Havelock School Newsletter V153 N12 21August 2013


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published every even week during school terms posted to school families the wider community on the web and emailed by request copy and casual advertising for #13 published wed 04 september closes thu 29 august 2013 wednesday 21 august 2013 term 3 week 04 volume 153 number 12 quote every maker of video games knows something that the makers of curriculum don t seem to understand you ll never see a video game being advertised as being easy kids who do not like school will tell you it s not because it s too hard it s because it s boring seymour papert calendar mon 19 aug tue 20 aug thu 22 aug wed 28 aug mon 2 sep mon 9 sep fri 13 sep http www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/calendar click on item for status and/or further info board of trustees meeting mgc parent y8 intro evening y7/8 technology 2:6 reading rocks at rai valley area school life education classroom onsite oral health clinic onsite y5-8 speech competition at canvastown denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter or web calendar haere mai this week we welcome kaya luscombe to the school as a brand new kaituna kid best wishes for a great start with new friends and experiences mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 1


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school board of trustees casual vacancy as notified in newsletter 153:09 of 26 june a casual vacancy has occurred on the board of trustees for an elected parent representative from july 13 through to oct 14 with no voters on the school roll expressing a wish by 25 july to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy the board will move under section 105 of the education act 1989 to fill the vacancy by selection if you are or might be encouraged to consider contributing as a trustee on the board of trustees of the school please make contact with our chairperson james donald 574 2323 or donalds@ruralinzone.net mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 2


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recycling old computers etc on tuesday 27 august gateway foundation trust will be calling in at the school to collect any old phones computers or photocopiers for recycling so if you have any of the above that you would like to recycle please drop it into the school with a small donation per unit which covers the cost of pick and disposal on or by monday 26 august swimming lessons january 2014 parents or caregivers would you be keen for your children to participate in a week of swimming lessons at the havelock school pool sometime in january 2014 if so we need a minimum of 20 children for this to go ahead if you re interested email or phone me with the names and ages of your children or if you would like more information email ajm74@hotmail.com or ph jeanette 574 2076 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 3


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johnston associates south chartered accountants masterminding brighter tomorrows annual financial accounting accounting services evaluation and implementation business advisory corporate advisory dean steele xero a nd the cloud training development and structure 021 249 1191 dsteele@jacal.co.nz ca b.mgmt hons debt structure and management due diligence management reporting/interim reporting new company setup strategic and business planning succession planning taxation tax compliance and advice trans-tasman accounting cash flows budgets projections 021 249 1195 bdouglas@jacal.co.nz ca b.com dip grad ben douglas brad mcneill 021 0206 7526 bmcneill@jacal.co.nz ca bca bsc mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 4


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notes from havelock community garden life has been a bit quiet at the community garden over the last month with more time being spent in weeding and general maintenance than in harvesting our supplies of broccoli and carrots have come to an end and we wait for those planted before the winter to reach harvesting size the silver beet we thought we had planted plenty had decided to stop growing and we were forced to rest it we thought with renewed sadness of our late friend dawn mortimer who had helped us out with beautiful silver beet and tender spinach in the past only our rhubarb leeks and radishes continue to be big enough to be harvested fortunately for those who receive the produce another friend of the garden has stepped forward for the last three weeks bill in inglis street has allowed us to pillage his garden and we have left with shopping bags of broccoli carrots parsnips ours appear to be at standstill lettuce and cauliflowers he also gave us bags of the largest yams we have ever seen bill explained that he places pea straw in the bottom of a mussel float cut horizontally then a bag of sheep poo he covers that with garden soil and a bag of compost over the top even the reject yams were large we are still using those large pumpkins donated by barbara lancaster and others in the community so thanks to the generosity of the community the needy in our community have still received their weekly supplies while on the topic of generosity we were delighted to receive a call from rachel and ben roborgh who are newly established in our community and who offered us some beautiful specimens of fruit trees for the use of the community we are looking forward to planting out the pear quince nectarine peach and apricot trees soon meanwhile we are enjoying the warmer weather which is encouraging us to make the first cautious steps in planting our spring crops finally an apology to those who intended coming to our pruning demonstration unfortunately other unexpected commitments prevented this happening and of course everyone will have now have completed their pruning for this year we look forward to holding this event next year and thanks to rachel and ben we will have more to prune mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 5


