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Description of our English learning platform, LMS and how it helps students learn English and teachers teach English.

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for schools


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table of contents who we are what we are why englishcentral teacher tools trial


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1 who we are


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corporate background headquarter boston ma turkey office ankara korea office seoul japan office tokyo philippines technical team · over 750,000 registered users · over 20,000 registered teachers · over 140 million lines of speech recorded


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pedagogical leadership alan schwartz founder and ceo 12 years of experience in speech recognition with at&t labs speechworks and nuance he led nuance s mobile automotive business as vp general manager he then served as the vp for nuance s asia pacific and japan operations alan began his career as an english teacher in china alan schwartz dr charles browne dr charles browne pedagogical advisor professor of applied linguistics and head of the efl teacher training program at meiji gakuin university past director of sony language laboratories national chairperson of the jet program he publishes widely on the topics of english education in japan second language vocabulary acquisition and call david deubelbeiss director of education professor of education nipissing university canada professor ewha graduate school of tesol s.korea technology leader teacher trainer blogger and edupreneur elt curriculum specialist publishing extensively both online and offline materials david deubelbeiss


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our philosophy i think about ninety percent of the problem in teaching or maybe ninety-eight percent is just to help the students get interested noam chomsky stephen krashen the best methods are therefore those that supply `comprehensible input in low anxiety situations containing messages that students really want to hear learning from context is so important that some studies suggest that first language learners learn most of their vocabulary in this way paul nation


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our academic partners 100s of schools and universities are using englishcentral korea japan turkey europe middle east the americas and many more


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englishcentral in action usa netherlands korea japan


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2 what we are


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engaging authentic media scaffolding noticing diagnostic speech feedback game dynamics personalized language learning


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our approach watch learn speak quiz


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content and curriculum · the largest library of authentic leveled language learning video content · over 100 structured courses academic career business travel social and media english · all content leveled to global standards our content partners


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engagement authentic video lessons 9,000 authentic video lessons 50 new video lessons added week academic english 5 topics 623 videos media english 13 topics 1652 videos career english 6 topics 297 videos travel english 9 topics 1074 videos social english 17 topics 1752 videos business english 13 topics 1075 videos


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engagement game dynamics rewards system get rewards for every line of speech make progress by your study efforts competitive ranking view your ranking by country by class by time improve ranking as you study more


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bridging the gap pedagogy what learners notice in input is what becomes intake for learning schmidt 1995 englishcentral makes you notice and bridge the gap to enable understanding



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