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MIGUEL DOURA - Nautilus - The highest art gallery in the world

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miguel doura nautilus the highest art gallery in the world press migueldoura@hotmail.com


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miguel doura studied fine arts at the school prilidiano pueyrredón in buenos aires argentina since 2003 he paints and exhibits his work without interruption during the summer time in the middle of the andes at 4300 mosl in the base camp plaza de mulas of the mt aconcagua the highest mountain of america of 6962 mosl his gallery is reached after two days walking from the last village called puente del inca


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the tent gallery with its artificial grass and palm tree the works are transferred to the tent/gallery by helicopter


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set up his art gallery at 4300 mosl allowed him to obtain the guinness world records as the the highest contemporary art gallery in the world news of the art gallery in the home of yahoo.com.ar


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in 2010 he was invited to holland to paint and exhibit their work with other painters of different nationalities later he was invited to do some work for latin american art museum of amersfoort


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next to argentine ambassador in holland mr santos goñi work made for the latin american art museum of amersfoort


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invited by the argentine geographic institute delivering one of his works to dr.vladimir kotlyakov nobel prize for peace passing through argentina in early 2012 admire post-impressionist painters fauvist and the work of russian painter nikolai roerich and others you feel a sort of contemporary post-impressionist recently was given one of his works as a gift to the new kings of holland at the entrance of the noordeinde palace


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national geographic channel interview


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japanese tv interview outdoor magazine brasil


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some pictures painting in the mt aconcagua painting on the summit of mt aconcagua at 6962 mosl he do it on three different occasions painting at the base camp


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painting at base camp on his synthetic grass during a total moon eclipse


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