What is true success?


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A eBook created by Grade 11 English students from Cameron Heights in Kitchener, Ontario

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what is true success?


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they say we don t get it think we are entitled are lazy and unmotivated we see it a little clearer then they think success is


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fame fame is related to success because there are many people that help other people they use their in6luence to make positive progress they are sometimes someone that saved another human being or someone that helped an elderly woman or man that could not get up from a fall there is another type of fame that isn t really related to success that other fame is generally someone on television mr slap chop jennifer love hewitt tony hawk and sidney crosby those people are related as fame but not the fame we are talking about the fame that we are talking about is the fame that everyone needs to become success without success the universe will not be the same as it is now with fame a person can save someone else s life or do something good for the world if someone thinks that they did something that is just really small and people make a big deal that person might think they are not famous if someone thinks he did a good deed then that would be called as success for what he had to do to many people it is a big deal to call them famous so success is related to fame when someone does something in their life to help someone or help millions of people they took time out of their life to do something good for someone else dean hollinger is a student from kitchener he loves to learn about sports and real life events he believes in the future he wants to keep con9nuing to learn how things work and how life works.


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determination determination is something that keeps you going whether it s to make a point to get a 90 on a test or even the determination to be successful to me i think determination is another word for will power because even when you are utterly defeated you feel that you have to win and you are determined to win no matter what the cost every person has something they are determined to do in their life and if you are determined enough to achieve your goal you will reach it for example last summer i wanted to get a job but when ever i went to apply anywhere i would never get a call back i was so determined to get a job i never gave up and eventually i got a call back from a local tim horton s determination isn t always a good thing when some people are so determined they sacrifice everything to achieve what they want determination is a great quality to have and it can help you get to where you want to go in life but you have to make sure that you remember the important things in life because being successful doesn t come without a price albert villanueva is a student in kitchener who loves sports hanging with friends and tries to live life to the fullest.


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opportunity many people get the chance or the opportunity to do something that they love but not everyone takes that opportunity and they miss out opportunity is everywhere and when you get the chance to experience a something new then you should go for it opportunity is a big part of success if you don t get the opportunity to get an interview for a job then that can affect you although if you don t get an interview for a job the 6irst time then you can keep trying and eventually you will get the opportunity and you may be successful the second time everyone will get a chance to experience opportunity in their life because like i said opportunity is everywhere for example when you get up in the morning and you are trying to pick out the clothes that you are going to wear for the day you get the opportunity to pick out your own clothes and you don t have your mother doing it for you that is an opportunity that some people don t have opportunity is real and it is a thing that we deal with everyday but we tend to miss out on it and we just let it pass on by we ve got to look at opportunity as a helping hand along the way as we grow up if we give each and every opportunity that we get a chance then we can go far in life and succeed in anything that we put our minds to as long as we believe that there is opportunity out there we will not fail and we have the chance to be someone katrina is a student and is very bad at wri9ng essays and drawing but she believes that opportunity can come knocking at any 9me who we have always wanted to be success and opportunity work together to help people to follow their hearts and go after their dreams and get a job doing something that they love and that is another reason why opportunity is a part of success opportunity ­ is a chance to succeed in your goal in other words opportunity is the chance to be successful and to reach your goal opportunity will sweep you off of your feet and bring you into a whole new world and let you start over in life and give you the chance to change anything that has stopped you from going after something you wanted before go after your dreams and let the opportunities come.


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focus the meaning of success comes in many forms and many different definitions i guess it depends on what you are searching for in life athletes may have one definition of success and a stay at home mom may have another a musician may see success as a number one hit and a doctor may see success as a surgery that went well it really depends on the perspective of life you may have well what i m trying to say is it doesn t matter what type of career you choose in your life to accomplish what you want you have to focus very hard and let nothing come in the way of what you want and let it ruin everything for you ve been working so hard for alex rodriguez is a student from kitchener he lives quietly.


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passion passion is success some of you might deny that but when you actually think about it if you aren t passionate about what you do you will not succeed take school for example not many of us like school but there are some courses we appreciate and become passionate about an example is if it has to do with what we like and/or want to do with our career we become dedicated and passionate about it i m just going to use myself as an example as i love cars beyond belief and i hate school school has an auto class and when i attend it sure it isn t everything i want it to be but i still take an interest in it because i have a passion for cars having a passion is part of everything that drives you to true success but like everything else that works in this world there is more to having true success then just passion it takes determination discipline dedication and motivation those are some of the things needed for true success but passion is one of the main parts of true success my passion is cars and trucks i own a jeep currently and a jeep is a good de6inition of freedom making it a passion to enjoy off-roading with it or just driving it in general you can remove the top and the doors and you can go almost anywhere with them this is just my opinion my passion is cars and trucks what s yours ethan is a teenage student from kitchener ontario and is passionately in love with cars and has plans to become a performance technician.


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family a part of success is family to me succeeding in life you need to have someone to love to have a successful family you need to get along with the people you decide to love you need to be true to yourself and true to them without a family you won t be truly happy having one makes you feel like you have accomplished something also to get truth to live and be happy you need to be loved because if you aren t then you feel alone success is about achieving things and having a family is achieving a lot families are part of success because success isn t just winning games you can succeed in many different ways but you need a support group to keep you on your own two feet you need a family they bring joy happiness memories and all these things a family lets you succeed in more then one way christy hewitt i have one brother a twin sister and four step sisters i love sports like volleyball football and soccer i also love to read books mostly scary ones.


