great flavor carrier for herbs and spices if you could invite anyone over for dinner at your place whom would you invite i would invite my family being a fairly recent immigrant to australia i miss my family in new zealand tonga and america if i could get everyone together at one and time and place it would be the greatest meal of my life 14 jared ingersoll on eating what was your best meal ever best meal ever i just had mine looking back over the details the lighting the food the music and so on i would say that while the varying parts were `kind of good the whole meal was `magic ­ and one that i will remember for as long as i have a memory what made this meal so remarkable tonight it was all about the company a 10-year-old kid and his sixyear-old brother who are both my sons and the centre of my world there was a hearty debate ­ should children under the age of 16 be allowed to eat junk food and in the true spirit of a debate the youngest chose sides kept times and selected a winner at the end i argued for the affirmative and lost aside from the debate the whole meal was full of slightly too loud conversation a drink got knocked over there was drawing on the paper table cloth and all in all a slightly noisy ruckus was had choice food eh bro kids who eat at the table are less likely to develop drug and alcohol dependencies the meal reminded me that we need more than just food and drink to sustain us we also need the conviviality of the table breaking bread and sharing a meal with the ones we love is such a crucial element eating food at a table without the television switched on or electronic devices distracting us is so important it is a moment in your life when you share yourself your day your ideas i recently gave a presentation with the well know nutritionist rosemary stanton and she told me that as a byproduct of her life of researching the foods we eat she has found that kids who eat regular meals at the table with the family develop greater language skills and social skills are more likely to achieve better results at school and are less likely to develop drug and alcohol dependencies later in life take from rosemary s research what you will for me i simply love the shared meals and the memories they give me eat well preferably around a table with your loved ones n jared ingersoll food processor hollandaise ingredients 3 free-range egg yolks 125g melted butter 1 lemon juiced salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper method 1 into the bowl of your food processor place the egg yolks and about ¾ of the lemon juice and blend until lightly combined 2 with the engine running very slowly drizzle the butter into the processor 3 once all the butter has been added season to taste with salt and pepper taste for flavor adding more lemon juice salt and pepper if necessary 4 serve warm over poached eggs blanched asparagus or home-fried chips.


p. 15

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