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a reminder that if you know of someone who is in need of our vegetables please contact ian cameron on 574 2558 or email ianc.cameron@xtra.co.nz potatoes for sale 10kg bags of potatoes for sale at $8 delivered in havelock please contact 574 2379 reading rocks wed 28 august at rai valley area school this event has been made possible only in collaboration with other cluster schools as individually none could have made it a viable event on their own there are two catches however one being the $3 per child and the other getting to and from rai valley the first will be taken from the donation parents make but the second if at all possible we would like to overcome with offers of transport from parents the cost of a bus whilst easy to organise comes with a $200 price tag please read on to see if you can perhaps this into your schedule depart havelock school arrive rai valley show runs show ends depart rai valley arrive havelock school 10:15 10:50 11:00 12:00 12:10 12:50 http www.readingrocks.co.nz/readingrocks.html from the website a highly entertaining and interactive show promoting the message that reading rocks adrian kirk presents a unique and polished performance specifically targeted at primary and intermediate school children he combines his awesome skills as a juggler unicyclist and comedian with a lively engaging and hilarious discussion about some of his favourite books the result is an hour-long high energy fun-filled show guaranteed to have the whole school community excited by books and inspired to read more everyone will agree that reading rocks over the last ten years as part of the books in homes programme adrian has been a duffy role model at hundreds of assemblies at schools the length and breadth of the country now his show is available to schools not involved with the alan duff foundation mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 6


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who is adrian kirk adrian is a professional entertainer with over twenty year s experience he was a founding tutor at cpit s circoarts where he taught juggling and performance until the school was closed by the earthquake in february 2011 originally from england adrian now lives in the tararua district with his wife three young daughters and a dog called fish what people are saying about reading rocks if you want your students to connect the words reading and fun you must show them reading rocks adrian s the most innovative salesman for reading since dr seuss peter verstappen principal wakefield school please keep an eye out for the transport slip requesting assistance parents/caregivers are welcome to attend free pelorus judo tuesday term started 6 august and runs through to 24 september 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm tumble and play for pre-schoolers up to 7 year olds 30 family term 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm juniors primary school age children 60 person term 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm senior class college age and adults 60 person term casual attendance $8 per class venue is havelock school hall contact jeanette 574 2555 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 7


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fern the nz falcon calls in if you follow the school on facebook https www.facebook.com/havelockschool you will have already seen the photo below showing diane handing sakura some fresh meat to feed fern the nz falcon clare from doc and diane from the marlborough falcon trust came on monday 5 august to show one of nz s endemic but endangered birds unlike those which are now extinct like the moa huia and haast s eagle seniors had done a little prep having put together a short slide presentation about falco novaeseelandiae so they knew something of the new zealand falcon which is a beautiful and iconic bird and the country s only endemic mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 8


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raptor whereas once they were found throughout new zealand these days they are mostly confined to steep high country craggy ranges and in heavy bush the natural tendency to build nests on the ground or in rocky outcrops places the eggs and chicks at risk from introduced species such as feral cats hedgehogs pigs and goats no current figures are available but there are thought to be fewer than 3000 pairs of falcons left in the wild making the species one of new zealand s most endangered while small in size the female weighs approximately 500g the male 350g they are a fearless predator with their preferred diet being introduced birds caught in mid-air reaching speeds of up to 200 kph when hunting they are new zealand s fastest animal the krearea features on the back of the new zealand $20 note and has been a protected species since 1970 despite this they are still at risk from humans all in all a brief but powerful message about conservation thanks to the trust and doc for making the effort did you know the old school dental service as many knew it has changed and the phone numbers for the new community oral health clinics are listed in the telephone directory under `community in the white pages and `dental clinics in the yellow pages for relief of pain or if you have any concerns about your child s oral health contact your nearest cohs directly blenheim marlborough mobile clinic 520 9922 pool keys thanks for tracking down your keys the following however remain at large please return if per chance you have one of these keys at your place with a number not listed but with the big yellow key-float attached please get it to school asap still looking for mckay 35 luscombe 50 baker 54 2012 annual report this has been available for some time and provides a very comprehensive commentary on progress and achievement a copy can be viewed/downloaded from the website marlborough marathon 27 october interested in being part of team harold please make contact with jo on 578 6902 or marlborough@lifeed.org.nz mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 9


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mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 10


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supporting havelock school is easy with vodafone vodafone home line customers can support havelock school easily by nominating them to earn intelligent rewardstm points our school will earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent on your vodafone home line account each month it costs you nothing and we can use the points to get fantastic rewards such as computers sports gear musical instruments school trips and more to nominate our school to earn intelligent rewardstm points visit www.intelligentrewards.co.nz go to the community access page and complete a few details it s that easy vodafone is committed to bringing its customers leading innovations and incredible value across all services so to ensure you get a great deal for yourself and havelock school receives the intelligent rewardstm points they need nominate havelock school today want to join vodafone and support havelock school simply call us on 0508 011 737 new zealand council for educational research national primary and intermediate survey 2013 h as promised in the last newsletter there is a survey underway and most have already taken the time to complete it and return it to the school thanks still about ten to go for some time the school has been contemplating a survey to help with planning for the future with the current five-year strategic plan reaching its maturity the board is keen to canvas the views and perceptions of parents and caregivers in order that the 2014 charter can take these into account the school s timing is perfect in that it fits the timeframe to be included in the nzcer three-yearly programme of capturing a national picture of what s happening in primary schools havelock school will be included as part of the thirtyfive school parent/caregiver sub-sample providing part of the national cross-section nzcer will be able to provide our individual school results as well as a comparison with the national picture sometime in october thursday 22 aug is the absolute last day to be included in the survey it cannot be forwarded after this date mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 11