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suicide feeling like you don t want to live anymore feel like you don t belong feel like you re lost and lonely and there is no one there to help have goals but you thought you d never accomplish them so you just want to give up suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem in 6ive years how do you know that you won t 6ind the one person who makes everything worthwhile also your dreams how would you know if you won t accomplish them anytime soon you wouldn t there is no way of predicting the future and there is no such thing as the word `never you can t say to yourself that you will `never accomplish your dreams how would you know you miss out on everything an example would be all the times you could be with family or friends and maybe even being the person you always wanted to be you re not there anymore to do those things everything and everyone moves on without you you can t be successful if you commit suicide think about it you re not living anymore so you can t do anything to be successful to live through this life and get through the problems that life throws at you that is success i know that some things are just too hard to get over and you feel like you have no other choice some things could be that you just don t want to be there to see what happens when people 6ind out a huge secret about you or maybe it s the fact that you are bullied and you don t know what else you to do to get away from it or it may be the fact that you cheated on your wife and you just hate yourself for doing that it is your choice for the life you want you are the one who decides on where you want your life to go by committing suicide you are showing people that you gave up that you weren t strong enough to tell someone about it and that you weren t strong enough to live is that success having yourself know that people will just think you gave up and didn t know what to do anymore i don t think so that is not something to be proud of it s not something you want as your legacy you re probably wondering so what is true success personally i believe that true success is the power to get through things and in the aftermath you are stronger than you were before true success is not something that is just handed to you you have to work for it true success is the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of pride for what you did so what do you think would you rather end your life without knowing what could have been or live your life knowing you have been successful by living the way you wanted to you have a choice miranda duke is a high school student from kitchener she believes that true success is having the strength to stay strong through the problems life throws at you.


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friendship the true success of friendship is like winning something so amazing that people look at you and wish they had won it too i use that saying because when you have a true friend people would look and wish they had a friend like you friendship is success because if you have a friend who helps you with your problems when you re excited or just being with you means you have a friend who cares to me that s success i choose friendship because it is really important to me friendship is important because you need to have good friends to be happy friends can be family or non-family you need to have a good friend because it s good to have someone you can tell stuff that you can t tell anyone else a good friend would be someone who treats you good and care about you and you care about them too i d rather have one friend that is there for me then a group of friends who don t care about me only themselves a friend means everything to me you might get in 6ights and not talk to each other for a long time but if you give it some time you will be friends again and all you have to say is i m sorry friends will let many things go if you say stuff to them that you don t mean to say it is really good to have a good friend because it means you have a good relation with someone this is why i think friendship is success jus=ne death a 16 year old girl student who lives in kitchener and goes to cameron heights i love my friends they mean everything to me i treat all my friends with respect i hope my future will be me as a drummer in a band.


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compassion compassion is a necessity to lead a successful life without compassion anything you do would be hollow and meaningless if you are not compassionate about something you will not put your all into what you are doing and if you are not giving 100 i believe you were not successful at all looking back through history you would see that without compassionate people absolutely nothing would get accomplished think about all the technology we have if people lacked the ability to be compassionate none of it would exist i believe that not only would it not exist but neither would humans as a species because we would not do what we need to do to survive technology is making life easier it is draining a need for compassion even though we are accomplishing more we need to do a good thorough job and not rush for it to be successful in closing i would like to state that without compassion humankind would lack depth darren head is a student that enjoys video games and hanging out with his friends.


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honesty ok so what is honesty i think that honesty is telling the truth it s straightforward conduct honesty is being truthful sincere kind trustworthy honorable and loyal if you re a kid well really if you re anyone old or young teenager or child anyone you should be honest despite what the consequences are even if you will get in trouble show and share your feelings feel and react without guilt think of it this way you usually get in less trouble for telling the truth then for lying and getting caught more people trust you when you tell the truth and you don t have to tell more lies to cover up the first lie that you started and get all caught up in a web of lies here are some points to show if you re being honest being honest is a trait that most people value telling the truth helps you feel secure and peaceful inside i personally think that silent lies are the worst lies there can be a silent lie is when you know about a lie and you keep quiet like everybody tells you to but the lie will live on so you should tell the truth and be honest even when it s hard honesty isn t always what you want to hear telling the truth and being honest lets everyone know what really happened so there s less confusion · do your own homework do not copy even if you know that you will not get in trouble and the chances that you get caught are very slim still do not take the temptation and do it yourself no matter how embarrassing it is don t blame others own up to it even if you ll get in trouble why let someone else get in trouble who didn t do any wrong drelynn thompson is a student from kitchener she is athle9c who loves to bowl she loves english class and hopes that she ll go on in the future knowing and learning more about english · tell your friends and family the truth · accept responsibility for your own actions.


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control control is a key to success those who control the most are usually the most successful take for example the prime minister would you consider him successful of course he is running our country if he wasn t successful why is he there bill gates controls microsoft one of the best computer operating systems out there is he successful of course he earns more money than all of us mao zedong a despotic ideologue who controlled china from 1949-76 was what he did right probably not but even so he was still successful in the aspect that he controlled china for almost 30 years ivan the terrible ivan became the 6irst czar of russia these are all examples of success success doesn t deaine if you are good or bad but what you accomplish in life brandon allishaw is a student from kitchener ontario that enjoys his computers and video games.


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balance work home and leisure life when you have balanced those key aspects of your life then you are truly successful success is not measured by the amount of money fame or possessions you own but by how you have balanced those three critical aspects and are living in a quality that you 6ind successful and when you are genuinely happy living devoting all of one s focus and time to one of the three may not translate into success in the other two aspects for example someone with a multi-billion dollar fortune may be very successful in their line of work but may not have a family of their own or little to no leisure due to the heavy focus on their work are they truly successful brenden creed thinks that success comes from the quality not quan9ty



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