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All the reports teachers get to assess and track student achievement.

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class reports http www.englishcentral.com/academic


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watched videos of video lessons completely watched during the reporting period


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learned words of words learned during the reporting period


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learned words ­ student the words a student learned studied and mastered during the reporting period


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speak points the of speak points earned by students during the reporting period


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spoken video lessons of video lessons completely spoken during the reporting period focused speaking or the whole video


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listen in ­ student library all the videos with grades that the student completely recorded or started to record


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listen in ­ student videos teachers can listen in to every video students have recorded


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pronunciation the weak red average yellow and strong green phonemes of each student


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course completion which units and activities in a course a student has completed


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lines recorded of lines the student has recorded during the reporting period


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overall grade grade given to students based on how well they achieved the study goals during a given reporting period


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number of site visits how many times a student has visited englishcentral during the reporting period


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download data excel download an excel spreadsheet for any reporting period


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printout of any report print a hard copy of any report for reference and record keeping



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