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pelorus cluster winter sports at rai valley thanks to all those who made themselves and their vehicles available to students despite some serious misgivings about the weather the fine gap came just at the right time and a very pleasant and useful day was enjoyed by students and adults from across the pelorus region students spent thirty minutes at least at each of seven stations throughout the day working on a wide variety of skills with teachers and leaders from the marlborough academy and sport marlborough year groups comprised pupils from all schools and no time was lost maximising the opportunity to learn with and from others this was not a competitive environment but judging by the look on faces there was plenty of effort and spirit to compete as best they could thanks mrs richmond and the rai crew for their organisation and also the academy students who really showed some talent under the hat at right is a budding hockey player in the form of conor clark marlborough kids duathlon brancott vineyard sunday 20 october 2013 the duathlon will operate regardless of weather conditions entry fee $16 for further info http www.kidsdu.co.nz mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 12


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· sponsored walk for all ages · double bay reserve moetapu bay road to moetapu bay library 5 kms return · double bay reserve to 550 moetapu bay road 10 kms return · saturday 31 august 2013 starting at 10 o clock · followed by sausage sizzle at double bay to register contact val seatter phone 03 574 1121 or email cvseatter@xtra.co.nz what is the vanuatu project to establish a library at tafea school tanna island in vanuatu this library will be available for the secondary and primary school students and in time the wider community a library with relevant books would strongly enhance the education of vanuatu students senior students have available sponsorship booklets/forms should you wish to help by either sponsoring them or walking yourself · · · · marlborough schools combined music festival havelock s senior class effectively is its choir and has already started learning the repertoire of songs for this event different schools perform on different nights havelock in combination with spring creek springlands and mayfield 217 children will perform on wednesday 25 septmeber from 7pm through to about 9pm with a 10min break tickets will cost the same as last year at $14 adult aged 17 and child $10 to avoid disappointment go online at ticket direct http www.ticketdirect.co.nz as these should be onsale by about now students from havelock will be expected to wear their blue school shirts and black/dark long trousers a massed practice on 11 sept is to be confirmed at springlands as is also one at the venue on the morning of the performance child restraint law changes effective 1 november 2013 on 28 july associate minister for transport michael woodhouse signed the road user amendment rule which makes changes to the child restraint laws from 1 november this year now that there is some certainty about this new regulation new responsibilities will exist and school trips in private vehicles for those under seven will pose a new requirement to ensure that clear and consistent messages about the changes are delivered throughout the country nzta has created a change leaflet that will be available soon and distributed by nzta visit the nzta website to read a q&a document or the overview of the changes mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 13


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reap courses reap s aim is to give the rural community support the opportunity to partake in activities in their area and to provide a tutor for the activities chosen by those interested these courses are being organised by havelock community education service with reap support guitar for beginners tutor janice thompsett you will learn chord formation strumming and linking chords together fluently students will be able to play some tunes at the end of the course course cost $100 a few positions still available date yet to be arranged pasta making tutor piero rocco the course held last week went so well that we are having another for those who could not make it this time a two hour course during which you will be shown how to make your own pasta during this time piero will also have some pre-made pasta which will be cooked with two different sauces to eat as we go a number of recipes will be handed out a date has not yet been set course cost $40 first aid work certificate and revalidation tutor nine scott ­ triple one care date 31st august a one-day course full course $100 9am ­ 5pm revalidation $55 9am ­ 3pm courses in the pipeline photoshop introduction to digital photography day skipper s course a great number of tutors are available for a range of courses if you are interested in any of the above or have an interest in any other courses which could be arranged please contact rita jacobson 574 2176 email ritacollet@clear.net.nz for further information havelock clinic family planning is running another clinic for your sexual health and family planning tuesday 3 september 2013 2 pm 5 pm by appointment for appointments and inquiries ring the havelock medical centre monday tuesday or thursday on 574 2233 services include cervical smears sti testing emergency contraceptive pill contraception pregnancy testing and condoms charges nz resident 22yrs over com card holders under 22yrs old $23 $5 no charge non-resident charges standard consultation short consultation long consultation $46 $36 $67 payment is expected at the time of appointment no eftpos facility needs to be cash or cheque mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 14


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18 august 2013 dear parents and friends many thanks for coming to the farewell assembly and the gifts and kind words that were said i felt very moved not just by the earthquake either by the sentiments that were expressed havelock school and the community is a very special place it is a tribute to the community children parents bot and staff that the school runs so well and offers children such a great education sometimes we don t know how lucky we are no doubt you will spot me frequenting havelock often please say hi arohanui chris duckworth for rent 4 bedroom flat at 1 neil st havelock longterm $250.00 per week not suitable for young children bond and references required no smokers or animals contact sharyn on 574 2117 or 027 530 5600 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 15 thank you thank you for your kind wishes and gifts at my farewell assembly it was a moving day in many ways i do miss you all arohanui chris



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