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marketing annual report


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table of content exhibit openinings 3 zoo improvements 5 animal happenings 7 quarters for conservation 9 conservation special survival 11 supporting the zoo 13 ending 15


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exhibit openings at the end of our 2011-2012 fiscal year generous zoo donors had given $13.5 million to the encounter africa capital campaign that money funded the expansion and renovation for encounter africa and the scutes family gallery ­ both exhibits celebrated grand openings this year the scutes family gallery is one of the oldest buildings at cheyenne mountain zoo it was the former bird and reptile house and after remaining vacant for four years crews gutted the space and transformed it into an urban-style art gallery to feature over 40 species of reptiles from alligators to monitors and brightly colored constrictors to red-footed turtles all of the featured animals are displayed in unordinary but extraordinary ways the scutes family gallery celebrated its grand opening in june 2012 and since then has been helping to educate guests against reptile phobias and replacing fears with the lasting impression that reptiles are beautiful memorable and understandable the majority of funds from the capital campaign supported our newest and largest expansion in the zoo s history ­ encounter africa over two year s time the space was transformed from ground up to provide state-of-theart exhibits for our four elephants black rhino meerkat mobs and lions in march encounter africa opened for a work-in-progress preview and the first week of may 2013 the elephants cut a red ribbon on their newly built and completed outdoor exhibit walking into the new exhibit you are engulfed by the african savanna surrounded by realistic life-sized elephant sculptures a safari tent and tall african grasses the views of colorado springs seen from the exhibit s sky bridge remind you that you re close to the city limits but walking side by side with the zoo s elephants takes you to a different world encounter africa s outdoor habitat boasts state-of-art features including a 20-foot waterfall specially designed enrichment trees a restored bush plane cantilevered into the black rhino exhibit mud wallows for the large pachyderms an interactive termite mound for the meerkats and a huge new lion holding building complete with a spacious day room each one of the new exhibits also provides guests with the opportunity to view the animals from several vantage points giving everyone the best opportunity to get upclose with some of africa s most magnificent species the remaining funds from the encounter africa capital campaign will partially support the renovation of the zoo s australia exhibit planning and additional fundraising efforts are already underway for our down-under improvements.


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zoo improvements encounter africa isn t the only big improvement we ve made this year additional parking spaces and a new food offering were also completed we redesigned our parking lot to improve the flow of traffic and pedestrian crossings we are also added an additional sixty parking spaces the redesign of the parking lot also included removal of the entrance pillars which were replaced by a new shuttle-access-only gate construction on the parking lot was completed at the end of march and spring break guests were the first to tryout the new parking design spring break guests were also the first to enjoy the new truck-style food offerings of elson s café located in the safari lodge across from the new encounter africa outdoor lion exhibit elson s place caters to morning guests and to those who like to eat their favorite breakfast food all day long the menu full of delicious waffle cakes offered in both sweet and savory flavors hazelnut vanilla and caramel flavored coffee hand-shaken lemonade softserve ice cream and homemade kettle corn the space is named after cheyenne mountain zoo s famous male lion elson elson was known for being a magnificent ambassador for his species and for his uncompromising personality it seemed fitting to name the café elson s as it looks onto the new exhibit for his mate angie and his last litter of cubs lomela zwena and jamila.


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animal happenings cheyenne mountain zoo welcomed several new additions this year the first arrival of year came in with a crane wicket a 43-year-old nile hippopotamus moved from brookfield zoo in chicago another association of zoos and aquariums-accredited facility at the beginning of june 2012 the following month the zoo celebrated the first birth of the year when jukuu a male reticulated giraffe was born a second male reticulated giraffe was born in january the zoo staff named him kipawa a swahili word meaning gift kipawa was the first giraffe to be sired by the zoo s five-year-old bull giraffe khalid jukuu and kipawa were the 195th and 196th giraffe to be born at the zoo western lowland gorillas asha and rafiki celebrated their second offspring on august 14 2012 the zoo held a contest to name him and out of the thousands of names submitted the name dembe meaning peace was chosen dembe s birth was a great success for the cheyenne mountain zoo as western lowland gorillas are classified as critically endangered encounter africa received many new animal additions jumbe a black rhinoceros arrived at the zoo in october from caldwell zoo in texas another association of zoos and aquariums accredited facility since his arrival jumbe has stolen the hearts of staff and guests who ve met him animal keepers have been working with jumbe to acclimate him to his new encounter africa outdoor exhibit but like most black rhinos he is shy and is going at his own pace two meerkats mojita and kamikazi traveled from the knoxville zoo in tennessee to colorado to complete two mobs of meerkats in encounter africa mojita was paired with scotty cmz meerkat born in 2005 in hopes of being the zoo s new breeding pair the last and loudest animal to call encounter africa home is our new young male lion abuto abuto traveled from reid park zoo in tucson az to cheyenne mountain zoo back in january with the intention of breeding with two of the zoo s five-year-old female lions lomela and zwena his move is part of the cooperative breeding program of the association of zoos and aquariums in addition to receiving breeding recommendations for our new male lion and two of our female lionesses the aza also gave us breeding recommendations for several endangered species including amur tigers snow leopards canada lynx mexican grey wolves orangutans and south african penguins we hope to successfully breed several of these important species and maintain genetic diversity within the captive populations.



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