Sim-on-a-Stick Multi-User Instructions


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How to create a multi-user using Sim-on-a-Stick virtual world on a USB

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creating a multi-user in sim-on-a-stick 1 first open the folder config-include on the stick at the path in the image 2 find the file myworld.ini 3 right click on it and open it with notepad 4 before you can make the necessary changes to it you need to know your computer s ip address so click start and in the search bar or run window if on xp type cmd and hit enter 5 at the c prompt type ipconfig and hit enter 6 many lines will fly by but just scroll back up until you find the section for your ip address now if you are connecting to your network wirelessly look for the ipv4 kate booth information sourced erik n http


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address under the wireless section but this setup will cause considerable lag for your students in the sim better to connect with an ethernet cable in which case you will find your ip address in that section write down that number you can type exit and hit enter to close the command line note your ip address does not stay the same but is likely to change whenever you restart this computer so to keep this setup you can just not turn off this computer otherwise do a quick check on the command line to see that it hasn t changed if it has you ll need to modify the ip address settings you make in the following steps and to the students viewers when they log in 7 go back to myworld.ini and find the line under [gridservice with the ip and change that to the ip you found with ipconfig save and close that file 8 now go up one folder and find the regions folder and open that 9 find the regionconfig.ini file right click on it and open it in notepad 10 in this file find all 4 occurrences of the externalhostname ip address of and change them to your ip save and close this now you can double click the kate booth information sourced erik n http


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opensim_autostart file sit back and watch the pretty text and windows fly by the last thing to open will be the imprudence viewer when that opens you ll see orange planets on a black background at this point you have the option of creating your students accounts for them or letting them create accounts when they log in if you choose the former click create account and fill in the relevant information for each of your students 11 to log in to your sim use the simona stick pswd 123 account and log in using the fields at the bottom so now you are logged in and your students have accounts or will make them now for your students they will need the imprudence viewer on their computers for them to log in to your sim so you will have to get that installed 12 once they open it they will see a different default screen they should click the grid manager button click add new grid for grid name type whatever name you want for your sim and most importantly for login uri they need to type http your.ip.add.ress:9000/wifi and the same under login page this will direct their viewer to your computer where your sim will be running 13 they can click ok and select that sim in the grid dropdown once they select it they should also be seeing the orange planets from here they either create their accounts or simply log in then the fun can begin a couple more things your entire kate booth information sourced erik n http


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operation is running on the usb drive so don t ever pull it out while you have the world running and you can t just x out of the various windows to shut down here s the shutdown process make sure your students are logged out of the sim and log out yourself in imprudence file quit now at the opensim console type shutdown and hit enter various shutdown processes will commence and that window will close 14 then go to the mowes window and click stop server wait until both apache and mysql are not running and click end now you can take out the usb drive kate booth information sourced erik n http



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